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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 4.02.01

April 2, 2001 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Raw is War Report 4.2.01
Live from Ft. Worth, TX
Announcers are Paul E. and JR
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by PK

Intro, JR tells us that Austin won the title at WM.

Stephanie comes to the ring with a leather strap in her hand. She comes out and rants on how Trish turned last night. She says that payback is a bitch. She has been granted a “whipping match” between her and Trish tonight. She then introduces the most important person in Sports Entertainment, Vince McMahon. Vince comes down with a big box, looks like a present, and SHM leaves when he gets in the ring. He is in a great mood tonight, because he has the privilege of handing the WWF World Title over to the new champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He then reminds us of the Trish face turn, Linda kicking him in the balls, Foley beating the hell out of him, and Shane hitting the Van Terminator on him. He then says that all is well that ends well, and since it ended well, he is happy. He heard the commentary, and went over to JR and asked if he said that Austin sold out to the devil himself, and JR said that he did in fact say that. He then went on to say that the people of Texas bought him a gift. He opened up the box, and there was a cowboy hat inside. He then trotted around the ring making fun of Texans. He took the hat off, and stomped on it, saying that’s what he thought of Texas. The Rock then comes out. He seems a tad upset. He demands a rematch tonight. Vince says no, but Rock says that if he doesn’t, he’ll kick his ass, and Rock goes to the ring. Rock nails Vince with a right hand, and he locks on the Rock-Suck-Shooter. Rock asks one more time for the rematch, and Vince says he’ll get it. As Rock is walking away, Vince tells him that he will get is rematch, but it’ll be in a steel cage!


Recap of Rock locking the Rock-Suck-Shooter to Vince, and Vince telling him that the match will be in a cage.

Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, & Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) vs. Test & APA
Eddie badgering Test, but then the APA comes out and all 3 charge the ring. Back and forth with APA and Saturn/Malenko exchanging tags. Eddie now in, Bradshaw tags in Test. Test tears Eddie apart, then Malenko, but Saturn gets the best of Test. All 6 men now brawling. Test nails a full nelson on Saturn, brings in Terri, and was going to give her a Meltdown, but Saturn pulls her out of Test’s hands. Test then nails the big boot for the win.
Winners – Test/APA

Steph in Regal’s office. She wants to make sure Trish won’t weasel out of the match. Steph then flips out yelling why she wants beat her arse.


Boot of the Week: Chyna destroying Ivory last night for the Woman’s Title tonight.

They show us stills from last night of the TLC2 match. E&C won the match.

Vince walking into Regal’s office. He wants to make sure that Regal knows what to do. Haven’t we seen this before?

MC grabs HHH. He wants to get his feelings on his loss last night. He gives props to Taker, and looks forward to facing off with him again. MC then asks HHH if he knew about the Austin/McMahon alliance. HHH responds with “What do you think.” I think he did…personally.


Stephen Richards preaching to the rest of the RTC. They lost the Woman’s Title and the 6-man tag last night, but tonight, they will take the Hardcore Title.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Trish Stratus – Country Whippin’ Match
Both women have a leather strap. They brawl on the ramp to start. Back in the ring, SMH chokes out Trish with a strap, then nails a stiff looking DDT. SMH then whips her with a strap, but Trish gets up and brawls with SMH. Trish hits a bulldog, then whips SMH with the strap. The fall to the outside, and SMH uses Lillian Garcia as a shield. Back in the ring, SMH in control, and has both straps whipping away on Trish. Trish with the advantage again, now has SMH on the turnbuckle, and she’s whipping her ass…literally. Regal comes out, and hits the Union Jack on Trish. Regal holds Trish up, while Steph whips her. Y2J comes out and chases off Regal and SMH.
No Contest.


SHM yelling at Regal for what happened. Regal says to make up for it, Y2J will go in a handicap match against himself and Kurt Angle.

My 2nd Favorite Wrestler, Crash Holly(w/ Molly) vs. The Man-Beast Rhyno – Non-Title (obviously)
Crash made the challenge due to lack of competition in the LW division. Short match. Crash with a missile drop kick to Rhyno. Rhyno back up, gores the hell out of Crash for the win. Molly hits that weird flip off the top rope on the guy thing on Rhyno. Rhyno pops back up and gores the hell out of Molly!
Winner – Rhyno

MC with Debra. She doesn’t want to talk about last night.


Vince comes down with the WWF Title belt over his shoulder. He doesn’t understand why the fans don’t continue to cheer Austin after last night. He says no one should blame Austin for what he did, everyone kisses the bosses ass when it needs to be done. He then introduces Austin. He has a sour look on his face. Austin grabs the belt and the mic away from McMahon. He then asks the crowd if they want to see him kick McMahon’s ass…HELL YA was the response. He then laughs and says, not tonight. He then belittles the crowd, and goes into explaining why. He changes his mind, and says that he doesn’t owe the crowd nothing. He then says that he is not afraid of Rock, and he will take care of him later tonight. Vince on the horn. “And that’s the bottom line, cuz Mr. McMahon says so.” They show HHH disgusted backstage, then they showed Rock angry backstage.


