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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.14.20

October 14, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.14.20  

Ed. Note: Jeremy here. Hope you guys enjoy tonight’s show, and make sure to check out our new AEW Dynamite post-show Dissecting Dynamite with Andy Perez and guest host Blake Lovell, streaming immediately after Dynamite ends!

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Denzel looks odd as a bald man.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BITCHES!!! Every title is on the line tonight. Penelope and Kip are playin an arcade game in the audience, and seeing Penelope handle a joystick makes me feel things.

We head to the ring where FTR and Best Friends are announced for a tag team title match. Oddly, Roberts announces this as a 60-minute time limit tag match, which goes against what we were told just a couple of weeks ago.

Match 1: The Best Friends vs FTR

Cash and Chuck to start. Tackle takes Chuck down hard. Lockup again, and Cash works the left arm, twisting it like a tight blunt. Tag to Dax and he comes in to continue the work on the arm. Rope work results in a shoulder takedown then an arm drag by Chuck and he tags in his partner. Whip to Dax, Trent and Chuck drop Dax. Elbow and a cover for 1….NO!!! Trent works the left arm, pushing on the shoulder. Trent with a forearm, he gets slapped, chops Dax, then gets kicked out of the corner. Dax sends Trent into the corner, Trent knocks Cash off the apron, Cash hops back on, Dax gets a pin, Trent tries to fight out of the double team, but he gets dropped onto the top rope neck fist. Cover from Cash off the back suplex for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to the back. Cash hits a chop to the corner. Cash drives his knees into the bottom rope, then tags in Dax. Whip to Trent, rop toe hold, elbow drop from Dax, covere for 1..2..NO!!!Tag to cash. They catapult Trent into the bottom rope hard. Cash slides out of the ring and drops an elbow to the head of Trent. Back elbow from Trent, so Cash gets in the ring and hits a shoulder, sending Trent off the apron and to the outside. Dax goes after him as the crowd chants for The Best Friends. Chop to Trent. Right hand from Trent. Another. Looks like I may have missed a tag, as Dax runs into the ring to grab the leg of Trent. Tag to ash t oconfirm, and he steps on the face of Trent. Cash works a modified abdominal stretch, working in a face lock as well. Trent turns into it, tossing Cash across the ring. Chop to the chest, right hand to the face, another. Uppercut to Trent. He hits the ropes, Trent stops midrun and hits a clothesline! Tag to Dax. He cuts the ring off, clocks Trent. Uppercut to Trent. Whip to Trent, and Trent rolls up the corner. Dax to the top, he grabs Trent from the back. Back suplex off the top rope!

Cash comes in off the tag. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cash on the 2nd rope, he flies, lands on Trent’s knees with an attempted splash. Tag to Dax. Dax doesn’t stop the tag to Chuck! Clothelsine! Another to Cash. Another to Dax, one more to cash, he sends Dax outside, clothesline to Cash, sending him outside. Chuck flies over the top rope with a flip onto both men! Chuck sends Dax inot the ring. Kick and a headlock, Falcon Arrow with a pin for 1…2…NO!!!! Chuck tries to suplex Dax from the apron, but Tully sweeps the legs and Dax drops Chuck. Rollup for 1..2.NO!!! huck grabs Tully, Dax takes advantage, clocks Chuck, tags in Cash, Trent in slams Dax and Cash into each other. Trent sends Cash into the ropes, Sunset Bomb off the apron from Chuck! 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Trent. He helps with a half-nelson, sends Cash into a Soul Food then a suplex! Trent with a running knee strike and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Chuck rolls out of the ring. Trent and Cash in the ring. Trent grabs Cash, tries to lift him, clubs the back of the neck. Right hand to the face. Another right.

Tag to Dax and we get an assisted powerbomb to Trent, then a Gory bomb! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Snap suplex and a cover to Trent for 1..2..NO!!! Dax grabs the head, sits Trent up on the corner. Club to the back. Trent with an elbow, another, a third, but cash is there to attack. Trent hits some elbows and rights and sends Cash off the apron to the mat. Dax is up, Trent looks to flip, Dax clips the leg! Dax runs up, locks the body, goes for a back suplex, but Trent turns and lands on Dax! 1…..2….NO!!! Cash in to stop it. Chuck runs in, gets a Tornado DDT, Trent grabs Cash, Tornado DDT to Cash! Dax grabs Trent! DDT to Trent! Cover for 1…2….NO!!! Dax grabs Trent, Cash to the top rope, Chuck sends him off, Chuck to the top rope! He dives off with a stomp while Trent has Dax exposed! The double team gets a 1..2…NO!!!! Cash in with a headbutt!

