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411’s WWF King Of The Ring Report 6.25.01

June 25, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WWF King of the Ring
LIVE From Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey
Announcers: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
Report By: Chris “I Cannot Be Fired!” Williams & Jonathan “I Like Tall Freaks” Widro

This was the only match on HeAT, plus a WCW rumor was addressed, so I took care of it.

WWF European Title Match
Matt Hardy w/Lita (c)Vs. Justin Credible
-Lockup to start, Justin stalls for some time, now a reverse whip, drop-toe hold, and Hardy does the old Ramon head-slap. Whip to the corner, Justin does the Flair Flip, and Matt knocks him into the barrier off the apron. Ross and Heyman are hyping that if either Benoit or Jericho wins the World Title, they will defect to WCW. That’s insane. Credible with a sit-out powerbomb out of the corner for two. Shuck&Jive punches with Credible, it gets two. WHOOO CHOPS and some more dominating by Credible, followed by a headlock. Head snap by Justin, whip, and a back elbow gets two. Another headlock…someone must be blown up. Sunset flip by Matt gets two, and Justin hits a SWANK~! DDT for two. Justin tries a baseball slide into the corner, misses, and is crotched on the post. Right hands by Matt, reverse whip, and now a slingshot for Credible, and we get the 10 Hit Turnbuckle combo. Scoop slam, shirt removal, and yodeling legdrop all gets two. Twist of Fate is blocked, superkick by Credible..gets two!! Wow. Matt is now tied up in the ropes, Justin takes a swing at Lita, ref is distracted, and now Lita hits the Hurricane Lita, and now a Twist of Fate, which makes it a done deal.
Winner And STILL Champion-Matt Hardy

On with the show!

Interesting video package, which features DDP quite prominently. And right from the start, we get to DDP! He has some pretty neat music, to boot. He comes through the crowd and proceeds to trash talk the Taker.
He has a front row ticket, and even has a sign, which reads, “Make Me Famous!” Good stuff.

Ross and Heyman announce that Spike Dudley and a mystery partner will be challenging the Dudleyz for the Tag Titles. They also talk up the rumor about either Benoit or Jericho jumping to WCW if they win the title.

WWF King of the Ring Semi-Final
Kurt Angle Vs. Christian
-More playing up of Angle’s attempt to repeat as KOTR. Christian attacks early and stomps a mudhole in Angle’s ass. An attempt to walk it dry ends up with a powerslam by Angle. Now Angle stomps the mudhole, managing to walk it dry. Whip to the corner, missed charge, and now a neckbreaker by Christian gets two. Big “Angle Sucks!” chant gets going. Sunset flip by Christian is reversed into an ankle lock attempt, which is broken. Angle tries a belly-to-belly, blocked, but now Angle hits it. Christian knocked off the apron and now we have brawling on the floor. Christian gets head-first into the announce table, but now he throws Kurt into the steps. Christian goes to the top, but Angle pushes him off, knocking him face-first into the barrier. Back inside, a pin attempt gets two. Gutwrench suplex and a SWEET backdrop gets two. Kitchen sink off of a charge by Angle and now a snap suplex gets two. Small package out of nowhere by Christian gets a quick two, and now Angle is PISSED! Snap suplex gets two. Christian fights back and hits a heel kick. Heeeeeere’s Shane! He’s wearing a WCW shirt, by the way. Clothesline by Angle, and he now sees Shane. He goes up top for the moonsault, misses BIG TIME, and Christian hooks him up, but only gets two. Right hands by Christian, Death Drop into a backbreaker gets two. Unprettier is reversed into the ankle lock, but Christian gets the ropes! Angle Slam attempt reversed into Unprettier! Shane pulls out Christian!?! What the hell!?! Christian on the apron, wondering what the hell is going on, and Angle hits the Angle Slam from the apron! It’s over!?!
Winner And Now Advancing-Kurt Angle

Debra and Austin in the back, chatting casually, and in walks The Coach, looking for some words. Austin is looking for McMahon, comedy ensues, and then Coach talks about the big rumor. Stone Cold is PISSED about this bit of news, but says nothing.

This is Widro, I’m back, and Williams is fired again. See you later!

UT/DDP Video package.

Paul goes to talk to DDP who is sitting in the crowd. Then we see footage of DDP eating in a diner. DDP keeps saying MAKE ME FAMOUS.

