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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 6.28.01

June 28, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WWF Smackdown Report 6.28.01
Taped From MSG
Announcers are Cole and Tazz
Report by Widro

Man I wouldn’t have read the spoilers if I knew I’d be doing the report, luckily the show looks to kick serious ass.

Raw recap, with emphasis on the WCW folks. Wouldn’t it have been great if Booker T said ‘you don’t like me, bite me’ after saying ‘you want some come get some?’ It’s so great to see WCW guys in well produced video packages… Booker T never looked so cool.

Smackdown Open.

No Chance, that’s whatchugot. Vince goes on about how MSG used to be great but now it’s tainted. It might have well be Nassau Coliseum- there’s no difference. HA! Vince says the WWF is ready for WCW. So then the old Wrestlemania theme plays, and here comes Linda. They decide to change Fully Loaded into Invasion and have WWF vs. WCW matches.

Commercial Break

King Edge and Christian vs. Billy Bitchcakes and X-Pac
Man I forgot how much Billy Gunn sucks. How good was that Edge promo on Raw? Are E&C faces now? Xpac and Edge to start. Gunn wants in, but Xpac calms him down. Xpac takes control. Tag to Gunn and he goes to work on Edge. Finally a tag to C, he goes to work on Gunn, Xpac in, he gets a gutbuster, but Gunn back up and goes after Christian. Gunn is bitter. Pounds C into the turnbuckles. Tag to Pac and he does the broncobuster. Cole mentions DX finally. Powerbomb by Christian catching Xpac doing some celebrating off the middle rope. Hot tag to Edge, clears out Gunn, goes after Xpac. Spin heel kick, Gunn back in. Sloppy rana by Edge on Gunn. Buzz killer by Edge on Xpac.
Winners: E&C

Christian gets the trophy and celebrates.

Steve Austin and Debra chat backstage. In comes Vince. Austin thinks there should be WCW vs. WWF matches. He whispers to Vince why. Vince face lights up when he hears why. Vince shakes Steve’s hand and says that’s brilliant. Vince says there will be WCW matches on Raw and Smackdown.

Commercial Break

Molly and Spike act all googly eyed backstage. Saturn comes over and says “Sponges are beautiful because they get all soapy. You’re welcome!” Then Crash comes over and mocks then. Crash says Jacky and him challenge them to a match. Crash told Jacky that Molly said Jacky wasn’t good enough to be on Tough Enough. That scoundrel!

JR interviews the Undertaker and SaraTaker backstage somewhere. Taker is acting weird, she calls him Mark! She talks about Page and not running away from her problems. She’s not the biggest baddest in the yard, she is the baddest bitch though. Taker: We done? Then storms off.

Vince, Austin and Debra backstage. Kurt is here. Pop for Kurt. Vince shakes Kurt’s hand, then Austin quickly hugs Vince. Kurt says the rumor is that Booker T is here tonight.

Commercial Break

WWF Intercontinental Title
Kane (c) vs. Albert
Brawling and Kane pushes Albert into the corner. Whip to the other corner and Albert gets a boot up. Albert covers and Kane kicks out. On Raw and Smackdown, it wont be WCW vs. WWF, only WCW vs. WCW until the PPV. Brawling moves to the floor, and Albert does some nice knees to the face. Cole calls Albert a ‘moose.’ Kane sends Albert headfirst into the STEEEEEEEL ringpost, but then Albert grabs the ring bell and uses it on Kane. Back into the ring, back and forth stuff. Albert goes for the Baldo Bomb and Kane reverses into a rana! Kane is on fire with some clotheslines and the crowd is HOT for Kane. Like those puns? Powerslam by Kane. Cover for 2. Chokeslam is a-comin’ but Albert counters with some elbows. Kane to the top. Top rope clothesline and the crowd erupts. Chokeslam again? And hits it. From behind, BANG! DDP is here and Diamond Cutter on Kane. DDP escapes through the crowd. Albert up first. Gets a Baldo Bomb!
Winner and NEW IC champ: Albert

Commercial Break

Vince, Kurt, Austin and Angle backstage, and Vince blames the Undertaker for DDP being in the WWF. Kurt: you know the old expression, where there’s DDP there’s bound to be Booker T! ha ha ha. Austin: that’s an old expression? Angle: Uh, no, I just made it up.

