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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 1.31.02

January 31, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
January 31, 2002
From Norfolk, VA
Your announcers are Cole and King
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Overall a good vibe from the Raw report readers… That’s right, I’m forming a cult… I may just be a Smackdown Recapper, but believe you me… I will be bigger than Hyatte eventually…


Anyway… thanks to all that emailed me on how to fix the stupid MS Word thing. In honor of that… allow me to do a little something…

nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo nWo!!!!!!


Moving on…

So, work ran a little late so I missed the first match. Couldn’t have been that great.

Winner: Jericho

After the match, Jericho assaults Jackie the ref.


The APA in the house. And here’s LL Cool J, that one American Pie guy… I think… and Rebecca Rommm-mmm good. REBECCA CHUGS A BEER!!!! Holy hell! “DAMN!” Amen to that Faarooq!

Here’s Flair, and the fans give him a standing O. As they pan the crowd, a lot of people are bowing to him. Flair loves it and he’s almost crying. I doubt that’s a fake look on Flair’s face right now. Flair says he’s here tonight to say goodbye! No nWo? Flair thanks them, and the crowd chants “Flair! Flair! Flair! Flair!” He says that the WWF has to go forward, so he’s selling his stock. Now the crowd chants “WE WANT FLAIR!” But Flair says that this is it for him. He says goodbye, and walks out.



Who the hell is the Hardcore Champ?

European Title Match
It’s DDP! 😀 Vs CHRISTIANNN!!! (c)
Christian slaps DDP then heads to the outside to avoid DDP. We head back into the ring. Christian jumps on DDP but Page regains control. He takes Christian down and makes a quick cover for two. Christian gathers himself then hangs DDP on the top rope. Action spills to the outside, and Christian tosses DDP into the steel steps. The crowd starts chanting for DDP. DDP responds by landing a wraparound clothesline. DDP lands a huge sit down powerbomb and stays down for the cover, but Christian kicks out at two. Page goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Christian grabs the ropes so he won’t go down… nice move! DDP goes for it again, but Christian reverses it into a reverse DDT! Christian makes a quick cover, but DDP kicks out. Christian picks DDP up to go for another pinning combination, but DDP connects with the Diamond Cutter! DDP covers… and gets the tre!!!
Winner, and NEW Champ: DDP

Vince arrives with his lawyers. Coach catches him and tells him what Flair already did. But Vince says he’s making Flair come out and sign his stock over to Vince publicly.


Goldust promo! HHHHHOOOOOOOCKKKKK!!!! We’re finding out who Goldust is after on Raw! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! HOCKKKKK!

Steph interview… bah. *sets alarm for 8:50* Damn… Steph just said that there’s nobody better in bed than her… Shit… I just remembered my Celtics were on!… 🙁

Booker gets mad at LL Cool J. Booker challenges the APA to a match tonight. He’ll find a partner, apparently.

Commercials… WOOOO!!! Celts up 34-31! That wasn’t a foul!!!! 34-33 now, thanks to a turnover by Joe Johnson. Tony Battie is a rebounding machine!! Strickland drives and is fouled…


We’re back… and Regal is out for commentary.

The Dudleyz w/Legs Vs Edge and RV f’n D
Edge and RVD go straight for Regal at the announce table. The Dudleyz take control, and D-Von works on Edge to start the match off. Edge lands a reverse facebuster, then RVD tags in and lands a Rolling Thunder. D-Von catches RVD and lands a big neckbreaker. D-Von tags Bubba in, and lands a neckbreaker of his own. Cover by Bubba Ray, but RVD kicks out at two. Outside of the ring, Keibler sits on Regals lap, and Regal grabs something from her pants! Back instide the ring, and both D-Von and RVD are down. Bubba and Edge both make the tag, and Edge is on fire. Edge lands a neckbreaker, and covers for a two count. Now RVD is in and he takes D-Von down, then lands a ***** Frog Splash on D-Von! Bubba Ray takes down RVD, then Edge lands a Spear on Bubba. Now here’s Regal trying to interfere with the knucks, but Edge avoids him and Bubba runs into him on accident. Edge grabs Bubba Ray and lands an Edgecusion and picks up the vic.
Winners: RVD and Edge

Vince goes over the contract with his lawyers…


Angle interview… (Celtics up 4… Kenny Anderson at the charity stripe. Now it’s 46-41 Celts! Make that 46-43…)

Rock thanks Flair for the memories… is he growing a mustache?

Commercials… WOOO Pierce! 50-45 Celts. Walker is off the mark tonight or so it appears. Celts up 5 at the half! I believe the Celts have only lost 2 games if they score 100+ points.

