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411’s WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2 Report

April 5, 2020 | Posted by Scott Slimmer
John Cena Bray Wyatt WrestleMania 36

Welcome to 411’s WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2 Report. We are LIVE in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Tonight’s Kickoff Show hosts are once again Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg. The run down the card for Night 2 before heading to a video package to John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. They move on to a discussion of Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina followed by a video package for Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. Graves and Rosenberg discuss The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza before going to a highlight package from WrestleMania Night 1.

Kickoff Show Match
Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

Natalya takes down Morgan with a side headlock takedown to start, but Morgan rolls Natalya into a pinning predicament for a one count. Natalya catches Morgan in a rear waist lock and hits an O’Connor roll for a two count. Natalya goes for a front kick, but Morgan catches the leg and transitions to a standing side head lock. Natalya breaks free and throws a punch, but Morgan Matrix ducks and rolls up Natalya for another one count. Morgan connects with a hip attack, but Natalya side steps a second hip attack and counters into a springboard atomic drop. Morgan goes for a mule kick in the corner, but Natalya catches the legs and dumps Morgan to the apron. Natalya clotheslines Morgan on the apron and then rolls her back into the ring. Natalya hits a snap suplex and follows up with a surfboard. Natalya whips Morgan to the corner and charges toward her, but Morgan counters into a rollup for a two count. Morgan hits a drop kick to the back, but Natalya regains control with a sit-out wheelbarrow facebuster for a two count. Morgan connects with an enzuigiri and trades rollups with Natalya. Morgan counters one final rollup from Natalya into a rollup of her own and gets the three count.

Match Result: Liv Morgan defeats Natalya with a rollup pin.
Match Length: 6:21
Slimmer’s Rating: **¼

We head to a video package for Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler followed by a video package for Edge vs. Randy Orton. Renee Young, Booker T, and Christian then join the Kickoff Show to break down Edge vs. Randy Orton. Graves and Rosenberg discuss Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley before finishing the Kickoff Show with a video package for Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre.

Stephanie McMahon welcomes us to WrestleMania Night 2, and then Gronk does the same.

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Rhea Ripley (Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair
 photo Rhea_Ripley_vs_Charlotte_Flair_Cropped_zpstcrnxbyf.jpg

Ripley goes for a lockup to start, but Flair slides behind her to evade. Ripley goes for another lockup, but Flair again slides behind and grabs a leg to take down Ripley. Flair goes for an early Figure Four, but Ripley kicks her away. Ripley locks up with Flair, but Flair muscles her to the corner and goes to work with chops. Flair tries to whip Ripley to the corner, but Ripley puts on the brakes and instead whips Flair to the corner. Flair tries to flip over the top rope, but Ripley catches her with a big boot to the gut. Ripley hits the Riptide but only gets a two count. Flair heads to the outside to regroup, but Ripley takes the fight to Flair. Ripley connects with a somersault kick off the ring steps and then drags Flair back into the ring. Ripley slams Flair’s face to the mat and follows up with a suplex for a two count. Ripley locks in a body scissors and then rolls Flair into a pinning predicament for another two count. Ripley goes for a big boot over the top rope, but Flair catches the leg and wrenches it over the top rope. Flair stomps on the injured leg and then wrenches it around the middle rope. Flair slams Ripley’s injured leg into the mat and then connects with a low kick to the back of the knee. Flair continues to work over the leg and then slams it into the ring post. Flair tries to slam Ripley’s leg into the ring post a second time, but Ripley pulls Flair face-first into the post. Flair takes a moment to regroup on the outside before heading back into the ring and hitting a chop block to the back of Ripley’s knee. Flair position’s Ripley’s leg on the bottom rope and repeatedly jump onto it. Ripley hits a facebuster to briefly halt Flair’s momentum, but Ripley is clearly still in agony. Flair goes back to the chops, but Ripley fights back with knee shots to the face, using her good knee. Ripley connects with a low drop kick and levels Flair with a short clothesline. Flair dumps Ripley to the apron and then kicks her to the floor. Flair heads up top, but Ripley makes it up to the ring apron and kicks Flair in the face. Ripley slides under Flair and lifts her into a sit-out facebuster. Flair goes for a belly-to-back suplex, but Ripley flips over and lands on her feet. Ripley heads up top and connects with a diving missile drop kick for a two count. Ripley charges toward Flair in the corner, but Ripley gets her boot up. Flair goes back to the leg work, but Ripley counters into the inverted standing cloverleaf. Flair goes or the Figure Four, but Ripley kicks her away. Flair locks in a Boston Crab, but Ripley flips her into a pinning predicament for a two count. Ripley and Flair trade near falls before Ripley hits a big boot for another two count. Ripley works over Flair in the corner and takes her up top. Ripley goes for a superplex, but Flair dumps her back down to the mat. Flair goes for the moonsault, but Ripley gets her boots up. Flair hits a spear, but Ripley kicks out at two. Flair once again goes for the Figure Four, but Ripley rolls her up for a two count. Flair finally successfully locks in the Figure Four and then bridges into the Figure Eight to finally force Ripley to submit.

