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411’s WWE Untold: “Sting’s Last Ride” Report

November 23, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Sting WWE Untold

411’s WWE Untold: “Sting’s Last Stand” Report

-Original Air Date: 11/22/19
-Run Time: 39:46

-Welcome back to another episode of the WWE Network’s Untold Series.  This one actually got a little hype as it was promoted during an episode of RAW.  The focus this time is on Sting and more specifically his Clash of Champions match against Seth Rollins.  This one should be interesting as we all know things took a bad turn during the match and it, coupled with a few other instances, led to some screaming that Rollins is reckless in the ring.  Let’s get to it!

-The opening bit focuses on Sting collapsing during the match and Sting says that all he could think was please God don’t let it end like this.

-This is WWE Untold!

-Sting starts by talking about his face paint.  He says for a lot of years in his personal life he was in despair and pain.  He would put on that paint and tell himself it was show time.  When he became the crow character things changed and shifted.

-Home videos of Seth Rollins (Colby Lopez) as a kid in 1991 playing with his toy wrestlers and his wrestling buddies.  Awesome!  Rollins says the first time he saw Sting had to be on WCW Saturday Night.  He says he was probably about 4 years old at the time and Sting was everything a 4-5 year old kid wanted to be.  When he became a teenager and had more angst, Sting was still cool because he was now dark and brooding with The Crow character.  Rollins was a wrestling fan and he asked his mom to paint his face like Sting so he could be him from Halloween.  Sadly, no picture of that. I have a picture of me dressed up like Hulk Hogan was I was about 4 year old, so I know where Seth is coming from.

-Rollins talks about meeting Sting for the first time and it was Survivor Series in 2014.  We travel back to that show as Team Authority takes on Team Cena in a Survivor Series Elimination Match.  They show Sting getting warmed up backstage while he watches the match.  John Cone shows up as one of the talking heads and talks about how he was the ref that slid in when the original ref was bumped and then HHH tossed him out of the ring.  He remembers laying on the floor and hearing this ominous music and the crowd popping like he’s never heard.  The pop was for the WWE debut of Sting and Rollins says it was kept quiet, but the guys in the match knew.  He remembers looking at Dolph and they exchanged a few words about how cool the moment was.

-We jump to WrestleMania 31 and Sting makes his WWE in ring debut against HHH.  Cone puts over the match and brings up how cool it was that DX and the nWo were involved.  A producer asks Sting what he remembers after the match and Sting mentions the Rock riding a golf cart and telling him how great the match was.  He also remembers Arnold Schwarzenegger shaking his hand and telling him great match (yes , they have video on all of this).  Vince was pleased and let Sting know how happy he was with the match.  Sting says in his mind he felt it was a great way to end things.  We cut back to Sting right after the match and he says he thinks this may really be his last match.

-Cone talks about Rollins night at Mania 31 where he ate pin off a fantastic curb stomp into a RKO and everyone thought that was it for Seth that night.  Of course it was just the start as Rollins cashed in his briefcase and pinned Reigns to win the WWE World Championship.  Rollins gets a standing ovation as he walks back through gorilla.  Rollins says 99.9% of people who get in the business dream of being WWE Champion.  Once you win that title you are the man and have to carry things on your shoulders.  He mentions having to walk in the shadows of all the guys that previously held the belt and that you will never really fill their shoes.

-Back to Sting and he says it took so long to get to the WWE because he always thought Vince wanted to undermine WCW more than he wanted to have Sting on his roster.  Rollins says that Vince wanted Sting to feel comfortable and show that he had no ill will.  Sting says that Vince has been good to him since Day 1.

-Sting says he was approached by WWE about working with Seth for the WWE Title at Night of Champions.  Sting says it was mind blowing and that he has held other World Titles, but the real deal was now staring him in the face.

-Rollins brings up that he won the US Title from Cena at SummerSlam and was now a double champion.  He was at home and got a call from the office with the idea of him defending each title in 2 different matches at Night of Champions and one of the matches would be against Sting.  He says he was floored and remembers needing to lean on his counter in the kitchen.  He was excited but was also nervous as this was something so far out of the realm of being possible that he never even dreamed it.

-We get to RAW before Night of Champions and it’s the night where a statue of Rollins was to be unveiled.  Cone talks about the logistics of trying to get Sting into the ring without the fans knowing.  Sting says it was 110 degrees in there and that it was melting the acrylic paint off his face.  Michael Hayes is the 4th talking head as he says he put himself in the fans seat as it looked like another excuse to kiss Rollins ass and low and behold it’s Sting.  Cone puts over that reaction from Seth and Hayes mentions that the crowd ate it up.  Sting talks about the crowd reaction and the adrenaline rush it brought him.

