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411’s WWF Raw Report 2.4.02

February 4, 2002 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Raw Report 2.4.02
Live Las Vegas
Announcers are King and JR
Report done *EXCLUSIVLY* for 411 by PK

First, let’s start with last nights game. I don’t like the Rams, and I don’t like the Patriots, but they put up one hell of a game. I was rather disappointed that the Bears were eliminated right away, but they still pulled a 13-3 regular season out of their asses, let’s just hope things stay the same next year in Champaign. Hey, with Brady winning the MVP, maybe that puts Bledsoe in the Navy & Orange?!?!

Also, a big thanks goes to my man south of the boarder, Carlos, and Beantown for covering for me the past few weeks. I’d tell you where I was, but I bet you don’t care.


Recap of Flair/McMahon/nWo stuff from Smackdown!

Cole with Ric Flair. Cole makes sure that Flair is positive with his decision. Flair says yes, and if the nWo arrives, there will be a big problem.

Opening…another thrown together tag match as Rock & Austin take on Jericho & Taker.

HHH comes out, I’m sure he has something to say about Angle’s attack last week. He is in his gear, and he calls out Angle. I’m betting a match is set up for No Way Out. Booker T answers HHH’s call. Booker says that he beat HHH last week, and he will do it again this week.

Triple H vs. Booker T
Booker charges the ring, HHH meets him on the ramp. HHH throws Booker into various metal objects on the outside, then rolls him in the ring to start the match. Booker nails a side heel kick, and sets in on an attack. Booker nails a roundhouse for 2. Booker goes for a Book End, but HHH reverses it and nails a spinebuster, then begins to choke Booker. HHH calls Booker up, kick, hook, hook, Booker gets out of it, goes for a Axe Kick, HHH dodges it, kick, hook, hook, Pedigree, 1..2..Angle comes out, attacks HHH, hits the Olympic Slam.
Winner via DQ – HHH


HHH hunting for Angle, asks a ref, he sends HHH to Vince’s office.

Torrie and Stacy bicker over some make-up in the Diva locker room. Billy & Chuck come in to debut their calendar! They challenge Torrie and Stacy to a pose down on Smackdown. B&C have a tag title shot tonight.

Vince’s office is blocked by officers. HHH comes up and Angle comes out from behind the door to inform him that Vince just signed a match for No Way Out between the 2 of them, with the WMX8 Title Shot on the line!

Commercials….Funny Kurt Angle Call ATT commercial.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley (w/ Stacy & D’Von) vs. Rob Van Dam
Stacy and D’Von inject in the match, and the ref sends to the back. BB hits the Buh Buh Bomb, then argues with the ref. BB hits a neck breaker for 2. BB pummels RVD in the corner, body slam, and goes up for the Senton bomb, but he misses like he always does. RVD hits the 5* for the win.
Winner – RVD

RVD’s music stops and Goldust’s hits! I was right!! GD starts singing “When you wish upon a star.” GD tells RVD that he’s dreams will not come true, they will be shattered! This is GREAT!!!! GD hits the ring from behind RVD, beats down RVD, hits a Shattered Dreams, then nails a hangman’s neckbreaker.


Stephanie (and her big tatas) sitting back listening to HHH bitch and complain. She has a huge announcement, and she will do it live tonight, she’s pregnant.

Stacker 2 Burn of the Week – Rock hitting a Rock Bottom on Taker through the announce table on Smackdown.

Cole gets to Taker, he wants a reaction about the Rock Bottom. Taker gets in Cole’s face. Blah, blah, blah, respect, Rock, Austin, blah, respect some more. Jericho enters. He respects the Taker, and tonight the Larger then life Champion has his back.

Tazz and Spike walk, 3-team elimination match for the Titles is next!


Spike & Tazz vs. Billy & Chuck vs. The APA – Tag Team Titles – Elimination Match
Chuck and Tazz start. Tazz with a suplex in the corner, Spike with a top rope stomp. Spike goes for a Dudley Dog, but Chuck throws him across the ring. Billy in, Spike headbutts Billy’s crotch, but Billy answers with a huge flapjack. Chuck back in, Billy beats up Spike on the outside, rolls him back in for 2. Spike fights back, hits a Torando DDT, then tags in Bradshaw, Chuck tags Billy. The APA runs rough shot, double spinebuster on Billy, double power bomb on Chuck, but when Bradshaw goes to pick up Chuck, Billy hits a Famasser for the pin! Billy off the ropes going after Spike, Bradshaw trips him up before leaving the ringside area, Spike catches him in a Dudley Dog for the pinfall. Good match.
Winners and Still Champs – Spike & Tazz

Vince walks toward the ring.


