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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Homecoming Review 8.4.21

August 4, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 8-4-21 Malakai Black Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Homecoming Review 8.4.21  

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So I have some trouble getting to the start of the AEW Dynamite Homecoming show, and come to with Juvi and Jericho already going at it. They’re bout two minutes in, I’d say, so let’s get right to it!!

Match 1: Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera

Juvi is on the apron and Jericho shoulder checks his ass off the apron. Jericho grabs Juvi, sends him into the timekeeper area, then back into the ring, and Jericho flies OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY! Pin for 1.2…NO!!! Juvi with a kick, spinning kick, uppercut, another kick, hits the ropes, Jericho clips the throat, hits the ropes, and a kick from Juvi knocks Jericho down. Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Juvi works the right arm of Jericho, pulling it back behind Jericho. Chop to Jericho. Another chop. Juvi sits Jericho down in the corner.Juvi in the corner, shouts a bit, then runs for possibly a cannonball, and Jericho hit a shoulder tackle again, hops over the top rope, hits a right, Jericho t othe top rope, axe handle off the top! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Jericho with a backbreaker, covers, but it doesn’t count! Aubrey expresses the need to fly off the top rope! Jericho grabs the face mask! He tries to rip off the mask! Come on Jericho, that’s foul. Juvi with a kick to Jericho’s head. Jericho is on the top rope! He hops off and gets Juvi in the Walls of Jericho!!! Does that count? Who knows. Juvi reahes the bottom rope! Another Superkick from Juvi! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! JUVI DRIVER!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Juvi hits the ropes. JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho, habitually goes for a cover, but stops short.

Jericho up to the top rope! Jivi stands, JUDAS EFFECT OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Nice to see Juvi, and this was a calm Labor but moved things right along. Score may not be fair because I didn’t cach the opening.
Total Rating: **
Match Time:

Wardlow comes in from behind to attack Jericho!!! He grabs Juvi! F10!!! Back to Jericho, Wardlow drops Jericho from the top rope with a knee! Casualty of War, it’s called.

MJF says he is so sorry, was that moment ruined for us?

Lucha Bros are backstage without Pac. Pac should have been here, but it’s conveneinet that all his travel happened to be cancelled. Who could have done that .

In comes Andrade. Wonders where his thanks are for the limo last week? Chavo says if they were with Andrade, they’d have first class everything, steak, lobster, champagne?

Rey says they don’t work for anyone.

Penta says no.

Schiavone is backstage with Dark Order. Silver calls last week the biggest match of their lives. In comes Page to grab his drink, then tries to walk out. He apologizes for costing them the shot for the title. He cost them that. He created these problems, and he’s gotta fix them. He needs to stop looking over his shoulder, knowing Dark Order is there. He tihns it’s best they go their separate ways. He loves them, but for now…they’re done.

Did he just break up with them?

Evil Uno says if this is what he wants, lets give him his space – it’s what he needs.

Eddie always looks like he’s got a five hour layover at the airport and he’ll be damned if he aint gonna be comfortable

Match 2: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin vs 2.0 And Danny Garcia

Darby and Garcia to start. They exchange some pins, Uppercut from Garcia, another, locks the head, Darby floats over, tag from Lee who hits a right hand upon entering.Another right hand from Lee. Darby backs into the corner and tags in Kingston. Lee is hyped. Eddie wants fisticuffs, but Lee chops him. Eddie with one for him, another, another, and a running knee in the corner. Kicks in the corner. Stomps. Jon stares on haha. Eddie wont stop till the ref stops him, then Jon works the face. Eddie with another chop. Whip to Lee, reversed, knee from Parker, Eddie turns, chop block from Lee.

We come back, and Lee is starstruck by Sting on the outside, but Darby just flies from the ring into Lee.

IN the ring, Eddie hits a freakin enziguri! He tags in Jon who dunks Garcia over the top rope, hits double clotheslines to 2.0, German to Lee!!! A clothesline to Lee. Suplex .

