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411’s WWF Excess Report 8.25.01

August 26, 2001 | Posted by Flea

From 11.97…..

Q: Your thoughts on the grammar at 411?

Bob Ryder: I don’t pay attention to stuff like that. Anybody can make mistakes. I try to make sure things on my site are proofread, but I can understand how tough it is to make sure everything is spelled properly if you’re in a hurry. That’s not to diminish the importance of spelling… I just look past that and check the actual content of each site I visit.

Well that am almost four yeers ago…

Good Evening and welcome to the premiere of WWF EXCESS live on TNN. We open with video replay of the injury to HHH.

Your hosts are Jonathan “Coach” Coachman and Trish Status. The Coach is smartly attired in a gray T-shirt and black slacks.

Picture and video recap of Summer Slam. Some folks are saying the DQ finish was done here so that Kurt Angle can win the title at Unforgiven in his hometown of Pittsburgh. It’s nice to know that Dave Gagnon is still alive!

Replay of Austin appreciation night. Austin’s expressions are priceless as the whole song is shown. Milk–a– mania runs wild as Austin, on general principle, refuses to sell being sprayed by milk. As we go to break, Coach and Trish promise a phone call from Angle by the end of the show.


When we return, Trish nicely segues from her recent injury into an HHH injury recap and an intro video package.

HHH says hello by bringing up his past association with Trish and refuses to hug her for fear of Stephanie. HHH is going through 8-9 hours of rehab a day in Birmingham, AL and manages to sneak in a penis reference in relation to his scar.

We go to the phones and Craig from FLORIDA! (Appoka 8, Rolando Paulino team from the Bronx, N.Y., 2!!) is our very first caller on EXCESS. Craig asks what HHH’s role will be upon his return. HHH assures us that, one way or another, he will be right at the top of the card.


We come back to another replay of HHH’s injury. Sid ain’t got nothin’ on him!

We slide into the purchase of WCW. HHH plays up the purchase and badmouths the WCW.

The next caller is Michael form Baltimore who has the MOST CONTOVERSIAL QUESTION IN THE HISTORY OF EXCESS! Where is Kevin Nash? HHH does admit to their friendship without committing that Big Sexy will be in the WWF by Wrestlemania.

Replay of the ECW segment and Stephanie’s turn on Vince. HHH astutely points out that Vince should not be surprised, as the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Email asks about Stephanie and Test. HHH couldn’t care less as we show a still photo of HHH’s wrestling clinic with Trish and Stephanie’s reaction.


Invasion recap of Austin’s turn to the Alliance. HHH says it’s all about Austin’s ego as we smoothly slide into the DX assault on WCW from 1998. Very cool angle that cemented the DX face turn.

Email asks what HHH considers to be his greatest WWF moment. HHH concludes that it was the Hell in the Cell retirement match vs. Cactus Jack. He then explains the pressure of having to draw as WWF Champion.

HHH gives a short, but great promo on how Austin is paranoid and a chickenshit. Points out that he did beat Austin (at No Way Out) before Austin won the title from the Rock at Wrestlemania.


Drowning Pool video recap of Booker vs. Rock as SummerSlam. HHH has kind word for the Rock, but when it all boils down, he ain’t THE GAME.

HHH also has nice things to say about Booker and how he is glad to see him adapt to the WWF style.

Email asks the possibility of HHHollywood. For the right amount of money HHH will do anything, but his first priority is the WWF.

Video clips of the midget segment on RAW, complete with the spin-a-rooni. Mark Madden must be in heaven as his mark on wrestling terminology continues.

Video clips of the six man tag match on Smackdown. Michael Cole comments that the WCW again has respectability and compares The Rock to Steamboat and Flair. Except for selling ability and the willingness to bleed every night he may have a point. The Spinebuster by Ron Simmons is still brutal after all these years.

On the phones is Peter from California. He wants to know HHH health status compared to The Rock and Austin’s. HHH confirms he is still THE GAME.

Tough Enough is discussed. HHH goes into a sort of serious “shoot” mode and basically calls the whole gang of Tough Enough chumps. Scenes from Tough Enough are shown. I do not watch the show but apparently many of the contestants are dropping out, which seems odd to me. Why is the Bone Marrow Mother white?


A feature exclusive to EXCESS will be a classic match “From the Vault” This week will be HHH vs. The Rock from the very first Smackdown. But first, HHH gets Trish wet and sings “Let the Boobies Hit the Floor”.

RVD and Jeff Hardy recap (?). Hardy again attempts to commit suicide at a WWF event. Sick.


Rob Van Dam calls in. He has no remorse for Jeff Hardy. Standard RVD interview; he will be facing Raven on RAW


We continue with Jeff Hardy as videos are shown detailing his love for motorcycles and high risk. He mentions he no longer takes as many chances on the bike as he is now a WWF Superstar. He then proceeds to jump his motorcycle over a homemade volcano. Jeez. That boy ain’t right. Trish’s opinion is “the boy is on fire.”

Classic match “From The Vault” is the main event of the first Smackdown HHH challenging The Rock for the WWF title. HBK is the special guest referee (wearing his version of “hot pants”). The match is clipped to highlights; HHH wins when HBK turns heel by kicking Rock in the face. HHH wins the gold and HBK disappears for several months with no explanation. This was a good match, but not much was shown.

As we go to break, Coach says Kurt Angle is up next and proceeds to call Trish “Scoop” Stratus. Somewhere in New York is a comedian drinking himself into a stupor.

Kurt Angle calls from a house show in Iowa (he beat Rhyno). He plugs the upcoming book about his life story.

On the phones is Stephanie from Jersey. Her question is: “How does the Olympics compare to the WWF? Angle responds (for the 7,846th time) that although the Olympics are tough, “Sports Entertainment” is a continuing challenge and has led to many injuries. For the 7,846th time he refuses to call the WWF “wrestling” and sticks with the “Sports Entertainment” description. Kurt will be live in the studio soon.


Coach promotes RAW Magazine and the Stacey Kiebler video shoot. Coach drools; Trish is not impressed.


The show wraps up by promoting HEAT with Commissioner Regal and Tajiri. Next week on EXCESS will be TAZZ!!

For a recap show, this was enjoyable. Classic matches “From The Vault” should be interesting, much like the segments on Sunday Night Heat from several years ago. 100x better than Livewire / Superstars.

So long until next Saturday, thanks for reading



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