Booker T & Test Vs the APA w/Rollerball Celebs
APA clean house early and often here. Test drags Faarooq to the outside and slams him into the announce table. Now the heels double up on Faarooq on the outside then Booker tosses him back into the ring. Booker works on Faarooq in the corner. Faarooq fires back with a big powerslam. Both Test and Bradshaw tag in. Bradshaw’s been getting some nice pops. The APA double up on Booker T. In the ring Booker T lands a scissor kick on Faarooq. Test goes for a big boot, but misses Faarooq and nails Booker T. Bradshaw is back in, and lands the CFH on Test. Bradshaw covers and gets the tre.
Winners: APA


ANGLE RULES!!! & The Guttytaker Vs hHh & The Rock
Angle and HHH start things off here. Angle takes control early, but HHH takes Angle down with a boot to the face. HHH wraps Angle’s leg around the steel post a couple times, then continues to work on the knee. HHH alnds a huge powerslam. Taker comes in and HHH catches him with a spear. HHH goes after Angle again, but Taker comes back with a big boot. Taker officially tags in, and he works on HHH a bit then tags Angle back in. HHH misses a punch, and Angle lands a series of german suplexes. King just said that nobody does that better than Angle… my ass… HHH counters the Angle Slam, then lands a german release suplex. Both men are down, and the Rock is itching to get in. Rack gets the luke warm tag, and he unloads on Kurt. Rock comes off the ropes and lands a big flying forearm. Rock lands a spinebuster on Angle. Now Rock goes for the people’s elbow, but Taker comes in and lands a clothesline on Rock. Taker pulls The Rock to the outside, and he runs Rock’s back into the steel post. Taker tosses Rock back in, and Angle covers, but Rock kicks out at two. Rock comes back with a Sharpshooter, but Taker breaks it up. Undertaker is officially in here, and Rock tries for a Rock Bottom, but Taker fights out of it. Rock answers back with a big DDT. Angle and HHH make the tags. HHH comes in and lands a hugeeeee spinebuster. Undertaker is back in, and HHH greets him with a neckbreaker. HHH clotheslines Undertaker to the outside, then lands a high knee on Angle. HHH covers, but Angle kicks out at two. HHH lands a Pedigree on Angle. He covers, but Undertaker is in and lands a chair shot on HHH. The ref calls for the ding thing… SCAAAAAREWWWW THAT!
Winners via DQ: Rock and HHH

Rock goes after Undertaker outside of the ring, but Taker takes control. He goes for his chair… throat… thingie… but Rock avoids it. Undertaker goes for another chair shot… but Rock grabs Undertaker, and Rock Bottoms him through the announce table! Back inside the ring, Angle applies the Ankle Lock on HHH. Angle’s music hits and we fade to some…

Commercials… Why do they have to pick Thursday night to show the Celtics on National TV? I rarely get to see them play here in Ohio… Seriously… how much crap is that? 🙂 WOOOOOOOO!!!! Celtics are up 17! Make that 15… I think I’m jinxing my team here… 68-54 now.

This really doesn’t look like the same version of the video we saw on Raw. Maybe it is… I dunno. But I should note that there was a nWo segment during it featuring Nash, Hall, and Hogan… intersting…

It’s Arn Anderson! He grabs Flair, and they shake and share a hug… Flair’s headed to the ring.


Here’s Vince with his lawyers headed to the ring. WOOO! We got the old school red blanketed ring, with the table to sign the contract with! Vince says that Flair doesn’t give a damn about the fans. He says that Flair is signing the contract tonight because Flair has lost to Vince McMahon. Vince says that, in the contract, Vince is prohibited from bringing in the nWo. Now he calls Flair out. Vince demands that his music is cut as he walks to the ring… ouch. Crowd starts chanting for Flair again. Vince insults Flair some more, then invites him to have a seat. Vince presents Flair the contract. Flair grabs the pen from him. Flair stands up, and Vince is stunned. Vince tells him to sit back down, and sign it. Flair sits back down… and begins to sign his first name. Here comes Austin! Austin staops the goings on, and taunts Vince. Vince takes a swing at Flair, and Flair retaliates with a shot on Vince. Now Austin lands a Stunner on McMahon! Flair tears up the contract! The two share some brew as we fade…

The Bean Pole
Pretty damn good show this week. Witnessed a title change, some good wrestling action, and some kickass segments with Flair/Vince/Austin. This of course means that the nWo is right around the corner! The anticipation itself makes this a quality edition of Smackdown.
8 out of 10


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