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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 3.08.01

March 8, 2001 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
March 8, 2001
Taped from Washington DC
Your announcers are Cole and Tazz
Report for 411 by Sean McCluskey

I don’t know about everyone else, but I thought Heyman rocked on his first showing on Raw.

Tag Team Title Match
The Hardyz(c)w/Lita Vs The Dudley Boyz
The Dudleyz rush the ring and start brawling outside of the ring to start the match. Now The Hardyz have Buh Buh alone in the ling. Poetry in Motion on Buh Buh. Matt Hardy covers for two. Buh Buh catches Matt and lands a back suplex. Tag in to D-Von. D-Von lands a power slam and gets a two count. Jeff trips D-Von up from the outside, and Matt lands an elbow. Tag in to Jeff. Double shoulder block by Matt and Jeff and Jeff covers for two. Jeff flies off the top but D-Von clotheslines him. Jeff tags in Matt. Matt lands a gut wrench suplex and covers for two. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but D-Von reverses. Buh Buh and Jeff tag in. Huge back body drop by Buh Buh on Jeff and a cover for two. Dudley Device on Jeff Hardy. Now Lita lands a hurricanrana on Buh Buh while the ref’s back is turned. Jeff covers for a two count only. Now The Dudleyz nail the 3D on Matt Hardy. The cover is made and the ref counts, but right before his hand hits the mat for three, and Christian pulls the ref out of the ring out of nowhere. Matt lands a neckbreaker on Buh Buh, and The Hardyz cover and steal the win from the Dudleyz.
Winners and Still Champs: The Hardyz

After the match, The Dudleyz take out Christian. They powerbomb him through a table.

Debra talks to Vince in her office. She doesn’t agree with his actions against Trish. Vince agrees, and says he has respect for women. He calls Trish, trash. Vince apologizes. Now she questions her managing The Rock. He says that he was rewarding her for her efforts. He compliments her necklace… okay…


IC Title Match
Y2J1(c) Vs Val Venis w/Steven and Ivory
Jericho is in control while Cole tells Ivory, who joined them for announcing, that Chyna is rumored to be making a comeback. Ivory babbles a bit, and Val gains control in the ring. Val lands a knee drop on Jericho. Jericho battles back with a flying elbow. Bull Buchanon pulls the top rope down and Jericho flips over. RTC mug him and toss Jericho back into the ring. Here come the APA. Steven Kick on Jericho! Val covers… and Jericho kicks out at two! Now Jericho lands the Lionsault and pins Val for the three.
Winner and Still Champ: One Baaaad Mama Jama

We see a clip of Kurt “breaking” Scotty II’s ankle.

KK interviews Angle. GMS is off to the side talkin smack to Angle. Angle says “I’m a gold frickin medalist!”, and Test walks up to Angle, and challenges him to a match. About damn time we see Test again. I mean, he IS a champion…


Vince is talking to Trish over the phone, and Trish tells him that her and LINDA are on the way there. Interesting…

Benoit taunts the Radicalz in the locker room. Benoit says he’s going to the ring.

Debra talks with Austin, and they discuss her managing The Rock.


Still a coarse of boos for Benoit. I hope that changes soon!

Benoit is running the gauntlet against the Radicalz tonight!

Benoit Is God Vs Perry Saturn
Saturn gains control with some hard right hands. Saturn catches Benoit’s legs, and Benoit does an awesome reversal to get Saturn off of him. WOOOOOO chops in the corner by Benoit. Now Saturn is back with a belly to belly suplex. Saturn covers for two. Saturn does a interesting arm-breaker-type move, then covers for two. Saturn rakes the face of Benoit. Saturn props Benoit on the top. Superplex by Saturn on Chris. Saturn goes to the top and misses a flying elbow. Leg drag takedown by Benoit. Big back suplex by Benoit. Flying headbutt by Benoit on Saturn. Benoit covers, but Saturn kicks out! Terri grabs Benoit, and Benoit grabs her. He moves as Saturn charges, and Saturn runs into Terri. Crossface on Saturn, and he taps

Benoit Is God Vs Deano Machino
Benoit misses an insiguri and Malenko lands an elbow drop. Malenko lands a low blow. Benoit catches Malenko, and lands a german suplex. Benoit reverses a suplex, and lands a reverse suplex! Schoolboy by Malenko, and he gets a two count. Benoit rolls Dean up and he gets the three!

Benoit Is God Vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie walks down, and Saturn and Malenko attack from behind. Malenko props Benoit up on his knee, and Saturn comes off the top with a HARD knee drop. Guerrero is in, and lands a frog splash off the top, and covers for the vic.
Winners: The Radicalz

Trish and Linda are here. Trish pushes Linda in her wheelchair, and follows Vince to the ring.