Eddie with a spinning backfist to Parker, Garcia flies off the top rope, Paradigm Shift! Tag to Darby. Coffin Drop! 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, and Darby Allin
What a cute lil squash that gave the jobbers a story. How rare is that? Instant clout, even in loss.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:07

The guys and Sting celebrate like it’s a house show, and with a name ike HOMECOMING, maybe it is.

Starks with a video package/promo, with Hook and Taz on either side of him. He tells Cage he will outshine, outwork, outclass him.

Cage gets his own response, saying he nevr asked Taz for anything, and his destruction from last week is nothing, because who betta? Nobody.


Backstage, The Elite spin a basketball. They tell Dark Order if they want a shot at the TNA Tag Team Titles, then they got it next week. Nick begs a question to the tag division. Is there no one else? Matt has the answer: no. There’s nobody left. They have proven that they are, collectively, the greatest group of world champions. They’ll have to retire their jerseys and bury them with these belts.

Omega talks to Hangman, says no matter how many shots Adam made, how he had them reeling, he just blew it. He now has no friends, all alone, and the fans don’t have a main event. They are cutting down the net of the nearby basketball court, retiring it.

BEFORE BLADE CAN MAKE IT TO THE RING, Cage hops out and attacks Blade!!! Cage tosses Blade into the ring, and the bell sounds.

Match 3: Christian Cage vs Blade

Blade is able to take over, rips Christian’s shirt off and dabs the sweat off his forehead. He goes to choke Cage, but Cage ducks, hits a right, another, grabs his shirt and looks to use it, but Blade rolls to the outside. Blade heads over to the ring annonucer’s table, grabs something, Cage leaves the ring, chases Blade around the ring, then stops, running into Bunny. She talks her shit, but Blade is running behind. Cage turns and gives him a right hand then sends Blade into the barricade. Cage to the top rope, Bunny there to try and distract, but Leyla is here!!! She attacks Bunny, and they fight up the ramp to the back. Blade grabs Christian, looks to spike him off the top, but Cage escapes and hits a DDT! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Blade locks the head, lifts up and drops Cage on the top rope.

WE come back to the show and cage is on the top rope, he flies to the outside onto Blade! Looks like he may have hurt his knee! Cage and Blade in the ring. Cage turns, right hand to Blade. Again. Another. He mounts and hits some punches then kicks Blade into the ropes. Cage steps on the back of Blade, swings over th top rope to the outside and hits an uppercut. Cage to the 2nd rope, flies over the back, roll up for 1..2..NO!!! Blade out of the corner! He runs for a pump kick, Cage side steps, POWERSLAM FROM BLADE!!! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Blade is pissed. He hits a running kick to Cage’s gut then rips off the turnbuckle pad.

Knox heads over to fix it, and this allows Blade to get the knucks! He turns. SPEAR FROM CAGE!!! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Christian Cage
Blade is showing some great consistency in his greatness.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:25

Video package for Santana and Ortiz and FTR. Ortiz says no matter the outcome, they were going to leave scars, and Cash knows this real well. Dax says he almost watched his best friend die. A hook stick in his forearm, blood dripping. It ain’t worth it, but it might be to come back for one more matc.h He caused suffering. Death couldn’t stop him, what makes them think they can.

This is far from over.

Britt Baker is in the ring with Tony and Rebel. Is she excited about being here in Florida? Britt says it was right here, at Double or Nothing, where she became the champion.

Here comes Red Velvet, looki like a whole ass snack. She wants a title shot. Britt reminds her that she beat her ass in three minutes.

Red admits to being enhancement talent, trying to prove something. She is now 22-4 with seven straight wins and didn’t have to cheat to win them.

Britt says she is a different wrestler, too. She is the champion. Red made her case and got her title match. If Khan approves, which he will, then they’ll do it on a big stage. She hopes Red can hang at the AEW Rampage debut, on Britt’s turf, Pittsburgh.

Rebel tries to attack with a crutch, but Red ducks and kicks. Britt kicks her and stomps Red into the mat. She stands above Red, choking her with the top of the crutch.

Backstage, Dasha is talking to Andrade. He has requested this time, but in comes Chavo, saying he found someone who will work for Andrade. In comes Fuego Del Sol. Andrade wants Sol to shine Andrade’s shoes. Fuego is all like, “wassup wit that?”

