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411’s WWE UK Rebellion PPV Report

October 27, 2002 | Posted by Dan Wood

-WWE Rebellion.
-Live from Manchester, England
-Reported by Dan Wood, Exclusively for 411wrestling
-Michael Cole and Tazz are announcing for those in the UK, Australia and the audience at WWE The World

The show opens with a video clip of Lesnar and the Smackdown superstars fighting each other. It will be good VS Bad. The Rebellion has Begun!

Stephanie comes out to a large pop which dies down by the time she reaches the ring. She welcomes us to WWE Rebellion. She informs us that because of Brock Lesnars actions, The Undertaker will not be here. The handicap match will still takle place, Edge will take The Undertakers place and If Edge pins Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar, he will become WWE Champion.
She then tells us that she has brought, as part of the trade agreement with RAW GM Eric Bischoff, the most popular superstar of RAW (Triple H?)to Rebellion! She has flown in Booker T!
Booker comes down to the ring, and then Matt Hardy Version1’s entrance plays.

Booker T vs Matt Hardy Version 1

(Matt loves English muffins!)

Matt starts off with a promo, informing us that “we don’t a sucka from raw!” He is going to give us some European Mattitude!

Booker and Matt tie up and Matt gets a hiptoss. Matt gains cheap heat by showing off to the crowd. They tie up again and booker gets the best of the reversals. There are huge cheers for booker. Booker hits a huge series of offense, and Matt leaves the ring for a breather. back in the ring, Booker gets a roll up, which promps Matt to catch some more air. Booker goes to the outrside and takes advantage with a series of chops to the chest.Matt gets a cheap shot and pushes Booker into the ring. Matt gets a neckbreaker for two. Matt beats down Booker in the corner. Irish whip and Matt gets rolled up for two. Matt with a side effect gets another two count. A headlock from Matt can only get Booker’s hand down for the usual 2 count. A DDT gets a two count for Matt. Another headlock which Booker reverses and Booker hits a HUGE spinebuster on Matt, both men up at the seven count, Booker gets control with a series of chops. A sidekick gets two, another kick gets two. Irish whip into the corner and an elbow to Booker means that Matt can go for a legdrop, which he misses. Booker goes up top and hits a dropkick which gets a 2.8 count. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Booker reverses into a Book-end, which gets Booker a three if it wasnt for the foot on the rope. Matt gets the Twist of Fate for the 2.9999. Booker gets up and hits the scissor Kick for the win!

Booker gets on the mic and says that he only came here to give the people what they want, the Spinerooni!

Backstage Paul Heyman looks for Stephanie, he finds her and tells her that he doesnt want to be ion the match, in fact, he hasnt brought trunks with him, so he cant wrestle. Stephanie says that Paul will be in the match, whatever he wears.

Mixed Tag: John Cena and Dawn-Marie VS Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman

(“Torrie Wilson-HAVE IT….!”-Sign of the show so far)

Match starts with the women having to be stopped by the men. Cena takes advantage and cheap shots Billy.Kidman gets the advantage, Cena reverses out, and lays the boots in. Cean hits a halted suplex, which is reversed by Kidman, Cena gets advantage,and Dawn-Marie tags in, Kidman tags in Torrie and the usual catfighting ensuses when Billy gets caught in between the women. Torrie gets a dropkick for two, roll-up for Dawn gets two, a slam gets two for Torrie. Cena tags in and hits a slam on Torrie. Torrie hits a low blow to Cena, Dawn tags in and low blows Torrie, with no effect. Cena tags back in and hits a cheap shot to Kidman. Low Blow by Torrie and a Tag to Kidman. Kidman with hard kick to the head. Kidamn goes up top and misses a sick Shooting star press for the win. Torrie and Billy re-inact the Lita-Matt Angle from 2001 when they Kiss.

Meanwhile backstage, Edge is being inteviewed,Edge says “he can smell the opertunity-he will walk home with the championship”

Insurection will be on 7th June at Newcastle, England(not London!)

Funaki(number 1 announcer!) VS Crash Holly

Funaki says he will, in the UK, wear a tophat.(?)

Funaki gets advantage, Crash reverses, The crowd cheer for Funaki. Crash brings out out a headband and makes fun of Funaki, Funaki hits a karate kick. Crash wants to shake hands, Funaki doesnt and he gets a rollup for two. Crash gets in a cheap shot, more cheers 4 Funaki. Crash takes the advatage and gets a two count after a reversed flying bodypress. Small pakage gets 2, funaki with a bulldog and a HUGE DDT gets a two count. Dropkick to the face of Crash gets two. Pin reversals get two, a reversed oklahoma roll gives Funaki the win!

