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411’s WWE Untold Report: ‘The Phenom and The Legend Killer’

October 26, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Untold

411’s WWE Untold Report: ‘The Phenom and The Legend Killer’

-Air Date: 10.25.20
-Run Time: 43:49

-WWE is celebrating 30 years of Taker over the next 5 weeks and it starts tonight with a new episode of WWE Untold. This series has been great so far and I suspect this be as well. Let’s get to it!

-Randy Orton starts out saying this story is so much better if he is honest and he tells us he learned what a receipt was from The Undertaker. We see Orton blast Taker with a chair and he talks about how Taker is now on his knees and that threw his trajectory off. The lip of the chair caught Taker on his forehead causing skin to rip and Taker to pour blood. Taker says the old school mentality is to crack him back. Orton says he was shitting his pants and apologized. Taker looked at him and told him his receipt was coming. “That sucks” -Randy Orton. This is WWE Untold!

-We get footage of Orton in OVW and he mentions he was in OVW for 6-8 months. They had their “WrestleMania” and he wrestled Rico while Leviathian (Batista) was working with The Undertaker. It was his first time seeing Taker. Taker himself says that he was there to be a talent but to also help the guys. He wanted to help the next generation where other guys were more protective of their spots. Bruce Prichard says Taker is the measuring stick and you had to hold your own against him. If Taker gave you the nod then you were good. We see Taker having battles with Angle, Edge, etc.

-Orton makes his debut in 2002 with a win over Bob Holly. He had a good 2003 and then a great 2004 with Mick Foley on his way to becoming the youngest World Champion. That is also when he got The Legend Killer gimmick and he loved it. They show video of him running through various legends. He was told by The Office that Taker wants to work with him and Orton was shocked.

-Orton discusses the Mania Streak and how it wasn’t a huge deal yet. He went into Mania that year telling everyone he was going to end Taker’s undefeated streak. He slapped Taker in the face and Taker says that not many people have the nerve to slap him. It needed to be a good one and he told Orton to make sure he delivered as that was the catalyst for this story.

-Orton says he wanted to piss off the fans and they had creative ways to do that. Sam Roberts loves Randy Orton as he is the scum of the Earth and you believe him out there. We see Orton give Stacey an RKO to get heat. Prichard says Randy knows how to be a dick and can turn the fans who think he is cool on him. Orton says he has always felt the most comfortable being a prick and he was happy being a bad guy.

-WrestleMania 21: Taker talks about how everyone is nervous at Mania. You put pressure on yourself to steal the show. Orton was a young guy, but Taker puts over how poised he was. He delivered in Taker’s view. Cowboy Bob gets involved and uses his cast to help Orton. Randy brings up WrestleMania I and how his dad just has an arm that won’t heal. The idea was for his dad to hit Taker with the cast. Cowboy Bob is here and he talks about being blessed to be able to work with his dad and then his son. Taker fawns all over Cowboy Bob as he calls him one of the greatest heels and specifically a great, chicken shit heel. Taker talks about his famous spot where he sits-up in matches and how everyone pops. Orton has the RKO and Taker told him he wanted to fit it in there so they go with the famous chokeslam into RKO near finish. Orton credits Taker for helping him get that move over. Taker puts Orton for being one of the guys who does all the small things so well. Taker gets the win in a pretty strong match that was just overshadowed by MITB I, Angle/Shawn Classic and the crowning of Cena/Batista.

-The feud needed to continue and Orton talks about the makeup guy that covered up Eric during the Billy and Chuck wedding. Great reveal there. So at SummerSlam Taker and Orton have their second match and the makeup artist does a poor job this time as Cowboy Bob still looks like Cowboy Bob. He distracts Taker enough though and Randy pins Taker with RKO. He goes to reveal his dad, but everyone already knows it’s him. “If that makeup artist is watching, thanks for fucking nothing,” -Randy Orton. I love give no crap Randy!

-Next up is a casket match and Taker laughs as the producer mentions he has done more of them than anyone. Taker says they are fun because you get a different out for the finish. They have their third meeting in a casket match at No Mercy. This was Orton’s first casket match, but the twist was Cowboy Bob was in the match making it a handicap match. Cowboy Bob gets to help his son deliver a Superplex. Taker laughs at Bob’s look that night and Bob says the shirt was to cover up the belly. Taker wanted him to have tighter jeans. “They don’t have to be nut huggers, but help me out a little. I can’t be losing to someone who looks like they are going to cut the lawn.”

-The Ortons get the win and then lock Taker inside the casket. Randy says they needed to get it away from ringside because he was going to light it. Taker says that during the day you are thinking rationally, but now the adrenaline is going and you want this to be a money segment. Orton uses an ax to chop the casket a bit and then just douses the casket with kerosene. Randy wasn’t thinking about his safety and was just pouring the kerosene everywhere. He had no clue he was soaking his boots with the stuff. Prichard was standing by to give Randy another lighter just in case he couldn’t get his to work. Orton stepped back just in time as it just missed the tips of his boots. Taker talks about how the fans know The Taker character is going to return and there will be hell to pay.

