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411’s WWE Vengeance Report 6.26.05

June 26, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to 411’s WWE Vengeance report!

Big HHH vs. Batista video package to hype the HELL…in a…CELL!

JR, King and COACH welcome us! Three man both it seems, pretty cool. Hugo and Carlos welcome us now. HOLA!

Lillian is NOT announcing, I am not happy.

IC Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito ©

Lots of “Shelton” chants to night. Lock up and Shelton takes him to the corner and breaks. Lock up again and a take down by Shelton and a cover for 1. Carlito is the 18th man to be both US and IC Champion, thanks JR! Headlock take over by Shelton, reversals and Shelton gets a roll up for 2. Carlito stalls a bit, then boots Shelton. Right hands now to Shelton and then a corner whip but Shelton EXPLODES out and levels Carlito with a clothesline! Chops to Carlito now, off the ropes and a knee to the gut of Carlito, cover and 2 for Shelton. Headlock by Shelton, off the ropes and Carlito takes him down. Shelton up and a clothesline to Carlito who takes a powder. He takes the belt and wants to leave! Shelton chases and nails Carlito on the ramp. Back to ringside and Carlito rolled back in. Snap suplex by Shelton gets 2. Eye poke by Carlito, Shelton whipped and leaps to the top! Top rope clothesline to Carlito! Shelton slow to cover, and does so for 2. Rights by Shelton, and Carlito fights back and takes Shelton down. Knee to the head of Shelton and Carlito works the neck over the 2nd rope. Both men to the floor now and back in and Carlito covers for 2. Slam to Shelton and then another and a 3rd. Carlito covers for 2. Some “Carlito” chants I hear. Now Shelton chants. Boots by Carlito and another cover for 2. Roll up by Shelton for 2. Forearm shots by Carlito now and a rear choke now to Shelton. Shelton fights up and elbows out. Off the ropes and a spinning back elbow by Shelton! Both men down now and up to their feet by 7. Rights by Carlito, off the ropes and a reversal and Samoan drop by Shelton covers for 2. Rights by Carlito as they battle from their knees. Shelton fires back and they are up and Shelton is on fire now! Clothesline by Shelton. Backdrop to Carlito. Mixed crowd here. Backbreaker by Shelton gets 2. Shelton goes up top…as they play up his “injury” more. Carlito up as well…but Shelton leaps off and stuns Carlito off of the top rope! Shelton up to the apron now…springboard bulldog! 1…2…NO! Shelton has him, Carlito grabs the ropes, ref breaks it up and Carlito tries to undo the turnbuckle. Boot by Carlito and a version of a blue thunder driver for 2 by Carlito. Super kick blocked by Carlito, dragon whip kick by Shelton! Shelton goes for the corner splash, but NAILS the exposed turnbuckle! Carlito rolls him up with the tights and gets the win!

Winner: Carlito @ 13:01

HHH and Flair arrive.

Video package of the Christy/Victoria feud.

Christy vs. Victoria

Victoria now has a slower, more heel like version of her entrance music.

Christy comes out with no jumping around and Victoria attacks. Christy takes her down and rams her head of off the canvas. Now 10 times off of the turnbuckle. Hot shot by Victoria and she unloads with rights. Victoria pulls her hair in a backbreaker like position, that had to hurt. Choke by Victoria now, and then again and is broken by the ref. Victoria picks her up with a double choke, and then slams her down and covers for 2. Headlock by Victoria now and takes her to the mat. Christy fights to her feet and tries a roll up but is tossed down. Widow’s peak try, reversed and Victoria picks her up and rams her to the corner. She chokes her out and then slams her down. Victoria up top…MISSES a moonsault! Christy up and a hair toss to Victoria. Another and the crowd hates Christy. DDT on Victoria for 2. Christy tries a roll up in the corner, but Victoria counters and grabs the ropes for the win!

