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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 2.7.02

February 7, 2002 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
February 7, 2002
From LA, CA
Your announcers are Cole and King
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

nWo commercials to start the match.

Rock’s out, he talks away on the mic. Rock calls out Taker… Booker is out instead, and they talk smack, and we have an…


Rock Vs Booker T
Rock takes control early but Booker lands a kick and contains Rock for a while. Action spills to the outside, and Booker runs Rock into the steps, then tosses him into the barricade. We head back into the ring, and Rock comes back with a DDT and both men are down. Both Rock and Booker get to their feet at the same time, and they exchange punches. Rock gains the advantage, and takes Booker down with an overhead toss. I’m not calling that a belly to belly anymore because it isn’t. Rock covers for two. Booker comes back with a scissor kick. Booker does the Spinaroonie, and Rock hops to his feet next to him. Spinebuster, People’s Elbow, cover… ballgame.
Winner: The Rock

Commercials… I haven’t gotten into many PC games recently… but Wolfenstein: Return to the Castle is unbelievable…

Steph/HHH interview concerning her pregnancy. I’m gonna get some dinner… She’s 8 weeks pregnant.


mmm… spaghetti…

Here comes Angle rolling down a baby carriage. He says he’s going to Wrestlemania. Angle says that since HHH “cheated” at the Royal Rumble, Angle gets the chance to take things over by beating HHH. Angle says he feels sorry for the new baby. Angle says he knows what their baby is going to look like, and reaches into the carriage and pulls out a baby ape stuffed animal. The stuffed animal has a big plastic nose attached to it. Angle plays with it and feeds it a baby banananananana. Good raughs! HHH is out and he punches Angle then tosses the baby carriage onto him. Ow…


We are CORDIALLY invited to see Steph and HHH renew their wedding vows on Raw… =/

Regal’s music is slightly different… I don’t like it as much…

Rob Zombie in the house

Regal and The Dudleyz Vs Rikishi, RV f’n D & Edge
The whole slew of wrestlers involved go at it to kick things off. D-Von and RVD are in to start the match officially. RVD takes control with a nice hurricanrana. Cover by Van Dam for two. Edge tags in. Edge lands a dropkick off the middle rope on D-Von. Edge covers for two. Edge gets whipped into the heels’ corner, and he fights out of it. But now Bubba and Regal trip Edge up and smash hit penis into the steel post. Bubba is in the ring now working on Edge. D-Von is back in and he works on Edge in the corner. Edge lands a facebuster and both men are down. Edge crawls over and makes the hot tag to Rikishi. Rikishi cleans house, and lands a somoan drop on Bubba. He covers but Regal is in. The ring completely clears except D-Von Dudley. RVD flies off the top rope and kicks D-Von. More mayhem all over the place including Edge spearing Regal, also Bubba and Rikishi are in the ring. Rikishi splashes Bubba in the corner and applies the stink face. Rikishi gets up and walks right into a 3D. Cover, and the three.
Winners: Dudleyz and Regal

Regal works on Edge after the match with the knucks…


Another nWo commercial.

Taker Vs Maven tonight for the Hardcore title…

Y2J2 is out. He’s still wanting respect. Everyone’s telling him that he’ll lose to Austin at No Way Out. Jericho begs Austin to come down to the ring to have their match right now! Here comes Austin! No… wait… it’s some fat dude that looks like Austin. HA! This guy’s got Austin down pretty good. Huss! Did I just see ass crack? Crack kills… LMAO! This guy is great!!! Now the glass breaks again, and here’s the real Austin. Damn… that guy was funny. Jericho bails, and the big guy is frozen in the ring with Austin. Jericho tries to ambush Austin, but Austin clears him out, and Jericho leaves. The fake Austin is still here. Austin asks him if he wants to have a beer. Austin grabs some beers. They toast, and Austin Stuns the hell outta fake Austin.

Another nWo commercial…


Paulina from Tough Enough is in the house!

Jericho runs into Flair. Flair says he noticed Jericho wanted a match tonight. He books Jericho Vs HHH tonight!