Tazz tempts us with a possible Lloyd-Funaki Feud.

Nidia and Noble want to get out of trashy Manchester(Visit London!)-They want to go to Gods country, West Virginia. Bah.

Tajiri VS Rey Mysterio VS Jaimie Knoble-WWE Cruiserweight Match-3 Way Elimaination

“Nidia-I live in a house”-Sign

Rey Mysetrio comes out wearing ALL his merechandise from Shopzone-ALL of it.

Rey is pushed out of ring by Noble, Tajiri gets kicks in on Noble. Rey planchas onto Noble and Tajiri on the outside. Gets a two on Noble. Tajiri with stiff kicks. Double elbow from rey, Tajiri throws him out, tree of woe by Tajiri. Rey gets caught in a submistion, Noble breaks it with a dropkick on Tajiri. A stiff kick on Mysterio send him out of the ring.Tiger Bomb on Tajiri, finishes him off.“You suck” chants echo through the areana. Noble punks out Rey. Rey reverses powerbomb into a frankstiener gets two. Reversed west coast pomp into powerbomb gets two also. Rey into ringpost , Nidia helps the assault. Noble works on Reys left arm, “Who r ya”chants directed at Noble. Armbar submission, Rey reverses but Noble keeps it on. Noble lays the boots on Rey and continues on the arm, huge “619” chants. A clothesline from Noble gets two. Noble chokes him out at corner, and lays in the boots. Northen lights gets two also. Noble goes for the electric charir which is reversed into a DDT. Both down until 6. Weest coast pomp gets two. “619”chants. Rey goes for a 619, Nidia distracts rey with the 619, Tigerbomb gets two, noble on top of Rey, Nidia and Noble hold hands giving leverage and the pinfall!

After the match Rey hits a double 619 on Nidia and Noble!

Backstage, Benoit and Angle talk about who the Captain is. Angle says he is better because he is American, Benoit beat Angle on Smackdown and at No Mercy he won the Tag Titles, so he should be captain. “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.”says Angle,“its bloody freakin damn true!”

Survivor Series Promo with Rob Van “Damn he’s flexible!”

Val “Valbowski” Venis and Chuck Pulumbo VS Ron Simmons and Rev D-Von

Match starts with cheap shots from Simmons and D’von Belly-to-Belly gets the two on Venis.Slam from Venis gets 2. Double arm pin broken by Simmons, cheap shots from the heels. Chin lock from simmons and they both beat down on Val. Val gets a low blow after Simmons gets cocky. Tag to Chuck, he’s on fire you know! Chuck with a belly-to-belly, Super Kick gets two. Rollup from D’Von holding on to the trunks. A replay confirms the “Full Moon.”

In an Interview, The Guerrero’s talk about how friendly it is here. They say they must tell their family must visit Germany, or Ireland or whatever. But it’s not better than Mexico. Interview Highlight:” The food sucks.”

Albert VS Rikishi-Kiss My Arse Match

Blah. The main thing this match taught me- Michael Cole and Tony Chimel cant Dance.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs The Guerrero’s-WWE World Tag Team Championship.

(Only the left side on Angle’s pyro’s work)