Semi Final KOTR Match:
Edge vs. Rhyno
ECDub chant. Back and forth action, brawling moves to the floor. I wonder what Rhyno’s weight is this week, let’s say 360! Edge crotches Rhyno on the barrier on the floor. Brawling continues on the floor. Into the ring, we slow it down. Rhyno has a body scissors on Edge. Michinoku Driver by Rhyno, uncalled. Rhyno up top, and HUGE body splash. Cover for 2. Edge with a stun gun on Rhyno in desperation. Rhyno sets up for a superplex, Edge reverses into a top rope sunset flip for 2. Spinebuster by Rhyno. Rhyno sets up for the gore, Edge up and does the spear into Rhyno’s gore and both are down. Roll ups and stuff. Edge tosses the gore into the turbuckle, hits the implant DDT and gets the pin!
Winner: Edge

Interview with Spike and Molly. Who’s the mystery? It will be a surprise. Here are the Dudleyz to tease the runt.

Tazz interviewing Jericho backstage. What about the big rumor? Didn’t say much really and said shut the hell up.

WWF Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz (c) vs. Spike Dudley and ??
The mystery man is Kane. Brawling. Spike and Bubba Ray going at it. Bubba picks up Spike, tosses him at Kane who catches and tosses back to Bubba Ray. Stubacca: This match is just heatless. Dvon controlling on Spike. Big back body drop on Spike. Short powerbomb by Bubba. Announcers abandon this match and talk about the Undertaker and DDP. Lukewarm tag to Kane. Kane clears house. He is a house a fire. Neckbreaker on Bubba Ray, kick out. Kane tags in Spike and tosses him at the Dudleyz onto the floor. Kane top rope clothesline on Bubba back in the ring, Spike covers for 2. Acid Drop and hits it! Dvon breaks it up. Kane sets up for chokeslam, Dudleys hit the double suplex. Now up for the wassup headbutt. Kane cleared out. 3D on LSD.
Winners and STILL champs: Dudley Boyz

They get a table. Kane up, powerbomb on Dvon, chokeslams Bubba through the table. Play Kane’s theme!

Christian apologizes to Edge backstage.

We see DDP sitting, now some more footage of DDP outside. DDP getting overly pissed about someone watching him.

Yahoo its Billy Gunn at WWF NY. Ha ha what a loser. He is whining about being held down. How do I feel? That’s pathetic! Wow, no joke, that could have been Gunn’s best interview ever.

KOTR Finals
Edge vs. Kurt Angle
Angle goes to shake Edge’s hand in good sportsmanship. Angle asks for a forfeit since he has another match, and of course Edge has no chance. Edge punches Angle and goes to work. Edge in control. Angle belly to belly suplexes to the floor. Edge selling a rib injury. Angle controls Edge on the floor. In the ring, Angle controls with a headlock. Edge rebounding. Angle covers for 2. Angle with a headlock in the ring. Brawling on the floor. Edge with a weak top rope rana on Angle. Toe to toe punching. Weird takeover by Edge. Angle misses a dropkick, Edge hits a catapult into the corner. Angle Slam blocked, Edge goes for implant DDT, Angle gets the ankle lock, Edge rolls up for 2. Christian is here. Distracts ref, Edge yells, Angle rolls up for 2. Edge goes for clothesline, Angle ducks and Edge hits the ref! Ankle lock by Angle! Edge taps but there is no ref. Angle goes for ref. Here comes Shane O Mac! Spear on Angle! Edge up, Angle stumbles to his feet! Impaler on Angle, Edge covers and wins!
Winner and 2001 King of the Ring: Edge!

Tazz interviews Benoit about the WCW rumor. Benoit gets overly upset at the question. Then says, what kind of question is that? A good one.

More DDP! DDP = buyrate!

Coach interviews Edge backstage. That reeks of royalty. Christian is here, he was only trying to help. Edge: So begins the Era Of Awesomeness.

Angle wanders around backstage rambling.

WWF Light Heavyweight Title
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. X-Pac
Some amateur stuff to begin. Xpac certainly does suck. Jeff in control. I am tuning out the commentators, but Ross said Ricky Steamboat about something. Xpac to the floor, Jeff follows and does the guard rail dive thing. Back into the ring. Twisting corkscrew moonsault missed by Jeff. Xpac takes control. Abdominal stretch by Xpac and he holds the rope because HE IS A BAD GUY! Jeff to the floor, and Xpac flies from the middle rope in the ring onto Jeff on the floor. Xpac with a side headlock. Jeff and Xpac back and forth. Xpac with kicks. Broncobuster, Jeff moves ten minutes early. Jeff rebounds and hits the double legdrop crotch move. Some kind of botched thing in the corner. “Corkscrew maneuver” by Jeff for two. Jeff with a ten punch count along and hits his huge SHIRT REMOVAL spot. Xpac hits the Xfactor, covers for 3, but Jeff had foot on the rope. Match restarts. Jawbreaker by Jeff. Swanton.
Winner and STILL champ: Jeff

Yes! Tajiri! He chats with Regal, and in walks Wacky Austin. He calls Vince and he’s upset about the rumor. Vince wants to talk to Regal, who confirms this rumor. Vince needs Vince here, now.

