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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 7.23.01

July 23, 2001 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 7.23.01
Live from (Tatanka) Buffalo, NY
Announcers are Cole and JR
Report done *EXCLUSIVLY* for 411 by PK

InVasion promo shown, yet again.

Stills from InVasion. Austin became a bad guy, Booker T pinned Angle.

Intro. Big card tonight. Undertaker vs. Rhyno. Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson in a Spanking Match.

Stone Cold comes out with Paul E, Steph, & Shane…along with new theme music. JR and Cole run down SCSA while they get in the ring. You know, Stephanie sounds like Nurse Joy (Thats for you Williams). She isn’t surprised that we are angry, but they shoved it down our throats. They said that WCW/ECW would with the 10 man match, and they did. They said that the WWF would die, and they are, now that they have the WWF Champion in their corner. Paul E on the mic. He hates to say it, but they told you so. The number one brand of sports entertainment is now the ECW/WCW Alliance. Shane on the stick. He says the WCW/ECW will be a much better brand then the WWF. A brand that will set a higher standards in sports entertainment. He then want introduce the WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. SCSA on the mic. Asshole chant. If there is one thing that SCSA is about, it’s appreciation. He finds that he is no longer appreciated. He saw Vince hug Kurt Angle behind his back, and hugging Angle like he wants to replace Austin. He is paranoid, and thinks that Vince is calling back The Rock. He says that he thinks SCSA is not good enough for Vince. He then tells the fans are not going to kick him around anymore. So, he jumped to a team that would appreciate him. He then says that he likes competition, and will not back down from anyone. Kurt Angle’s music hits! The crowd is firmly behind Angle. He then mocks Angle’s American Pride. He knows KA wants a piece of Austin, but he has a scared look in his eyes. Angle rushes the ring, and takes out Austin with a big time belly to belly suplex! The owners are holding back Austin, will Angle stands high in the ring.


Blast of the Night: Highlights from RVD vs. Jeff Hardy match last night.

RVD talking to the ECW Troops. He says that he will show Matt Hardy why they call him Mr. Monday Night.

ECW’s Rob Van Dam (c) vs. WWF’s Matt Hardy – WWF Hardcore Title
Matt jumps RVD before he could get to the ring. Matt gets a ladder, and takes out RVD with it. Matt puts the ladder in the corner, and runs RVD into it. RVD with a Van Daminatior via the ladder, then hits a rolling thunder. Ladder is not propped in the ring, Matt down, RVD goes up, Matt follows. Matt nails a hip toss off the ladder! Matt back up the ladder, nails a huge leg drop off the ladder. Matt now had RVD in the middle of the ladder, and starts slamming it on RVD! RVD with a low blow, and traps Matt in the ladder and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash!!
Winner and Still Champion – RVD

E&C walking the halls. They run into the Dudleys. Duds challenge them to a table match. Christian says that the only reason why Team WCW/ECW won is because of Austin. Booker T comes out and wants to make it a 6 Man. E&C ask if Booker T is related to Mr. T. HAHAHA. Edge: “I pity the fool that goes through a table!”


DDP talking to Kanyon. DDP says that the Debra abduction was all Austin’s idea. Kanyon’s shirt says “Invasion MVP.” Kanyon says that since he won the 6 Man Tag he was in, he was the MVP, because the WWF would have one the whole night otherwise. HAHA.

WWF’s Albert (c) vs. ECW’s Lance Storm – WWF IC Title
Storm wants to be serious for a minute, but Albert’s crappy music hits. Albert it tearing apart Storm. Mike Awesome comes out to distract the ref. X-Pac comes out to back up Albert, Hugh Morrus in the ring, hits Albert with the IC belt, and Storm scores the pin. Locker rooms empty, and the WWF holds WCW/ECW out of the ring!
Winner and New Champion – Storm


The Owners and SCSA talking about winning the IC Title. Kanyon comes in, with his “Invasion MVP” shirt. Austin goes apeshit, Steph tells Kanyon to just worry about beating Jericho.

Torrie talking about how great her breasts are, and how she’s going to take out Trish Stratus tonight.

William Regal pepping up Tajiri for his match with Raven.

E&C telling someone to put their differences aside, and come together for WWF. Kurt Angle then agrees!! WHOO WHO!! The return of Team ECK!


WWF’s Tajiri vs. ECW’s Raven
Raven in the ring quickly, but Tajiri gets physical rather quickly. Tajiri knocks down Raven with a nice thrust kick, then back elbow off the spingboard. Raven fires back, on the outside, hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep into the retaining wall. Tajiri hits a missile drop kick. Tajiri locks on the Tarantula, and Tajiri then kicks Raven upside the head for the win!
Winner – Tajiri

Paul E. pepping Rhyno for his match with Undertaker. GORE, GORE, GORE!!


APA come in the congratulate Kurt Angle. They give him a beer. Angle drinks is and says “Whoa, this stuff is pretty tasty, when did they start making this??” Great, now he’s going to be drunk.