On the outside, Chuck locks Csah up and goes for a suplex, but Cash teverses and hits a brainbuster to Chuck!!! Dropkick from Trent sends cash into the audience! Trent follows, They’re near Kip, who is playing their arcade game. Trent rushes and Cash sends him into the arcade headfirst! Kip yells at Penelope to go get someone. He’s pissed, holding the top portion of the arcade with the joystick. Cash grabs Trent and rolls him into the ring. Dax and Cash grab Trent, send him to the ropes, but Trent collapses. He may be out. Dax taunts Trent, grabs him by the arm, and shoves him against the ropes. They go for Goodnight Express, but Chuck distracts Chuck and Trent hits a DDT! Tag to Chuck! He enters the ring, hits a forearm then a chop, another, another, shove, chop to the chest, Chuck send Cash outside who just came in with the title. Dax misses a splash, goes for an atomic drop, Cash back on the apron with the title.

Dax locks up from behind, shoves Chuck into the ropes, Knox ducks for some reason, Cash hits Chuck with the title smack right on the head. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: FTR
Not a big fan of the ref willingly ducking as a belt shot is coming. Like, ok, I get why; I’m sure I’d duck, too. But he’s a ref, so one would assume that if he saw a belt to the face about to happen, then he’d be a bit more aware of just why and how Trent suddenly seemed knocked the F out. Not a big deal, but doesn’t put the win in the best light. Aside from that, this took a bit to get out the gate, but had a lot going for it, particulary the DDT Party.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 16:37

Trent and Chuck hug it out, sad at their loss, but understanding. Suddenly, Penelope and Miro run out and Miro runs into the ring to attack Chuck and Trent! Chuck sends Kip into Trent, who is laid out in the corner. Miro is pissed, cussing at The Best Friends in Bulgarian.

Match 2: Kip Sabian and Miro vs Sean Maluta and Lee Johnson

Miro runs over Maluta quickly, sends him to the outside, sends Sean into the apron, then into the barricade, then back into the ring. Miro back in the ring, grabs Sean, and kicks him in the chest. Miro punches Lee off the apron for no good reason. He tags in Kip, Kip to the top rope, he dives with a splash, tag to Miro, and

Miro comes in to CRUSH! Sorry, he now says, “GAME OVER.” Miro locks it in, and the match is over.

Winners: Kip Sabian and Miro
Miro is in this weird purgatory where I don’t want to see him in long matches with sucky tag teams, but I also don’t want to see him in squash matches that mean nothing, and that’s what we got back to back. The good news is, this seems short-lived, as The Best Friends seems to be his first real feud, and that could be fun.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:53

Kip wants the mic. He says they’ve gone too far. They’ve destroyed his most prized possession. Miro grabs the mic and goes foreign on that ass. He calls them “Good Friends,” and says, “You break my shit. Game over.”

Lol. “Good Friends.”

BACKSTAGE, we find Archer beating that ass of Moxley while some dude stands by, waiting to get punched. Seriously, he just stands there while a fight is going on, waiting for his inevitable meeting of the fist. Roberts taunts Moxley as Archer beats him down on top of a table. Agents come backstage to stop the beatdown.

BACK FROM COMMERCIAL, and MJF is here to CUT HIS MUSIC!!! Today, he’s chewing

He says he’s accomplished more in one year on TV than anyone has ever accomplished in our entire lives. We should take that hatred and strap in, because he’s not here to get on top, he’s here to stay on top. He is going to call out a man tonight that has stayed on top for 30 years. He is here to listen to MJF’s groundbreaking announcement. He is Chris Jericho.

The crowd sings along until MJF tells them that they’re off key. He then makes mention of the jacket Sammy has in his hand. Sammy says he’s not going to put it on. Jericho yells at him to put it on; it’s a gift. Sammy puts it on, and it’s very big. MJF says it fits like a glove, “lil buddy.” Lol. MJF wants to talk about Jericho’s body, and how he is a genetic freak. Look at his arms. Sorry, he doesn’t want to make it weird, but look at Jericho’s hair. Look at his mane. He wants to touch it. Jericho obliges.