Kane (c) vs. Val Venis (w/ Stephen Richards) – Hardcore Title
Kane mauls Val, big surprise there. Stevie tries to interfere, but Kane knocks him out. Val sends Kane to the outside, and slams his head in the steps. Back in the ring, Val nails a big time DDT, for 2. Paul E. says the RTC wants to win the Hardcore Title to retire it. Val goes for a side russian leg sweep, Kane blocks it. Val recovers quickly, hits a shoulder block off the 2nd rope. Val lodges a trash can in the ropes in the corner, but Kane whips Val into the trash can. Kane perched on the top, hits the clothesline and makes the pin. Goodfather and Bull hit the ring and a triple team on Kane. Taker hits the ring and the brothers take care of the RTC. Man the Hardcore Title means just about crap.
Winner and Still Champion – Kane

HHH confronts Regal. He asks Regal where Vince is, Regal doesn’t like the tone in his voice, and calls HHH ‘Sunshine.’ HAHAHA. HHH tells Regal to tell him or else. Regal then craps his pants, and points HHH in the right direction.


HHH catches up with Mr. McMahon. HHH asks him what was going on with Austin. McMahon then tells HHH that Austin came to him for help…and that Austin is a winner, he won at WM, and HHH did not…Vince walks away, HHH is irate.

Chris Jericho vs. William Regal & Kurt Angle
Jericho knocks Angle off of the apron, and hits a Lionsault on Regal. Angle makes the save on the pin attempt. Jericho hits the ropes, and Angle nails him with a chair behind the refs back, and Regal hits the Union Jack for the win. Angle and Regal then beat the hell out of Jericho, and Angle locks on the ankle lock. Benoit hits the ring and chases off Angle and Regal. Jericho is up, and he and Benoit go into a stare down.
Winners – Regal/Angle

Shane arrives at WWF NY.


Slam of the Week: Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from 20 feet in the air!

THE ONE BILLY GUNN!!!! vs. X-Suck (w/ the rest of X-Factor)
Former DX Members COLLIDE!!! This is great, One and Crash on Raw in the same night! I’m in heaven! Sorry guys, you know my feelings on The One, I have to watch this match uninterrupted. Crap. Gunn hits the Famasser, Credible with the distraction, Albert with the Baldo Bomb, X-Pac with the win. After the bell, Albert smashes Gunn in the corner, and then throws Gunn into a double superkick from Pac and Credible. Damnit, now Gunn won’t be on TV again for 3 weeks.
Winner – X-Pac

Shane walking around at WWF NY.


They are constructing the cage, so they show stills from last night, to “My Way.” Thank God we won’t have to hear that song too much more.

JR and Paul E. talk to Shane at WWF NY. Shane is talking about his match last night, and the crowd in the backround is chanting W-C-W. Wow! He says that he is focusing on WCW, and to stay tuned, for more. He then says that he hopes Linda kicks his dad where it really hurts….his checkbook!

MC with Rock. Blah, blah, blah. He will beat Stone Cold.


Stone Cold (w/ Vince) (c) vs. therock.com – World Title – Steel Cage
Austin pulls Rock out of the cage to start the match. They brawl on the floor. Austin is really playing a heel character…and playing it well…I think I can start to enjoy his matches again. Rock working on Austin, and Austin is busted open already. Rock pushes Austin in the ring. Austin is up, he hits a slingshot into the turnbuckle. Austin goes for the pin. I hate this, why would there be a pinfall in a steel cage match. McMahon sends a chair into the ring. Rock counters, and locks on the Rock-Suck-Shooter. Vince on his way in, the ref is distracted, and Austin is tapping out. Rock lets go to get the ref’s attention. Rock hits the People’s Elbow, but Vince pulls the ref out of the ring. The ref shoves Vince, and goes back in the ring. Rock hits the Rock Bottom, but Vince interferes in the count again. Rock then assaults Vince. Austin is back up, and he along with Vince starts to tear apart Rock. HHH’s music hits, the crowd pops big time….little do they know. HHH, with sledgehammer in hand, gets in the ring, looks Austin in the eyes, and nails Rock with the sledgehammer. I told you HHH knew what was going on. HHH, Austin, and Vince all beat up Rock. It looks like Rock will be taking some time off. HHH hit a Pedigree, Austin hit a Stunner. JR is having a spaz…what if he had a bout of Bell’s Palsy on TV…now that would get ratings! All three men now enjoy a cold beer in celebration.

Show Over….great show!



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