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411’s WWE Untold: Angle vs. HBK Report

April 3, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Kurt Angle Shawn Michaels

411’s WWE Untold: Angle vs HBK Report

-Original air date: 04/03/20
-Run Time: 30:11

-WrestleMania weekend is upon and the WWE is loading up the Network with content as a new episode of Untold, Chronicle, and 24 are dropping over the next three days. The first to debut is in the Untold series which has been a joy to watch. This one has me rather excited as it focuses on the awesome Michaels/Angle feud. Their match at Mania 21 is one of my favorite matches of all time and it ranks as a Top 5 Mania match for me. Let’s get to it!

-We start at The Performance Center with HBK sitting down for an interview. He talks about how this job is built on emotion and he knew they would be good together. Angle tells us that that Shawn told him he wasn’t afraid of him. Johnny Gargano is a talking head for this one and he is already marking out while singing “Sexy Kurt” and calls it the best. Fantastic! Michael Cole is the other talking head and mentions the match completely stole the show. Kurt tells us it is the greatest match he ever had.

-This is WWE Untold!

-Gargano says that his generation was influenced by Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. You can see it when you watch any NXT show as they were molded by them. Angle puts over Shawn’s accomplishments and knew they could deliver.

-Gargano talks about Angle being a wrestling machine and we get background on Angle winning Olympic Gold. Angle talks about how he was wondering how to fill the void of being in the Olympics after he won Gold and he found it with WrestleMania. For him, Mania is as big as competing in the Olympics.

-Shawn talks about Angle being one of the dream matches he thought about before he made his comeback. Gargano tells us that Shawn would ping pong around the ring back in 1995 and 1996. Shawn was everything that Gargano wanted to be as a wrestler. Shawn injured his back and was gone for a bit, and had to change his style. In his day it was about making it look real, but not hurting the other guy. Shawn laughs as that went out the window when he came back as guys were beating the piss out of each other. We see Shawn ending Flair’s WWE career at Mania XXIV and Gargano talking about how Shawn’s matches became Shakespeare.

-Gargano brings up about how at a Royal Rumble you can get hints about future Mania programs. As a fan he heard and read rumors that Shawn/Angle was happening at Mania. Then it happened at The Rumble where Michaels eliminated Angle and then Kurt came back back to eliminate Shawn. Gargano was pumped to see that his two favorites were going to have a match together.

-Shawn talks about the build to the match as they were on different shows and had weeks to fill before getting there. It was during the build to that match that he first called himself Mr. WrestleMania and they show video proof. Shawn again says the job is build on emotion as the audience needs to feel more in tune with the wrestlers. The better the crowd is invested the match becomes more fun to do.

-Cole talks about Shawn being called the best in ring performer ever and he thinks that bothered Kurt. He knows Kurt wanted to prove that he could do anything Shawn could do. That leads to Angle having a hometown challenge for his gold medals and he thinks the hooded competitor is Shawn, but instead Shawn is one of the security guards and he attacks Angle. Shawn says that gimmick always works and will always get over with the crowd.

-Cole mentions that Kurt loved being a heel. We see Angle’s promo where he talks about winning a Gold Medal in 1996, but all he heard was stories about Shawn Michaels putting on a wrestling clinic at Mania XII. Cole: “Kurt Angle could beat up anybody.” He puts over Angle being able to tie people into knots if he wanted to.

-Gargano again as he brings up Angle bringing out Sensational Sherri and singing Sexy Kurt. That was Gargano’s favorite part of the entire angle. If you haven’t seen it, please do yourself a favor and find it on YouTube. The story is that Kurt wanted to do everything Shawn did in his career so he came out and did Shawn’s entrance and brought Sherri out with him. Cole calls it one the funniest bits in WWE history. According to Cole, it worked because Kurt 100% believed he was Sexy Kurt and could do everything Shawn did. He took it dead serious.

-Angle puts over how great Sherri was and how easy she was to work with for the segment. Kurt and Sherri sing their version of Shawn’s song and again, just amazingly amazing. You have no soul “I’m just a setting Kurt. I’ll make your hurt” doesn’t bring a smile to your face. I had to pause a few times to wipes tears from my eyes from laughing. Shawn calls it hilarious and Gargano starts singing and dancing. Tremendous! Kurt then put Sherri in the ankle lock just to show he is the heel and get the fans to boo by the end.

