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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.28.20

October 28, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 10-28-20
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.28.20  

Ed. Note: Hey all, Jeremy here! I hope AEW has put together a good episode of Dynamite for y’all and make sure to check out our AEW Dynamite post-show Dissecting Dynamite with Andy Perez and guest host Steve Cook, streaming immediately after Dynamite ends!

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Ew! Steve Cook?!

We start with MJF and Wardlow in the back talking to Dasha. MJF says he is proud of Wardlow, but if he wins the tournament and beats the champ, MJF becomes the AEW Heavyweight Champion.

Wardlow looks confused by this, then tells MJF yeah, he’s got it.

In comes in Sammy to tell MJF screw his jacket. H’s not MJF’s buddy or friend and will make sure that he NEVER joins The Inner Circle.

MJF has some advice for him. He tells Wardlow to head back and get ready for his match. MJF had a note for Sammy on his promos – DON’T! What’s wrong, the guy who looks who sells Adderal to middle schoolers is getting upset?

Sammy says no, he’s thinking of all the things he’s going to do about it.

Wardlow match is NEXT!

Match 1: Wardlow vs Hangman Adam Page

Page comes out the gate with a hard kick, trying to drop Wardlow. He’s on the attack but it won’t work, as Wardlow hits the gut and shoulders Page in the corner. Whip to the ropes, Page holds on, kick to Wardlow. Wardlow with a fireman’s, but Page slinks down behind only to be lifted by the head and tossed into the corner. Wardlow with a clothesline to the corner. Kick to the mid-section of Page. Again. Whip to Page into the corner. A missed splash, and Page holds the ropes for Wardlow to fly over onto the apron. Clothesline from the middle rope to Wardlow. Page flies, Wardlow catches him, looks to launch him into the post. Page falls behind and shoves Wardlow into the post! Wardlow runs, lifts Page, and drives him into the barricade with a spear! Wardlow rolls into the ring as Aubrey starts to count. She gets to 5 before page rolls into the ring. Wardlow slams page down on his back and pins for 1..2..NO!!!! Wardlow mounts and hits some punches. Wardlow grabs Page by the head and suplexes/tosses Page across the ring. Gutwrench powerbomb to Page! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Wardlow gets Page to the top rope, GOOZLE! Looks to send Page flying, but Page drops down, locking an arm breaker on Wardlow across the ropes! Ref starts the count. Wardlow tries to hit a knee on the apron. He grabs Page and suplexes him into the ring. Wardlow to the top rope. He dives with a senton, but Page moves! Page is up. Clothesline but Wardlow doesn’t go down. Goes for another one, but meets Wardlow in the middle, and Wardlow drops him. Forearm from Page. Kick from Wardlow lock up. German, but Page lands on his feet!!! Clothesline to Wardlow to the outside!! Page to the top rope. Moonsault off the top!!!

Back in the ring, Page hits a running shooting star press. Cover. ONLY A 1!!! Page on the apron He flips forward for a Buck Shot, but Wardlow is able to dodge it and clothesline Page down hard! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Fireman’s. F 10!!! He hits it! Page rolls outside! Wardlow grabs him and drags him to the top rope. He puts Page on his shoulders. Elbows to Wardlow! GOOZLE! Page continues to try and fight. He hits some rights.

Page grabs the leg. EXPLODER OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! BUCK SHOT!!! He’s not done! He hits the apron again. Another Buck Shot! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
It’s very interesting to see how much a lack of restholds effects a match to make it seem like it’s a seamless string of awesomeness. In all reality, this was a big guy vs little guy match, but Page showed a lot of resilience to prove that he’s in the upper echelon of talent, and most definitely not little. Wardlow still shows some green, but the dude is trying, has tremendous upside, and continues to grow. Solid efort
Total Rating: **3/4
Match Time: 9:44

Ambrose has a video promo. He says this ian’t about the rankings. This is just for him. He won’t be defending the title, he’ll weaponize it. Calls Eddie miserable and excuse-making. He says AEW is for those who do the work and put their asses on the line. Eddie will now have to say the words “I Quit.” He’ll be alone with his ego. Moxley crushes windpipes and skulls, and egos. Protect your neck, Eddie.


Speak of the devil.

Hes here with Butcher, Blade, and Bunny.