Jericho tells MJF to cut the shit. He promised an announcement; dragged them out, so tell us what he’s got to say. MJF says he senses hostility. That’s the last thing he wants. MJF will keep it real. Right now, the two biggest draws are looking at each other. If Jericho is a Demo-God, then that makes MJF the Ratings Ruler. Jericho mentions crickets. MJF says they’ve been on top of their game since AEW started yet they’ve never gotten physical in the squared circle. But MJF knows why. When Jericho watches Animal Planet —-

Jericho stops him. He HATES Animal Planet.

MJF calls this random and very specific.

MJF says you will never see two piranhas eating each other, because they have mutual respect. They both know what they are – they’re freakin predators, bro. But their prey is adapting, and they’ll have to adapt, as well. They’ve been greak separate, but what if they work together. MJF struggles with saying he’d like to join something. He talks himself up, trying to just come out with it.

MJF might want to join the Inner Circle.

Jericho questions him, and Ortiz grabs the mic. He says MJF gets it, living out a childhood fantasy jerking Jericho’s chain. Ortiz says they don’t want him in The Inner Circle, end of story. Can they leave?

Jericho says no, no, no, they need some time. But how about next week, he and MJF go one-on-one for a steak dinner. MJF says they’re on, and they plan it for next week at the restaurant.

Hager and Wardlow stare each other down for bit before we move to the next segment.

Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone are getting a facial and massage. Tony is there, shirtless, to interview Britt. In comes Reba with the Rules of Being a Role Model.

Rule #5: Be the Baddest Bitch on the Block.

Britt screams at Tony’s nudity.

We get a quick clip of Britt waxing Tony’s chest.

Later, they sit on some pedi chairs as Tony has a wardrobe malfunction. Britt tells the entire division to be on notice. She is rewarding herself and is mad Tony didn’t show up. Tony says he got kicked in the face. Britt says she is in action next week.

Cody is blonde again. So there’s that.

Oh, Darby Allin is in the crowd sulking, singing a Panic! At the Disco song to himself.

Match 3: TNT Championship Match
Orange Cassidy vs Cody Rhodes

Cody hits the ropes, Orange is unphased. Cody tries to make him flinch, but to no avail. Cody goes for a lockup, but Orange ducks underneath it. Orange offers his hands, Cody tries to lock up, Orange is about to…NO!!! Hands in the pockets! Cody with a chop, sending the glasses off of Orange’s face. LOCKUP!!! HE DID THE DEAL!!!! Stalemate. Cody runs out of the corner, and another lockup is had! Orange takes Cody to the corner. Ref breaks the hold. Orange with the HARDEST CHOP I’VE EVER SEEN!!! Waistlock from Cody! A takedown. Orange tries for the legs. Orange slides his hands into his pockets, breaks the hold, kicks Cody away, and kips up! Hahaha. Cody turns him, side headlock takedown. Cody works the arm behind Orange. Orange turns into it, locks the head, spins Cody, ducks under the arm, drags it into his legs, rolls forward into a pin!!!! Cody tries for an arm drag, but Cassidy arm drags, floats over, and another pin!!! Cody with a knee! Cody with a delayed vertical. He drops Orange! Cody sends Orange away then grabs his arm and works him into the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, hard. Cody works the left arm, sends Orange into the corner, Orange blocks with a kick, dropkicks the leg, and Cody eats buckle ! Orange to the top rope! He dives off with a crossbody, hits the ropes, spins for a DDT attempt, but Cody stops it and hits a supelx! Cody lifts Orange and hits a snapmare, then locks the head and arms. Cody with an underhook, sends Orange into the ropes, goes for an hip toss, it’s blocked, Orange tries one, that’s blocked, Cody with a hip toss over the top rope! Cody leaves the ring and grabs Orange, clubs the back, then Cody off the top rope! With what, I don’t know. I took a bite of food and missed it. He works the left arm behind Orange, pulling on the writ. Orange rolls out of it. Both men stand, body slam from Cody. Cody to the top rope. He dives off, Orange backs up. VICIOUS KICK TO THE LEG! ANOTHER! A THIRD!!! ORANGE SIZES HIM UP!!! SUPERKICK!!!!! Cody drops and punches Orange, so Orange hits a thrust kick, sending Cody to the outside! Dropkick to Cody!!!