Winner: Victoria @ 5:20

Todd Grisham with John Cena. Todd brings up JBL, but Cena says this is RAW, new business. Todd says he was popular and athletic, Cena stares him down and Todd says he pissed himself in 10th grade and was called Todd Pissam. Cena says he got jumped 2 Monday’s in a row. Christian was always the geeky kid who picked his nose and Jericho stuffed his pants. He says they have reasons to want to win, but he keeps the title because he fought like hell to win and to keep this title. This is his first Raw PPV, so sit back and watch Cena, the kid in school who was voted most likely to kick someone’s ass!

Kane/Edge and Lita video history.

Kane vs. Edge w/Lita

Same start as the last match, Kane chases Edge, Edge slides in first and Edge attacks. Kane with corner mount punches now for like 20 punches! Uppercut takes Edge down. Backdrop to Edge and Kane stalks him and then chokes him over the 2nd rope. Rights by Kane now, and Edge is down. Boot to Edge as we get our first “We want Matt” chants for the night. Clothesline by Kane takes Edge to the floor. Kane goes after Lita and then levels Edge with a right hand. Back in the ring now and a boot to Edge’s head. “She’s a crack whore” chants for Lita! Clothesline to Edge and Kane chokes him again. Eye rake by Edge but Kane takes Edge to the floor. Kane out now and rams Edge off the barrier repeatedly. Kane picks up Edge, but he escapes and rams Kane off of the steel railing. SPEAR to Kane on the floor. Edge back in the ring and waits on Kane. Baseball slide to Kane keeps him on the floor. Kane back in and Edge kicks away at him. More crack whore chanting as Edge delivers an elbow to Kane. Knees by Edge to the head of Kane now. Rights by Edge and Kane is rocked. Now he’s pissed and walks it off. He taunts Edge and Kane with rights now. Off the ropes and Edge counters into the Edgeacution and Kane sits up! Rights by Kane again and Edge whipped to the corner, goes to the 2nd rope and Kane nails him with an uppercut. Snake eyes to Edge and Kane covers for 2. Boot by Edge, but Kane gets a side slam. Kane up top…flying clothesline met by a dropkick by Edge! Edge sets for the spear…BOOT by Kane! Snitsky is out and Kane nails him off the apron. Lita in now and Kane grabs her! GOOZLE ON LITA! He lays her down and grabs the chair she brought in. He wraps it around her throat! Snitsky in with a big boot and Edge covers for 2. Lita escapes to the floor and Kane is up and tosses Edge away. Snitsky up top, leaps…GOOZLE! Edge has the briefcase…BRIEFCASE SHOT nails Snitsky as Kane moves! GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM to Edge finishes it!

Winner: Kane @ 11:20

HBK/Angle video package.

Todd Grisham with HBK. HBK says Angle it is perfect that Angle thinks he will beat him. He thought after WM he wanted to even the score, and now he has the chance. WM 21 was a classic, that’s the story of his life. He says Vengeance will be his.

