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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 6.18.01

June 18, 2001 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Raw is War Report 6.18.01
Live from Tampa, FL
Announcers are JR and Paul E.
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by PK

Highlights of Stone Cold getting people to sign his petition. This leads a match with Spike Dudley, and the
two Chris’s coming to the aid of Spike and Molly.

JR welcome us and say that there will be a Tag Team Title match, Dudley Boyz vs. Jericho & Benoit.

Spike Dudley and Molly came down. He said that he enjoyed the fact that he was in the ring challenging for the WWF Title. He would’ve been happy with that, but since Stone Cold attempted to nail Molly with a chair, he’s going to call out Austin. He says he wants a piece of Stone Cold. Molly is behind Spike all the way. Austin makes his way out. He says that he won’t let some $2 punk with a 5 cent haircut call him out to a title shot. Spike says that he just did. He then asks the crowd to give him a Hell Yeah if they want to see the title defense. Stone Cold says that it’s too bad, because he doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as Austin. Austin then calls him a little rascal, and says that he has guts for calling out Stone Cold. Even though he has heart, Molly is still a bimbo. He calls Molly a $3 Tramp. Molly then smacks Austin! Austin laughs it off, he says that he won’t give a title shot, but they earn Austin’s respect. Austin goes to shake hands with LSD. He goes to shake hands with Molly, but gives her a STUNNER!!!! I like Molly and all, but that was damn cool!


During the break, Austin walked pass Bubba Ray and D’Von. They didn’t do anything about it.

Molly being checked out by the meds. Bubba Ray and D’Von walk up and express their jealousy for never getting a WWF Title shot. Spike tells them that he is sick of them only looking out for themselves. D’Von asks what Spike is going to do about it, but Spike does nothing.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy – KotR Quarter-finals
Angle starts out with a series of suplexes. Angle goes for Olympic Slam, but Hardy spins out of it, and puts Angle down in the corner. Jeff goes for the Swanton, but Angle rolls out of the way, and goes for the moonsault. Angle also misses, and Jeff again goes for the Swanton. Jeff nails it this time, but Angle is in the ropes. Jeff goes to the top again, but Angle pulls him down and locks on the Ankle Lock.
Winner and Advancing in the KotR – Kurt Angle

Austin in the locker room with Debra. Austin ranting on how he needs some one who would understand. Debra says that she understands and is a former Woman’s Champ. Austin laughs in her face and walks away.


Regal praising Tajiri. Austin comes in, Regal tells him that the Tag Title match is off, and it is now a six man. Dudley Boyz & Austin vs. Jericho, Benoit and Spike. Austin agrees, and says that he needs someone to talk to. Regal says that his ear is always open, but Austin doesn’t want to talk to Regal, he wants to talk to Tajiri?!?! Regal leaves the office.

Video Package on Tough Enough.

Cole with Tazz. Tazz plugs Tough Enough, and tells Cole there will be an advance viewing of Tough Enough at WWF NY tomorrow night. Hardcore Holly comes up and gets in Tazz’s face. Tazz tells him to worry about Molly, but Hardcore says that Molly is on her own now. Hardcore challenges Tazz in the ring.

Kane at WWF NY. A kid loses at the crane game. Kane than tries, he loses too. Kane punches though the glass, and gives all the prizes to the kin. HAHA.

Video package on Undertaker’s Stalker.

Hardcore Holly comes down for his match with Tazz, but another stalker clip comes on the Titan Tron. The Stalker says that he is in Tampa, but taped this last night. In the clip, Taker and Sara are getting ready to into town. The Stalker says that he will reveal himself tonight!


Hardcore Holly vs. Tazz
Holly gets right on Tazz, and hits him with that huge drop kick. Holly off the top with a leg drop. Tazz up, hits a big time suplex, but Holly comes back with a powerslam. Holly kicks Tazz down in the corner, but Tazz locks on the Tazzmission for the win!
Winner via submission – Tazz

Austin with Tajiri. He says that Vince McMahon is getting his life run by Linda. He tells Tajiri that it is not right. He wants to know what Tajiri thinks. Tajiri rants in Japanese, and Austin agrees and calls Tajiri a wise man. He says that Tajiri has lifted a burden off his shoulders. Regal comes in to tell Tajiri that his match with Rhyno is coming up.


1-800-COLLECT Rewind: Miss Hancock and Shane costing Rhyno the Hardcore Title.

Edge and Christian arguing. Kurt Angle comes in and tells him to quit it. Kurt says that it doesn’t matter which one of them advances in the KotR, because he is repeating. E&C walk away.

Rhyno vs. Tajiri (w/ Commissioner Regal) – KotR Quarter-finals
Back and forth action. Tajiri locks on the Octopus and then the Tarantula. Tajiri goes for the big kick, but Rhyno ducks in and goes for gore, but Tajiri nails a kick to the head! Regal instructs Tajiri to go to the top, but Rhyno gets up and gores Tajiri. Heyman yells “GORE GORE GORE!”
Winner and advancing in the KotR – Rhyno


Regal yelling at Tajiri. He tells him to get out of his sight.

