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411’s WWE Tough Enough Report 7.07.15

July 7, 2015 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s Tough Enough Report: 07/07/15

-Before getting to this week’s episode, I just want to point out it was 19 years ago today that Hulk Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach. Obviously it was one of the biggest moments in the history of wrestling, and while some long time Hogan fans were crushed, I was more than happy to continue to cheer on my hero.

-With that out of the way, we are back again on USA with episode 3 of the 6th season of Tough Enough. Last week Alex was rightly voted out by the fans due to the fact he didn’t think knowing wrestling history was a benefit and he also sucked in the swimming challenge.

-As a reminder the finalists left are: Joshua, Mada, Patrick, Tanner, and ZZ for the guys, and Amanda, Daria, Dianna, Gabi, Giorgia, and Sara for the women. It will be interesting to see if a woman finally gets shown the door this episode.

-We are live from Full Sail University with our host Chris Jericho and the gorgeous Renee Young. They introduce our judges: Paige, Daniel Bryan, and Hulk Hogan.

-Renee covers the rules for anyone who is jumping into this thing in the 3rd episode, or for those who can’t remember.

-Jericho throws it to the barracks and Sara Lee finally gets air time. She says she will get her chance to shine, and one of the guys says that he would marry her. Sara says she has a plan and is looking for the end goal.

-Dianna freaks out about everyone saying she should be the next to go, and she just wants to go home. She calls her fiancé as she wants to plan her wedding and she packs her shit and leaves the place at 2:00 AM without saying a word to anyone. Damn! That’s one way to start an episode.

-The next morning comes and Billy Gunn wakes everyone up and sends them out for another early morning run. Sara is all over the place in this one as Billy talks to her and she mentions that they are missing Dianna. Billy breaks the news that someone walked out in the middle of the night, and they all realize it is Dianna.

-The group reacts to her leaving and they all seem happy that she is gone expect Gabi. The group then heads off for their next challenge. They meet their coaches in a prop house and Seth Rollins pulls up in a yellow hummer. Rollins is naturally carrying around the belt (err, Title) and he lets them know today it is all about character. This will be their first challenge that isn’t based on a physical skill.

-Each person has to pick a card out of a hat and that will be their character theme. The results: Josh gets British Brawler, Giorgia gets Bitchy Boss, Amanda nabs Barbie Doll (that doesn’t seem fixed or anything), Mada gets King of the Ring (fuck if I would want that loser gimmick right now), Daria gets Fallen Angel, Tanner is Stud Muffin, ZZ gets stuck with American Hero, Sara Lee is Queen of Mean, Patrick is Evil Intellect, and Gabi draws Farmer’s Daughter (she rightly freaks out as she is from Brazil and knows nothing of being a farmer).

-Everyone gets to look through the massive prop area and find something to fit their character within an hour time limit. Guess that is today’s version of “Broadway.” Rollins helps them as much as he can and he tells Amanda that he doesn’t see her being a tough Barbie doll. Patrick name drops Disco Inferno as he goes through some of the clothing options. Rollins then wishes everyone luck and he is out. Tanner makes the obvious comparison that he is built a lot like Rollins and has some resemblance.

-Back to Full Sail as the judges react to Dianna leaving and they don’t take it well. They joke they have already forgotten her name, and Renee says to head to toughenough.com to get the full story of why Dianna left. We then get another commercial promoting the TE app and we head to a break.

-We are back to Full Sail as Renee throws it back to the character challenge. Everyone is at the Performance Center
and Lita wants Sara Lee to go first. She goes by the name of Jayde and plays up the Queen of Mean character, but the judges just don’t seem impressed. Giorgia says she doesn’t look mean and just looks like a lost puppy dog. I will agree she didn’t look all that mean, but I don’t know if that would be best character for her anyway. She did look pretty hot though.

-Josh next as the British Brawler and he is playing up the Brawler aspect of the character with an added British accent that draws a laugh from Billy. They tell him he is on the right track and needs to go a little deeper.

-Daria is a train wreck as The Fallen Angel as she decides it would be a good idea to fall as she takes off her robe in the ring. Patrick says it looked like she fell from the spastic tree and hit every branch on the way down. Booker is just confused by it.

-Tanner is Wildman Wayne (Stud Muffin) and they ask Patrick about his thoughts. He thinks the entrance was too short and he doesn’t see a WWE Superstar. Interestingly, they didn’t include anything from the judges.

-Gabi is our Farmer’s Daughter and she basically just decides to strip off all her clothes. Amanda says she knew Gabi would be doing a hooker Farmer’s Daughter. Billy tells her he understands why she stripped so quickly as there is around 19,000 males out there, but she has to reign in the Victoria Secrets side with the Sports Entertainer side. Our pervert Patrick just says he is ready to do some plowing!