Fuego looks down at his shoes, and Andrade knees him in the gut then sends him into the door. Chavo says this should be pac, then hold the head of Fuego and tells Lucha Bros if they keep working for Pac, they will never, ever be champions.

BACK TO THE SHOW and Hangman is in the ring with Tony.

He doesn’t get to speak long, though, as out comes The Elite. Page is glad they’re here. There’s something he’s needed to say for a while.

Omega grabs the mic, enters the ring with the boys. He sees what Page is trying to do – trying to make new friends? A little bit of self worth? Trying to take his title? Trying to make a plea to rejoin The Elite?

Page says that’s the last thing he’s here to do. Omega says it seems that he shares a lot with us fans – he’s a try hard. They’ve considered forgiving him, but when he looks at their status now versus what they were…Page doesn’t fit the bill. Cowboy or not, The Elite does not have any losers in their group. No failures, no people that play second fiddle.


Young Bucks, Gallows, and Anderson attack!!! Magic Killer to Page.

DARK ORDER COMES OUT TO HELP, but Uno and Grayson hold them back!!! Silver tries to fly over them, but Uno and Grayson send the boys to the back,listening to their friend Page.

BTE-TRIGGER TO PAGE! Again!! AGAIN!!! Omega tells them not to stop.

IN COMES FRANKIE KAZARIAN!!! He sends Gallows outside, attacks Omega, but here comes The Bucks to attack and send Frankie to the outside. Gallows with a big boot. Omega has the mic, says now he’s pissed. He feels sentimental. He’ll give Page a good look at what he’ll never have. BELT SHOT TO THE HEAD!

Match 4: Miro vs Lee Johnson

Lee rushes Miro, but to no avail. Miro kicks his ass. He sends Lee into the corner, hits some shoulders, then an uppercut. Lee bounces off the corner and over the back, kicks the thigh, right hand to the face, Miro eats them nd sends Lee to the outside. Lee on the apron, Miro swipes, high kick to Miro. Another. Lee back in the ring. Kick to Miro. Top rope. He flies with a crossbody, Miro catches him and slams Lee down hard.

We are back and Miro is letting Lee get in some moves, but Miro don’t care! Lee counters with a DDT, but Miro stands. He’s just fine. Wait! He’s not! Miro is dizzy! One knee! Lee with a right, another, another. Forearm, dropkick to Miro. Miro turns, kick to the ankle. Miro ducks down. Dropkick to the back sends Miro outside! Lee hits the ropes. Suicide dive! Enter sthe ring, goes for another one! Lee back in. Tries for a third! Gets it! Lee hops onto the apron. He heads to the top rope, flies with a crossbody! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Miro stands, Lee stands, clothesline to Miro. A kick to the thigh. Clothesline to Miro. Miro goes behind, German! Lee lands on his feet, superkick to Miro! Another!!! Miro is still standing! ANOTHER! ANOTHER!!! Miro sends lee into the corner, misses a splash, Superkick from Lee! Lee to the top rope. Lee flies off the top rope! FROG SPLASH! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Lee is hyping himself up! Miro with the GOOZLE!!! He stands, Lee tries to fight him off, ENZIGURI! Firemans.

Miro floats over, HUGE THRUST KICK! GAME OVER! Miro goes to his back!!! LEE IS OUT!!

Winner: Miro
Shit was less than ten minutes, but I loved it. Lee did his job, but Miro is just no joke!
Total Rating: **3/4
Match Time: 9:36

Backstage, Tony is with Christian to talk about his win. He brings up Leyla helping him out a bit. Apparently, she thanked him for being a friend. He’s kiddin, he’s just in a good mood. He is the number one contender, and he’s in a good freakin mood. He came back here to cement his legacy. He’ll be in Pittsburgh on Friday.

Leyla is out with The Best Friends!

Match 5: The Bunny vs Leyla Hirsch

Bunny shoves Leyla and they go back and forth. Leyla gives Orange a thumbs up and works Bunny’s arm. WE go PIP and come back to Leyla.

