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411’s WWF InVasion Report 7.22.01

July 22, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WWF InVasion Report 7.22.01
Live From Cleveland
Announcers are Jim Ross and Michael Cole
Report by Widro

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome vs. Edge And Christian
If Lance can be serious for a minute- without being interrupted! Awesome and Christian to start. Christian with some hit and run stuff, tag to Edge. Awesome clotheslines Edge and tags to Storm. Edge and Storm go at it. Second rope missile dropkick. Botched move to the floor by E&C. Awesome slams C into the safety barrier. Backbreaker by Edge on Storm in the ring. Double team Storm. C fights Storm off the corner, then Awesome crotches C. C and Awesome brawl on the floor. Sends C into the ring, Storm in control. SICK toss of C into the ringpost stomachfirst. Tag to Awesome. Big splash. Christian in trouble. Tag to Storm. Tag to Awesome, big splash from the top. Awesome sets up for a top rope Awesomebomb, Christian backdrops out of it. HOT tag to Edge. Back drop. Drop kick. Some craziness. Storm rolls up Edge with a small package, ref distracted, C rolls it over, but Edge only gets 2. Double clothesline from the top by C, Edge spears Awesome, Storm breaks up the pin. Superkick to Edge, Christian and Storm fall to the floor, Awesome covers Edge for 2. Awesome goes for an Awesomebomb on Edge, Christian gets a spear, Edge falls on top for the pin.
Winners: Edge and Christian

Vince is happy backstage. Regal talks to Vince. What is Raven thinking challenging Regal?

Ref match video package.

Nick Patrick vs. Earl Hebner w/Mick Foley as special ref
Huge pop for Foley. The invasion set is cool, they come out from either the left or right, and then they meet halfway down the aisle to create a V. All the refs come down for this. Brawling and stuff. Huge Foley chant as he breaks apart the refs on the floor. Ten punch count along by Earl. Nick with a penis punch, and sends Hebner to the floor, where the other refs all brawl. Foley sends WCW refs back to the dressing room. Earl with a spear.
Winner: Earl

Patrick and Foley argue. Ugh Foley is going to turn later tonight, I can see that. Foley clocks Patrick, points down and grabs Socko and Mandible Socko on Patrick.

Tough Enough commercial.

Smackdown highlights.

Debra is upset backstage. Some other chick is with her. Oh wait that’s Sara. They chat.

Tag Team video package.

APA vs. O’Haire and Palumbo
Brawling. O’Haire and Bradshaw. Faarooq is in, and brawling is all over. Palumbo in. Its all brawling. Fall away slam by Bradshaw. O’Haire in, with a slam, Chuck covers for 2. Tag to Faarooq and he goes to work on Chuck. Tag to O’Haire and he goes to work on Faarooq. Both down. Both tag, BIG boot by Bradshaw on Chuck. Powerslam. All four in the ring. Double team dropkick/snake eyes by WCW. Jungle kick on Faarooq, clothesline from hell on Palumbo.
Winners: APA

Vince talks to Jericho. Jericho says in WCW the inmates ran the asylum, but ECW had a leader- Paul E. Heyman. He goes on and talks longer and longer. Vince does never eeeeeeever.

Steph, Shane and Kidman chat. Steph talks about how much she hates Jericho. Heyman was in back of them, says they are losing, and Billy has to win here. Relax Paul. And hey, Xpac Sucks.

You Can’t Powerbomb Kidman vs. X-Pac
Xpac still gets booed. Kidman wearing tights, no more wife beater and jean shorts! X-Pac sucks. Back and forth. Kidman with some Greco roman stuff. Enziguri by Kidman sends Pac to the floor, Kidman follows with a bulldog under the bottom rope. Back into the ring. Kidman with a head scissors, but Pac tosses him to the floor. Xpac follows with a plancha. Back inside and Xpac with a headlock. Brawling and such. Sleeper by X-Pac. Xpac with a slam, goes up top. Somersault, Kidman moves. Kidman with a back elbow, dropkick and short powerbomb for 2. X-Pac like a dipshit goes for a powerbomb, but well, you know. Face buster for 2 by Kidman. X Factor by Pac for 2. Back and forth, Shooting Star Press by Kidman!
Winner: Kidman

DDP celebrates with Heyman, Steph and Shane.