Match Result: Charlotte Flair defeats Rhea Ripley with the Figure Eight.
Match Length: 20:31
Slimmer’s Rating: ****½

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Lana
 photo Aleister_Black_vs_Bobby_Lashley_Cropped_zpszxjygdxx.jpg

Black goes for a rear waist lock to start, but Lashley easily shoves him away. Lashley takes down Black and works him over against the ropes. Lashley charges at Black, but Black low bridges the top rope, and Lashley tumbles to the outside. Black goes for a springboard moonsault from the second turnbuckle to the outside, but Lashley moves out of the way, but Black lands on his feet. Lashley catches Black with a belly-to-belly suplex on the outside before rolling Black back into the ring. Lashley slams Black’s face into the top turnbuckle and then spears him in the corner. Lashley hits a neck breaker and goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but Black counters with a knee to the head and lands on his feet on the apron. Lashley regains control with a power slam and gets a two count. Lashley chokes Black across the second rope and then hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Lashley goes for a spear, but Black counters with a side kick for a two count of his own. Black sweeps the legs and connects with a knee strike. Lashley heads to the outside, but Black hits the springboard corner moonsault. The action returns to the ring, and Lashley goes to work with the ground and pound offense. Lashley sets up for the Yokosuka Cutter, but Lana calls for the spear instead. Lashley goes for the spear, but Black catches him with Black Mass for the three count.

Match Result: Aleister Black defeats Bobby Lashley with Black Mass.
Match Length: 7:14
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Sonya Deville
 photo Otis_vs_Dolph_Ziggler_Cropped_zpssjwof9gw.jpg

Otis traps Ziggler in the corner as soon as the bell rings and then hits a corner splash. Otis goes for a second corner splash, but Ziggler slides out of the way and counters with a super kick. Otis tumbles to the outside, so Ziggler follows and slams him face-first into the ring post. Ziggler rolls Otis back into the ring, chokes him across the second rope, and hits a neck breaker. Ziggler locks in a rear chin lock, but Otis fights back to his feet. Ziggler goes for a drop kick, but Otis catches the legs and catapults Ziggler into the middle turnbuckle. Ziggler hits a back elbow shot, but Otis barely budges. Otis levels Ziggler with a clothesline and follows up with a scoop slam. Otis whips Ziggler chest-first into the corner and then dumps him over the top rope to the outside. Otis heads out of the ring and whips Ziggler into the barricade. Otis whips Ziggler into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. Otis hits a modified Compactor and goes for the Caterpillar, but Deville distracts the referee. Ziggler low blows Otis while the referee is distracted, but here comes Mandy Rose! Rose slams Deville and rolls her into the ring. The referee checks on Deville, so Rose slides into the ring and low blows Ziggler while the referee is distracted. Otis hits the Caterpillar and get the three count. After the match, Rose heads into the ring and celebrates with Otis.

