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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 1.17.02

January 17, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report

January 17, 2002

From Lew-Easy-Anna!

Your announcers are Cole and King

Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Just started my new job. Right now we’re training, and this schedule gives me JUST enough time to get home to do this report. Gotta love it…….. For those who care, I’m a Financial Advisor at Bank One/First USA now. Pretty sweet so far.

Angle/Booker T Vs HHH and Austin tonight! HHH’s first match back!

Starting off with a match…

RV f’n D Vs Regal

RVD gains the early advantage with some fancy kicks and such. Regal takes over with a nice toss acrossed the mat. Now Regal catches RVD with a running knee. Regal covers for a two count. Now Regal puts an unorthodox reverse chinlock on RVD. RVD comes back with a back body drop. Regal makes a quick cover but only gets two. Regal regains control quickly with a forearm. Now RVD starts to make a run with some kicks, and then lands rolling thunder. Cross body off the top rope by RVD! Covers up and only gets two. Now Regal avoids RVD and sends him into the corner. They head to the outside. Regal goes for a chair, and also tucks away the brass knuckles. The ref grabs the chair from him, and they head back into the ring. RVD lands a reverse kick off the top rope on Regal. RVD charges Regal in the corner but Regal pulls out the knucks and lands a shot on RVD. Regal covers and gets the win.

Winner: Regal

Angle looks for The Rock…


Weird Angle/Rock talk… picked a good time to drop some friends off at the pool…

Billy Gunn w/Chuck Vs Tajiri w/Torrie

Gunn backs Tajiri into the corner and goes to work. Now Tajiri gains control with a hurricanrana. Now Gunn catches Tajiri from behind, puts him in a full nelson, then bombs him down! Nice move. Gunn knocks Tajiri to the outside… and he’s back in. Tajiri lands a kick to Gunn’s face. Now Tajiri locks Gunn’s head, and climbs the ropes and lands a tornado DDT. Now Tajiri with the Tarantula. The Japanese Buzzsaw goes for the finishing kick now, and Palumbo comes in and takes the green mist from Tajiri. Now Gunn comes back with a Fameasser and gets the win.

Winner: Gunn

Commercials… Colds suck…

HHH is in Rock’s dressing room… they talk up a HHH/Rock Wrestlemania… alrighty…

Trish interview, Jazz ambushes and slams her hand into a chest. Ouchies. Lillian called Jazz Jackie… Double ouchies.

Commercials… Colds still suck

T-Shir-… hehe

If DDP wins, DDP is reinstated, and can enter the Rumble.

It’s DDP… 😀 Vs You Better Read The Signs, Respect The Law & Order

Does this mean DDP is a face? Woohoo!

Bossman goes to work on DDP early in the corner. DDP lands a series of punches then covers for a one count. Boss Man fires back with a big boot, then he starts choking DDP out. Huge spinebuster by The Boss Man. Bossman starts choking DDP again in the corner. DDP lands a jawbreaker, and follows up with a clothesline. Boss Man lands a low blow on DDP, and signals for the end. Boss Man lifts him up, but DDP shakes free, and lands the Diamond Cutter and picks up the tre!

Winner, and WWF employee: DDP

Undertaker confronts Rock… Everyone wants a piece of The Rock at Wrestlemania…


Here’s Rock. Rock says everyone is apparently going to win the Royal Rumble. Now he takes the camera from the cameraman. He says the cameraman is going to win the Rumble. Now he pans the crowd pointing out people that told him they are winning the Royal Rumble. Good raughs! Now Jericho is out. Jericho is extremely pissed at everyone thinking that Rock is going to win at the Rumble. He rants on and on and Rock cuts him off when Jericho says it’s his show. Rock corrects him in saying it’s his show. Rock flat out says that everyone knows that The Rock is better than Jericho. Jericho interrupts Rock and says that he will NOT look past him, and calls him a stupid son of a bitch. Rock exits the ring, and heads up the ramp towards Jericho. Rock tells him he’s serious, etc. and walks away.