HBK vs. Kurt Angle

Lock up and Angle takes him to the corner and they break. Lock up again and Angle with a waist lock take down and HBK gets the ropes. Lock up and a side headlock by HBK. Takes Angle down with it and Angle up now and to the corner and a clean break. Single leg takedown by Angle and HBK gets the ropes. Side headlock by Angle and off the ropes and a shoulder block to HBK. Hip toss and arm drag by HBK into the arm bar. Angle to his feet, takes HBK down with an arm bar of his own. Knee to the arm of HBK and he takes a powder and has to shake it off, that looked painful! HBK back in and shops by HBK now. Another and Angle rolls to the floor. Back in and they jockey for position and Angle tires a single leg and HBK rolls to the floor. Back in and Angle takes him down, tries the ankle lock and a single leg crab by Angle, but HBK grabs the ropes. Rights by HBK and then chops to Angle. Boot to Angle, HBK up top…sunset flip but Angle grabs the Ankle lock! HBK escapes and clotheslines Angle to the floor! HBK follows and nails Angle with chops. Boot by Angle, tries the Angle slam, reversed and chops by HBK. Angle grabs HBK and nails a GERMAN onto the Spanish Announce table! No Breakage! That looked very painful. Angle goes after him and rolls him in and covers for 2. Angle in control now and a neck breaker to HBK gets 2 on 4 consecutive covers. Angle chokes HBK over the top rope now, and then chokes him with the boot on the corner. Boots from Angle and picks up HBK and then delivers STIFF European uppercuts. HBK has a little blood under his left eye. They exchange rights now, boot by Angle and he POWERBOMBS HBK INTO THE CORNER! 1…2…NO! DAYUM! Elbow drops by Angle and then picks him back up. Suplex to HBK gets 2. Rear choke by Angle now. HBK fights out now, and then chops away at Angle. Corner whip and HBK misses a charge. RELEASE German by Angle gets 2! Angle slam, countered by HBK into an arm drag but Angle takes him down. Sets HBK on the top rope now…HBK fights, and knocks Angle off. HBK up, leaps and Angle catches him…RELEASE belly to belly by Angle gets 2! Sleeper by Angle now, actually more of a rear choke. HBK fights for the ropes…but drops to a knee. HBK down on the mat now, and Angle covers for 2. Angle inches it in now, shoulders down and another 2 for Angle. HBK fights out now, to his feet and rights to Angle. Back suplex by HBK! Both men are down now and fight to their feet at 7. Rights exchanged, then chops. Off the ropes…flying forearm by HBK! Both down, ref counts… Angle up and HBK KIP UP! Rights to Angle! Atomic drop! Clothesline to Angle! Slam and HBK up top…ELBOW DROP! Tune up the band! CLOTHESLINE BY ANGLE! Brutal! 1…2…NO! Angle slam, reversal into a DDT! 1…2…NO! 1…2…NO! Both men struggle to their feet, HBK tries a suplex, reversal into a GERMAN by Angle! German #2 stopped by HBK, ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Ankle lock try, but HBK rolls him up for 2. ANKLE LOCK! HBK rolls out and Angle nails the ref! Angle backdrops HBK to the floor and HBK grabs his knee. The trainers check on him but Angle rolls him back in the ring. STRAPS DOWN! HBK misses the super kick, ANKLE LOCK! HBK kicks him off, but Angle holds on! HBK tries again but Angle holds on still! HBK fights…but Angle pulls him back and cranks in harder. HBK rolls out and Angle rams the steel post! HBK fights to his feet as Angle gets to his…SUPERKICK! Both men down! The ref’s count is up to 6…7…8…9…HBK covers 1…2…NO!!! Both men still down and Angle tries to get to his feet. Angle is up and goes to the top rope! All the way up…HBK crawls to his feet… Angle leaps…SUPERKICK AGAIN! 1…2…3!

Winners: HBK @ 26:16

Coach leaves the booth to interview Batista.

The ref helps Angle to the back who looks to be in some severe pain with his mouth busted open as he gets a great ovation.

Great American Bash commercial.

Coach with Batista. Coach says Batista is the underdog and that HHH should have beat him last time. Coach says he looks scared. Batista calls him an ass kisser. He isn’t afraid of HHH and no the Hell in a Cell. Tonight is Batista’s night for revenge. If HHH wants the title, he will have to kill him! They are going to hell, and he will be the one to walk out! HHH is there, he says Batista will walk out, without the title and a nobody. They brawl and the AGENTS Double A, DiBiase, Finlay and Malenko break it up! GO AGENTS!

The ring announcer brings out Lillian Garcia! Lillian says it has been an exciting couple of months, all due to Viscera, who comes out. Lillian says the last couple of months, Viscera has made her feel things she likes. She was scared at first, but over time she found that he is a loving, sexy man. They have a leather couch in the ring. She wants to sing a song she wrote for him. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. She loves him. Tonight he will hit the jackpot. Lillian proposes to Big Vis. Yes,I am serious. He wants to give it to her, but this is heavy, not as heavy as him of course. He considers it…when…THE GODFATHER IS HERE! YESSSSSSSSS! Pimpin ain’t easy bitches! The HOOOOOOO TRAIN IS HERE TOO! I wonder if those are the Bunny Ranch ho’s from that HBO special? Lillian doesn’t look happy. The Godfather says to hold up. He has to do something about this. He asks what happen, he was a pimp in training. He says his girls couldn’t wait to see Big Vis. The Godfather is shocked that he is considering marriage. Godfather says Lillian is lovely, but Big Vis has a BIG appetite, and that is nothing compared for his sexual appetite. Godfather wants to know if he really wants only one woman? Or does he want to rise on…the…HOOOOOOOOOOOO Train! Big Vis looks them over as he gets a “take the ho’s” chant. There is only one thing he has to say, ALL ABOARD…THE HOOOOOOO TRAIN! He leaves with the ho’s as Lillian is left sad and crying.