Match Result: Otis defeats Dolph Ziggler with the Caterpillar.
Match Length: 8:24
Slimmer’s Rating: **¾

Last Man Standing Match
Edge vs. Randy Orton
 photo Edge_vs_Randy_Orton_Cropped_zpshzzwqnev.jpg

Orton disguises himself as a camera man and hits Edge with an RKO from behind before the match even begins. Edge says that he’s okay to go, so the referee calls for the bell to begin the match. Orton hits Edge with another RKO, but Edge slides out of the ring to get to his feet at the count of nine. Orton grabs a camera and slams it into Edge’s head, sending him tumbling over the barricade. Edge makes it back to his feet at seven, but Orton beats him into the backstage workout area of the Performance Center. Orton ties up Edge in some hanging workout straps and then continues to beat on him. Edge has had zero offense so far. Edge crumbles to the floor but makes it back to his feet at six. Orton grabs a barbell plate and heads for Edge, but Edge swings off a weight stand and hits a drop kick. Edge slams Orton’s head into a table, sits him in a chair, and connects with a volley of punches. Edge pulls himself up onto the weight stand and swings himself into a senton to Orton in the chair. Orton gets back to his feet and whips Edge into a wall. Orton grabs a weight sled and slides it toward Edge, but Edge dodges just in time. Edge slams Orton into an equipment case and then chases Orton into the production area of the Performance Center. Orton catches Edge with an uppercut, but Edge slams Orton’s head into a garage door. Edge drags Orton up onto the side of the WrestleMania set, but Orton tosses Edge off the set and onto the barricade. The referee starts his count, but Edge makes it back to his feet at eight. Orton chases Edge into a hallway and slams his head into a wall. Orton drags Edge into the conference room where Tommaso Ciampa attacked Johnny Gargano on NXT a few weeks ago. Edge tosses Orton onto the conference table and hits an elbow drop off the chain link scaffolding above the table. (Side Note: Who decorates their conference room with chain link scaffolding? That’s a bit on the nose, even for WWE.) Edge and Orton brawl back into the hallway and into a storage area of the Performance Center. Edge slams Orton’s head into a ladder, but Orton fights back and slams Edge’s head into an equipment case. Orton slams Edge into a spare set of ring steps, and the referee once again begins his count. Edge gets back to his feet at nine, but Orton immediately continues the assault and beats Edge into the interview area. Edge throws a lighting sandbag at Orton and lands a few punches. Edge punts Orton’s ribs, but Orton makes it back to his feet at seven. Edge drives a knee into Orton’s ribs and puts him on a table. Edge pounds on Orton’s ribs and then climbs a ladder to the top of some scaffolding. Edge hits a diving elbow drop from the scaffolding onto Orton and through the table. Edge and Orton both get back to their feet at eight, so the match continues. Orton headbutts Edge and lands an uppercut. Orton slams Edge’s head into an equipment case, but Edge gets back to his feet at eight. Orton slams Edge’s head into the back of a pickup truck and tosses him onto the top of the truck. Orton hits his patented draping DDT from the top of the truck onto the cover of the bed of the truck. Edge manages to get back to use feet and climbs to the top of a production truck. Orton climbs up onto the top of the production truck with Edge. Orton goes for the punt, but Edge counters with a spear. Edge goes for another spear, but Orton counters with an RKO. Edge makes it back to his feet at nine as Orton climbs down from the top of the production truck. Orton grabs two steel chairs and takes them back to the top of the production truck. Orton hits a chair shot to Edge’s back and goes for the Conchairto, but Edge gets back to his feet and locks in a head-and-arm submission. Edge chokes out Orton and puts his head on a steel chair. Edge may have just dropped an f-bomb while telling the referee not to count yet. Edge seems torn about whether to go for the Conchairto, but he does hit it, and that’s finally enough to keep Orton down for the ten count.