Table Match
Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz (c) vs. Hardy Boyz
They mention the RR2000 tables match at MSG. Hey, that’s the last live event I attended. Brawling all over the place, and this crowd is rocking the house. Dudz take control early on Jeff. Double teaming on Jeff. Cole calls Jeff the most eligible bachelor in the WWF. Jeff rebounds with some middle rope butt slam thing. Poetry in motion. Jeff caught by Bubba on some flying move and powerbombs him. Dudz continue to dominate bringing tables into the ring. Jeff tries to push Dvon off the top through a table, Bubba moves it. Lita rana on Bubba Ray. Shoot I looked away and Dvon was put through a table, so he’s eliminated. Bubba back drops Jeff to the floor through 2 tables. Wait a minute, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire are here! They are kicking the asses of Bubba and Matt, they take off their cool new WCW shirts and toss them at the WWF guys. Seanton on Matt! Here comes the WWF scrub patrol, the WCW Tag champs escape through the crowd. In the crowd, more WWF scrubs attack the WCW guys and its on in the crowd. Rhyno gores Palumbo on the floor. O’Haire beaten more. Its chaos. Like 20 WWF scrubs get the tables into the ring, and put O’Haire and Palumbo through tables. The beatdown continues! APA music plays I guess this match is over. Crowd was besides itself for this segment.
No Contest

Commercial Break

Finally on the replay Cole calls O’Haire and Palumbo the WCW tag champs. This beatdown was pretty cool. During the break, O and P were tossed out of the building physically.

Crash and Jacquelyn vs. Molly and Spike
Spike needs his own music. Jacky attacks Molly as we begin. Tag to the boyz and Spike controls early. Crash tosses Spike to the floor, then Crash taunts Molly. Jacky attacks Spike on the floor. Jacky sends Spike back in, and Crash covers for 2. Crash with a camel clutch in front of Molly. He tags her, and she goes to work on her cousin. All four in the ring. Handspring elbow by Molly, more evidence that Chyna is gone, all gone! Molly and Spike double team. Molly Go Round on Jacky.
Winners: Spike and Molly

Crash berates Jacky after the match and she goes crazy on him. Ha.

The funny four are backstage. Angle breaks down the Booker T/Austin matchup. Booker T has the height advantage, and SCSA has the width advantage. Austin: Width?!? Angle: its pretty even. Someone knocks, and it’s someone from WCW. Angle thinks its Booker T. They go to get the WCW guy.

Commercial Break

Vince, Austin and Angle prep for Booker T, go into the locker room and they see instead? Torrie Wilson!!! She’s damn hot. They all talk to Torrie. She came to talk to Vince, her WCW contract is almost up, and she’d prefer to go the WWF. She sucks up, then Austin hugs him. This is great stuff. She looks at Austin and Angle oddly. Vince offers to talk it over at dinner. Austin says he’ll check his schedule. Angle: Me too! Austin: we wont need you.

Tough Enough Stuff.

Commercial Break

Tajiri and Regal backstage. Regal has been scrubbing for days, but he’s still all green. They curse Jericho, and now look, it’s Jericho! He makes a tag match proposal of Regal and Ta-Junior against Jericho. Regal mentions that his tag partner Benoit is out for 6 months. Wow they mentioned Benoit! Jericho says he will find someone. Jericho: And by the way Willy, how’s your tea? And then Regal does a spit take.

The Big Show w/Trish vs. Saturn w/Terri
During the break, Show has Saturn’s mop and breaks it in half. Saturn is upset. What an angle! Saturn has the top half of the mop with him and he’s upset. Chavo should come out with Pepe, now THAT’S a feud idea. Oh yeah the match. Show does some power stuff, Saturn tries to get some offense in. Show tosses Saturn to the floor and follows. Show beats Saturn on the floor, then scares off Terri. Saturn rebounds, chicks fight on the floor. The Chokeslam in the ring.
Winner: Big Show

Commercial Break

William Regal and Tajiri vs. Jericho and ??
Jericho on the mic. He found the Worm! Scotty 2 Hotty is here. Nice pop. Tajiri and Scotty do some stuff to begin. Regal in, takes control. Jericho in and some double team. Jericho back out, and Regal sends Taylor to the floor. Tajiri kicks him some. Back into the ring, hot tag to Jericho and he does a springboard dropkick to send Tajiri to the floor. Lionsault on Tajiri? No he misses. Jericho and Regal brawl to the floor. Taylor and Tajiri in the ring. Taylor goes for the worm and holy SHIT is it over here in MSG. He looks like he’s on drugs. Worm! Pins Tajiri.
Winners: Taylor and Jericho

Angle, Austin and Vince back in the room with Debra. Austin says he’s gonna go out there and challenge Booker T.

Commercial Break

Stone Cold Steve Austin is here. Austin is sick of hearing about Booker T. He calls out Booker T and counts to 10 to have him come out. Instead Tazz comes into the ring. Unless Booker T got real short and real fat real fat, you ain’t no Booker T. Tazz runs down Austin. He wants Austin to apologize to Cole. Austin: in a word? No. Tazz said he’ll beat an apology out of him. Austin says he’ll fight Tazz- anytime… any place… but tonight. Then Austin beats down Tazz. Austin proceeds to bring him to the floor and kick the shit out of Tazz. Booker T chant? Cole checks on Tazz. Austin then asks Cole to stand up. Austin tells Cole to come into the ring for another ass whippin’. Booker T comes out of the crowd, PELTS Austin with the WCW Belt! Booker T runs through the crowd, and is chased by the WWF scrub patrol. Booker T runs to the WCW1 limo with Shane O Mac!


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