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411’s WWF Smackdown Report 7.12.01

July 12, 2001 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
July 12, 2001
Taped from Birmingham, Alabama
Your announcers are Cole and JR
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Raw was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in a LONG time… I felt like I was 12 years old again when I was watching that damn show.

Vince makes a deal with The Undertaker earlier tonight. Undertaker teams with Kurt Angle tonight to take on DDP and Shane O’ Mac. In return, The Undertaker agrees to be on Team WWF at Invasion.

Here comes Shane McMahon, along with all the WCW wrestlers. Shane says that WCW will show it’s dominance. A lot of heat for Shane and WCW. Now Shane introduces Heyman, Steph, and the ECW crew. I love this. Steph has a leather ECW cap on. Heyman is on the stick. He says that the WWF took ECW’s ideas, attitude, and talent roster. Heyman says that Vince called him up, and told him that he could take Lawler’s spot at Raw, after Vince ran ECW out of business. Heyman admits to being the mole giving Shane information. Blah, Steph has the mic now. She says that her and Shane have the power to run the WWF out of business. Steph’s getting some heat too. Steph says that her and Shane couldn’t wait for Vince to die. What the hell? That was kinda messed up. She again says that they will run the WWF out of the business. Wonder if Vince is going face here…

Regal commends Tajiri on his decision to stay in the WWF. He asks Tajiri if he wants anything. Tajiri speaks, and apparently says that he wants to commentate on Smackdown. Ha! Regal says that he has a much better voice than Tazz, and tells him to head out there. Tajiri cracks me the hell up.


Vince is joined by Austin and Debra. Austin says he has something to solve all of Vince’s problems. He goes to get it… Vince is looking forward to it.

Tajiri joins JR and Cole at ringside.

Tazz Vs Hardcore Holly
Tajiri just said “slobberknocker”. Hahahaha…
Anyway… to the match, and Holly is dominating the match early. Holly tosses Tazz to the outside. Holly follows and lands some WOOOOO chops on Tazz. Holly tosses Tazz back in, and continues to dominate. It’s hard to concentrate with Tajiri out there. Tazz comes out of nowhere and locks in a Tazzmission. Game over.
Winner: Tazz

After the match, Tazz attacks Tajiri, and takes him out with a Tazzmission.

Austin is back in with a guitar. Austin is going to sing to Vince. Austin starts singing various songs. HAHAHA!!!!! Good raughs!!!


Lance Storm Vs Y2J1
Lance does his “if I could be serious…” shtick. Jericho comes out, and tells Lance he looks like Forrest Gump! HA!!!
This match should kick ass…
Jericho starts off with some fast paced offense. Storm fires back with a quick high risk maneuver. Storm takes Jericho down and rubs his face into the mat. Jericho misses the insiguri, and Storm applies the Maple Leaf, but Jericho reaches the ropes. Storm goes to the top, but Jericho hops up, and arm drags Storm off the top. Both men are back up and exchanging punches. Jericho takes control, and lands a big back body drop. Jericho lands a bulldog, then goes for a Lionsault, but Storm gets the knees up. Now Storm rolls Jericho up, and tries to apply the Maple Leaf, but Jericho reverses and slaps on the Walls. Storm taps out!
Winner: Chris Jericho

We cut back to Austin singing. Angle comes in. Angle takes over and starts singing. Vince quickly leaves the room, and Austin and Angle bicker.


Trish and Lita set up for a match tonight.

Mike Awesome talks to a sewing lady, and he tells her he wants pants made with “Awesome” on both sides of them. Then we cut to Edge & Christian watching that. They say they’re the only ones that reek of awesomeness here. E&C go on insulting Awesome. Excellent raughs…


Here comes Vince, and he gets a mixed reaction… more cheering than boos. Vince introduces Steve Austin, and he gets a decent pop. JR acknowledges the pop. Vince says that some people talk about Austin changing, and that some are calling him a brown noser. Vince says that he thinks it was an invasion. Vince says that he doesn’t need the kind of Steve Austin that hugs him, buys him gifts, etc. Vince says that he needs the old Stone Cold!!! He wants the Stone Cold that drinks beer, and raises hell! The crowd is going nuts! Vince looks like a madman. Vince asks Austin if he wants to knock him on his ass. Austin shakes his head no, and exits with his head lowered. As he is walking out, Vince wants Austin to give him a Stunner. Austin stops at the top of the ramp for a second, then walks to the back. Vince begs Austin to come back, then drops the mic, and we cut to commercials… The crowd is booing big time because Austin didn’t react to what Vince said.