Leyla continues to work the arm for a bulk of the match. She misses a moonsault, though, and Bunny with a fireman’s, Death Valley Driver. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!

Leyla ends up submitting Bunny for the win.

Winner: Leyla Hirsh

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Check this out:

Match 6: Malachi Black vs Cody Rhodes

LOCKUP and a go behind, but Cody escapes. Cody works the left leg, Black backs him into the ropes. Hard kick to Cody. Kick to the leg, German attempt from Black, elbow from Cody, Black picks the ankle, knee bar to Cody. Cody stands, works the left leg, WOOOs then goes for a Figure Four, but Black gouges the eyes! Right hand to the face! Chop, kick to the chest! Cody works the leg, cinching the knee. Cody reaches the ropes. Black holds on till 4. Black rushes for a kick, but Cody escapes, goes for CROSS RHODES, but Black kicks his head like nothing! Sick. Cody to the top rope. Black runs up the corner and kicks him in the chest. Cody flies off the corner! ONTO THE TABLE!!! Ref starts the count. Cody enters the ring at 9.

Black spins with a huge kick to the side of the face! He steps on the chest of Cody. That’s a pin. 1…2…..3!!!

Winner: Malachi Black
Interesting. Less than 5 minutes, and Cody gets to say he gave Black a win.
Total Rating: **
Match Time:4:35

Cody is still out as Malachi walks up the ramp inot the tunnel. He stands, proud, as Schiavone wants a word with Cody.

Tony enters the ring. He tells Cody to see if he can get on his feet. He goes over the leg work and the kick to the head. He asks Cody if he’s ok.

Cody says legacy is a funny thing. He was a referee at 15, and all he wanted to do was win the title they took away from his dad in the Garden. That was the goal then. Time flies. Goals change. He’s had so much fun.

Cody struggles to stand, but does so on one knee. He stands with the mic. He shakes Tony’s hand, thanks him, loves him, and tells him he is good. Tony can go.

Cody says an unprecedented thing happened. He fired them, and they didn’t fire him. He met Matt, Nick, Kenny, three years ago, people were laughing at them. He says they aren’t an alternative, they’re competition. They set this table, and now maybe some new people can eat. For three years, his face has ben on everything. Maybe some outside interest came his way, but they don’t know this, but he loves them very deeply. He says this is the AEW Ampitheatre. There is no better place than here and no better time than now. He thanks us so much and loves us so much. We have made his life special.

CODY IS REMOVING HIS BOOTS!!!! The crowd chants no!

BLACK IS HERE WITH THE CRUTCH!!! HE SMACKS CODY ACROSS THE BACK!!! He grabs the boot of Cody and smiles as JR sends us home.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another Wednesday gone, another two hours of quality content. We start with Jericho's labor, going against Juvi, and although it wasn't the greatest, it was good for nostalgia feel, and didn't overstay it's welcome. Moving on, we got video packages to remind us of feuds that have been growing, and they're simple, short, and effective. From Cage and Starks to FTR and Santana/Ortiz. I said in the comment section that there is literally NOT A ONE story that's happening right now that is hard to grasp or so convoluted that it's annoying to watch. They aren't stretching the bounds of story-telling, a bulk of them are simple. Red, considers herself different than she once was "no longer enhancement talent," Britt says she's grown, too. Page is dealing with monsters internally, Dark Order holds themselves back to listen to what their friend said, Omega feels he's better now than he once was with Page (and he's not wrong). Even the freakin jobbers 2.0 chose to poke the bear rather than just have a random debut match. When you look at the "depth" of these storylines, you have to truly understand that the ONLY reason why there is depth is because of the characters involved. Commentary and the company are not telling the story, the characters are. Without the characters, we'd be force-fed the idea that these stories are moving along and it would come off as annoying and shallow. I am in awe at the simplicity of the stories coupled with the complexity of the emotions. I stand by this. Even Cody's Sorta Mark Henry moment was simple, but when you consider "Cody" the character, it made sense and gave us a little more meat to chew on what looked to be a cut and dry finality to the match. Solid AEW night.