Cena/Jericho/Christian video history.

WWE Title Match: Christian vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena ©

All 3 men stare down. Slap to Cena by Jericho and here we go! Christian with boots to Cena, now Jericho as well. They take turns and then Christian tosses Jericho down. Chops by Jericho now, and a corner whip and Cena is down. Christian with chops now and then boots to Cena. Right to Christian by Jericho. Back elbow to Christian now and then an elbow drop by Jericho to him. Tomko pulls out Jericho and rams him to the barrier. Arm drag by Cena to Christian. Boots now and Tomko tries to get involved and is tossed by the ref! Christian is NOT happy! Flapjack by Cena to Christian. Catches him for an FU, but tosses him to the floor! Jericho is off the top with a reverse elbow for 2! Suplex to Cena now and then a dropkick. Cena up with rights now but Jericho back with chops. Boots to Cena now and whipped to the opposite corner. Boot by Cena and follows with rights to Jericho. Christian is still on the floor as Jericho gets the bulldog to Cena. Lionsault misses as Jericho lands on his feet. He tosses Cena to the floor and then follows. Cena rammed to the barrier. Jericho tosses down the time keeper ad then dismantles the Spanish announce table. ECW chant now. Jericho tries a suplex, Cena reverses it into a DDT on the belt on the floor! Christian rolls Cena in and covers for 2. Rights by Christian now and then chokes him out. Rear choke by Christian, but Cena fights to his feet. Clothesline to Christian, and another. Off the ropes, boot by Christian, misses a clothesline…BLUE THUNDA DRIVA BY CENA! You can’t see me! Jericho pulls Cena to the floor and then rammed into the steel steps. Baseball slide by Christian to Jericho. Back in the ring now, off the ropes and a roll up by Jericho…Walls of Jericho on Christian, no kicked off and Jericho nails Cena who was on the apron and Christian rolls Jericho up for 2. Christian up top, Jericho stops him…superplex try, Cena in…TOWER OF DOOM! All 3 men are down! Cena covers Jericho for 2. Covers Christian for 2. Clothesline by Cena to both men. Slam to Jericho. Drop toehold to Christian who nails Jericho! Double 5 knuckle shuffle! Sunset flip to Jericho, but Christian rolls up Cena and gets 2. Double roll up by Jericho for 2. Sweet sequence there. Jericho goes up top…Cena up and knocks him down and then rams Christian into him and covers Christian for 2. Cena tries the FU, Christian reverses and reverse DDT gets 2! Christian grabs the belt as the ref stops him, Tomko out and BOOT to Cena! 1…2…NO! Christian was SO CLOSE! Cena backdrops Christian to the floor. Jericho in with the WALLS! Locked in! Cena fights…Christian up and Jericho with the springboard dropkick! Back to the walls on Cena! Christian back in and rolls up Jericho for 2. Jericho shoves Christian into Cena, FU as Christian’s legs hit Jericho and Cena wins!

Winner: John Cena @ 15:33

Cena celebrates with the chain gang.

WWE Fanatic series has the Hall of Fame ceremony this month.

The Cell is lowered.

JR says, “HHH has never lost in Hell in a Cell IN A ONE ON ONE MATCH.” Thank you JR.

Batista/HHH video history.

