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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 12.28.00

December 28, 2000 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
December 28, 2000
Taped from Nashville
Your announcers are Cole and King
Report for 411 by Sean McCluskey

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year. I know I’m going to have a good time! Woohooooo!

Steph talks to JR in the back and announces some matches for tonight. However, I want to keep all my readers on the edges of their seats, so I won’t repeat them (even though you can just scroll down to see them…).

And here’s one of them…

Why is Fink announcing Raw and Smackdown this week?

Chris Jericho Vs Edge & Christian
Jericho puts Christian in a quick roll up for a two count. Edge comes in and takes out Jericho. Christian goes to work on Y2J in the corner then tags in Edge. Edge throws a couple punches and tags in Christian. Edge and Christian go for poetry in motion but Jericho moves. Jericho lands a double DDT on E&C. Jericho hits a lionsault on Edge but Christian breaks up the pinfall. Walls of jericho on Edge. Christian distracts the ref while Edge taps out. Steph is out and gets Jericho to break the hold. The ref is over telling Steph to get out of the ring now. Christian comes back in and lands the impaler on Jericho. Edge covers for the three count.
Winner: Edge & Christian

Commercials… I’ll show you mayhem…

IC Title Match
Benoit Is God (c) Vs Matt Hardy
Matt lands a clothesline on Benoit. Benoit rolls to the outside. Matt lands a cross body off the top rope to the outside. Back inside and Matt hits another cross body off of the top and covers for two. Benoit gains control with some WOOOOOOOO chops. Snap suplex by Benoit followed by a cover for two. Benoit lands a big elbow and covers for two. Matt rolls Benoit up for a quick pin but Benoit kicks out at two. Benoit goes for the flying headbutt but Matt moves. Tornado DDT by Matt for a two count. Matt goes to the second rope and lands a leg drop. He covers but Benoit has his foot on the rope. Matt goes for the twist of fate but Benoit reverses it into the crossface! Matt grabs the rope. Matt regains control and goes for a tornado DDT from the top rope but Benoit reverses that into the crossface as well. This time Matt taps out.
Winner and Still Champ: Benoit


Review of the Chyna interview. Now think about it, if this really happened, she wouldn’t say that she hates Val and RTC. You didn’t hear Austin saying that he hated Owen Hart when he nearly broke his neck with a piledriver.

Okay, Val and Ivory do an extremely stupid reenactment of the Chyna interview. Val looks kinda funny dressed up as Ross though.

Commercials… Yeah, that Save The Last Dance movie looks pretty horrible. Speaking of flicks, I watched Fargo for the first time yesterday. Pretty awesome movie. The Coen Brothers rock.

Why, if Kurt Angle has won an Olympic Gold Medal, does he have two gold medals around his neck. That’s cornfusing…

WWF Title Match
Buh Buh Ray Dudley Vs Angle Rules! (c)
Buh Buh and Angle trade shots to start. Buh Buh misses a clothesline and Angle lands a german suplex. Now Angle lands a neckbreaker on Buh Buh. Huge WHOOOOOOO chops by Buh Buh on Angle. Buh Buh misses a splash and Angle regains control. Angle tries a moonsault from the top but Buh Buh moves out of the way. Buh Buh clotheslines Angle and covers for two. Buh Buh lands a side suplex for another two count. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex for two. Angle lands a low blow and rolls Buh Buh up for the win. Weak.
Winner and Still Champ: Kurt Angle

Buh Buh attacks Kurt and lands a full nelson slam/buh buh bomb. Edge and Christian come out and assault Buh Buh. Now D-Von is out. Flying nut buster on Angle. D-Von grabs a table and sets it up. Angle hits an olympic slam on Buh Buh through the table!


Steph is out. She says her New Year’s resolution is to gain respect from all wrestlers in the WWF. She goes on saying that all the faces in the matches so far tonight got what they deserved. Austin cuts Steph off, thank God… Austin says that the only thing that he wants is a WWF title shot. Steph says that Austin deserves one. I thought they weren’t allowed to curse on Smackdown… Great, it’s the making of another Austin/McMahon feud. Austin grabs some beers. He toast one with Steph and beer goes all over Steph’s dress. Now Austin dumps beer all over Steph!


