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411’s WWF Summerslam Report 8.19.01

August 19, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WWF Summerslam Report 8.19.01
Live From San Jose
Announcers are Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
Report by Widro

Long Drowning Pool promo. God I hate that song.

WWF Intercontinental Title
Lance Storm (c) vs. Edge
Lance wants to be serious for a moment. Edge interrupts the proceedings. Lockups and such. Stu Hart mentioned by Heyman. Edge with a flapjack, dropkick and Storm sent to the floor. Back in, and Edge goes to the top for a high cross body for a 2. Storm back in, and he systematically takes control. Some weird rollup attempts. Ha look at the WWF locker room cheering on Edge, with Christian front and center. Rolling fireman’s carry by Storm for 2. Storm just beating the hell out of Edge. Standing senton for 2. Ross mentions Benoit! Storm with an abdominal stretch. Storm lets it go, Edge hip tosses Storm to the outside, but Lance goes to the apron instead, goes up top, but Edge catches Storm with a powerslam and both are down. Edge with a bunch of clotheslines, he must be channeling the Ultimate Warrior, because as we all know, Edge saw the Warrior win the title LIVE at WM6. Edge floats back on a suplex, then hits the Edge-o-matic for 2. Edge with a short powerbomb to counter a rana by Storm for 2. Storm gets the Canadian Maple Leaf. Edge trying to get to the ropes. And…. He gets them. Edge somehow reverses and puts the half cran on Storm. And here comes Christian, goes to spear Storm, he dodges and C spears Edge by mistake. Storm with a Superkick on Christian, covers Edge, and Edge kicks out! Storm shocked, goes for some move, Edge reverses, hits the implant DDT and gets the pin!
Winner and NEW IC Champ: Edge

After the match, C gets the belt, and gives it to his bro and they hug. Christian leaves, and Edge celebrates.

Test and Dudleys do an interview with Cole. Test does some mic work to get his WCW turn over.

Lilian interviews Jericho about Rhyno.

Spike and the APA vs. Dudleyz and Test
Faarooq and Bubba to start. Dudleyz take control and tags to Test. APA double team Test. Dvon is in, and APA still control. Spike and Test in the ring. Test pounds on Spike. Guerilla Press slam attempt by Test, Spike falls on top of Test for 2. Dudz took out a table on the floor. Dudz in to double team Spike. Tags to Test and Bradshaw. Spinning neck breaker on Test. All 6 in the ring, narrowed down to Test and Bradshaw. Test tries the BIG BOOT but Bradshaw dodges and hits a powerbomb. Its chaos. Somehow Spike gets tossed from the ring through a table on the floor. Shane McMahon is here with a chair, hits Bradshaw with a chair, Test covers and gets the pin.
Winners: Test and Dudleyz

Backstage, the WWF are all happy with Edge for winning the IC Title. Christain has bigger news, he has a match against Matt for the European (that still around?) Title. Grandma calls Edge, Christian picks up, but she wants to talk to Edge instead. Christian is dejected.

Shawn Stasiak comes into the Austin lockerroom and talks to Debra like an idiot. Why is he getting a push? He wants to impress Steve, Debra bitches him out instead.

WWF Light Heavyweight/WCW Cruiserweight Title
X-Pac (c) vs. Tajiri (c)
“Whats the deal with X-Pac’s boots?”- my brother. Ross mentions that the WWF won’t be available on DirecTV after tonight. Wow. Back and forth. No real moves yet. Tajiri with a rana and sends X-Pac to the floor. In the ring. X-Pac goes for a surfboard! Back up, Tajiri with a rana, X-Pac catches him for a powerbomb. Crowd is dead. X-Pac goes for a broncobuster, Tajiri moves, X-Pac hung up in the corner, and Tajiri with a stiff sliding dropkick. Handspring elbow by Tajiri, cover for 2. Tajiri goes up top, high cross body, X-Pac rolls over for 2. Tajiri sets X-Pac up for a superplex, both knocked off. Nice German suplex by Tajiri for 2. Crowd getting into it a bit. X-Pac with a kick sending Tajiri to the floor, X-Pac follows with a somersault plancha to the floor. Back into the ring. X-Factor, but X-Pac can’t cover. Finally does, and only gets 2. Here comes Albert, walking slowly. X-Pac tries a powerbomb, Tajiri floats through. Albert on the apron, RED MIST! X-Pac hits the X-Factor for the pin. Bah.
Winner and NEW WWF LH Champ: X-Pac

Saturn is in WWF NY. Talking about Moppy. He has a milk carton with Moppy’s face.

Tough Enough commercial.

Steph and Rhyno chat amongst themselves backstage.

Rhyno/Steph video package.

