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Abraham Washington Goes on Another Anti-WWE Twitter Rant

August 11, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Former WWE star Abraham Washington has taken to Twitter once again, attacking the company for his release, and making a case why it is not fair. Here is what he had to say…

“If I smoked crack or did steroids I’d get suspended but I made a joke and tweeted support Linda and I get fired. #Doesn’tAddUp #Hmmmmm.”

“They didn’t do shit to Randy Orton when he called Kelly Kelly a slut, you see the double standard? Fuck politics. #AWForLife.”

“Im a HUGE Cena fan, but Cena made fat jokes w/ King, genitalia jokes n homo jokes. Orton bashes K2, Vince mocks JR! #FuckUWWE”

“so stealing a car, having a yng girl trying to fuck 3 guys at once and not to mntion the Tensai thing is ok, but no jokes? #BS”

Washington continued to fire away, noting that Vince McMahon can make fun of Jim Ross and that it is considered quality entertainment. He posted an image (which you can see here) and the following…

“So Vince can continually bash @JRsBBQ by teasing his ball palsy but yet your comments where deemed worse? Be a star my ass.”

“VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???” (Link to Segment )

He has also attacked WWE for Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, being in their Hall of Fame.

“You said one Kobe Bryant rape joke and you got fired. Isn’t Mike Tyson a convicted rapist? Yet he is in the HoF. Hypocrisy.”

Finally, he has set up a new Twitter account under his real name (BJRated), and posted the following…

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my fucking non PG world!!! Where all bets are off and I tell it like it is. Fuck the Bull Shit, I’m legit!”

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