Here comes Vince. He brings out Trish and Linda. He says that he tells the nurses at Linda’s sanatarium to wheel Linda over to the TV to watch WWF programming. He says that Linda can see and hear everything going on. Vince says that Linda saw what happened to Trish on Raw, Vince says that she needs to see more. Vince goes deep throat diving with Trish! Risht in front of Linda. There’s Vince’s mandatory air time for the show… Pointless…


Non-Title Match
Quiz Vs Angle Rules!
I wish I could call him “pop” quiz, but the guy gets no love from the fans…
Test is in control early and lands a big clothesline in the corner. Now Test tosses Angle to the outside. Angle gets rammed into the steel post. Test charges at Kurt, but he ducks and Test runs into the cold, hard steel post. Angle takes it to Test back in the ring. A series of back body drops followed by a pin for two by Kurt. Irish whip by Angle into the corner, but Test catches him with an elbow. Angle tries to go for an ankle lock, but Test reverses it. He lands a full nelson slam. Now Angle goes for an Olympic Slam, but Test reverses that as well. Now Test tosses Angle to the outside. Angle slams Test with the Euro belt outside of the ring. Angle lands an AWESOME moonsault from the top rope. He covers, Test kicks out!!! Wow! Test goes for a pump handle slam, but Angle reverses it and pushes Test into the ref. Low blow by Angle, Olympic Slam, and Angle covers for the three.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Here comes GMS, and he takes Angle down. Angle catches Sexay’s foot, and turns it into an ankle lock. Test knocks Angle off of GMS, and lands a huge big boot! Test’s music hits! Is Test finally getting his push???


Match Determining The New WWF Commissioner
Al Snow w/Midgets Vs William Regal
Snow is bandaged up from his match on Raw.
Regal attacks before the bell. Back suplex by Regal, and a cover for two. Regal props Snow on the top rope. The midgets grab Snow’s legs, so that Regal can’t execute the superplex. Regal takes out one of the midgets, and Snow looks outside of the ring to see if he’s okay. Regal lands a move that only Regal can think up, resemble Show’s Final Cut a bit and gets the three count.
Winner, and New Commish: William Regal


Vince praises Regal in the back…

Here come HHH and Steph. HHH says that he has been in the WWF for seven years, and he talks about how much he has scratched, and clawed to get to the top. He says that he has earned respect, and demands fear. HHH bitches about not being in the main event at WM. The Undertaker’s music cuts him off, and here he comes! Undertaker gives his “my yard” schtick. I thought he said he was going to stop saying that. Have these two ever fought one on one? He says that while HHH was climbing the mountain, he was burying people under the mountain. Taker calls HHH “boy”, and says that if HHH tries him, he’ll make him famous. Taker says that HHH has never beaten him. Taker says that he will break HHH. HHH backs off at first, then lunges at Taker. Taker catches him, and lays some rights on him, and tosses him to the outside. HHH is livid…

Rikishi tells Haku, that he will run his ass into Debra’s face tonight. And she will smell what he’s cooking! Haku says “mmmmmm…” Ha! Good raughs!


KK interviews The Rock. KK rules!!! Rock says that he doesn’t need Debra for a manager. He asks Debra if she’s be able to accept the fact that she won’t be able to keep The Rock from kicking Stone Cold’s ass at Wrestlemania!

Commercials… The new Game Boy color commercial with the duck is classic…

The Rock w/Debra Vs Rikishi & Haku
Haku is in first against The Rock. Haku takes control early. Haku no sells a face buster, but Rock lands a clothesline. Now Rikishi gets a tag. Rock tries to fight back against Rikishi, but Kishi lands a shoulder block. Rikishi goes for a legdrop, but Rocky moves. Rikishi clotheslines Rock back down. Haku is back in. Rikishi brings a steel chair in, but The Rock punches him. Rock lands a chair shot on Haku, but Haku doesn’t even flinch! Haku lands some headbutts, then tags in Rikishi. Drop toe hold by Haku, followed by a leg drop by Rikishi. Rock tries to fight back, but Rikishi lands a somoan drop. Haku is back in. Haku goes to work on Rock in the corner. Rock tries again to fight back, but Haku lands a kick, taking Rock down. Tag back into Rikishi. Rikishi goes for a butt splash in the corner, but Rock comes out of the corner and clotheslines Rikishi. Rikishi tags in Haku, and Rock comes back with a flying forearm. Rikishi is in and he gets a DDT by The Rock. Rikishi is back up, and he takes Rock out from behind. Now Rock comes back with a clothesline on Haku, and lands a spinebuster on Rikishi. Rock lands a Rock Bottom on Haku, for the three count!
Winner: The Rock

Rikishi lands a superkick on The Rock, and then lands a Banzai Drop. He goes after Debra, and backs her into a corner. Haku holds her against a turnbuckle, and Rikishi sets up for a stinkface. Here comes Austin. He takes out Haku, and lands a Stunner on Rikishi. He goes up the ramp and turns around to see Debra tending to Rock inside the ring as we fade…


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