Undertaker’s music hits. A man dressed all in black, with a mask comes down to the ring to Taker’s music on a motorcycle. The man gets in the middle of the ring. The lights go out, and man takes off his mask…DDP!! Page on the mic. He says that the reason why he is going after Taker this way is because he wanted to make an impact, and in order to make an impact, he has to go after a top dog. He says that he found a weakness in the Undertaker, his family. He says that Taker always said that he isn’t scared of anything, but DDP catches him on that, Taker is scared right now, scared for his wife. DDP says that one way or another, he will see Taker at KotR! He wants Taker to make him Famous.


They show us again that DDP was the stalker. DDP says that this is bigger then Taker vs. DDP, it is the beginning of WCW vs. WWF.

Edge (w/ Christian) vs. Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) – KotR Quarter-finals
Saturn has new tights, gold briefs with “Your Welcome” on the back. HAHA. Saturn starts out strong. Edge hits an Edge-o-matic. Saturn starts to fight back. Saturn with a crucifix for 2. Edge with a body slam, goes to the top, but Saturn catches him and nails a belly to belly. Saturn hits a high cross body, but Edge rolls it over. Christian on the ropes, Saturn nails him with a superkick. Edge nails the Implant DDT for the win. I’m sure that’s another head shot that Saturn didn’t need.
Winner and advancing in the KotR – Edge

Vince rolls up. Brooklyn Brawler is there to greet him. Vince says that he just got out of discussions with Linda’s lawyer, how do you think he feels.


Highlights for Mick Foley on Regis and Kelly (Tony Danza was filling in for Kelly).

Matt Hardy (w/ Lita) (c) vs. Albert – European Title
Al beats Matt down in the corner. Al goes for a military press, but Matt wiggles out if it. Matt nails a big time DDT. Matt starts to fight back, but Al starts to blatantly choke him out. Ref throws out the match. Lita crotches Al, and Matt hits a ToF. X-Pac and Credible come down, hit the double superkick. Jeff comes down and nails a double dropkick. Jeff beats down Credible, and Lita hits a hurracane-Lita on Xpac. X-Factor fights back, and Albert throws Jeff into the double superkick and hits a Baldo Bomb on Matt.
Winner by DQ – Matt Hardy

Vince has a talk with Stone Cold. He wants to make sure Austin is all there mentally. First the hug, then the title defense against Spike last week, and the 6-man tonight. Austin gets in his face and said that Tajiri was right (?!?!) and that he had a good idea (?!?!) and tells Vince to decide between him and Linda!


Combos Slam of the Week: Y2J and Benoit coming to Spike and Molly’s aid last week on Smackdown.

Vince leaving.

Spike thanking the Chris’s for coming to their aid on Smackdown. Benoit gets in his face, saying he has nothing to do with it, and that they don’t care about him. Benoit and Jericho then laugh, they were only making fun of Stone Cold.

Rhyno and Edge talking. Christian comes up and complains that he has to go though Big Show. Rhyno reminds us that it doesn’t really matter, because King Kurt will repeat. Oh that Team R.E.C.K.


Big Show vs. Christian (w/ Edge) – KotR Quarter-finals
Kurt Angle is at the announce table. Edge tries to distract Show, but Show starts beat up Christian. Show then goes to the outside and beats up Edge. Show sends Christian to the outside, and follows. Kurt gets in his face, and Show pie-faces him. Angle distracts the ref, Edge in the ring with a chair, Christian gets his own, CONCHAIRTO! Damn, there goes my pick.
Winner and advancing in the KotR – Christian


Spike Dudley, Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Dudley Boyz & Steve Austin
Bubba and Y2J start. Dudz double team, Benoit in, D’Von in. Benoit with a knee to the gut, follows it to a huge German suplex (only one). Spike tagged in, double stomp off the top, then a hurracanranna. D’Von nails him, and goes to tag Bubba, but Austin makes the tag. Spike feeds Austin to the Chris’s. Spike sends Austin in the ropes, hits a sunset flip. Austin up quickly, huge clothesline. Dudz on the outside, set up tables on the floor. Austin wants to know what it up, but Spike comes and rolls him up. Bubba in, slaps the hell out of Spike, huge back body drop. Spike headbutts Bubba in the nuts, but Bubba sets him up in the WAZZZZZZZZUP Headbutt. Both sides come out of their corners. Jericho with a springboard shoulderblock off the apron through a table. Spike with a Dudley Dog on Bubba. Benoit nails 3 German suplexes on Austin but misses the headbutt. Austin up first, starts beating on the Crippler. Spike comes in, and goes for a Dudley Dog on Austin, but Stone Cold tosses him on the outside though the table. Austin shoves the ref, and gets a chair. Jericho in, stops the chair shot. Jericho locks on the Walls, and Benoit locks on the Crossface. Austin taps.
Winners – Spike, Jericho, Benoit

Show ends with Ausitn in the double submission.



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