World Title: Hell in a Cell: HHH vs. Batista ©

Batista is decked out in all new white gear. Either he is foreshadowing like randy Savage used to, to he wants the blood to show up well. JR puts out a little parental advisory, that was sweet of him. The door is locked, and here we go!

HHH attacks right away with rights. Batista whips him to the corner and then levels him with a clothesline. HHH to the floor and Batista follows. Batista rams HHH off of the cage and he then retreats to the ring. Lock up and Batista levels HHH with a shoulder block. Corner clothesline by Batista. Clothesline sends HHH to the floor. Batista follows and rams HHH off of the cage repeatedly. HHH finally reverses a whip and rams Batista into the steel post. HHH stuns Batista off of the top rope. Batista on the apron, and HHH charges and rams him off and Batista goes airborne and nails the cell. HHH whips Batista to the cell now. Again and then HHH takes him down with a clothesline. Back in the ring and HHH gets a chain. That doesn’t bode well for Batista. HHH whips Batista with the chain! HHH hangs Batista now with the chain. Batista fights back, but HHH hangs him again. Batista fights to his feet and stuns HHH off of the top rope. Batista has the chain now and he whips HHH! That has to suck! To the floor they go and Batista whips him again! Batista rams HHH spine first 4 times into the steel post and then the cell! HHH rammed face first into the cell. He is bleeding now and they go back into the ring. Off the ropes and HHH with the ARN ANDERSON like spinebuster! HHH to the floor and gets a CHAIR WRAPPED IN BARBEDWIRE! YES! He NAILS Batista on the back with it! On yeah, his back is bloody now. AGAIN HHH nails him! Batista up with a boot, off the ropes and a face buster by HHH, but Batista with a clothesline. Batista has the chair! HEAD SHOT to HHH BAH GWAD! He now rakes it off of HHH’s head! HHH is a bloody mess and rolls to the floor. Batista chases and grates his face off of the cell! Batista picks up HHH and tosses him like a lawn dart into the cage! Back in the ring now and Batista with shoulder charges in the corner. He steps back, and HHH moves and Batista eats the post! HHH with the chair, sets for the pedigree but Batista back drops out! Rights to HHH and Batista picks him up…POWERSLAM ON THE BARBERWIRE STEEL CHAIR! 1…2…NO! Batista grabs the chain now…and wraps it around his fist. DDT BY HHH ON THE CHAIR! Batista rolls to the floor and HHH follows. Batista is busted open now and HHH rams his face off of the cell. HHH grates his head off of the cell as a receipt, that has to suck. Back in the ring goes Batista and HHH gets SLEDGY! Boot by Batista and HHH drops it. They exchange rights. Batista off the ropes, reversal and a boot to HHH. HHH backdrops out of the Demon bomb. HHH has sledgy and NAILS Batista! 1…2…NO! HHH has sledgy again and stalks Batista, but Batista with a LOW BLOW to HHH! Batista has sledgy! He charges HHH, but HHH nails him with a right that was wrapped up with the chain! 1…2…NO! He still has the chain and goes to the 2nd rope…fist drop STOPPED by sledgy! Batista was able to grab sledgy and stop him! HHH is spitting up blood now, and Batista nails him with rights and just unloads on HHH! HHH whipped to the corner and all the way over to the floor! Batista has him and rams him to the steps. HHH is up and holding his arm. Batista has the steps and DESTROYS HHH with them! Batista takes the base of the steps into the ring and then rolls HHH back in. Batista lays them in the corner and then grabs HHH and RAMS him into them 3 times! Batista grabs HHH, and then WHIPS him into the steps! THUMBS DOWN from Batista! LOW BLOW by HHH! PEDIGREE! 1…2…NO! Both men are down and try to struggle to their feet. HHH up and grabs the base of the steps and lays them down. He grabs Batista and they go onto the steps! Pedigree try…Batista picks him up…SPINEBUSTER ON THE STEPS! Batista over and grabs HHH, Demon bomb try, HHH has sledgy but he can’t use it! DEMON BOMB! 1…2…3!

Winner: Batista @ 26:50

Batista lays on the mat with the title as HHH lays with sledgy still in his hand.


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