DDP is here again, with more video of him in his car. WHAT IS THIS CRAP!?! Oh sorry, I promised not to be negative. Who is DDP talking to? Himself? He’s upset and finally goes into the ring and calls out Undertaker. More footage of DDP in the back now, from earlier. It’s been Sara Undertaker stalking him. And now, Mr. DDP, it’s time for you to become famous. And here comes The Undertaker. He has TWO BLACK GLOVES! Undertaker is just standing in the aisle. Maybe a giant vat of BLOOD will come down and symbolize WCW. Undertaker goes into the ring, and we have a brawl. UT has these loaded gloves, and takes control. UT in full control. DDP has a low blow. DDP controls. UT rebounding. Here comes Sara with the Camera. Uh oh. She films the brawl which has moved to the floor. UT controlling. Whips DDP into the announce table. DDP has a chair. How long is this? UT spears DDP into the announce table. UT pounds on DDP at behind the announce position. We brawl into the ring. Sara has the camera and is smirking. UT holds DDP for the camera and mocks him. UT tosses Page to the floor with a kick to the face. Page runs away through the crowd. Sara filming it. She is still filiming. Limp Bizkit is playing. That’s it I guess.

Austin waiting backstage for Vince.

Angle/Shane video package.

Street Fight
Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon
Angles goes right after Shane. Back and forth brawling, mostly Shane getting his ass kicked. Shane goes to the floor for a breather. Shane back in and Angle retakes control. Belly to belly by Angle. Sick forearm shots by Angle. Those look stiff! La Magistral cradle by Angle for 2. Tosses Shane into the corner. Slaps and trash talks. Angle is busted open a bit. Shane stumbles to his feet. Shane runs around the ring and Angle chases. Shane jumps onto the barrier and then onto Angle. Shane climbs behind the announcers, and jumps over the announce table onto Shane! Shane gets a stick from under the ring. Cracked into the mid section. Ross rips the Mets, and for good reason. Fire Valentine! Shane clotheslines Angle from the ringside area into the crowd. Shane controlling. Shane is Super Mac, Kurt’s Kryponite, says his shirt. Shane tosses Angle into the guard barrier again. Shane spears Angle into the STEEEEEEEL steps. Into the ring, Shane covers several times, all for 2. Shane gets some plunder from under the ring. Gets a sharpshooter on Angle, who gets the bottom rope. Angle up and he has weapons, Shane moves. Both are down after some brawling. Shane up first, hits Angle with a garbage can. Shane puts a garbage can on top of Angle and goes up top! Ross mentions the WM Van Temrinator by Shane. Shane goes for a shooting star press! But Angle moves and Shane hits the can only. Shane O MAC BABY! Both are down. Angle covers, Shane kicks out! Angle goes for Angle Slam, Shane flights and Angle dumps him to the floor. Brawling on the floor, Angles goes for a suplex, Shane blocks and gets one on Angle instead. We brawl to the KOTR set, and Angle slams Shane’s head into the stage thing. Belly to belly suplex SICK by Shane into the set. Shane hit his head HARD. They do it again, but this time that wall breaks like glass and Shane is smashed through it. Shane is the MAN. RIP Shane McMahon, because he has to be dead after that. Shane is bleeding. Angle goes for another from the inside of the set onto a glass wall, but it doesn’t break and Shane hits HARD. He tries ANOTHER and AGAIN it doesn’t break. Shane is dead! He has to be! Angle just tosses him head first and Shane is just passed out. Holy Shit chant, and its totally justified. For some reason, pinfalls only count in the ring. Angle goes for some rolling thing and gets Shane and puts him on top of it. Angle and Shane covered in blood. Angle rolls Shane back to the ring. Angle pulls Shane and rolls him into the ring. Angle covers and Shane kicks out! Crowd is ballistic! Angle has a trash lid, but Shane counters with a low blow. Shane using the lid, and from his knees hits Shane. Angle Slam by Shane! But he’s too weak to cover. Puts an arm on top of Angle, who kicks out. Catapult by Angle on Shane. Angle puts Shane on the top rope, and Angle takes a big slab of wood and smacks Shane with it. Now uses the board on the corner, stands on it and goes for a superplex! No its an Angle Slam from the top! WOW! Shane is dead again! Crowd is electric! Angle is out, too. Finally crawls and covers. Wow.
Winner: Angle

Refs tend to Shane, who gets a standing ovation. Play his music! Announcers are promoting this match as Shane’s last WWF match.