WWF’s Undertaker (w/ Sara) vs. ECW’s Rhyno
UT takes the quick advantage. Taker goes old school on Rhyno’s ass by walking ropes. Rhyno fights out of a Choke Slam. Rhyno goes for the GORE, but UT puts the big boot up. DDP comes out. Rhyno gets choke slammed for the loss. Taker then comes out and beats ups DDP. Sara gets her share, stomping away. Taker goes to nail Page with a chair, but DDP pulls Sara in front of him, and Taker nails her! WOW!
Winner – Undertaker


Recap of UT nailing Sara. UT is refusing to get her medical attention and is just pacing around carrying her. Coach catches up with DDP, and DDP says that he didn’t want to see Sara get hurt. He jets.

WWF’s Chris Jericho vs. WCW’s Kanyon
Y2J on the mic, calls the Kanyon the Most Annoying Assclown. “Who’s better then Kanyon?” Well, Jericho says that every Jerichoholic in the arena is better then Kanyon! Kanyon hits the ring. Y2J with a triple suplex into a floatover for 2. Kanyon picks up Jericho, and slams him down with a powerbomb of sorts. Kanyon with an awesome neckbreaker. Jericho fights out of a sleeper. Kanyon puts Y2J up on the turnbuckle, goes to hit a SUPERPLEX, but Jericho fights out of it, and hits a missile dropkick. Y2J with a bulldog, goes for a Lionsault, but Kanyon puts his knees up. Kanyon hits the Flatliner, but only for a 2. Jericho ducks a enzeguri, and locks on the Walls.
Winner – Jericho 🙁

Vince arrives at the arena.


Slam of the Week: Austin turning on Team WWF.

Vince comes out. He congratulates Team WCW/ECW. He is confident that in the end WWF will win. He says that if its Nuclear Warfare WCW/ECW wants, then he will drop the bomb, and will reinstate The Rock! Vince knows that Rock will not just come back, but he will need some motivation. Vince wonders if The Rock can still Bring It, can still raise the People’s Eyebrow, drop the People’s Elbow, and is still the Most Electrifying Man In Sport Entertainment. He wants The Rock to listen to the crowd chant his name. He wants to Smell What The Rock Is Cooking. They then play Rock’s music???


Kurt comes into Vince’s office. Vince asks if Kurt has been drinking. HAHA. Kurt says that he is all in favor of bringing Rock back to help Team WWF. He then says that Vince needs a special leader, he needs Kurt Angle to be the leader of Team WWF. Vince says actions speak a lot louder then words. Kurt pins Vince against the wall, and says that he will prove himself tonight.

Billy Gunn and Big Show at WWF NY. They say that they need to get the WWF to respect them more. Show wants to order, askes if Billy wants some Bitchcakes….he means Crabcrakes. HAHA. Show then says that he has lost weight, and Billy says to look behind him, and he’ll find it. HAHA. Show then orders a salad.

Torrie comes up to Jeff Hardy with a paddle. Trish comes in and asks what’s going on. She then bitchslaps Torrie, and Jeff has to hold her back.


WCW’s Torrie Wilson vs. WWF’s Trish Stratus – Spanking Match
Woman’s Match…blah. Trish with a snapmare, and goes to dive at Torrie, but falls to the outside. Trish on the turnbuckle, chokes out Torrie. Trish gets the paddle off the pole. Torrie gets the paddle away and hits Trish with it. That ends the match??
Winner – Torrie

Shane giving a pep talk to the Dudleys and Booker T.

Team ECK walking toward the ring.


ECW’s Dudley Boyz & WCW’s Booker T vs. WWF’s Kurt Angle, Edge, & Christian – Table Match
Angle jumps Dvon to start. Edge in, Bubba hits a boot from the apron, then bounces Edge’s head off the steps. Booker in, starts to pick apart Edge. Booker with a heel kick. Bubba in, taughting Edge. Bubba with a series of elbow drops, but Edge starts to fight back, Dvon in, double teaming. Bubba goes for a senton bomb off the 2nd rope, misses, Dvon and Christian tagged in. Christian is a house of fire! Christian brings a table in the ring. Bubba dumps Edge on the outside, and the Duds hit a 3D through the table. Christian must go to the lockerroom. Booker is trash talking. Edge with an Edge-o-Matic on Booker. Bubba takes out Edge, and gets a table in the ring. Edge with a spear on Dvon, Booker with a spinebuster, puts Edge through a table. Kurt tries to hold his own, but Booker and the Duds pick him apart. Duds hit the WAZZZZZZZZZZZUP Headbutt. Angle is out, table in the ring. Booker goes for a suplex, Angle blocks and suplexes Booker. He dumps the Duds on the outside, and hits a belly to belly Dvon though a table. Booker hits the Axe Kick…SPINAROONI!!! Angle with an Olympic Slam. Booker gets sent into a propped up table in the corner. Bubba with a Ref bump. Here comes WCW’s Evil Nick Patrick. Table in the ring, Angle goes for an Olympic Slam, but Nick Patrick moves the table. Angle goes apeshit, and beats up Patrick on the announce table. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock on the table. Austin comes out, beats up Angle, then hits a Stunner. Bubba Ray then powerbombs Angle through a table for the win. The WWF lockerroom comes out, Austin and Bubba run.
Winners – Duds & Booker

Show Over.



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