Match 2: Eddie Kingston vs Matt Sydal

WE go for a lockup in the corner, Eddie misses a backhand. Sydal chops Eddie. Side headlock from Eddie. Sydal with an arm drag, another, he works the arm behind Eddie. Sydal with a rollup, gets a 2, kick from Sydal, another one in the corner. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sydal wants a Cobra Clutch, but Eddie escapes. Matt kicks Eddie in the thigh, another, spins and Eddie catches him and drops him down hard. Elbow drop to Matt. Eddie sends Matt into the corner. Chop to Sydal. Eddie pushes on the face in the corner. Snapmare. Kick to the face. Eddue grabs the ponytail, slams Matt down on his head Kick to the chest. Eddie locks Matt up from behind, chinlock, Matt turns into it and hits an elbow, then hits the ropes. Sunset flip into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Clothesline from Eddie! Eddie sits in the corner, catching a breath. He stands as Matt stirs. Eddie wobbles a bit on his leg. He kicks Matt in the face, another boot to the face. Chop to Matt. Eddie hits the ropes, goes for a boot, Matt catches it, trips Eddie down, a standing flipping I’m Evan Bourne splash. Eddie with a forearm to the fae. Chop to Matt. Another chop to Matt. Another and Matt flies high with a knee, then a kick to the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Eddie stands on sea legs, hits an elbow to the face, Matt chops Eddie as he gets to the top rope. Matt runs up, Eddie shoots him down, Sydal launches himself and head scissors Eddie down. Top rope fro Sydal. Knees to Eddie! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Matt hits the ropes, rolls up Eddie, uses the trunks, Eddie escapes, backslide from Sydal for 1..2..NO!!!!

Eddie with a knee to the gut then a spinning back fist! Eddie yells out for Moxley then locks in the bulldog choke to Sydal. Sydal taps.

Winner: Eddie Kingston
In a rare occasion, a match went a little too long for my liking here. Eddie probably would have looked better killing Sydal and moving on, but the PIP and necessity to go longer kind of killed the match.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: Stopwatch Issues

Eddie won’t let go. Ref tries to stop him, but in come Butcher and Blade. Bunny grabs a mic and comes over to Matt. Eddie says, “Say ‘I Quit,’ Moxley!” Sydal says he quits. Eddie apologizes to Moxley, then leaves.

Earlier today, Excalibur sits with Young Bucks, while Tully is with his team. Matt says his ankle is fine. This match is brewing, and has been, for years. Nick says Matt can’t even play with his kids. Excalibur asks FTR why jeopardize this match?

Dax says this match is a dream match, but above that is being the champion. Whoever walks out as the champion, cements themselves as the best in the world. Excalibur says he has known Young Bucks for years, and FTR says yea that’s why he gets paid.

Matt says that he and Nick like to think of themselves as good people, and sometimes they do bad things. Do they regret what they’ve done? They aren’t proud, but they don’t regret it. For the last year, they’ve been suffering. There’s something missing, some type of edge, and they couldn’t get their finger on it, and the moment these pricks started messing with their livelihoods, something changed. That killer instinct. Will this be the cause of our undoing? Maybe. This is the way they feel.

Cash says they have more to say, but obviously they aren’t needed for this interview.

Excalibur brings up they having more to lose than just the titles. So there’s a stip. If they don’t win, thy will never challenge for the titles ever again.

Cash and Dax bouncing was cool, Matt adding the stip and trying to add emotion into his promo by repeating words wasn’t.


Tony and Dasha are hosting. They welcome us to the Town Hall. Separate tables and chairs are set up on either side of the ring, while a table and mics are set up on stage for Tony and Dasha.

MJF comes out alone, is sure to pat Tony on the head, then sits on his side of the ring.

The first question from Luchasaurus.

He asks MJF how can he contribute to the earning potential and continued financial prosperity of The Inner Circle?

MJF says he has an answer.

We get a chart of Inner Circle Earnings that show a pretty spotty record pre-MJF, yet an upward climb post-MJF. It’s math, says MJF. Simple thugeco-nomics.

Britt Baker asks Jericho about MJF’s spotty former friendships. Jericho says he is not a dipshit like Cody Rhodes. MJF knows nothing about their plans or secrets, and besides, if MJF tries and turns on them, they’ll knock MJF’s teeth down his throat.

MJF says he promises both money and championships. You know he’s right, says MJF. We can all settle down.

