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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 1.10.02

January 10, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
January 10, 2002
LIVE from M…..S….. G!!!!!
Your announcers are Cole and King
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Woooo HHH is on Smackdown tonight too!

Yeah… so last week I this I recorded the most flame mails ever. Don’t worry by loyal readers… that was just a one time deal with the T-Shirts… Don’t know if it’s to late to vote… but if not… VOTE MCCLUSKEY FOR TV RECAPPER OF THE YEAR! You knowwwww you want to! 

Danny (DJPuff44) that sent in the off camera notes for 411 for RAW this week is an online buddy of mine. We discussed that deal with the fans “WHAT?”-ing the National Anthem. Makes me feel pretty shitty to be a wrestling fan to hear that. Especially in New York… Way to embarrass your Country, chodes.

We start off with Debra and Steph sayin that their respective husbands are gonna whip some ass at the Rumble.

Now Steph, led by a couple zeppelins head to the ring. Ahhh… boy did I miss the shrilling voice of Steph. Steph’s telling everyone the dilly. Now she talks about Flair. Our buff, friendly security guards are here to clean up the garbage. Steph says she’s back… dammit.

We catch Storm and Christian cutting a sharp corner. They have a Tag Title match tonight. Christian says that Spike and Tazz should be easier to beat at MSG than the Knicks. Good raughs!

Commercials… Sportscenter commercials rule!

Can’t believe Tazz and Spike won Monday… pretty cool if you ask me.
Spike needs to wipe that goofy ass smile off his face though…

WWF Tag Title Match
Tazz & Spike(c) Vs CHRISTIANNNN!!!! & Lance IwalklikeIhaveastickupmyass Storm
All out brawlf to start off. Everyone gets tossed to the outside but Spike. Spike heads to the top and lands a high cross body on Storm. Now we’re back in the ring and Christian lands a knee to Spike’s gut. Tag in to Storm. Storm takes Spike down and covers for two. Tag back into Christian, and they continue to work on Spikes mid section. Now Spike gets caught in the corner with the ref’s back turned. Tag back into Lance. Storm lands some shoulder blocks in the corner on Spike. Spike rolls Storm up real quick for two. Storm fires back with a clothesline for a two count. Spike fires from out of the corner with a head butt to the stomach of Storm. Now Tazz tags in and he’s a house of fire. Suplexes for both Storm and Christian. Now Spike is back in after Christian. Christian goes for a reverse DDT, but Tazz comes up from behind and locks in the Tazzmission on Christian and he taps!
Winners, and still Champs: Tazz & Spike



Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge(c) Vs You Better Read The Signs, Respect The Law & Order
I don’t care what people say… Boss Man rules! See? He’s taking care of Edge! Boss Man tosses Edge from the corner onto the mat. A little vintage Boss Man, sliding under the ropes and landing a shot to Edge’s jaw. Edge tries to fight back, but Boss Man takes him down and covers for two. Now Edge tries for a cross body off the ropes, but Boss Man catches him and lands a rib breaker. Edge gets the boot up in the corner, and Boss Man’s reeling. Edge lands a couple kicks to take Boss Man down. Edge covers for two. Now Boss Man catches Edge and lands a big time spinebuster. Boss Man tries to bring the nightstick into the ring, but Teddy Long grabs it from him. The nightstick falls to the mat, and Edge lands the Edgecution on the nightstick. Edge covers and picks up the tre factor.
Winner, and still champ: Edge

Regal challenges Edge to a title match at RR, and Edge accepts. Vote Moppy 2002…

Commercials… Huss!

GOLDUST RETURNS TO THE ROYAL RUMBLE!!! Best damn theme music ever!

Angle gets pissed at the fans for saying What. Angle says “…..STOP IT!” haha. Angle’s starting to tear up. Angle says that if they say it again, he’s challenging Austin to a match tonight. Of course the fans keep it up, and Angle says Austin is his. Angle storms off.

Now we cut to the Book in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Someone’s in the shitter farting up a storm. It’s Rikishi! He calls it a pre-match ritual. Rikishi says he’s backin that ass up on the Book tonight.

RVD/Rock Vs Y2J/Test next!

Commercials… Anyone else watch Insomniac with Dave Attel? That’s a funny ass show. Dave rules. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, I suggest you check it out on Comedy Central.