Torrie and Stacy chat and act like sluts backstage.

House show ads.

Raven vs. William Regal
Very little reaction to Regal. Regal pounds Raven into the corner. Brawling moves to the floor. More brawling, back into the ring. Raven takes control. Rear chinlock on Regal. Suplex by Regal on Raven. Raven up first with a middle rope punch. Regal with a running knee lift. Back and forth. Raven bulldog for 2. Sunset flip by Raven, Regal rolls out for 2. Regal cover for 2. Northern lights suplex for 2 by Regal. Raven goes for DDT, Regal backs him into the corner. Raven to the floor. Here comes Tazzzzzzz. Sick suplex on Regal. Raven back in, Even Flow.
Winner: Raven

Undertaker and Kane are getting ready with Sara and Vince.

Big Show, Billy Gunn and Albert vs. Hugh Morrus, Kanyon and PerfectShawn
Six man brawling to begin, and WWF guys guerilla press all the WCW guys. Gunn and Kanyon back and forth. Kanyon with a Flatliner for 2. Shawn in, Meat chant! He goes to work on Gunn. Albert goes to work, and now the match breaks down. Albert and Stasiak, BIG boot on Shawn. Baldo bomb on Shawn, WCW guys make the save. Hugh is in, Powerslam by Albert. Tag to Gunn, goes to work on Hugh. Fame-asser. Kanyon taken down. Stasiak with some move on Gunn, Hugh covers for the win.
Winners: WCW guys

Show back up, chokeslams Hugh. And Stasiak. And hits his weird new move on Kanyon, called the “Alley-oop.”

Shane pumps up Booker T.

Regal pumps up Tajiri.

Tazz vs. Tajiri
Tajiri runs in, and Tazz goes to work. Tajiri with a quick cover for 2. Tajiri chops. Tazzplex. Tajiri floats back, and then unleashes the kicks! Tazz goes to work with some plodding blows. Snapmare and Tazz with more offense. Tajiri with more kicks, Tazz trips him for a cover for 2. Cross arm breaker by Tazz. Catches Tajiri in the corner and does a powerbomb type move for 2. Handspring elbow by Tajiri. Tazz to the floor. Pulls Tajiri with him. Back into the ring, Tazz retains control. Tajiri with a TARANTULA!!! Tajiri with some kicks, Tazz catches him and does a cradle leg suplex. GREEN MIST!!! TAJIRI RULES! Spin kick.
Winner: Tajiri

Hardyz chill backstage, RVD attacks them with a chair.

Hardcore Holly is signing autographs at WWF NY. Someone has a WCW shirt, and Holly yells at him.

WWF Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (c)
Jeff slides under RVD’s legs and they go at it. RVD chant? Dropkick by Jeff when RVD turns his back. Cool cover by Jeff with his legs. Standing moonsault by RVD on Jeff. Double underhook by RVD into a suplex. Rolling thunder splash by RVD! Jeff tosses RVD off the top rope to the floor! Jeff recovers for a moment, then runs and FLIES at RVD! Jeff does that weird barrier run thing, RVD tries to intercept him and they both fall off. Brawling in the crowd. Moonsault in the crowd by RVD!!! Cover for 2. RVD brings Jeff back to the ringside area. Suplex, drops Jeff gut first over the guard rail, then RVD does a spin kick from the apron across Jeff’s back! RVD covers for 2 on the floor. Huge RVD chant. Jeff Hardy does a sunset flip off the apron on RVD to the floor. Hardy has a ladder. This is one HUGE ladder. Jeff climbs to the top! RVD runs into the ring, Jeff turns around atop the ladder, RVD shakes the ladder…and tips it to the aisle, and Jeff falls onto the concrete! RVD follows and has a chair. Jeff has the chair, and hits RVD a bunch of times. Jeff has the chair, RVD hits the Van Daminator and Jeff falls into the V of the aisle setup! RVD follows into the pit of the V. Brings him back onto the stage. Spinning legdrop by RVD for 2. Why is the ref carrying the belt with him? Back into the ring. This match is kicking ass. RVD puts Jeff into the corner, he does a standing dropkick with a chair into Jeff’s face! Spilt legged moonsault, Jeff gets his knees up! DDT by Jeff on RVD. Cover for 2. Another cover for 2. German suplex by Jeff for 2. Jeff goes to the top, RVD stops him, Jeff does a jawbreaker. Jeff up top! Swanton, RVD moves! RVD goes up top with one jump! HUGE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! RVD KICKS YOUR ASS!
Winner and NEW WWF Hardcore Champ: RVD

