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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 2.26.01

February 26, 2001 | Posted by PK

The 411 WWF Raw is War Report 2.26.01
Live from Phoenix, AZ
Announcers are King and JR
Report done Exclusively for 411 by PK

Highlights on the Angle/Rock match at last nights No Way Out.

The Rock comes to the ring. I liked it last week when they had matches to start the show, not a damn interview. He’s champion again…wonderful. Angle showed Rock 2 sides last night. A vicious side, when he kicked out of the People’s Elbow, and almost snapped his ankle. Then he saw the other side, the one that cried as he walked away from the ring in defeat. Rock then pokes fun at Angle, mocking him in a whining voice. He says that if Angle “wants to bitch about it, then come out and bitch to The Rock.” Stone Cold then comes out. He lost last night…I knew he would, somehow. Austin has some stuff to get off his chest. He gives Rock a congrats to winning last night. The only advice Austin gives Rock is to stay healthy, and then he tries to leave. Rock calls him back. Rock then gives Austin some advice, to get ready. A stare down ensues. Rock gets up in Austin’s face and says, “If you smell what The Rock is cooking.” Rock is smiling, maybe he’s gonna kiss Austin.

Regal waiting in the parking lot. He wants to try and reason with Mr. McMahon. Stephanie comes out and tells him that Vince won’t reason with him, and then tells Regal to get dressed for the match.

Commercials…Kurt Angle’s new Call ATT commercial.

Regal still waiting in the parking lot.

Radicalz in the lockerroom. Benoit and Eddie have a tag match against X-Pac and Credible. Eddie is upset that Benoit and him fought during the match last night. Benoit and Eddie start to fight, but Malenko and Saturn break it up, and they seem to make amends.

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. Justin Credible & X-Pac
Credible and Eddie start going back and forth. Eddie with the upper hand, and tags in Benoit. X-Pac now in, double teaming on Benoit. Benoit blocks a hip toss, tries to lock on the Crossface, but Credible breaks it up. Eddie in, X-Pac hits a spin heel kick on Eddie, and attempts to hit the Bronco Buster, but Eddie moves out of the way and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Eddie works on X-Pac, but Credible comes in and they hit a double superkick to KO Eddie. Crippler breaks up the pinfall, and tags in. He beats on both X-Pac and Credible. He nails the German Suplex cubed on Credible, and goes to the top for the Swandive Headbutt, but X-Pac rolls Credible out of the way. X-Pac then rolls Benoit up for the pin. Benoit seems a tad angry that Eddie didn’t break up the pinfall.
Winners – Credible and X-Pac

A limo pulls up, Vince and Trish steps out. Regal confronts them, and Vince says that he match stands. Vince & Trish vs. Regal & Steph.


Coach tries to get a word from Angle, but Angle blows right by him.

Molly Holly (w/ Crash) vs. Lita (w/ Matt Hardy) – #1 contender Woman’s Title
Molly looks super cute tonight. King says that Matt and Lita are playing box springs BINGO! HAHA. Match goes back and forth. Molly with a suplex, and goes to the top, but Lita tosses her down. Lita gets tossed to the outside and lands on Matt. Crash rolls Lita back in, and Crash and Matt start to fight. Ref goes to break it up, and Raven’s Ninja Lady comes out and DDT’s Molly. Lita hits the moonsault…damn.
Winner and #1 contender – Lita

Vince is in his dressing room with Trish. He is mixing some sort of slop in a mop bucket. He says that they will use this in the match tonight. Angle storms in and demands a rematch with Rock. He doesn’t care if it’s not for the belt, he just wants to hurt The Rock. Vince will take it under consideration.


Stephanie comes into Vince’s dressing room. She wonders what will happen if they have to face off. Vince blames everything on Regal. Whatever happens, happens he said.

Highlights on the Steph/Trish match.

Regal tries to sweet talk Trish, she has none of it.

Al Snow is at WWF NY. He is campaigning to be the next WWF Commish. On his list of things to do while Commish, is to bring in more midgets! That would rule! Another it to eliminate the British presence on WWF TV, namely Regal.


Vince puts Big Show in a Hardcore Title defense against both Kurt Angle and The Rock. Interesting….

