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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 6.25.01

June 25, 2001 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Raw is War Report 6.25.01
Live from Madison Square Garden, New York City
Announcers are Paul E. and JR
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by PK

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring right away to start the show. As he walks down, JR gives us injury reports on Benoit and Austin. Vince addresses the rumor that Benoit or Jericho would defect to WCW if they won the belt. But, even though he had to beat 2 men, and the cowardly interference on the hands of Booker T, Austin still has the title. He says that all the employees in WCW will only be temporarily be employed, because it is his intention to run WCW, and his son Shane, out of business. He says that no WCW wrestler will be allowed into WWF’s holy ground of Madison Square Garden. He says that the WWF helped build MSG, and Vince’s father is a member of the MSG Hall of Fame. He shows a video clip of his father. He then says that there will be more memorable moments tonight at MSG!

Intro. Battle of the brothers, as Taker and Kane take on the Dudleys for the Tag Team Titles!

Test (c) vs. Rhyno – Hardcore Title
Fast paced to start. The crowd is jacked! Rhyno goes for a GORE, but Test nails him with a trash can. They travel outside the ring into the crowd. Rhyno balanced a guard rail on the wall, but Test is the one that suplexes him throw it! They head backstage. Oddly enough, there are a few tables already set up. Test lays Rhyno on the tables, and goes to the top of a big cart, nails an elbow drop! The tables didn’t break, they just fell through to the concrete! Test balances a ladder in the ramp leading to the street, Rhyno then GORES him into a steel plate for the pin. But wait, someone from WCW runs up.
Winner and New Champion – Rhyno

IT’S MIKE AWESOME! He nails Rhyno with a 2×4, then he power bombs Rhyno on the ladder, and makes the ref count.
Winner and New Champion – Mike Awesome


Replay of Awesome. Amazing power bomb!

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. X-Pac – LW Title
Didn’t we see this match last night? Crowd giving the “X-Pac Sucks” chant. I couldn’t agree more. Jeff takes off the shirt, and goes to the top, Pac dropkicks him off to the outside, and goes off the top with a double axe handle. Pac off the ropes, Jeff goes for a hurra-canranna, but Pac power bombs him. Pac off the top, Jeff nails a drop kick. Jeff rolls Pac up for 2. Pac stomps Jeff in the corner, goes for the Bronco Buster, but Jeff gets his foot up. Jeff goes for the Swanton, but misses, Pac with the backslide, feet on the ropes, pinfall.
Winner and New Champion – X-Pac

Vince in his dressing room. Austin walks him and asks how he’s doing. Vince goes off on him, asks him where Austin was when he needed him. Informs Austin of Awesome taking the Hardcore strap. Austin explodes. Asks Vince where he was last night! Vince calms things down, and him and Austin hug.


1-800-COLLECT Rewind: Angle driving Shane through the glass last night.

Highlights from last night. Booker T beating up Austin.

Big Show comes up to Trish. He shows Trish a shirt he made. It says “Big Show” and has an arrow pointing down. HAHA. Show then says that he has a match with Matt Hardy for the Euro strap, and when he wins, he wants to take Trish with him in a European vacation. Trish agrees, only if they have separate hotel rooms. Trish agrees to meet him for the match.

Austin, Debra, and Vince discussing the match last night, and having veggies and dip. Angle comes in. He says that he suffered a concussion and a bruised tailbone, but he’ll survive. Austin gets in his face. “That’s pathetic” he says. Vince calms things down and invites Angle to sit down and have some veggies.


Steven Richards in the ring. He says only 3 words come to mind when he is in NYC. “What a cesspool.” Tazz’s music hits.

Tazz vs. Steven Richards
Tazz jumps in the ring, nails a T-Bone Tazzplex, then locks on the Tazzmission. Yes, it was over just like that.
Winner via submission – Tazz

Regal and Tajiri walk towards the ring. Tajiri is holding the “King of the Ring” cup. The presentation to Edge is next!


Back in Vince’s room. Austin wants Vince to get rid of Angle. Angle says they have a lot in common, both are tough, both are King of the Ring Champs, and both have held the WWF Title. Austin gives the fake laugh.

Regal and Tajiri come to the ring. Regal is ready to award the KotR cup to King Edge! Billy Gunn better come down and beat his ass. Regal congratulates Edge, and wants a special 5 second pose! After the pose, Christian grabs the cup, and grabs the mic. He says that even though he got screwed out of the KotR by Shane, he still gives a congrats Edge. Edge grabs the mic, and The One COMES OUT!!! He says that he wanted to defend last year, but he was hurt, and wanted to defend this year, but wasn’t even entered in the tournament. Even worse, he had to sit at WWF NY with all the annoying fans of NYC. The crowd, who popped big time when he came out, started the “Asshole” chant. Edge fires back, and says that just because Billy hasn’t done jack in the past few years, doesn’t mean Gunn could rain on his parade. Says that if in 2 years, he is at WWF NY instead of being at KotR, he wants to be shot in the head! Crowd firmly behind Edge. Billy challenges Edge to a match. Regal will allow it. Edge “decrees” that he will kick the ass of “Billy Bitchcase.” That rocked!