“Handicap Over The Top Rope Challenge”

Rikishi is Underrated! Vs CHRISTIAN!!! CHRISTIAANNNNNNN!!! & Lance Iwalklikeahaveastickupmyass Storm

Rikishi starts things off with a double clothesline. Storm catches Rikishi with a clothesline of his own. They try to put Rikishi over, but that’s a no go. Now Rikishi splashes Storm in the corner, and clotheslines Christian. Stink Face on Storm. Rikishi tosses Storm out. Now he back body drops Christian out as well.

Winner: Rikishi


Big Show Vs Rikishi


Winner: Big Show

Here come the Acolytes! They toss Show out, and they almost throw each other out. Here’s Kane! Acolytes work on Kane. Kane fights back on them, and takes Bradshaw out, then tosses Faarooq out by the throat!



Oh yeah… the tag champs were jumped earlier today… We see SHOCKING footage! They lock Tazz into the trunk, and do a 3D on Spike on the concrete.


Book and Angle talk. Angle starts with ebonics! “We’re sweet and sour like and ice cold showerrrrrrr” Great raughs!!! They start to get into it a bit about the rumble, but they put their focus back on tonight.

Edge Clean Vs Test ‘dees

New Test music!

Test has early control but Edge quickly takes over with a spinning heel kick. Test fires back with a big full nelson slam. Still going back and forth here and Edge gets a full nelson face buster then covers for two. Edge goes for an Edgecution, but Test avoids. Now Edge lands a reverse facebuster for two. But men fall to the outside now. Here’s Regal, and Edge catches him. Test grabs a chair, but Edge spears the hell out of him. Now Edge lands a chair shot on Regal and Test! Nick Patrick calls for the ding thing, and Edge takes him out with a chair shot as well! EDGE HAS SNAPPED!!! NEVER GONNA STOP YEAHHHHHHHHH NEVER GONNA STOP!!!!

Commercials… Cigarettes contain Urea… so does your pee.

Suck my left nut, Truth… (no, I don’t smoke)

Royal Rumble preview…

That’s all? WTF?


Booker Teeeee & ANGLE RULES!!! Vs What? and hHh

Angle tries to take out Austin and HHH, but they move and work on him. Austin and Angle end up starting off the match. Austin gets a ten punch count on Angle. Now Angle backs Austin in the corner and lands some WOOOOOO chops. Austin catches Angle off the ropes and lands a snake eyes. Angle tags out to Booker. Now HHH is tagged in to a HUGE pop. HHH works on Booker T in the corner. HHH lands a neckbreaker then takes out Angle. Booker comes back with a sharp kick to HHH. Angle tags in and HHH takes him down. Tag in to Austin. Austin with a suplex! Angle backs Austin into the corner and they work Austin down. Booker takes Austin down with a shoulder. Spinebuster by Austin out of nowhere, and a cover on Booker T for two. Booker fires back and takes Austin down, then tags Angle back into the match. Angle works on Austin in the corner, but Austin fights out of it. Angle comes off the ropes now and Austin lands a Lou Thesz press. Angle comes right back with a belly to belly overhead. Tag in to Booker T. Booker lands a scissor kick, then a spinaroonie, then Booker lands an axe kick on Austin. He covers Austin but HHH breaks it up. Angle comes in, punches Austin out, then tags Booker back in. Angle lands a cheap shot on HHH. Now Booker and Angle attempt a double team, but Austin avoids it, and takes both the heels down. The crowd wants HHH. Austin crawls over, and makes the tag! Double clothesline! Now Booker is clotheslined, and he catches Angle with a high knee! Now HHH takes Booker down and lands some punches. Booker goes for a back drop, but HHH catches him with a knee. Now all hell breaks loose, and Austin and HHH clear the ring. They bump into each other and almost get into it. Angle gets sent to the outside, and Booker gets Stunned by Austin, then a Pedigree by HHH and he covers Book for the win!

Winners: HHH & Austin

Undertaker comes out and everyone does the stare down as we fadeeeee…

The Bean Pole

Pretty decent show tonight. I enjoyed the Royal Rumble preview halfway through the show there. Big Show’s display of strength was amazing. That and HHH’s return to the ring gives it a pretty decent score from the book of beans.

7 out of 10


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