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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 1.24.02

January 24, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
January 24, 2002
From Somewhere cool
Your announcers are Cole and King
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Yeah… I had about 500 errors (okay, two noticeable ones) in my report. So I’m reposting it. Hey… Hyatte did it just about every week… I think I’m allowed to do it once eh?

So… I guess I’m just not good enough for all you high class readers huh? Voting SK and PK before me huh? You know… I have a K in my last name too… And my actualy initials are pretty cool (SM)… but I don’t use “cool” little nicknames of any sort as fuel to gain more attention…
*wipes tear off cheek*

Anyway… I’m Beany, and here’s my report… 🙂

We have 2 matches going tonight… Austin Vs Booker T, and Angle Vs The Rock. Winners face off on Raw to determine the #1 Contender.

Non-Title Match
RV F’n D Vs Regal
RVD flies over the top rope onto Regal to gain early control. Now we’re in the ring and RVD lands Rolling Thunder! FROG SPLASH!!! RVD GETS THE THREE!!!!
Winner via Squash: RVD

After the match, Edge takes Regal down then evades security…

Vince says he’s going to go through with what he promised tonight…


Rikishi Is Underrated! Vs You Better Read The Signs, Respect The Law’n Order w/Jackie as special guest ref
Boss Man tosses Rikishi to the outside and follows. Boss Man rams Rikishi hard into the steel steps. Boss Man tries to throw a section of the steps onto him, but Rikishi avoids it. We’re back inside now. Both men exchange shots in the corner and Jackie breaks them up. Boss Man takes control with a chop to the throat. Rikishi goes for a belly to belly, but Boss Man breaks out of it, and lands a big time clothesline. Boss covers, but only gets two. Rikishi fires back with a hard cresent kick. Rikishi does an Earthquake butt drop! Followed by the Banzai Drop, and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: Rikishi

Lillian and Steph talk about stuff. Lillian pulled two cups and didn’t even notice… *smacks forehead* Lillian offers her help, and Steph tosses coffee at her. Lillian runs away screaming “It’s burning!!!”… geh…

Commercials… It’s soooo f’n cool to see Mr. Perfect back in the WWF. One of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

MOMENTS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWF Tag Team Title Match
Tazz & Spike(c) Vs Albert & Scotty II Hotty
Good pop for the Champs! Apparently Albert’s Jewish… or that’s just a horrible looking hat.
Arm lock between Tazz and Scotty, and Tazz grabs Scotty and suplexes him over. Spike and Albert tags in. Albert nails Spike and Spike seems to have “reinjured” his neck. THE BIG SPIN by Albert!! Now Albert slingshots Spike under the ropes and further damages the neck. Tag to Scotty. Scotty lands a big neckbreaker on Spike, and covers, but Tazz breaks it up. Scotty fires back with a NASTY shoulder block off the ropes. Scotty covers but Spike kicks out at two. Scotty dropkicks Spike in the face, then covers again, but again Spike kicks out. Spike elbows Scotty in the corner, and makes the hot tag to Tazz. Tazz takes Scotty out. Albert comes into the ring and cleans house. Scotty is back in and he lands The Worm on Tazz. He covers, but Spike breaks it up. Now Spike lands the Dudley Dog on Albert. Tazz locks in the Tazzmission on Scotty, and he taps.
Winners, and still Champs: Tazz, Spike

Steph and HHH argue in their locker room. They have their differences and HHH walks out.


Rock Interview… Rock has Coach do the Charleston. COACH RULES!!! He’s getting down! Hard to believe he doesn’t break a sweat during these interviews. Well… he looks a little moist on the forehead…

Did I just say Moist on the forehead?

HHH beats the piss outta Christian.