Lugz Boot of the Week – Dudleys beating Spike and Kane last night, Kane Power bombing D’Von and choke slamming Bubba Ray through the table.


Dudley Boyz (c) vs. Kane & Undertaker (w/ Sara) – Tag Team Titles
All four men fight to start. UT and Bubba pair off. Taker goes Old School and walks the ropes. Sara is a butter face. D’von with the blind tag, double neckbreaker. Taker fires back, tags in Kane. Kane tearing apart D’von. Big time sidewalk slam (yes Tony, a real Sidewalk Slam), follows it with a flying clothesline. Kane with a huge powerbomb, Bubba pulls out the ref. Albert comes down, hits a Baldo Bomb on Kane, D’von with the pin. Kane goes after Albert. Back in the ring, Taker hits a choke slam on Bubba Ray. Sara and Taker stand in the ring for a few moments.
Winners and Still Champions – Dudley Boyz

Taker and Sara walk up the ramp, and as Taker puts his hand in the air for the crowd, DDP comes up the ramp and nails Taker with a chair, then hits him again in the head. Sara is trying to fend for herself, and starts throwing punches. DDP grabs her, and pulls a lock of hair out of her head. DDP jets as Taker gets up.


Recap of DDP jumping Taker/Sara.

Regal talking to Tajiri. He mentions that Benoit will be out for a while, and wants to punish Jericho. Tajiri wants to get in the ring with Jericho. Regal will let it happen!

Matt Hardy (w/ Lita) (c) vs. Big Show (w/ Trish Stratus) – Euro Title
Show just tosses Matt around like a rag doll. Matt gains some advantage working on Show’s right elbow. Show gives Matt a military press on the outside. Back in the ring, Show hits a big boot. Matt up, Trish on the apron, plants a huge kiss on Matt! Lita comes over, and rips Trish’s shirt off! Lita in the ring, kicks Show in the balls. Ref throws the match out.
Winner via DQ – Big Show

JR tells us that Perry Saturn and Terri are at WWF NY. They go to WWF NY, and Shane is there! Shane says that since Vince has blocked WCW from airing anywhere, WCW has no choice but to invade the WWF! He then introduces the man to lead the WCW Invasion, Booker T! Booker comes out to his music! He asks Austin how it was being the hunted, and says it was way too easy taking out Austin. Booker calls Austin out, and says he will be at WWF NY all night!

In Vince’s room, Vince and Debra get Austin to go to WWF NY to kick Booker’s ass. Austin recruits Angle into going as well. This has got to be good.


APA leads a meeting of the WWF jobbers. They want everyone to join together to make a stand against WCW. Among people there; Haku, Essa Rios, Bull Buchanan, Goodfather, Taka, Funaki, Al Snow, Hardcore & Crash Holly, Steve Blackman and Raven. The roster is joining together.

Billy Gunn walks to the ring, Edge with Christian and the KotR cup walk to the ring. Christian keeping a firm grasp of that trophy.


Edge (w/ Christian) vs. THE ONE!!!!!!!
I have a bad feeling that Edge will be the one over in this match. Back and forth match. Christian has One’s attention, and Edge spears him. Edge nails a flapjack, then an ezaguri. Christian accidentally hits Edge, Gunn with a roll up for 2. Gunn with a Jackhammer for 2. Gunn hits a Stinger Splash, calls for Famasser, but Edge has the the ref distracted, and Christian comes in, and nails a backbreaker!!! SON OF A BITCH! Edge hits the Impaler DDT for the win.
Winner – Edge

Vince and Debra backstage. Austin calls Debra’s cell phone. He says that he is stuck in traffic. Vince: “….I know Angle is a dork, but he is dangerous.” HAHA.


Tajiri (w/ Commissioner Regal) vs. Chris Jericho
Tajiri nails a series of kicks, then locks on the Octopus. Y2J sends Tajiri into the corner, but Tajiri goes over the top, and nails a big time kick. Tajiri then with a missile drop kick to the back of Tajiri’s head. Jericho starts fighting back. Tajiri on the apron, Jericho hits a springboard dropkick. Back in the ring, Y2J hits the double power bomb, but Regal pulls the ref out. Regal holds up Jericho, and Tajiri sprays the green mist!!!! The only problem is, he hits Regal! Jericho with a bulldog, then the Lionsault. Tajiri apologizing profusely to Regal.
Winner – Y2J

Vince on the phone with Austin. He says Austin has a good idea, and makes his way to the ring.


Vince comes down to the ring. He mentions how soiled MSG has become. Vince tells Austin and Angle to get the plan underway. They cut to WWF NY, Austin and Angle walk in. A bodyguard there says that they already left. Austin says that he will get to Booker one day. The go back to MSG, and Shane’s music hits! He comes down, and distracts Vince, Booker T comes from behind Vince, and starts to beat him up. Booker hits the Axe Kick on Vince! The locker room clears out, and Booker and Shane jet through the crowd! WOW!

Show over.



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