Rhyno w/Steph vs. Chris Jericho
Pacing. Lockup. Running and jumping and stuff. Chops by Jericho, Rhyno goes to push Jericho to the floor, he goes on the apron, goes up top and hits Rhyno for 2. Quick Walls Of Jericho attempt, Rhyno gets to the ropes. Jericho back drops Rhyno to the floor. Springboard dropkick on Rhyno. Jericho goes up top, Steph on the apron, grabs his leg, he shakes her off. He flies at Rhyno, but Rhyno gores Jericho in air and both are down on the floor. Back into the ring. Rhyno with vertical suplex, but then puts Jericho gut first over the top ropes. Body scissors by Rhyno! You never see that anymore, I like it. Rhyno controlling. Airplane spin into a slam for 2. Back and forth. Big splash by Rhyno from the top, Jericho moves. Both are down. Steph McJugs sign makes us all laugh. Rhyno with chops, Jericho hits a backslide for 2. Flying burrito by Jericho. Chops. Botched Lionsault, still gets a 2 count. Jericho goes up top, and SLIPS OFF THE TOP ROPE and falls to the mat. Rhyno covers for 2. Jericho in the corner, Rhyno charges, Jericho’s feet up, goes to the middle rope for a dropkick. Jericho covers, but Steph McJugs distracts the ref. Jericho over there, and he kisses Steph! She’s a married woman! Sting-style hair slam by Jericho, goes for a Lionsault, Rhyno moves, Jericho lands on his feet, goes for another Lionsault and hits it for ONLY 2. Spinebuster by Rhyno. Rhyno hits the Walls of Jericho! He goes for the ropes, crowd is rabid for Y2J. Enziguri by Jericho. Rhyno sets up for the gore. Jericho moves, Jericho goes for the Walls! DRIVES that knee into the back and gets the clean win.
Winner: Jericho

The Rock arrives and talks to Regal. They argue about Rock not being 100%. Rock says he’ll be the next WCW Champion. They talk for a minute, then Stasiak runs like a maniac at them, they move slightly, he flies into a wall, and smashes the wall. Regal and Rock don’t acknowledge him and finish their chat.

Ladder Match
WWF Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (c)
Lockup and here we go. Standoff and huge cheers. Some back and forth stuff, Jeff sends RVD to the floor. Jeff flies at RVD from the ring and they are both down. They brawl on the floor. RVD does that push the ladder down, and push the other side into Jeff’s face spot. Jeff does a similar move on RVD. Jeff goes up top and does a moonsault on RVD who was laying on the ladder. Jeff with a very cool legdrop to fold RVD in half, but no pins in this match. RVD up and ties Jeff to the TREE OF WOE. Standing backflip, and then charges hard at Jeff. Jeff falls over. RVD gets the ladder to a huge RVD chant. RVD sets it up along the bottom rope, RVD puts Jeff on the ladder. RVD on the opposite middle rope, jumps off, does a somersault plancha onto Jeff who was on the ladder! Cool ladder spot sends RVD to the floor. Jeff kicks the ladder at RVD on the floor, and RVD sells way back into the aisle. Ross talking about the long term effect this match has on these guy’s career. Jeff sets up the ladder and goes for the belt, but RVD is back in, and flies at Jeff to get him off the ladder. RVD puts the ladder on top of Jeff and does a flipping splash onto Jeff. Damn. RVD climbs the ladder, Jeff with a dropkick and they fall nastily off the ladder onto each other. Ouch. RVD out. Jeff up to the top rope. Swanton! But RVD moves! RVD does a frog splash, but Jeff moves. Jeff gets the ladder, and climbs. RVD climbs the other side. They brawl at the top of the ladder. RVD with a superplex off the ladder!!!! Both go to climb the ladder, but Jeff does a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. Amazing. Jeff climbs all the way up, grabs the belt, RVD moves the ladder, and Jeff is hanging. RVD has Jeff’s legs! RVD does a spin kick and totally misses Jeff! Jeff drops off anyway. Jeff gets the ladder, climbs again. RVD shaking the ladder, and Jeff flies off HARD. RVD climbs the ladder. Crowd is RABID for RVD. He has the belt, Jeff not up in time. Wow.
Winner and NEW Hardcore Champ: RVD

Shane and Booker T chat backstage. Shane has a gift for Booker T. In the box are book ends made from the table that Booker T Bookend-ed Rock through last week. They embrace. Ha. Booker T dedicates the match to Shane.

Undertaker and Kane walk with Sarataker.

Cage Match
WWF and WCW Tag Team Titles
Undertaker and Kane (c) vs. DDP and Kanyon (c)
More DirecTV bashing. Kanyon and DDP go to climb out, but they are caught, and let the squashin’ begin. Lots of squashing. Chokeslam by Kane on Kanyon. UT tosses DDP into the cage wall. Wouldn’t it be wild if DDP or Kanyon got an offensive in? Kanyon goes to leave again, does that count as an offensive move? Oh good, Kane grabs him. Kanyon does some move on Kane to send him to the floor! Offense? Huh? DDP and Kanyon up! They both go to climb up, but oh good, UT and Kane sit up and go after Kanyon and DDP. Kanyon on top of the cage hanging, Undertaker starring at him, Kanyon drops to the floor, and he is out! But now DDP is alone with UT and Kane, and I bet he’ll get some squashin’. I’ll surely alert you if the squashin’ ends. Last Ride on Page.
Winners and NEW WCW Champs: UT and Kane

Rock and the trainer chat, and Stasiak flies at them again. Ha.