The Dark Order is in the crowd. Cody gets back ringside. John Silver grabs the title!!! Orange Cassidy is behind him. Silver looks to attack Cody. Orange takes the title from him!!! The refs kick The Dark Order out from ringside! Orange hnds the title over to Arn Anderson then rolls Cody into the ring. He dives off with a crossbody, Cody rolls through, looks for Cross Rhodes, Cassidy drops and rolls Cody up. 1..2…NO!!!! Kick from Cody, locks the head, STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE FROM ORANGE!!! Cody to the top rope! He dives off. Cutter! Cody up first. Orange turns and Cody hits a hard right hand. Orange with one of his own. Cody hits another. Right from Orange. Back and forth. Palm strikes! Orange hits the ropes, low dropkick from Cody! Cody pulls Orange Cassidy towars the corner. He sends the leg into the ringpost. Arn yells at Cody for doing so. Cody wraps the leg for a Figure Four, but Cody pushes him off. Disaster Kick to Orange! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cody works in a Single Leg crab. He can’t quite get it, Orange kicks Cody away. Cody looks annoyed. Orange with a surprise rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Cody with a clothesline immediately! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Orange shows pain in his leg. Cody does some push-ups. Cody pulls up Orange, puts his head under his balls, double underhooks Orange Cassidy, but Orange drops and slowly crawls away. Lol. Nice.

Cody locks up from behind, Orange on the top rope. Cody pulls the leg around the rope upward. Cody punches the neck of Orange, locks the head of Orange. He pulls back. Reverse suplex to Orange Cassidy! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Cody pulls Orange to the corner again, but Orange pulls him into the corner! Orange on the apron. Cody rolls in the ring. Orange to the top rope. He dives with a DDT!!!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! Orange tries for a Michinoku Driver, knee gives out, Orange tries again. He hits it this time!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Orange grabs the leg, looking for Beach Break. Cody escapes, FIGURE FOUR!!! Orange lays flat. 1..2….NO!!!! Orange tries to turn the hold. HE DOES! Cody turns it again! Orange turns it back again, but Cody back on the hold! He twists the ankle, they roll to the outside, ROPE BREAK from the ref. Orange stands up on the apron, back to Cody. Cody stands next, BEACH BREAK ONTO THE APRON!!!!

Orange is on one leg! He grabs Cody! Ref gets to 6. At seven, Orange sends Coy into the ring! He rolls him in! Orange rolls in at 9!!! He’s slow to cover! 1…2………CODY WITH A CRUCIFIX!! 1…2….NO!!!!! Clothesline in the middle of the ing from both men!!!! CODY GOES FOR ORANGE PUNCH!!! Cody counters! Cross Rhod—NO!!!! DDT FROM ORANGE!!! BEACH BREAK!!!!!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!!!!


Total Rating: *******5/16
Match Time:20:00

BACKSTAGE, Archer and Jake are with Marvez. Jake says Archer did what he did because he could. In comes Moxley, flying from the right, attacking Archer. Agents break them up and we head ringside where Matt Hardy and his family are chillin. Tony asks him how he is doing. Matt says he feels practically perfect. They are enjoying the hell out of this show. He is proud of everyone and as of tonight, he is medically cleared to return to the r—

Up on the screen is a dude in a hoodie, walking around a parking lot. Pictures of Matt Hardy’s personas hang from a string, and the hooded figure pulls out a ladder to burn all the photos. The dude turns, and it’s Sammy. He says who attacked Matt Hardy? It was him. Him all along. He will never stop. He did it all. He is the man that, every single week that they clear him, he will send Matt back to the hospital. This is not over until he sends Matt home for good.

Matt says he is back, and obviously, he knows what his first choice of business is, and it’s Sammy.

WE ARE BACK and in the ring. Tony has a cage and he’s pickin names. PRIVATE PARTY is first, then THE DARK ORDER. Third team is BUTCHER & BLADE. And finally, THE YOUNG BUCKS. These four will face each other in a Fatal Four Way Match. Loved that Tony jut threw their name lol.

The Bucks enter the ring along with the other teams. FTR is standing by with their belts. Young Bucks shake their hands, then pull them in to show them how manly they are.