-Survivor Series: Orton wins his Survivor Series match as The Sole Survivor to give SmackDown a win. The roster of geeks celebrate with him and then The Gong goes off. The casket returns and lightning catches it on fire. Taker talks about the pop and he could feel the ball of fire when he shoved open the lid. This is the somewhat famous return where people had to feed for him and Matt Hardy just rolled out of the ring and took some heat for it. Regal of course takes a hell of a chokeslam.

-SmackDown: Cowboy Bob brings out a truck with a casket while Randy and Taker do battle. Inside the casket is a corpse of Taker which kind of freaks him out as much as he can be freaked. The mind games continue next week as The Ortons cut a promo with the casket in the ring and the real Taker is playing possum in the casket this time. Sam Roberts talks about some things being corny but in this case you just bought everything and went with it.

-SmackDown: They have to amp things up so Orton steals Eddie’s low rider with an unconscious Taker on the back. Orton flooded the engine and while SmackDown is taped, the live crowd had to deal with Orton screwing this up. The stunt coordinator is yelling for him to lay off the gas. It finally works and Orton back the car up into the SmackDown set and yeah, that’s kind of frightening actually. “What would Vince say? It was good shit!” -Randy Orton.

-Armageddon: The blow off of this 8 month feud happens inside Hell in a Cell. You know, back when the match was used to blow off a blood feud vs it being Oct and needing a Cell match. Randy talks about the legend of The Undertaker and all he can think about is respect. Taker knew what was right for business was to make Orton look good, but at the same time they were competing against each other. That internal competition can make matches great. He told Orton he was going to be snug, but safe. It’s Hell in a Cell and there needs to be violence. Orton is leaning against the Cell and Taker grabs a chair. He whispers to Orton, “that receipt is coming now.” Taker than blasts Orton with the chair. Randy says that even though Taker owed him one he still took care of him. He learned a lesson as Taker could have taken advantage but showed Randy that you need to take care of your opponent. Orton still bleeds buckets and talks about the feeling of the blood dripping. There is nothing like it and all the boys in the back know what he is talking about. Taker says that it’s not pleasant, but creates an uncomfortable visual. He discusses using weapons like stairs and how you can pussy foot around. It’s business so just hit them with it. Taker puts over Randy’s instincts and how he doesn’t waste movements. Randy talks about Hell in a Cell and how you have to come up with different things. Cowboy Bob gets involved as best he can while outside the Cell. Taker wanted to perform for Randy because of the time and energy they invested. They knew they wouldn’t be having matches against each other after this so wanted to end on a high note. The ref even bled in this one as he gets knocked out. That lets Bob get inside the cell and naturally he bleeds as well. That actually caused an issues as he has Hepatitis C and bleeding all over Taker was a risk. I believe the incident is the reason Orton was let go by the WWE.

-Randy talks about the reversals in the match and how he got the honor of reversing the Tombstone and hitting on of his own. He says that was Taker’s idea and that nobody is allowed to use the move as a rule other than Taker. Undertaker talks about the weird feeling of taking his own move as you are inches away from something bad happening. He knows how he likes to hold someone and be safe, but this was a special time. Of course Taker kicks out and Tombstones both Ortons to finish the match and feud. Taker climbs The Cell after the match and says that wasn’t planned. He was feeling it as they had blown off a great feud and had an awesome match. Randy says he and his dad talk about that match every now and then and they pinch themselves. They got to work together on that kind of stage with someone like Taker. He looks back on it knowing how lucky he was to be in that spot.

-Bruce puts over Randy as being the best right now and how he can make anyone. Orton has a story that will show he is a prick. It was WrestleMania morning and they had a rehearsal scheduled with the ref, agents, Taker, Bob and Randy. The problem was that Randy wasn’t there as he was out late the previous night. He knows he can be an asshole more than anyone else. Letting Taker down that night was one of the biggest regrets of his career. He knows how wrong that was and now he uses that to teach the guys and girls. He puts over Taker for putting him on the map.

-Taker talks about the character and how it was a gift from Vince. He was told in WCW that nobody would pay to see him wrestle. Now 30 years later he has wrestled legends and even wrestled their sons now. He takes nothing for granted after this 30 year run.

-Wonderful episode about a rivalry that isn’t discussed all that much. Orton and Taker were both great here as expected. Both men are more than secure in their place in history and have no reason to worry about saying something wrong or revealing too much. This series has been great and this was one of the better episodes. Definitely give it a watch! Thanks for reading!

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