Huge pop for Benoit.The Guerrero’s steal the belts while Benoit and Angle argue, Benit gets them back. Angle and Eddie start, Eddie tags out 2 Chavo. Crowd cheers for Angle. Tie up, take down by angle, the series of reversals end when kurt gets a suplex on Chavo, Benoit tags himself in. The crowd want Angle. Tazz: You can’t have him he’s ours!. Chavo tags in Eddie, gets an armbar, which is reversed. Headlock by Eddie, Eddie knocks down Benoit, chops to eddie and chavo. Benoit slams Eddie into the rinpost, Benoit tags out to Angle, the crowd burst!. Irish whip reversed by Eddie, Chavo tags in. Chavo takes control until a suplex by Angle hits Eddie, Benoit hits a German on Chavo and I hit my foot.(!). Benoit and Angle argue, because they hate each other you know. They both hit germans on the Guerrero’s at the same time.(Ha Ha) Angle takes out Eddie and throws in Chavo, because he’s easier to pin. Benoit takes out Eddie on the outside. Angle tags Benoit and Benoit kicks Chavo. Benoit with a huge KNEE! to the chest of Chavo. Chavo battles back, Eddie comes back and takes out Benoit, and lays in some kicks on the corner.Side suplex on Benoit from Eddie. Crowd want Angle, because he doesnt suck.Tag to Chavo, chops to Chavo from Benoit. Whip into turnbuckle. Chavo doges the cross face. Suplex on outside by Eddie. Tag to Eddie, Springboard Senton gets two. Gory submission is reversed into a roll up for the two by Benoit. Chavo taged in, European uppercut is reversed into a pinfall which gets two! Backdrop on Benoit, cheap shot to Angle, pinfall gets two. Eddie tags in, irish whip into a flapjack to Eddie, HUGE powerbomb by Benoit to Eddie, Chavo gets a cheap shot on Benoit. YOU CAN’T CHEAPSHOT BENOIT! Eddie tags out to chavo, runs into crossface, Eddie breaks up, Angle gets Eddie, Eddie hits frosplash on chavo by accident! Oh, the humanity! Angle tags in, Angle on fire, STOP DROP ROLL! Angle clotheslines and suplexes, Eddie whips into a belly-to-belly for a two count, drop kick to Angle from Chavo, Germans (Get those Germans off him!) on Chavo, then to Eddie, flying headbutt to Eddie, Angle goes for the pin. but Chavo gets a Suplex on Kurt. Eddie gets 2.6 count. Eddie goes for frogsplash, Angle goes for a suplex, Eddie pushes him off. Eddie hits a frosplah, Benoit breaks up the pin, Chavo gets thrown over, Eddie pushes Angle into Benoit and ref flys onto the outside. Submission moves are traded. Chavo hits Angle with the belt. Gets 2.9 count. Benoit pushes Chavo off the TOP Rope. Angle Slam finishes it. Angle and Benoit argue,the Guerreros try to steal(!) the belts. Angle and Benoit scare them off!

Backstage Heyman tries to do push-ups. If Heyman gets pinned the Brock will break him in half, also Heymans undefeated streak will be BROKEN!

Edge vs Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman -WWE Title

Heyman doesn’t want to get into the ring. Tie up, Brock overpowers Edge. Edge dodges a tie up twice sending Brock flying. Lesnar overpowers Edge in the corner, Drop Toe Hold From Edge to Lesnar.Edge pushes Brock out of the ring. Brock stalls on the outside, Brock goes for a sunset flip, reversed into rollup for two. Body presslam is reversed into another pinfall count for two.Edge dodges brock out of the ring after mocking him. Brock stalls outside and Edge dives at Brock. Brock slams Edge around the outside, Edge reverses a whip and Brock hits the ringpost. Heyman holds Edges leg enabling Brock to take advantage. Its THAT Simple! Brock misses Edge and heads into the ringpost, Edge with spiningheel kick. Edge hits Heyman with a baseball slide. Brock hits a belly 2 belly. Brock pulls Edge to the outside. Brock slams Edge into the ringpost which gets him a two count. Brock with a backbreaker to Edge. Edge battles back, Brock takes him down and thumps Edge. Brock with a boston crab, luckily Egde reaches the rope. Brock with kicks to Edge and he gets a chinlock. Edge counters an F5 into a rollup which gets a two count. Brock Brocklocks Edge whcih get several near falls, Edge battles back, and Brock slams him into the corner, Edge reverses and hits a dropkick and takes out Heyman, Again! Brock with a clothesline for two! Brock pushing his sholders into the gut of Egde. Brock runs into the turnbuckle, rollup by Edge gest two. Edge with a flying forearm, faceslam, Gets a 2.8 count! Edge hits him over the top and he brings in Heyman! Edge goes for aa axehandle. goes for the pin and the pin gets broken up by Brock.Edge dives off the top rope onto Brock to the outside. Dropkick in the ring ets a 2.9 count. Edge goes for a cross body and knocks out the ref, when Brock ducked out of the way! Edge with the Edgucution but the ref is knocked out. Brock has a Steel chair from Heyman, goes for Edge but gets speared BUT THE REF IS DOWN! The ref is getting up1……………2…………….KICK OUT! Edge comes of the top and Brock hits a chair to the ribs from the top rope, Brock hits the F5. For the win! Paul Heyman gets into the ring and goes to hit Edge with a chair but Edge kicks it right in his Face!

Overall: Bland Show. The cruiserweight match had a bad finish, and the Main event didnt really give anything to the crowd. The Tag Match WAS Awesome and a MOTYC. The rest is awful bar the opener.
This was my first TV/PPV Recap and it was as hard as Hell, but I’ll get better at it, I hope. See you on Monday/Tuesday for the British Wrestling Update, containing FWA Results which see a NEW FWA Champion crowned!

See You Then.


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