Y2J2 & Test ‘dees Vs RV f’n D and The Rock
RVD has some new kickass music…
Test and Rock start things off. Rock goes after Jericho, and allows Test to gain the advantage. Rock fires back quick with a flying burrito. Rock ducks under a clothesline by Test, and Jericho gets a cheap shot on Rock. Now Test tags Y2J in. Jericho works on Rock in the corner. Jericho drops a series of elbows then covers for two. Tag back in to Test. Rock fires back with rights, then a somoan drop on Test. Crowd wants RVD, and they get him. RVD lands a series of kicks taking Test down. Now Rolling Thunder on Test by RVD. Van Dam heads to the top, and lands a flipping splash on Jericho. Now RVD rolls Test up for a cover, but Jericho breaks it up. Jericho takes RVD to the outside and busts him up, then sends him back in. Test chokes RVD out with his boot in the corner. Now a whip to the opposite corner and Test trails him and lands a clothesline. Tag back into Chris, and he lands some WOOOOOO chops. Nice vertical suplex by Jericho, then his patented foot on the chest pin by Jericho… “C’MON BABY!” RVD kicks out. Now Test is back in. RVD tries for a cross body off the top rope, but Test catches him. RVD gets out of trouble with a quick, sharp kick. Now Jericho and Rock get tagged in. Rock is all over Jericho. Rock Bottom on Y2J. Rock covers… and Test makes the save! Now Test sets up for the big boot… Rock ducks, and lands a DDT on Test. Now Jericho takes Rock out with the title belt. RVD comes off the top rope at Jericho with a kick to the face. Now RVD lands a suicide dive to the outside on Test. Test and RVD fight into the crowd. Jericho tries to cover Rock, but he kicks out at two. Y2J goes for the Lionsault, but Rock gets the knees up. Now Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but Jericho fights out of it. Now Rock lands the spinebuster, and slaps on the Sharpshooter. Jericho taps!
Winners: RVD and The Rock

JR/Vince interview next… excuse me while I crap my pants with excitement…


Yeah this is a horrible interview… Vince is a…. “RISKKKKTACKERRRR!!!”

Good time to ask… where’d Kane go?

Yeah… Gave me a chance to eat dinner there.



Chef Boyardee’s New Poster Boy Vs Rikishi is Underrated!
Booker is really bothered with this match…. Doesn’t want the Stink Face. Can’t say I blame him, or care to see it myself…
The two lock up, and Booker pokes the eyes of Rikishi to gain an early advantage. Now Rikishi takes control over Booker, and he covers and gets two. Booker hangs Rikishi on the ropes, then takes him down and covers for two. A back and forth match here as Rikishi fires back with a somoan drop. Big belly to belly suplex by Rikishi. Now Booker T back in control, and he lands a scissor kick to take Rikishi down. SPINAROONIE!!!! Rikishi is back up, and he lands a sharp kick to Booker, and Booker goes down in the corner. Rikishi lands the Stink Face on Booker. GREAT camera shot there shows Booker’s face just totally vanishes in the Stink Face. Booker rolls to the outside and throws up all over Michael Cole! GREAT RAUGHS! Cole almost loses it himself, and he heads to the locker room. I guess that’s the match, as Rikishi dances it up. Well done there, totally didn’t expect that. Huss!
Winner: Rikishi I guess


JR is in for Cole…

IT’S DDP! 😀 And That’s… 😀 A good thing!



Rock interview. I think it’s damn near impossible to “WHAT?” a Rock interview… because it’s about two 500 word sentences.

They’re really killin time right now…


Royal Rumble flashback – Flair winning the Rumble in ’92

Austin mocks Angle stretching his neck… good raughs.
Angle goes for a takedown but Austin avoids it. Crowd chanting “WHAT?” Angle has Austin trapped in the corner. Now Austin does the same to Angle. Austin has Angle in a headlock now. This crowd is really pissing me off. Austin scores a takedown! Wait… Very slow start to the match here. Only 14 minutes left, and HHH is supposed to be back. Austin lands some elbows into Angle’s leg. Angle escapes and both men are back on their feet again. Now Angle comes off the ropes and Austin launches him to the outside. WOOOOOOO chops by Austin. We’re back in the ring now. Angle gains advantage over Austin in the corner. Austin comes back with some more chops. Now Angle gets tossed to the outside again. Austin tosses Angle into the steel steps. Now Austin slams Angle’s hand into the steps. They head back into the ring, and Angle retakes control with a knee to the stomach. Now one side of the arena is chanting “Angle Sucks” and the other side is chanting “What?”…. *bashes head against a wall* Angle lands some hard shoulders into Austin in the corner. Now a Lou Thesz press by Austin. Angle comes back quickly with a belly to belly plex. Angle covers, but Austin kicks out at two. Our Olympic Hero lays some boots to Austin while he’s laying on the mat. Austin tries fighting back with some fists. Now Austin catches Angle and lands a snake eyes. Clothesline by Austin sends Angle down. Angle tries for a german suplex, but Austin breaks it. Austin instead lands a couple german suplexes of his own. Now Angle gets control and lands some german plexes of his own. Austin goes to again return the favor, but Angle lands a low blow. Austin goes to the top… Moonsault! Angle stays on… but Austin kicks out at two! Austin goes for the pre-kick to his Stunner, but Angle catches his leg, and locks in the Ankle Lock! Austin almost gets to the ropes, but Angle drags him back. Austin rolls it into a pin! Angle kicks out at two! Now a Stunner by Austin! Here comes Kane, and he choke slams both Austin and Angle! It’s a setup for the Rumble! Here comes the Big Show! Show choke slams Kane! And here’s The Game!!! He’s ready to roll! My God that man is ripped. HHH catches Show with some shots, but Show is unphazed. Now HHH lands a low blow, and a Pedigree! Undertaker is at the top of the ramp, eying down HHH.
Winner: Who Cares?!?! And we fade…

The Bean Pole
Aside from the McMahon interview… that was hands down one of the best Smackdowns I’ve seen in a LONG time. Very solid matches, very good stuff going into the Rumble. GREAT SHOW!
9 out of 10

I know I’m not the only one that can’t wait for the Rumble this year…


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