Hardcore Title Match
Maven w/Al Snow!!! Vs The Undertaker
This should be interesting…
Snow tosses him a trash can lid, and Maven works on Taker early! Undertaker quickly gains control though and lands a hard clothesline sending Maven to the mat. Taker misses an elbow, and Snow tosses Maven a trash can. Taker blocks a shot by Maven, and punches the trash can in his face. Snow drags Maven to the outside. Undertaker follows and sends Maven into the steel steps. Taker tosses Maven back into the ring. Snow distract Taker, but it has no effect as UT lands a trash can shot on Maven’s head. Snow again drags Maven away from trouble, and this time Undertaker takes Snow out and tosses him into the crowd. We’re back in the ring now, and Maven is motionless, bleeding in the ring. Undertaker goes for the last ride, but Snow enters the ring with the ring bell and lands a shot on Taker. Maven rolls him up but only gets a two count. Taker boots Snow to the outside, then choke slams Maven. Taker covers, but pulls Maven up at two. Taker applies a dragon sleeper, and here comes The Rock! Rock lands a chair shot on Undertaker, and then a Rock Bottom!!! Maven crawls over and covers… 1… 2… 3… !!! MAVEN PINS THE UNDERTAKER!
Winner, and NEW CHAMP: MAVEN!

Huge props to Taker for getting Maven over.




The King’s music hits and we’re set for the posedown… Wooptie friggin doo. For those who don’t know… it’s Billy and Chucky Vs Torrie and Stacy. Looks like Torrie is wearing nothing under her robe. King opens the ropes for Stacy, but she steps over them… lol that was pretty sweet. Billy and Chuck go first, and the ladies in the crowd are diggin it. Now Torrie and Stacy unrobe to a huge pop. Billy and Chucky start posing. I think Chucky’s poppin a chubby. Torrie feels up Stacy’s legs… dang… *blinks* Torrie and Stacy win, and they start fighting a bit… okay…


HHH confronts Vince. HHH gets pissed at Vince over the Angle situation. Then HHH says Steph wants him to walk down the isle with her. Vince says he’ll think about it. Then Vince makes HHH’s match tonight a handicapped match. HHH Vs Angle and Jericho.

Commercials… Booker:”Hungry mens dinner. FRIED CHICKENS!!” ©Moppy


Rock says “ain’t” about 400 times, and Undertaker beats him up for it. UNDERTAKER CHOKE SLAMS THEN TOMBSTONES ROCK ON THE HOOD OF A CAR!!! HOLY SHAT!!!



EMTs put Rock on a stretcher.

Angle Rules!!! & Y2J2 Vs }{h}{ ©ICE
HHH has the early advantage on the two outside of the ring. HHH and Angle are in the ring and the bell rings to start things off officially. HHH lands a DDT on Angle and covers for a two count. Jericho is and distracts HHH. Angle lands some german suplexes on HHH. Jericho has HHH outside of the ring, and runs him into the steel steps. THOSE STEPS HAVE TO WEIGH 500 POUNDS!!! Angle works on HHH in the corner back in the ring, then he makes the tag to Jericho. Jericho works on HHH, and Angle is back in. Angle goes for HHH’s legs. HHH fights out of trouble, but Angle makes the tag back to Jericho and the heels stay ahead of the Game. Now both men are on for a double team. Jericho charges HHH in the corner, but HHH moves. HHH lands a high knee on Angle. HHH has Jericho alone in the ring now, and HHH slaps on the Walls. Angle goes to break it up, but HHH catches him and applies the Ankle Lock! Jericho breaks that up. HHH catches Jericho and catapults him over the top rope and onto the floor. HHH sets Angle up for a Pedigree, but he sees Jericho on the top rope. HHH lifts Angle back up and Jericho dropkicks Angle in the back of the head. Jericho brings in a chair, and misses a chair shot on HHH. HHH goes for a Pedigree on Jericho, but Angle catches him from behind with an Angle Slam onto the chair. Cover, and the heels pic up the tre.
Winners: Angle and Jericho

After the match, Steph is down to tend to her hubby. HHH and Steph hug, and Angle attacks from behind and HHH falls on Steph… dammit this angle blows… Apparently Steph is okay… hooray. We fade…

The Bean Pole
Pretty good show this week. The highlights to it were pretty damn sweet though so I’m giving it a solid score. Maven, the Tombstone, and the nWo clips.
8 out of 10


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