We go back to Vince talking to himself in the mirror. Only Vince can get away with doing this on TV… He says that with Flair being more powerful in the WWF, the WWF will surely die… Wait… is he looking into a mirror??? I’m confused… it sure as hell looks like he is… *head explodes*

Commercials… Saw Orange County… wasn’t impressed…

So… I guess this is a #2 contender match???
Austin WHAT?I Said Austin Vs Booker Teeee
Both men go back and forth early with lockups. Now Booker gains early control with a shoulder. Now Austin takes over with a big spinebuster. WOOOOOOO chops by Austin! Austin gets whipped into the corner, but he fires back with a clothesline. Austin covers for two. Now Austin keeps control of the match with snake eyes. Another cover by Austin for two. Booker comes back finally with an axe kick. Now he sends Austin to the outside, and Austin’s knee is hurt. Booker runs Austin into the steps a couple times, then they head back inside. Booker works on Austin’s knee some more. Austin tries to come back, but Booker shuts him down with another kick. Booker covers for two. Now Booker works on Austin some more, then both men clothesline each other down. Austin comes after Booker T with a Lou Thesz press. Now some boots into Booker by Austin in the corner. Booker takes Austin back down, then does a Spinaroonie! Booker lands a nice axe kick, then covers but only for two. Now Booker with a scissor kick! Booker covers… Austin kicks out at two! Now Booker goes for a Stunner, but Austin pushes him off and lands a Stunner of his own. Austin covers and gets the tre!
Winner: Austin



WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Flair dances with Charmel!(Or… whatever her name is…) GOOD RAUGHS! Huss!!!

Tag Team Table Match
Kane & The Big Show Vs The Dudley Boyz w/Legs
Big pop for the Big Show!
The Dudleyz set some wood up on the outside of the ring. They all brawl outside of the ring, and Kane brings a table into the ring. Now all of them are in the ring and Show cleans house. Show sets up a table in the middle of the ring. Show goes for a double choke slam, but the Dudleyz avoid it. They try a facebuster on Show to the table, but Kane moves the table. Now Show comes off the ropes while Kane is on the top rope, and Kane falls to the apron. Now Show whips Bubba into the ropes, and he runs into Kane, and Kane falls into the table set up outside of the ring.
Winners: Dudleyz

After the match, Show and Kane jaw at each other. SGT. SLAUGHTER makes the save!!!

More Vince drama… Okay… he’s either talking to someone or looking into a mirror. I’m thinking mirror, cuz of his references to himself… fuck it all straight to hell…

Yeah… so…


It’s Goldust!!! You gotta love the old school interviews! Not even gonna attempt to recap what he says…

Billy slaps Chucky’s ass…

Angle interview… Angle gets pissed at the fans again. He walks out of the interview because of the fans…


Non Title Match
Jazz Vs Trish
Haven’t used on in a while… But it’s time to redeem a…
Winner by DQ – Trish

Vince cracks me the hell up…


Jericho is out for commentary

#2 Contenders Match…
ANGLE RULES!!! Vs The Rock
Rock has early control over Angle. Now Angle with a firemans carry takedown followed by an arm bar. Now Angle applies a head lock. Now Rock comes back quick with a belly to belly overhead. Rock covers for two. Now Angle lands a REAL belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle takes the boots to Rock in the corner. Rock tries to fight back, but Angle catches Rock from behind and lands some german suplexes. Angle covers Rock for a two count. Now Angle tosses Rock to the CONCRETEEEEE floor. Jericho grabs Rock, and smashes Rock into the announce table, then into the ring post. Jericho gets back on commentary, and says he was trying to help Rock back into the ring. We’re back inside the ring now, and Angle has the Ankle Lock applied! Rock reaches the ropes. Both men come off the ropes and they clothesline each other down. Rock comes off the ropes with a big forearm. Rock with a DDT on Angle, cover… and Angle kicks out at two. Angle stops the Rock’s momentum with a clothesline and a slam. Rock quickly hops back up then tosses Angle to the outside. Rock takes care of Jericho and Angle, then they’re back in the ring. Rock with a spinebuster… then Rock slaps on the Sharpshooter! Jericho pulls the ref to the outside as Angle taps out. Now Undertaker is in and he choke slams The Rock! Angle is on for the cover, and the ref is back to count the three!
Winner: Kurt Angle

So it’s Austin Vs Angle at Raw. Winner faces Jericho at No Way Out…

Commercials… I think… haha

Austin and Angle brawl…

Vince says he’s gonna kill the WWF. And he’s gonna do it with… THE N……W…….O!!!!!!!!

The Bean Pole
nWo is coming back, and Vince will make it work. Good matches otherwise. Good stuff my friends…
8 out of 10


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