-WrestleMania 21, April 3, 2005: Gargano mentions that you know you will get something special at Mania when Shawn is on the card. This match was Gargano’s dream match and they stole the show on a card that had the first Money in The Bank Ladder Match. They started the match with Shawn slapping Angle’s face and Kurt tells the story again of Shawn saying he wasn’t scared of him. Kurt’s not sure where that came from as he is easy to work with in the ring and he doesn’t know if Shawn was just trying to show Kurt that he wasn’t going to take advantage of him.

-They discuss how the match started with some grappling and fighting over holds. It was to lay the story out that Shawn was able to keep up on the mat with Angle after weeks of Angle trying to prove he could do everything Shawn did. Shawn says that Angle could do everything in the ring and he needed to expand his move set. That’s why he broke out things like a short arm scissors. Shawn believes in using the crowd, ref, announcers, and anything else you can to help you tell the story.

-Things get heated as they brawl on the floor and Kurt laughs about a good chop doing a great job of waking you up. Angle mentions the chops stung and fired him up and that lead to an Angle Slam into a post. Gargano loves call backs as it rewards fans who pay attention and in this case all fans knew Shawn had a bad back. Shawn covers the same thing as he mentions everyone knows he has a rather large scar in the middle of his back.

-Angle controls the match from there and Gargano speaks on how on paper Angle had every advantage in the match. He says that Shawn will even admit that Angle is a one of a kind athlete and Gargano works in “he won a gold medal with a broken fricking neck.” Shawn discusses how glorious everything is when it all comes together.

-Next up they discuss Angle trying to give Shawn a German Suplex from the apron to the announce table. He held on for a while and then countered with a low blow. Angle laughs because the crowd booed and he knows it’s because the fans wanted to see Shawn get tossed from the apron through the announce table, and had then happened there would be no Shawn. Angle talks about the dive from Shawn from the ropes to the table and how it was stiff. Cole laughs because the tables are always supposed to give away and this one didn’t That had to suck! Shawn says the fans are disappointed when the table doesn’t break, but then they realize that probably hurt even more.

-Kurt admits he needed a few minutes and realized he was bleeding from the mouth. He got some spit lathered up to make it look worse to add to the show. Shawn connects with the Randy Savage elbow as he talks about being able to draw in the fans. Shawn gets caught in the ankle lock, but makes the ropes to more boos from the crowd.

-They discuss Angle’s moonsault and Gargano calls it the prettiest one ever. He doesn’t know how that happened as it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. He thinks someone dared Kurt to do one and he ended up doing a better one that anyone else. He is baffled by it and mentions that he just floats when he does the move and somehow defies the laws of physics. Shawn avoids the move in the match, but Angle runs the corner and hits a top rope Angle Slam for a great near fall.

-That leads to Kurt talking shit to a barely standing Shawn, who fires up and hits Sweet Chin Music from out of nowhere in another amazing spot. Angle is able to get the ankle lock for a second time, and Cole puts over that Angle legit looked like a killer with the hold. Gargano talks about how amazing Shawn was at selling the hold and putting over how he is the ultimate underdog. Shawn had no choice but to tap.

-Angle has no problem saying that match was really special. They received a standing ovation from a crowd of 50 people when they walked back through the curtain. Cole talks about how the match wasn’t for a championship and it was just about being the best. Angle is amazed at the chemistry he and Shawn had and that match was the first time they ever touched. He calls it the greatest match he’s ever had.

-After Mania 21 ended, Shawn skipped the WWE after party and headed back to his hotel room. He ordered a pizza, watched Polar Express with his kids and told his wife was living the greatest life. He wept like a baby over being given an unbelievable platform. He doesn’t understand how it’s allowed to have a perfect life and he breaks down a bit as he says he is just thankful for it. He has kids that still adore and respect him and wife that still loves him. He’s blessed!

-Amazing! I loved this episode and I want more! I want to hear them discuss the entire feud as they had a rematch at Vengeance when Angle was drafted to RAW and then the Iron Man Match on RAW. What we got here was fantastic and adding Gargano was brilliant as it gave us the fan perspective. You could see the utter joy in his face discussing this match and feud. Shawn and Kurt were wonderful as well and even Cole added to this. I love this series and this is the content I love getting. Thanks as always for reading and tomorrow we are back with a new episode of WWE Chronicle.