During the break, we see Austin and Debra leaving the arena.

Now Vince is headed out to find Steve. Angle catches him and questions him. Vince says that he’s off to talk some sense into Steve Austin.

Kane takes control with a hard clothesline. Rhyno tries to fight back, but Kane lands a powerslam to maintain control. JR is hardly talking about the match. Kane goes to the top, but Rhyno catches him and throws him to the outside. Kane is back in, and Rhyno covers, but Kane kicks out at two. Kane starts fighting back now, and he lays some shots into Rhyno in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane, and Kane again goes to the top rope. This time, Kane connects with the flying clothesline. Now the WWF ref gets knocked out. Rhyno rolls Kane up, and WCW ref Nick Patrick comes in and makes a quick three count.
Winner: Rhyno


We’re in Regal’s office now. He tells Tajiri that he’s got a match with Tazz at Invasion. Now Earl Hepner is in, and Regal tells him to go challenge Nick Patrick to a match at Invasion… Yay…

Trish Stratus Vs Lita
Lita gains control early with a clothesline. We see the Hardyz in the back looking on. Trish falls to the outside. She heads back up, and hangs Lita on the ropes. Trish re enters the ring, and lands a suplex on Lita. Trish goes to the middle rope, and lands a nice bulldog. Trish covers, and Lita kicks out at two. Lita regains control now, and lands the Twist Of Fate. Now Lita lands the moonsault, and she stays on for the cover. Ballgame.
Winner: Lita

Backstage, Torrie and Stacy talk to Matt and Jeff, and give them a kiss. Lita sees this on the Ovaltron, and wonders what’s up. Jeff says that he thinks they dig them.


Ahh… Gotta have a pointless 5 minute segment at one point or another…

Shane and DDP talk…

WWF and WCW refs fight… sweet…


Hardcore Title Match
Jeff Hardy Vs Mike Awesome(c)
Awesome gains control early with a big splash in the corner. Awesome goes to the outside and grabs some equipment. Awesome goes to put a trash can into the ring, but Jeff baseball slides the can into Awesome. Now Jeff runs off the barricade at Awesome, but Awesome slams Jeff with a can lid. We head back onto the ring, and Jeff gains control over Awesome. Jeff takes a broom stick to the top, and flies off, holding the broom below him like he’s flying on it, and lands right on Awesome. Jeff sets up a ladder, and heads to the top, but Awesome gets up, and tips the ladder over. Jeff lands hard into the ropes. Awesome goes for a splash from the top rope, but Jeff moves. Awesome stays in control, and he sets up for an Awesome Bomb. Here come Edge & Christian! They land a Conchairto on Awesome, and Jeff lands the Swanton and covers for the vic!
Winner, and NEW Hardcore Champ: Jeff Hardy

Undertaker tells Kane and Jericho to keep an eye on the main event tonight, in case of interference.


The Guttytaker & Angle Rules! Vs DDP and Shane McMahon
DDP and Shane run to the ring, but Shane is the only one that slides in, and Angle and Taker go to work on him. Angle lands a belly to belly, and tries to cover, but Undertaker pulls him off. Angle tags Undertaker into the match, and Taker drags Shane over to the corner so DDP can tag in. DDP back away instead. Undertaker goes to work further on Shane, and he tags Angle back in. Angle whips Shane into the ropes, and lands an elbow. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, but DDP drags Angle to the outside, and throws him into the stairs. Taker gives chase, but DDP escapes into the crowd. Now Shane works on Angle a bit, then tags DDP in. DDP lays some shots on Angle. Now DDP lands a sit down powerbomb and covers, but Angle kicks out at two. Tag back into Shane, and he lands an elbow. Tag back into DDP. Angle avoids a few punches, and tags in The Undertaker. Undertaker cleans complete house. Taker lands a choke slam on DDP, and covers, but Shane breaks it up. Here comes the calvary, and the ref calls for the ding thing…
No Contest

Undertaker and Angle clean house at first. Now Angle is outside, and getting jumped. Undertaker JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE and lands on all the WCW and ECW wrestlers!!! Here comes more ECW and WCW wrestlers, and Angle and Taker go down. Now Kane and Jericho are out. Action spills into the ring, and WCW and ECW gain control. They tear the WWF guys apart… ending with DDP landing the Diamond Cutter on The Undertaker. JR reiterates that we need the old Austin back as we fade…


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