Nick tells them to relax, then tells Tony to relax as well. They aren’t here to superkick Tony. They’re here to Superkick Silver and Blade, and they do. Bucks toss the table and a chair, and Butcher attacks! The eight men in the match next week all go after one another. Private Party and Young Buck send the other two teams outside and are left in the ring together. They go face to face as FTR watches on the top of the ramp.

They calm down, clap hands, knock fists, then BAM! SUPERKICK TO PRIVATE PARTY!!!

Match 4: AEW Women’s Championship Match
Hikaru Shida vs Big Swole

Handshake to start. Lockup. Stalemate. Swole in a sideheadlock, transitions, sends shida over the knee, Shida escapes, sweeps the leg, hops on top, Knee from Swole, she shoves Shida away, hops over Shida, dodges a back elbow, shoves Shida, Shida hits a tackle, sending her down. Shida hits the ropes, hops over Swole, under, Swole grabs the head and we get a lock. Right hand form Shida, hits the ropes, and right back into a headlock.Shida lifts her into a fireman’s, Swole with a rollup for 1..2.NO!!!! Another rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! Swole with a rollup for 1..2….NO!!! Shida with an arm drag. Swole gets an arm drg. They both try for one, land on their feet, kip up and Swole gets one but Shida not so much. Shida sends Swole to the outside. Kick to the chest. Shida drapes Swole over the apron, runs and hits a knee to the side of the face. Swole locks up on the outside, goes for a suplex, drapes Swole over the barricade Shida attacks the back, then grabs a chair. She uses it to assist some poetry in motion, hitting a flying knee to the side of the head of Swole.

Back in the ring, Shida hits a suplex. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Shida lifts Swole. Swole with right hands. One to the face. Hits the ropes, Shida gets Swole on the shoulders. She falls back with a Samoan Drop into a pin! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!! Shida pulls back on the face from above!!! She turns, Swole attakcs with right hands. Shida with a right hand to Swoleo n the apron. She lifts up Swole onto the top buckle, Swole with a sunset bomb, but she can’t quite keep the hold. She clips Shida and dorps her to the apron. High kick to the side of the head. Swole flies through the ropes with a cutter! Another cutter this time in the ring for 1..2…NO!!!! Swole grabs Shida. Dirty Dancing attempt! Can’t get it! Shida straight jacket. GERMAN!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Knees trike to the back of the head. Shida with a Falcon Arrow! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Shida goes for a running knees trike. Dirty Dancing from Swole! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Shida gets a rope break!

Swole goes for it again! Shida rolls through. Elbow strike! Knee to the face! She hits the ropes. Another knee strike! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
Ok, I’ve been patient, it’s time to give Shida a formidable opponent, because she’s not necessarily strong enough to carry a feud, or even a match, as seen here. Outside of a few miscommunications, it wasn’t bad, just had a weird flow of energy going through it. This coupled with some mistakes bogged the match down till the end.
Total Rating: **
Match Time:8:55

We hear the Cody will face Orange Cassidy for the title again in two weeks, but doesn’t he have a match with Darby in one week?

EDDIE KINGSTON comes ringside and he’s going to be on commentary alongside Penta and Rey.

We get a video package of Shawn Spears, who says he is not stalking Scorpio Sky. The hero role has been around since the beginning of this industry, but Sky is a thief. Sky stole a moment – a memory – that he planned on collecting. Sky owes them a moment.

We come back and the music of Archer hits. Someone gets tossed through some glass as Archer moves right through him. His name is Charlie, and he matters, damnit. Archer’s wearing a dorky looking helmet with spikes coming out of it.

Moxley makes his entrance from backstage through the crowd.

Match 5: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jon Moxley vs Lance Archer

Moxley rushes the ring. PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Moxley tries for it again, but Archer pushes him towards the ropes and to the outside. Archer claps the back, gives him a hard right, then sends Moxley into the barricade. Moxley runs into the ring. Suicide dive to Archer. He sends Archer into the barricade, then into another. Archer sends Jon into the apron. Hard right straight to the face of Moxley. Archer pulls the nose from behind. Archer rolls jon into the ring. He follows. Jon in the corner, seated. Archer bounces off the corner, runs, and Moxley hits him with a clothesline! Archer doesn’t go down. Right from Jon. Another. Another. Rope work and Archer tackles Jon off of his feet. Moxley to the outside. Archer to the arpon. He dives off with a cannonball! Archer sets up a table on the outside. Archer grabs another table, and sets up next to the original one. Archer sees Jonb stirring in the ring. He’s no his knees, calling for action. Archer enters, kicks mOxley in the face, thn sends him into the corner for a chop. Axe handle to the stomach. Archer sits Moxley on the apron then lifts him by the arms. Jon drops down and BAM! BIG BOOT to Jon!