WWF and WCW locker rooms both are nervous.

WWF Title
Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. Kurt Angle
Brawling in the aisle. Into the ring, Angle stomps away. Back up and they are going back and forth action. Austin takes control and goes to work on Angle’s leg. Austin controlling very slowly. Suplex. Angle is up, German suplex. Rolls into another one. And a third. And a fourth. And a fifth. What is Angle doing ripping off Benoit? And we go up to 7. Angle up and WOOs! And doesn’t go for a cover. Angle Slam? Austin dodges and sends Angle face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Austin puts Angle onto the top rope. Angle pushes Austin off, but Austin goes back up to Angle and punches him. Austin climbs again. And hits a superplex. Both stagger. Stunner! Angle kicks out!?! Austin yells at Hebner. Another stunner, but Angle rolls to the floor. Austin follows to the floor, and does a headlock, runs with Angle and slams him into the ringpost. Austin beating down Angle on the floor. Austin sends Angle into the ringpost again and again. Heyman thinks Hebner should stop the match. Brawling to the announce position. Austin goes for a bodyslam, but Angle floats back and sends Austin over the railing. Austin suplexes Angle from the ringside area into the crowd. Angle puts the ankle lock on Austin who is on the safety barrier. Then Austin falls to the mats. Angle is bloody and screaming like a maniac. Angle the puts the ankle lock on Austin on the ring steps. Now pulls it into the ring! But Austin gets the bottom rope. Both go to the floor, and Angle hits a belly to belly. Brawling and we move back into the ring. Angle up top for the moonsault, and hits it!!! He puts an arm on Austin, and Austin kicks out. Body slams, floated back. Austin puts the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM on Angle! Ross says we haven’t seen that move since the Ringmaster! Hilarious! Angle down to the mat. Angle runs up the corner, and falls back, pinning Austin in the cobra clutch, but Austin rolls out and keeps the cobra clutch on. Let’s pick up Angle’s arms. Once. Twice. And third time his arm is up! Angle sends Austin to the floor. Austin back in, behind Angle for a stunner. And hits it. But Angle kicks out again!! Crowd is CRAZY. Austin is standing over Angle, who is clinging to Austin’s legs. Angle climbs up, Austin taunts and slaps him, goes for another stunner, Angle puts it into the Olympic Slam! But he can’t cover for a few moments and Austin kicks out. Austin then just punches Hebner in the face. Kick wham DDT by Angle. No ref. Here comes another ref for the count, but Austin kicks out. Crowd is HOT. Low blow by Austin in front of the ref. Ref taunts Austin, and Stunner on the ref, crowd pops that huge. Austin gets the World Title belt. And a third ref is here. New ref gets a belt to the face. Olympic Slam, covers but no ref. Here comes Nick Patrick, but he wont count the pin. Patrick comes down and just rings the bell. Goes to talk to the Fink. Ring announcement: Patrick has DQed Austin. Fantastic match, and we get this screwjob. At least Angle didn’t job.
Winner by DQ: Angle

Angle brings Patrick into the ring for some Ankle Lock goodness.

Actually, in thinking, the actual screwjob was kinda clever, because actually Patrick was right, so there is an interesting grey area. And if they wanted to have Austin retain, DQ is better than a pin.

Long Rock/Booker T promo

WCW Title
Booker T (c) vs. The Rock
Booker T goes to attack, but Rock rebounds and gets the early offense. Shane is running around too. Rock with an early Samoan drop and Booker T kicks out. Booker T gets control and chops Rock into the corner. Booker T slowly pounds on the Rock. Irish whip and Rock tosses Booker T to the floor. Brawling to the announce position. Booker T drops Rock over the barrier. Brawling into the crowd. Booker T grabs the Rock and tosses him back to the ringside area. Booker T tosses Rock into the STEEEL ringpost. Booker drops Rock face first onto the barrier again. Into the ring, Booker T covers Rock for only 2. Booker T with a jumpkick and Rock is out. Rock up, and goes for the Sharpshooter. Shane is bouncing around on the floor. Booker T with a side kick for 2. Rock does a DDT for 2. Shane puts a steel chair in the corner. Ref goes to move the chair, and Shane hits Rock with the WCW belt. Here comes the APA. Clothesline from hell on Shane. In the ring, Book End, but the ref is tending to Shane. Ref is in, but Rock gets the shoulder up. Booker T and Rock with punches. Rock takes control and hits a flying clothesline. Belly to belly thing by Rock for 2. Booker t with some offense, Rock gets a Spine buster. Rock goes for the People’s Elbow and hits it. Cover, but Shane messes with the ref. Rock to the floor, Rock Bottom on Shane. Rock into the ring, and Booker T gets some pounding. Booker T with a spinebuster. Ax kick on Rock! Here it comes! The Spineroonie! Crowd pops, Rock kips up, Rock Bottom.
Winner and NEW WCW Champ: Rock

WWF locker room celebrates. Rock celebrates and we fade.


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