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411’s WWF Sunday Night Heat Report 11.19.00

November 19, 2000 | Posted by PK

411’s WWF Sunday Night Heat Report 11.19.00
Announcers are MC and Tazz
Live from Tampa, FL
Report done exclusivly for 411 by PK

Live at Tampa this week, we get some shots from outside the building, where it is in fact raining. They run down the 3 huge matches for the PPV, HHH/Austin, Rock/Rikishi, and Angle/Taker.

Tazz commements on how Stephanie will not acompany Angle to the ring. Tazz seems to think that Angle can keep his mind on the match.

The Radicalz walk in. Lillian is there trying to get some comments, but they all walk by her, except Latino Heat, who comments on how hot she looks.


More shots from outside. MC and Tazz then go over the card…again.

RTC confronts Jeff Hardy in the locker room. Val Venis then challenges Jeff to a match, and Jeff agrees. Looks like we have Venis vs. Jeff as a Free 4 All.

Lillian is outside. Rikishi drives up and almost hits her. He’s a good driver! Kishi tells Lillian to get his bags.


Coach with Rikishi. Rikishi goes over his actions the past week.

Jeff Hardy goes to visit Foley, who is playing Connect Four with himself. Hardy wants the match with Venis, and Foley gives it to him.

MC and Tazz go over all the contraversy at the past few Servivor Series. They make mention to Montreal 3 years ago. They then show the clips of HBK locking the Sharpshooter on Bret Hart.

MC and Tazz make mention that the title has changed hands the past 6 Servivor Series events. This is not good for the Olympic Champ.

The Radz backstage. Saturn asks Terri to leave so they can change. Terri is flabbergasted.


Recap of the press conference to announce Jesse Ventura as the color commentator for the XFL. Tazz comments on how cool he thinks The Body is, and wants to run for Governor of Brooklyn.

Coach with T&APA and Trish. They go on to say how badly they will beat Blackman, Crash and Molly. Hooking the legs is very important.

Lillian waiting at the door. Angle walks in. He is confident he will beat Taker. He doesn’t like Lillian’s tone, and wants to deport her back to Mexico. HAHA!


Live shots from WWF NY, where Rebecca will NOT be from now on.

Radz all ready for the match, as someone knocks on the door. Malenko and Guerrero are afraid to see who it is. Eddie picks up a lamp, and as Terri walks through the door, he almost hits her with it. Eddie then comments on how nice the lamp is!

William Regal comes out, before he can speak, Hardcore Holly comes out and challenges “Willy” to a match for the European Title. Regal looks pissed, but the uptight kind of pissed that he always looks like.


WWF Rewind: Kane putting Jericho through the glass window on Raw, and then the table on Smackdown.

Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt, Lita, & The Dudleys) vs. Val Venis (w/ RTC, Edge, & Christian)

Back and forth match up. A huge malay gets going with everyone at ringside brawling. Jeff rolls up Venis, but Stevie gets in the ring, and delivers a superkick. Venis makes the pinfall. A huge fight starts in the ring, with the heels retreating back.
Winner – Val Venis

King and JR, now at ringside, goes over the big matches for the PPV.

Show over.



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