Summerslam ad. Somehow it’s not sold out. Wow.

Vince paces backstage, and here is Kurt Angle. Vince tries to pump up Angle, but Angle says “enough of this patriotic BULLSHIT!” Angle is pissed at Vince. He’ll do it for his country, his company, and most of all, for me. It’s true. It’s DAMN true.

Woman’s match video match.

Tag Team Bra and Panties Match
Lita and Trish vs. Torrie and Stacy
Mick Foley is here to be your ref. Some cat fighting stuff. Trish and Torrie to start. They do some wrestling or something. Suplex by Trish. Others are in. Lita in, neither WCW chick wants to come in. Lita pulls off Stacy’s shirt and she has a yellow bra on for those keeping score at home. Now they double team Lita. Lita’s shirt is off. Lita back up, uses her shirt to choke Stacy. Lita up top, flies at Stacy, who moves. Torrie and Trish are in. Trish in control. Torrie with a creative hair pull. Trish’s shirt is off. Trish gets Torrie’s pants off! White panties on Torrie. Pink bra on Trish. Poetry in moetion by WWF on Torrie, her bra is out! Trish holds Stacy for a moonsault. Her pants are off, and the WWF chicks slap high five.
Winners: WWF girls

Team ECW/WCW is backstage chatting and preparing. Heyman does a cult speech. Shane: Let’s take this. Take… What exactly?

Austin is here. Vince comes to talk to him. Austin yells at him. Cuts a whip somebody’s ass. That’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So ™.

Big promo.

Inaugural Brawl
DDP, Booker T, Dudley Boyz, Rhyno vs. Austin, Angle, Undertaker, Kane, Jericho
WWF and WCW are even in wins, so we’re told. 10:01, entrances are presumably going to take like 10 minutes. Shane. Steph and Heyman. Vince (nice pop). Dudley Boyz (nice heat). Undertaker and Kane (decent pop). Rhyno (little heat). Chris Jericho (large pop). Booker T (apathy). Kurt Angle (huge pop). DDP (boos). Brawling begins early before the entrance of Steve Austin (Huge huge pop). 9 minutes of entrances for those keeping score. All 10 brawl on the floor. HUGE Austin chant! Austin brings Rhyno into the ring. Rhyno being referred to as the last ECW champion. DDP up on the apron, knocked off by Austin. Match settles down to the ring. Thesz Press by Austin on Rhyno. Elbow. Cover for 2. Austin with a superplex!?! WOW! Cover for 2, as Dvon makes the save. Tag to Jericho, and he goes to work on Rhyno. Jericho has barb wire on his tights, does that mean he’s EXTREME? Booker T in and they all beat on Jericho. He fights back with some chops. Face jam by Jericho on Booker T. Rhyno in for the save. Jericho middle rope missile dropkick on Booker T for 2. Tag to Angle, big pop. Angle going CRAZY on Booker T. Spinning kick by Booker T takes down Angle. Dvon in and goes to work on Angle. Angle clotheslines Dvon, tags to Kane and Kane takes control. Kane with a side suplex. DDP makes the save on the pin. Belly to back suplex by Kane. Bubba in, and that double team neckbreaker by the Dudleyz. Cole like an idiot calls it 3D, then calls it a modified 3D. Big boot by Kane. Kane goes up top! Flying clothesline, Dvon makes the save on the pin. Tag to the Undertaker.