-Night of Champions time and before getting to Sting, Rollins had to defend the US Title against Cena.  Cone mentions that any match with Cena is going to be physical but as Cena got older he wanted to prove he could still go with the younger guys.  He mentions that fans will joke that Cena only has the 5 Moves of Doom but he made Rollins keep up with him on that night.  Cena wins the US Title and Rollins says having the 2 matches back to back kept him from being nervous.

-Rollins calls Sting a spectacle and an attraction.  They got into the match and the highlights shown just reiterate that it was a heck of a match where Sting went all out.  The spot came up where Sting took the buckle bomb and Rollins mentions he has done the move thousands of times and it never hurt anyone.  Sting says it was like electric volts going up and down his arms.  The shock wouldn’t go away and he knew it wasn’t good.  Hayes says he knew right away that something wasn’t right.  Cone went to Sting who said he couldn’t feel his fingers, but he felt he could continue the match.  Cone tells us that all refs have a mic to the back and he let them know that Sting said he was ok.

-The match continues and Sting turns it up a notch and the crowd gets way into it with “This is Awesome” chants.”  They do the buckle bomb a second time and this time Sting collapses.  Cone says that it became a really scary situation.  Sting could only think that there was no way it could end like this.  He was worried that something really bad had happened.  The trainer got into the ring and Cone says that all he could hear from the back was them yelling if Sting was ok.  Cone clicked his mic back on and told them that Sting is not ok.

-Rollins says he was terrified and felt helpless as he didn’t know what state Sting was in, and it was hard to go in and out of being his character.  He was the most hated guy in the WWE, but it was hard to stay in character seeing Sting laying there.  Sting says he could start to feel his legs under him and he told the ref and trainer he wanted to finish the match.  Rollins talks about the pride thing in wrestling where there is just something about finishing the job even if things kind of go sideways in the ring.  Even with the worst happening,  there is something ingrained in them that they have to at least try to finish the match no matter what.

-The match continues and they do a good job of getting the crowd back into it and Rollins retains with a roll-up.  Immediately refs head back into the ring to check on Sting.  Rollins brings up that Sting didn’t have to be in that match and didn’t have to work that match with him as he is already one of the greatest of all times.  He is amazed that he was able to finish the match.  Hayes says that’s the way they were all trained: “you do your fucking job.”

-Sting says he couldn’t imagine ending his career without finishing the match.  He could tell the crowd knew something was wrong and he prayed to God to help him finish the match and get him to the back on his own 2 feet.  Sting says he wanted space once he got to the back and HHH came in and told him he needed to go to the hospital.  They took Sting away on a stretcher with a neck brace in an ambulance.  Seth was there and he says it was kind of an out of body experience as he can see himself standing over Sting.  In a moment of levity to Sting, Rollins in the middle of babbling, let him know that he dressed up like him for Halloween.

-Sting goes for tests and neurologist tell him that he was very close to paralysis or death.  His spine is in a tough spot that if he gets from behind it could be the last time.  He says that Seth didn’t injure him and that he had Spinal Stenosis and that it’s wrestling and physical things happen.  He wants to cut the Seth injured him crap off right now and that the buckle bomb spot wasn’t dangerous.

-Seth puts over the greatness of Steve Borden and says most people won’t be at Sting’s level as far as his legacy.  He says he inspired him as a kid and even more so as an adult.  Sting gets inducted by Ric Flair into the Hall of Fame and ends his speech by saying that he is retired.  He admits that he waffled on that decision until the moment that he said it.  He tells the fans at the Hall of Fame that it isn’t goodbye but instead was see you later.  He admits that if everything lines up right with Vince, HHH, and Taker that maybe something could happen again down the line.  He says that could just be ego and pride talking, but he thinks he could do something.  He calls it insanity, but he guesses he’s just a pro-wrestler for life.

-Another fantastic episode in this series.  I am enjoyed them touching on this subject and it shed some new light on what was a scary moment.  I don’t think it will help stop the “Seth is dangerous” stuff, but this should show that what happened on that night wasn’t anyone’s fault.  Personally hearing what Sting had to say about his spine, I can’t see anyway the WWE ever lets him work a match again and best he can get is a stare down with Taker like he mentioned at the end of this episode.

-Thanks for reading and I’ll see everyone on Sunday for the debut of Austin’s new Network Show.

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