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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 2.14.02

February 14, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report

February 14, 2002

From Little Rock

Your announcers are Cole and King

Report for 411 by Sean “I’m A Tool Because I Thought I Was Watching Raw” McCluskey

Happy Valentines Day all!

Missed the first few segments of the show. Friend of mine at work had no ride home so I had to help him out. Feel free to email me and flame away!

Jericho is in Flair’s office. We see Jericho kicking Austin’s ass on Raw. Ric gives Jericho the option of leaving now before Austin arrives. Jericho questions Flair’s manhood. Jericho isn’t going anywhere. Flair books him against Kane for tonight. WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

APA watches Billy and Chuck exchange Valentine’s Day gifts… awwwww. Bradshaw wonders if Faarooq got him anything… “DAMN!”


HHH/Maven Vs Taker/Angle tonight… Steph is promising HHH a V-Day present.

APA Vs The Ambiguously Gay Duo

HA! Billy and Chuck have new, seductive music. Both these teams need to be tag champs.

The APA have seen enough and jump Billy and Chuck outside of the ring. Bradshaw and Chuck are in the ring to kick off the match officially. Chuck goes for a cross body but Bradshaw catches him and lands a fallaway slam. Chuck tags Billy into the match. Bradshaw takes him down with a shoulder block. Cover by Bradshaw for two. Faarooq makes the tag and he elbows Billy down. Faarooq is whipped to the ropes and Chuck takes a shot at him. Billy has control over Faarooq now. Meanwhile, action on the outside as Chuck tosses Bradshaw into the stairs. Faarooq takes Billy down with a spinebuster. Faarooq goes after Chuck, but he nails him with the chocolate box (Billy’s gift) packed with a weight inside. Faarooq is out cold and Billy takes advantage and makes the cover.

Winners: Billy and Chuck


We’re back and we’re welcomed back with the sound of breaking glass! Cole “Is something bothering him?” What a chode… Austin’s all serious on us. He’s gonna talk to us about something. Austin admits to the fans he is a drug addict. Then he says his drug of choice is the WWF Title. Austin says on “This Sunday… Bloody Sunday, Jericho will have no way out.” Good stuff. Austin says that he’s going to hit Jericho with a Stunner, and “put some STANK on it!” Who throws Austin his beers anyway? Whoever it is has a damn good arm.


It’s Val! Val brings a lady into the ring. He takes off his towel, and he has a “HEART ON!” HAHA! He has a heart attached to his tights! She takes off her top for him in return! Nice! Val rules!!!

Val Venis Vs Regal

Val takes control of the match with a suplex. Val heads to the top early, but Regal shoves the ref into the ropes and knocks Val out. Now Regal pulls out the knucks and KO’s Val. Dammit…

Winner: Regal

Coach interviews Regal, and Regal knocks him out! HA! Edge comes out and spears Regal.

Austin confronts Jericho. Austin orders him to grab a beer. Austin wants to toast Jericho. Austin smashes the beers then taunts the hell outta Y2J.

Christian/Storm, and The Dudleyz are in Flair’s office. They want a title shot. Flair says that at No Way Out, there’s gonna be a tag team turmoil match! Winner goes to Wrestlemania!

Goldusssssssst Vs Tajiri w/Torrie

Tajiri lands a kick on Goldust to take early control. Goldust fights back but Tajiri maintains advantage and slaps on the Tarantula! Tajiri tries for a moonsault, but Goldust moves. Goldust sets Tajiri up for Shattered Dreams, but Torrie gets on the apron. She slaps Goldust, and Tajiri lands a kick. Tajiri covers, but only gets a two. Goldust lands a Curtain Call!!! Huge neckbreaker!!! Goldust covers for the vic!

Winner: Goldust

After the match, RVD lands a Five Star on Goldust.

Commercials… N…..W…….OOOOOOOOOOO…….

Y2J2 Vs Kane

Jericho attacks from behind but Kane quickly takes advantage. Jericho has had enough already and gets his belts. Kane grabs him by the hair, but Jericho hangs him on the top rope. Jericho runs at Kane, but Kane backdrops him to the outside. Jericho hits Kane with a belt, and the ref calls for the ding thing.

Winner: Kane

Jericho escapes up the ramp, but here’s Austin. Didn’t see that coming. Austin tosses Jericho back in and he lays waste on him. Big time Stunner on Jericho. Austin pours some beers on Jericho.

Vince is talking to Hogan! Steph wants HHH’s HHHHHHHEARTTTTTT! Evil…

Sweet nWo/WWF promo


Angle Rules! & The Guttytaker Vs Maven & }{h}{

Undertaker attacks Maven and then works on HHH in the ring to start the match off. Now HHH gains control and lands a 10 punch count on Taker in the corner. Undertaker fires back with a huge clothesline. Tag in to Angle. HHH takes control over Angle with a big spinebuster. HHH spills to the outside, and Undertaker meets him there. Taker tosses HHH into the steps. Now Maven is in and he works on Angle in the ring! German suplex by Maven! Angle takes over and tags in Undertaker. Takers works on Maven and tosses him to the outside. Angle works on him a bit then tosses him back in. Taker drops a big elbow, and covers, but HHH makes the save. Undertaker lands a nasty big boot on Maven. Angle is back in now. Angle goes for a moonsault, and Maven avoids it! Angle landed pretty badly there. Angle grabs Maven’s foot. HHH runs in and DDTs Angle! Now Maven makes the SMOKIN hot tag to HHH. HHH is a house of fire, taking out both Taker and Angle. HHH lands a knee drop on Angle. HHH goes for a Pedigree on Angle, but Taker lands a big boot. Maven flies off the top and lands a missile dropkick on Angle! Undertaker takes Maven to the outside and lands a LAST RIDE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE on Maven! Taker is back in and accidentally clotheslines Angle to the outside. HHH lands a knee drop on Taker. Now HHH sets up for a Pedigree on Taker, and Angle lands a chair shot on HHH. BAH!

Losers: The Fans

Angle and Taker work on HHH in the ring. Taker goes for a chair shot, but Flair is out and he grabs the chair from Taker! Taker hits Flair with a big boot! Flair goes for a Last Ride on Ric, but Vince stops him. Vince wants Flair to be at No Way Out to witness the nWo. So Vince says to save Flair. Undertaker sends Flair to the outside. Steph is out too. Steph says she’s gonna be the guest ref at No Way Out. Angle takes HHH out with a chair and we fadeeeee….

The Bean Pole

Decent show… from what I saw… lol ~~~

6.5 out of 10


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