Dudley Boyz (c) vs. Rikishi & Haku – Tag Team Titles
Kane and Taker roll out, and chill on the stage. Back and forth action. 3D on Haku, but the ref is down, Rikishi breaks it up, superkicks BuhBuh out of the ring, then squishes D-Von in the corner, follows it up a Banzai Drop. Taker and Kane come to the ring, beat up both Rikishi and Haku. Kane with a choke slam on Haku, D-Von with the pin. After the match, Taker and Kane choke slam the Dudz.
Winners and Still Champions – Dudley Boyz

MC goes to talk to The Rock. Rock says it doesn’t matter what match he’s in tonight.

Steph and Regal walk….Trish and Vince walk…


William Regal & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus (w/ slop)
Trish gives Vince a good luck kiss. The girls start…cool. Steph dodges a bulldog from Trish, and hits a DDT for 2. Double clothesline, and both girls are down. Vince gets tagged in. Steph goes the her corner, but Regal walks. Vince on da mic. Says that he always gets what he wants. Regal gets the slop bucket in the ring. They are gonna slop Steph! Vince tells Trish to come in and get it, then brings Trish in the hard way…hmmm. Regal, Vince, and Steph circle around Trish, then Steph wipes the slop on Trish, then puts her head in the bucket. Wow, a double, double cross! Vince says that Trish was the boss’s little toy, and the problem with toys, is that after awhile, they get to be boring…now I know why I seem to keep buying new WWF action figures. Trish is laying in the ring soaked in slop. That was pretty cool!


Oh look, recap of what just happened. Didn’t see that coming.

MC with Trish. She is still soaked. She doesn’t answer MC at all.

Dean Malenko (c) vs. Taka Michanoku (w/ Funaki and a girl)
Taka has a girlfriend. She is hot, beautiful, and EVIL! Fast paced match-up. Taka gets a 2 count with a back slide, that never works. Taka is set up on the turnbuckle. Malenko with a SUPERPLEX!!! Take rolls through, but only gets a 2. Taka with the Michanoku Driver, but stales some on the pinfall. Dean rolls though a drop kick, and locks on the Texas Cloverleaf.
Winner and Still Champion – Malenko

KK with Angle. He will make sure that if he isn’t going to WrestleMania, that Rock won’t be going while walking.


Wrestle Mania Moment – HBK coming to the ring on a zip cord back in 1996…oh look, He didn’t fall. (I’ll burn in hell for that one)

RTC rolling up to the arena.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Raven – IC Title
Raven’s Ninja Woman comes down, accidentally hits Raven with a 2×4. Jericho with the Lionsault for the win. Molly tries to unmask the Ninja Woman, but Raven pulls her out.
Winner and Still Champion – Jericho


Coach with RTC. Steven calls Kat “Stacey.” I dated a girl named Stacey, she’s whore now. RTC is not worrying about APA & King

Angle getting ready, Show getting ready.

APA & King walking.


Tazz comes the ring to take King’s spot. They then recap the weekend in the XFL…

Jerry Lawler & APA vs. Val Venis, Bull, & Goodfather (w/ Kat, Ivory, & Stevie)
Triple teaming on Bull. Goodfather in, and he is beating on his former Nation comrade Faarooq. Back and forth action. Bradshaw with a big boot on Bull, then hits a fallaway slam on Venis. Kat jumps on Ivory. Bradshaw with the clothesline from hell. Goodfather and Stevie carries Kat away. King with a fist off the 2nd rope on Val for the win.
Winners – APA & King

Rock walks toward the ring.


Big Show (c) vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle – Hardcore Title
Normal triple threat action. Both Rock and Angle trying to cut down Show. On the outside, Rock sends Show into the ring steps. Rock and Angle in the ring, Rock with a Dragon Screw, then locks on the Rock-suck-shooter. Show breaks it up, and attempts to choke slam Rock, but Rock with a boot downstairs. Both Angle and Rock double suplex Show, then rolls to the outside, and starts to fight. Blackmen, Hardcore, Albert, Saturn and The One all come out to challenge Show. Under the stage, Show fights off Hardcore, Blackmen then The One. Essa Rios jumps off the stage on to Show, but Show catches him and drops him (weren’t they partners a few weeks back?) Crash attempts the same thing, and fails as well. Albert, Saturn, and Angle beats down Rock. Big Show pins Rios up against the wall backstage to end the match. What?!?! Angle locks on the ankle lock on The Rock. Austin comes out, stuns Angle, stuns Saturn, Rock then gives the Rock Bottom to Albert. They stare down again.
Winner and Still Champion – Big Show….ugh.

Show Over.



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