BOTH MEN are on the apron. Jon hits a clothesline, sending archer back into the ring. Jon to the top rope. He dives off and gets GOOZLED! Jon with a lokup from behind. Elbow to Jon. Right hand from Archer. Right from Jon. HARDER right from Archer. Moxley with a clothesline in the corner, then another in the middle of the ring, and Archer is down! Moxley leaves the ring. He grbs a chair. Another chair. Three chairs in the ring, and Jon enters to grb one. He tosses it right at the head of Archer. Jon sets the chairs up face to face (seat to seat?) Fireman’s to Archer. Archer is able to hop off and chokeslam Moxley onto both chairs! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Archer has a chair, Moxley hooks the leg. Knee bar! Archer reaches for the ropes. Jake helps him, bringing his hand closer. No break, though. Archer just pulls himself out of the ring. Moxley drags himself to his feet, hits the ropes, dives, but Archer has a trash can!!! Archer tosses it into the ring. He slams it onto Jon then heads to the apron. Double underhook. Jon downto one knee. LOW BLOW TO ARCHER!!! Double Underhook. Paradigm Shift!!!!

Back in the ring. KICK! PARADIGM SHIFT!!! COVER! 1…2……NO!!! ARCHER KICKS OUT!!! Moxley hooks under the chin! Submissino! Archer escapes! DDT TO MOXLEY!

Archer sends Moxley into the corner, lifts up by the arms, BLACKOUT! Pin for 1..2….CRUCIFIX PIN FROM MOXLEY!!!! 1…2…..3!!!!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Brutal in all the right ways. Archer has been an imposing figure throughout, so the monster moves didn’t seem jarring or unrealistic. Moxley has also been a glutton for punishment, so his never-say-die attitude wasn’t a surprise either. They put together something good here that, although a little slow to start, picked up speed and had some fun near falls. Not sure if it was the covid-break or just Lance’s build, but I never feared he’d win the title. Still, a solid main event.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 12:47


Kingston yells for Lucha Bros to go help Moxley. Rey smacks the chair to the back of Archer. Archer is pissed. Jake holds him back, tells him to head out of the ring. Eddie enters the ring as Archer leaves. Penta looks to attac, but Eddie tells him to chill, and give it up for Jon. Eddie lifts Moxley, says they’ve known each other since 2009. Remember going to Nickles in Philly and having a few drinks? Remember that? Jon stands slowly, Eddie tells Rey to give Moxley his belt. Eddie says this man has carried this company. Is he proud? Eddie is proud. He always kne. No one is better than Jon. So proud. Let’s raise his hand together. Everyone. Hands up.

Eddie raises Jon’s hand in the air, then hits him with a huge back hand. Rear Naked choke form Eddie to Jon!

Eddie releases, asks for the title. He tells us to look how beautiful this title is. It’s everything we fight for. But Moxley took it from him. He never tapped. He never quit!


Now watch our AEW Dynamite post-show!

The final score: review Good
The 411
It's a difficult thing to advertise a one-year anniversary show and not come out the gate hot. It's even more difficult to put on a banger of a show on a weekly basis. The very rare occasions where AEW isn't up to standards, more often than not, is simply because it's not up to the standard that was set by them. It's because of this that tonight's show, although an anniversary show, was somewhat lacking. The opening contest was fun, but I didn't think for a second The Best Friends were going to win, and the ref's reaction to the possible belt to the face was odd considering he counted the pin immediately after. This was followed by Miro, who just isn't catching on like I'd hope, and I'm unsure why. Jericho and MJF had a nice little back and forth, and of course, you can't say a damned bad word against Cody and Orange. I know I kid with like a gazillion stars, but this match was a hell of a lot of fun. That also seemed like the apex of the show, as Shida's match with Swole didn't do it, and the main event, albeit fun in moments, and hard-hitting in other moments, was another means to an end as opposed to an end. All in all, the show did everything right, but not as right as they usually do.

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