Match Result: Edge defeats Randy Orton with the Conchairto.
Match Length: 36:46
Slimmer’s Rating: **¾

Several superstars chase Mojo Rawley into the arena in an attempt to win the 24/7 Championship. Gronk dives off the perch and pins Rawley to win the 24/7 Championship.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Street Profits (Champions) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega
 photo Street_Profits_vs_Theory_and_Garza_Cropped_zpsdoemqsln.jpg

Dawkins and Theory start the match, and Dawkins quickly drops Theory with a running shoulder block. Theory springs back to his feet, but Dawkins quickly drops him with another shoulder block. Ford gets the tag and teams up with Dawkins to hit stereo drop kicks to Garza and Theory. Ford locks in an arm wringer and makes the quick tag back to Dawkins. Theory whips Dawkins to the outside and then distracts the referee while Garza levels Dawkins with a super kick. Theory retrieves Dawkins and makes the tag to Garza. Garza hits a knee to the ribs in the corner but subsequently suffers an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Garza lands a low drop kick but can’t stop Dawkins from making the tag to Ford. Ford hits a standing moonsault followed by a DDT for a two count. Theory tries to make the save, but Ford drop kicks him to the outside. Ford dives to the outside and takes out Theory and Dawkins. Garza heads up top and hits a moonsault onto the Street Profits. Garza rolls Ford back into the ring and connects with a springboard moonsault for a two count. Garza tries to set up for the Wing Clipper, but Ford escapes and makes the tag to Dawkins. Theory gets the tag and hits Dawkins with the TKO. Theory makes the cover, but Ford heads up top and hits a frog splash to break up the pin. Dawkins rolls over to cover Theory and gets the three count. After the match, Theory and Garza attack the Street Profits with help from Zelina Vega. Bianca Belair rushes down to the ring and makes the save. Belair hits Vega with the Kiss of Death, which Ford and Dawkins seem to enjoy very much.

Match Result: Angelo Dawkins defeats Austin Theory after a frog splash from Montez Ford.
Match Length: 6:01
Slimmer’s Rating: **¼

Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
Bayley (Champion) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina
 photo Bayley_vs_Banks_vs_Naomi_vs_Evans_vs_Tamina_Cropped_zpskjo5yhtk.jpg

Tamina levels all four other women to start the match. Tamina tries to run the ropes, but Naomi grabs her let, which allows Evans to drop Tamina with a chop block. Bayley and Banks team up to attack Evans and Naomi. Naomi rolls up Evans but only get a one count. Tamina heads back into the ring and levels Bayley and Banks with a double clothesline. Tamina tosses Evans across the ring and then does the same to Naomi. Tamina stands on Banks’ neck but only gets a two count. Tamina covers Bayley but again only gets a two count. Tamina connects with a super kick to Evans’ ribs and then stares down Banks and Naomi. Tamina, Banks, and Naomi briefly reunite as Team B.A.D., but Tamina turns on Banks with a super kick. Bayley, Banks, Evans, and Naomi all team up to attack Tamina. They all cover her, and Tamina is the first elimination. The action spills out of the ring, and Bayley slams Naomi’s head into the ring apron. Bayley rolls Naomi back into the ring, but Naomi takes control of both Bayley and Banks. Naomi hits Bayley with a spin kick, but Banks catches Naomi with the Backstabber. Banks locks in the Bank Statement, and Naomi taps to become the second elimination. Bayley and Banks mock Evans as she slowly climbs back into the ring. Bayley and Banks attack Evans in the corner and hit a modified double powerbomb. Bayley and Banks both cover Evans, but Evans still manages to kick out at two. Banks holds Evans in the corner as Bayley goes for a running knee shot, but Evans pulls out of the way, and Bayley inadvertently hits Banks with a knee shot to the head. Banks confronts Bayley about the mistake, but Evans uses the distraction to hit Banks with the Woman’s Right for the third elimination. Bayley and Evans are the last two competitors in the match. Evans levels Bayley with a clothesline and follows up with a neck breaker. Bayley whips Evans shoulder-first into the ring post and covers her for a two count. Bayley drives her knee into Evans’ injured shoulder and then slams Evans’ arm into the mat. Bayley works over Evans in the corner and uses the tag rope to tie Evans’ arm to the top turnbuckle. Evans catches Bayley with a boot to the face and manages to untie herself from the turnbuckle. Evans levels Bayley and hits the moonsault, but Bayley kicks out at two. Banks has been eliminated, but she charges back into the ring and hits Evans with the Banks Statement. Bayley hits Evans with the Rose Plant and makes the cover for the three count.