-Patrick comes out as the Evil Intellect and he comes down with Lita’s pet dog (every evil intellect he knows has a pet cat, so he had to make do with asking Lita to use her dog). Nice! Gunn likes the presentation and Mada thinks he is just sucking up to Lita.

-Amanda is Candy Rose, our Barbie Doll, and ZZ jokes that while Patrick had one dog, she brought two puppies. Ha! Gunn says she did a good job as she let her looks do the talking for the character.

-Mada comes out as a pissed off Egyptian and everyone is pretty impressed. That is a more unique take on King of The Ring as he passed on the played out British Royalty route and went biblical Pharaoh. I would give him the nod so far from what we have seen.

-Giorgia next as Miss Victoria, the Bitchy Boss, and she is getting into character rather easily. The judges praise her and she may be our winner for the women.

-ZZ next and I have no clue what the hell he is doing, . He is wearing some small shorts and sporting the Red, White, and Blue all over the place. He is Merican Zane, and Billy calls it ridiculous and calls it insulting as he didn’t think he took it seriously. Booker asks him how he would compare in that costume standing next to Randy Orton or Seth Rollins. He says he doesn’t compare at all and Booker tells him to think about that. I think ZZ is heading to the bottom 3 again.

-Lita announces Patrick as the winner for the guys (boo) and Giorgia as the winner for the women. I would have given that to Mada as he at least looked intimidating and had a presence. They are informed that even with Dianna gone; there will still be a cut.

-Back to the barracks and ZZ is disappointed in himself. They tell him he is making it too complicated. He says that everyone was laughing no matter if it was at him or with him, but they were laughing. He thinks it was a good idea as people don’t understand the way his mind works. I think ZZ is a little off on this one as it did come off like it was a joke, but again perhaps that is what he wanted.

-Sara and Gabi decide to partner with each other in a side scene. We cut back to Patrick and Tanner having a battle. Patrick is getting rather cocky and he says he can beat Tanner in a fight. We get a wrestling match between the two and producers and the other guys break things up. Hell with that, let them go, as I want to see someone get the shit kicked out of them.

-Back to Full Sail and the remaining 10 get introduced to the live crowd. When we return the judges will announce the bottom 3.

-We are back and Daniel calls the Tanner/Patrick fight the worst he has ever seen in his life. He brings out Sara and calls her out for not really being mean. He wants her to say something mean to ZZ. Before she can do it, Paige asks if she thinks ZZ’s package was real. The judges aren’t really letting anyone answer anything right now. They go back to ZZ’s package and Hogan wants to know what Amanda thinks. She thinks there was a water balloon stuffed in there, and Daniel cuts off that talk.

-Daniel puts Daria in the bottom 3 which seems legit based on her Fallen Angel character. Paige attacks Sara again and says she will put her in the bottom 3 every week until she steps up. Hogan goes with ZZ (for the 2nd time in 3 weeks) and that makes sense as well. This should be interesting as ZZ and Sara have been here before and both got a crazy amount of fan support. That may be a bad sign for Daria and right now my guess is that she is gone. It probably should be ZZ, but the big man seems to have strong fan support, unless the crowd turned on his character. We find out from Jericho that each will be given the chance to do their entrance in character a second time before one of them is eliminated.

-Sara gets her 30 seconds and makes her entrance. It seems a little better this time, but something still seems to be missing. The judges agree that she was a little better, but they just don’t know if she can be mean.

-ZZ next and he is asking the fans if they are ready to laugh. He is again making a joke out of this, but the crowd loves him. Paige says it was supposed to be an entrance and what he gave was more of a speech. Paige is also still focused on his package for some reason.

-Daria as the Fallen Angel is next and thankfully she dropped the falling gimmick. The judges feel this was much better and praise her for taking it more seriously.

-They each then get their 30 seconds to save their backsides. ZZ says that people escape their reality when they either laugh at him or laugh with him. He says he thinks of things through how a child would see them and Hogan mutters that he likes it a lot. Could we have our first Judge’s save?

-Renee goes over the voting once again and we take our last break. Daria did much better there, but I still think she may be gone because of the popularity ZZ and Sara seem to have.

-We are back and Renee once again goes over the voting as this time they are seemingly giving people a longer period to vote. They ask the rest of the competitors who they think should go home and everyone says Sara Lee. Damn! What the hell did she do to them? Nobody uses their save this week.

-The results are in and with 14% of the vote Daria is heading home while ZZ once again grabs the majority with 52%. Sara come in with 34% meaning the people love them some ZZ and Sara. Daria looks stunned that she got bounced and I think a lot of other people are as well. I am 3 for 3 in picking these each week which is shocking.

-Renee talks to Daria and she says that she is shocked that she is heading home. She feels that there are others that should be heading home instead of her and they bring up the support she has gotten from the LGBT community. She promises she will be in the WWE someday.

-Well, we lost 2 girls this week and if I am any of the other competitors I don’t want to be in the Bottom 3 against ZZ or Sara at this point.

-See you all again next week.