Dudleys go to work on the Undertaker. Taker hits DDP for fun. Legdrop by UT for 2. UT has an arm bar, and yes, it looks like he is going… old school. DDP with a snap on UT”s neck and then the WCW guys take control. DDP is in, and goes to work on the Taker. DDP and UT. Slooooooooow DDT by DDP. Tag to Booker T. Spin kick by Booker T. DDT by UT. UT tags in Austin, who goes to work on Booker T. Austin kicks the hell out of Booker T in the corner. Booker T switches and chops Austin. Goes for a stunner, Booker T pushes off and they brawl to the floor. Suplex by Austin on Booker T on the floor. Back into the ring, Austin tags to Jericho. Back and forth. Jericho goes for the Liontamer, DDP in, he gets the Walls, Booker T breaks it up. Back elbow by Jericho. Lionsault, Jericho lands on his feet, but Dvon cheap shots and Booker T tags him in. Dudleys go to work on Jericho. Bubba chops the hell out of Jericho. Ross bashes WCW’s bland style. And the ‘Kool Aid’ style of Heyman. Jericho with a spin kick on Bubba. Dudleyz and Jericho all down. Angle is in. Angle goes for both of the Dudleyz. Covers Dvon, Bubba Ray breaks it up. Angle knocks DDP off the apron, Bubba with a Bubba bomb on Angle. Dvon takes control on Angle. Rhyno tagged in, he kicks Angle in the corner. Belly to belly by Rhyno, Austin breaks up the pin. Tag to Bubba. Dvon goes to work on Angle. Booker T is in, and he works over Angle. Axe kick and Spin A Roony by Booker T gets some nice heat.

Page is in, and powerbomb Angle. Austin is all fired up. DDP and Angle in the ring. HUGE Austin chant. Bubba grabs Angle, Dvon with the crotch headbutt. Dvon testifies. Covers, Jericho makes the save. DDP with a cobra clutch slam. DDP with a submission on Angle. DDP with a side headlock. Angle fighting. He makes the tag to Austin, but the ref didn’t see it, and forces Austin back. WCW guys all stomp Angle. Diamond Cutter on Angle! Undertaker comes in and beats the hell of the DDP. Kane is in, and all the guys are in. Rhyno gores Booker T for some reason. Austin staying outside. Undertaker and DDP in the ring. Side slam. UT goes for the Chokeslam! Signals for the last ride. Booker T and Austin brawl on the floor. Referee Charles Robinson is in. UT sends Little Natch for the Last Ride. Brawling all over the place. UT and DDP into the crowd. Austin injured on the floor. Booker T and Angle now in the ring. Kane, Dudleyz on the floor near the announce table. EMT near Austin. Dudleyz double team Kane near the announce table. They get some wood. Austin still down with an injury. Kane chokeslams Dvon through the announce table. Bubba has a monitor and hits Kane. Rhyno is here. Rhyno and Bubba Ray suplex Kane through the Spanish announce table. Jericho from the apron sends Rhyno through the table the Dudz set up. Announcers have yet to talk about Austin’s injury. Vince pacing. There is carnage everywhere. In the ring, Bubba and Booker double team Angle. Angle fights back! German suplex on Booker T!. Angle Slam on Bubba Ray! Ankle lock on Booker T, he rolls out of it and Angle kicks the ref by accident. Pancake by Booker T and the ref is out. People are down everywhere. Vince has the WWF Title. Shane hits Vince with the WCW Title. Angle fights off Shane. Angle ackdrops Bubba to the floor. Angle slam on Booker T! Ankle lock!!! Austin has the ref! He brings in the ref, kicks Angle, Stunner on Angle. Austin puts Booker T on Angle and has the ref count. Booker T’s music plays.
Winners: WCW

Crowd is STUNNED. Austin’s music plays and the crowd is silent. He has the World Title and continues to stomp Angle. Austin calls for some beers. Ross is overselling like a madman. Beers all around for Steph, Shane, Heyman.


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