Vince comes out, he says that Flair was supposed to sign over his Ѕ of the WWF, but Austin came out to interrupt, hits a Stunner on McMahon, and toasts with Flair. McMahon wants the 2-face liar to come out now to explain his actions. The Nature Boy answers the call. McMahon says that deep down, Flair knows himself that he is a LIAR! The reason why he didn’t sell McMahon his stock is because he is selfish. Flair wants the be the man still. Flair says no. McMahon then says that it must be because he was listening to the beer swilling Stone Cold. Flair says no. McMahon asks why then. Flair says it’s for the fans. McMahon then says that the fans can’t stop them, Flair can’t stop them, and now Hogan, Hall, & Nash are coming! McMahon points to the Tron, and the 3 of them are on the screen taughting!


Patterson and Brisco discussing how much of a bad idea the nWo is. They ask Arn Anderson, and he says that Flair mad the wrong choice.

William Regal ( c) vs. Rikishi – IC Title
Regal is checked out by Ref Teddy Long. Rikishi starts strong, hits a big time back body drop, but Regal comes back with some rights, and a knee to the head. Regal with a modified sleeper, but Rikishi fights out of it, cold cocks Regal and hits the EARTHQUAKE!!!! Rikishi pulls Regal over for the Banzai Drop, but Regal moves, and goes down his trunks, but Edge runs out and spears him. Match is thrown out. Edge leaves Regal in the corner, Rikishi rubs in the stink face.
Winner via DQ and Still Champ – William Regal

Coach trying to speak with Rock, but he keeps to himself in the dressing room.

Tobacco is Wacko if You’re a Teen Wack of the Night – DDP defeating Christian for the Euro Title.

DDP is hosting the party at WWF NY.

Rock has a big announcement of his own, and it concerns the Undertaker. He says that he will go one on one with the Great One at No Way Out. But, he will first sing “Viva Rock Vegas.” He kicks Coach out, and sings.

Stephanie (and her big tatas) walk towards the ring.


Stephanie (and her big tatas) walks out. She calls HHH out for her big announcement. She had an epiphany last week on Smackdown. There is only one way to stop the arguing, to stop the lack of communication. Next week, on Raw, they will renew their wedding vows, looks like I was wrong. HHH finds it stupid, and wonders why all the McMahon’s must have all the dirty laundry aired on live TV. HHH then says no. Steph throws a bitch fit, and says he has to do it. HHH gets in her face and yells at her, why, why do we have to do this, for you? Stephanie says that the reason why they have to is because she is pregnant!! I WAS RIGHT! Twice tonight. She wants him to do it for the baby. HHH looks flabbergasted, but grabs Steph, hugs her and kisses her! Lawler: “Awww, there’s going to be a little Game.” She is either faking it, or it’s Jericho’s.


HHH and Steph are leaving. The Game carries all the bags….awww.

Trish Status ( c) vs. Jazz – Woman’s Title
Jazz dominates to start, but Trish fights back with a jawbreaker, only to get hit with a series of punches. Jazz locks on a STF, but Trish gets to the ropes. Trish fights back, hits some punches, grabs Jazz’s head, goes for a bulldog, but Jazz chucks her across the ring. Jazz hits the Fisherman’s Brainbuster for the win.
Winner and NEW Champ – Jazz


Stone Cold & The Rock vs. Undertaker & Chris Jericho
Does the Hardcore Title exist anymore? They don’t announce UT as the Champ, nor does he carry it to the ring. Austin and Rock go out after Y2J & UT respectively. Austin and Y2J in the ring to start the match. Austin with a huge spinebuster. Austin runs rampant on Jericho. Rock in. Rock sends Y2J to the outside, and he taunts Taker. Jericho nails Rock from behind, and tags in UT. Rock fights off UT, hits a belly to back, tags in Austin. Austin with a Lou Theiz, followed it up with a elbow for 2. Taker up, hits a boot to the face on Austin, tags in Jericho. Austin and Y2J exchange chops, both men go down, UT stops Austin from tagging, double teaming. Taker beats down Austin on the outside. Y2J stays on top of Austin, but Austin reverses a drop kick, locks on the Walls of Jericho on Y2J. UT breaks the hold, and gets tagged in. Taker stays on top of Austin. Austin fights back with some rights, both men hit the ropes, double clothesline. Both men tag, Rock is a house of fire. Big DDT on Jericho, follows it with a spinebuster, then locks on the Rock-suck-shooter, only to be broken up by UT. Y2J, Rock and Austin on the outside, Y2J is getting double teamed, Taker breaks things up, takes out Austin. In the ring, Y2J locks on the Walls, but Austin breaks it up, and hits a Stunner. Rock rolls over for the pin, but Taker takes out the ref. Rock is up, hits a Rock Bottom on Y2J, but the ref is still out, Taker knocks out Austin, and grabs a pipe from his motorcycle. Taker in the ring, nails Rock with the pipe, Y2J pins, Taker puts the ref back in the ring.
Winners – Y2J & Taker

Great Show!

Sorry, no time for a Question or Useless Trivia this week, I’ve been too busy.



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