Match Result: Bayley defeats Lacey Evans with the Rose Plant.
Match Length: 19:02
Slimmer’s Rating: ***

Firefly Fun House Match
John Cena vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
 photo John_Cena_vs_Bray_Wyatt_Cropped_zpsolloyhpw.jpg

Cena comes out on the stage, seemingly expecting to have the match in the ring. He’s interrupted by an episode of the Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt welcomes Cena to the Firefly Fun House and then leaves. Cena is now in the Firefly Fun House, but he also walks out the door to follow Wyatt. Cena is now in totally darkness but is confronted by the Mr. McBossman puppet. Wyatt plays disturbingly cut clips of Cena’s debut match against Kurt Angle. Cena, in his 2002 gear, meets Wyatt in a ring, surrounded by complete darkness. Cena keeps saying “Ruthless Aggression” and trying to punch Wyatt, but Wyatt keeps ducking. We jump to an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event with Wyatt cutting an ‘80s style promo and introducing Cena as his new tag team partner. Cena does so many dumbbell curls that he loses the ability to lift his arms. Wyatt tosses Cena to the old SmackDown fist set, where he ends up in his Doctor of Thuganomics gear. Cena gets into the ring with Wyatt and cuts a Doctor of Thuganomics promo, complete with a Husky Harris reference and several double entendres. Wyatt says that Cena will do anything to get ahead, including taking the weaknesses of others and turning them into jokes. Wyatt has been in his Firefly Fun House attire for the entire match so far; The Fiend has yet to make an appearance. Wyatt wraps a chain around his fist and levels Cena. Suddenly, Wyatt Family era Bray Wyatt appears and says that it’s time to re-write his own story. Wyatt dances with Cena’s unconscious body in the middle of the ring and goes for Sister Abigail, but Cena breaks free. Wyatt hands Cena a chair and asks him to fix the mistake he made six years ago. Cena swings the chair at Wyatt’s head, but Wyatt disappears before contact. Suddenly we’re in an episode of WCW Nitro. nWo Wyatt introduces nWo Cena, and Cena attacks Wyatt. Cena goes to work with the ground and pound offense, but then he realizes that he’s only hitting a puppet. The Fiend finally appears and locks in the Mandible Claw on Cena. The Fiend pins Cena to the mat using the Mandible Claw, and Bray Wyatt makes the three count. Cena vanishes from the ring, and the Fiend stands triumphant in victory.

Match Result: The Fiend defeats John Cena with the Mandible Claw.
Match Length: 14;02
Slimmer’s Rating: Star ratings, traditional booking, and the laws of physics no longer have any meaning. I need a drink.

WWE Championship Match
Brock Lesnar (Champion) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Drew McIntyre
 photo Brock_Lesnar_vs_Drew_McIntyre_Cropped_zpssxrvfzaa.jpg

Lesnar mauls McIntrye as soon as the bell rings, but McIntyre suddenly hits a Claymore Kick for a two count. McIntyre goes for another Claymore Kick, but Lesnar counters into GERMAN #1! GERMAN #2! GERMAN #3! Lesnar hits the F5, but McIntyre kicks out at one. Lesnar hits another F5, but this time McIntyre kicks out at two. Lesnar hits a third F5, but McIntyre again kicks out at two. Lesnar is apoplectic at this point. Lesnar goes for a fourth F5, but McIntyre counters into a second Claymore Kick. McIntyre hits a third Claymore Kick and follows up with a fourth Claymore Kick for the three count.

Match Result: Drew McIntyre defeats Brock Lesnar with the Claymore Kick.
Match Length: 4:32
Slimmer’s Rating: **

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