Bull, Ivory, and Goodfather Vs The Acolytes and Jackie
Bradshaw and Bull are in to start. Bradshaw lands some hard shots on Bull and tags in Faarooq. Bull gains control and tags in Goodfather. Double team face buster on Faarooq. Now Ivory tags in. Jackie tags herself in and spears Ivory. The Acolytes and RTC rumble as Ivory rolls up Jackie for the win. Blah.
Winners: RTC

Venis comes out from the back and helps take on the Acolytes. Here comes Billy Gunn and he cleans house. This feud sucks.

Commercials… Alright, if they HAVE to torture me with Truth.com commercials, at least they can show different ones. Hm, a Smackdown promo with Rikishi and Too Cool together…

Tension between T&A. Albert says “Don’t cross the boss…”

Hardcore Title Match
Jeff Hardy Vs Raven (c)
Jeff is in control early. Jeff lands a sick bulldog on Raven onto an upright trashcan. Jeff wipes a mop in Raven’s face. Jeff goes for a high risk move but Raven moves. Raven lands a stiff shot on Jeff’s head with a street sign. Raven covers for a two count. Raven stands a trash can up. Raven lands a drop toe hold on Jeff and Jeff slams into the trashcan. Now Jeff smashes Raven’s jewels with the mop. Jeff grabs a ladder and lands some hard shots on Raven. He lays the ladder on Raven then lands a legdrop. Jeff covers for a two count. Raven goes to the outside and Jeff jumps off the top rope onto him. Jeff throws Raven back into the ring and he follows. Jeff goes for a high risk move off of the ladder but Raven with the FIRE EXTINGUISHER OF DOOM! Even flow DDT on Jeff followed by a cover and the three count.
Winner and Still Champ: Raven


T&A Vs II Cool: Part Duex
GMS lands a high cross body for a two count. Tag into Scotty and then a tag to Albert. Albert and Scotty go back and forth until Albert punches Scotty to the outside. Scotty comes back in and Albert hits a slingshot on the ropes. Tag into Test and he lands a sidewalk slam on Scotty. Tag back in to Albert. Albert misses a big splash. Scotty tags in GMS. GMS lands a big insiguri on Albert. Now all four men brawl. Scotty lands the worm on Albert. GMS lands the hip hop drop on Albert. GMS goes for a cover but Scotty is talking with the ref. This allows Test to land a flying elbow on GMS and put Albert on him. The ref turns around and counts the three.
Winners: T&A

After the match, Albert turns on Test! Albert tells Test that he is through with carrying him and that it’s his time. Steph is smiling as she watches this in the back.

Commercials… I’ll show you mayhem…

Rock interview… nothing special. Typical KK insult, damn him. Rock admits to eating glue in High School. Well, something like that…

Commercials… If anyone hasn’t seen The Three Faces Of Foley, I suggest you order the Fanatix series of that. It’s pretty awesome.

Steph comes out and introduces Rikishi’s partner, William Regal! Now, Steph says that it’s still a handicapped match, and introduces their partner, Kane!

Rikishi Vs The Rockertaker
Rock goes to work on Kane and clotheslines him to the outside. Undertaker and Regal are in to start the match. Sidewalk slam by Taker for a two count. Regal lands an elbow on Taker and tags in Kane. Taker tags in The Rock. Rock lands some right and goes off the ropes but Kane comes back with a big clothesline. Now Rock comes back with a flying clothesline and he tags in Undertaker. Taker lands his vintage top rope clothesline. He hits Regal then Kane takes Undertaker out. Rikishi is tagged in and he works on Taker a bit. Tag to Regal. Regal lands a couple shots and a double knee and tags Kane back in. Taker comes back and exchanges shots with Kane. Taker lands a big boot and he falls to the mat. Kane tags in Regal and Taker tags The Rock in. Rock with a nice belly to belly suplex. Spine buster on Regal but Kane comes in and takes The Rock out. Rikishi is heading up the ramp. Rock goes after him and brings him in. Kane and Regal are nowhere to be found. Choke slam on Rikishi. Now Kane and Regal are back and they go to work on Rock and Taker. Rikishi has a chair. Regal holds Rock for Rikishi. Rock ducks and Rikishi lands a chair shot on Regal. Rock lands a DDT and covers for the win.
Winners: The Rock and Undertaker

After the match, the heels dominate The Rock and Undertaker. Steph is loving it in the back as we fade…


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