Jericho walks backstage.

Benoit does some squats.

Austin checking for Vince’s arrival. Not here yet. Someone gets Austin for his match. Austin is awesome.

Main event video package.

WWF World Title
Steve Austin (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Austin really wants Vince to come out, then the Chrises attack him into the aisle. Brawling moves into the crowd. Austin being beaten down. Into the ring, they double team Austin. Flying burrito by Jericho. Jericho and Benoit face to face, but Austin is up. Austin goes for a suplex, Jericho floats back and they double team him again. Spinning kick by Jericho intended for Austin hits Benoit. Jericho checks on Benoit, but then hammers Benoit. Benoit kicks Jericho. Austin goes at Jericho. Goes for the Walls, Benoit comes in and does a belly to back on Jericho to the floor. Heyman calls Benoit an undefeated former WCW Champion. Benoit and Austin left in the ring. Benoit in control. Austin tosses Benoit to the floor. Austin follows and smashes Benoit into the STEEEEEEEL steps head first. Austin and Benoit into the ring. Jericho up on the apron, but Benoit tossed into Jericho by Austin. Bossman knee onto the neck of Benoit on the middle rope. Austin goes for the Stunner, Benoit blocks, knocks into the ref. Benoit with a stunner, ref is out. Benoit has the title belt, whacks Austin and covers. Ref counts, Jericho breaks it up. Jericho and Benoit brawl to the floor. Into the ring, Austin has a Walls of Jericho attempt on Jericho himself, but can’t turn it. Jericho tries the Walls, Austin blocks. Jericho with a suplex. Jericho in control. Spinebuster by Austin. Side Russian Legsweep by Austin. Benoit still out on the floor, Austin and Jericho chop each other on their knees. Jericho tosses Austin into the corner. Clothesline. Again. Benoit up, but Jericho with a missile dropkick on Benoit sending him to the floor. Jericho with the Lionsault, but Austin gets the knees up. Austin goes for the Stunner, Jericho moves, Austin with the Thesz Press. Benoit has a chair. Goes for Austin, he ducks, Benoit whacks Jericho instead. Austin sends Benoit to the floor. Austin covers Jericho for 2. Austin goes hits a superplex on Jericho! Both are down. Goes for another and Austin hits a SECOND SUPERPLEX. Both stumble around. Benoit is in, German suplex on Austin. #2. #3. Jericho is down in the corner. #4. #5. Goes for 6, Austin with a mule kick. All three men are out cold. Jericho up first and goes for the Walls! Benoit is up, and hits the crossface! Austin is tapping! Who wins? Hebner breaks it up. Says match goes on? Jericho runs at Benoit, who gets the Crossface, but Jericho fights it off. Roll through, Jericho goes for the Walls, Benoit blocks. Chopping in the corner by Benoit. SNAP suplex by Benoit. Austin has a chair, Benoit knocks him off the apron. Benoit goes for a suplex, Jericho blocks and tosses Benoit to the floor. Out from the crowd, its Booker T! Axe kick on Austin! Crowd is alive! Booker T puts Austin through the Spanish table!!! Here comes security, but Booker T leaves through the crowd. Austin is out. Benoit in the ring, German suplex on Jericho. #2. #3 reversed by Jericho into the Walls! In the middle of the ring! Benoit fights to the ropes! And gets them. Both up. Benoit tosses Jericho in the ringpost shoulder first. Back and forth. Body slam by Benoit. He goes up top! Jericho fights him off and tosses him off. Face jam by Jericho! Goes for Lionsault, and it looks weird and botched. Cover for 2. Jericho chops Benoit. They fall to the floor. Jericho gets some pieces of the Spanish table and beats Austin with it. Jericho brings Austin into the ring, does a top rope moonsault! Benoit breaks it up. Benoit stomps Jericho to the floor. Benoit up top, swandive headbutt! Benoit covers, and Jericho pulls the ref out. Benoit puts Jericho on top. Top rope German suplex. All three are out. Benoit and Jericho both beaten down, Austin rolls on top of Benoit and wins? Great match, anticlimactic ending.
Winner and STILL champ: Austin


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