Peter Avalon has a question. Peter uses his time to ask if he can join The Inner Circle. Lol.

The Inner Circle laughs it off, and MJF joins them. Jericho says no.

Next question is from a Mr. Eric B.


He has a three-pronged question: 1) January 20, 1961, JFK said “Ask not what your country could do for you…” and Bischoff asks MJF, what can he do for The Inner Circle?

MJF says that’s a great question; very powerful, so he can only give a one-worded powerful answer – FRIENDSHIP.

2) Given that most would consider MJF to be a complete package, what does he believe The Inner Circle can do for him?

MJF says that no, he IS the complete package. He can also humbly accept that he has a dent in his armor. He may not be the best team player. But he believes that once he joins The Inner Circle, he can learn how to be.

3) He has worked with Jericho for many years, and most would agree that he’s a primadonna.

Jericho gets upset, but Tony says Eric has the floor. Tony then yells at Jericho to SHUT UP!

Bischoff continues his question: 3) Given that MJF possesses many of the same primadonna-esque characteristics, what is the guarantee that if he joins, they don’t just end up killin each other?

MJF says this is preposterous. He’s been getting booed, thrown arrows, he’s a good person. He came out as respect, a leap of faith.

Jericho wants him to answer.

MJF has a question for Jericho. Week after week, he has made it very clear that he checks every single box. He’s got presents, good tv, friendship, and the best segment of Jericho’s entire career and of all professional wrestling. So MJF asks Jericho, what hasn’t he done.

Jericho says that MJF hasn’t beaten him. But he’ll give Jericho a chance to do it at Full Gear. If he wins, he can join The Inner Circle.

MJF says this is the biggest opportunity of his life, so he wants to let Jericho know something. He will do anything to win. Whatever it takes. Jericho would expect nothing less. MJF says Jericho doesn’t understand – ANYTHING.

Ortiz tells MJF to shut up, all he does is run his mouth. No conversation needed. Sammy and Ortiz don’t want it. Ortiz is in the middle. Don’t believe for one second that because Jericho is entertaining MJF, that he has a shot. Next week, Sammy and Ortiz vs MJF and Wardlow, and MJF will not be making it to the PPV.

I’m sure there are going to be plenty that love this, but it kind of dragged a bit for me. I also have to call into question why Luchasaurus or even Britt Baker would care about what is going on between The Inner Circle and MJF. The Bischoff cameo was cute, but why would he care either? I feel like the match and the promo Ortiz cut all could have been done without the Town Hall meeting, so it came off as a bit self-serving.

Match 3: TNT Championship Lumberjack Match
Cody Rhodes vs Orange Cassidy

Orange goes for Orange Punch, Cody dodges, Cross Rhodes attempt, Orange escapes, Mouse Trap, Cody escapes! Orange pretends to put the hands in pockets, grabs a side headlock takeover instead1 Roll into 1..NO! Orange works the arm, another side headlock takedown. Cody escapes out of the wrist lock, whips Orange into the corner and flips him into it! Cody kicks at the Lumberjacks as they try and grab him. Backslide from Orange. 1..NO!!! Punch to the stomach from OCdy. Cody to the side, Cody locks the head, sets up for a suplex, plants him down face first. Cody covers for 1…NO! Arn yells for Cody to get serious. Cody drops an elbow to the head. Cody locks the head. Suplex but Orange reverses and delays and hits his own! Orange slides to the outside! The Best Friends hold everyone back and they HUG!!!!

Orange gets back onto the apron, shoulders OCdy, Cody grabs the leg. Dragon Screw with the ropes! Orange stands, Cody hits a right, Best Friends catch Cassidy and push him back on the apron. Orange flies over Cody into the ring, duks under a run, and Cody spills to the outside. Cody to the apron, Orange slaps the hand of Cody, The Best Friends catch Cody. They drop him. Lol.

Cody back in, Dropkick from Orange, TRENT WITH A CHAPSHOT!!! Orange to the top rope! Dives. Crossbody! Orange up, Cody up, ducks a clothesline, tilt. Whirl, goes for a swinging DDT but Cody drops Cody and goes fo ra Figure Four. Orange kicks Cody out, Dark Order tries to attack, Cody runs back into the ring. DDT and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Orange to the top rope! Orange calls for a 450 splash and just falls off the corner! Hahahahha. Knees up from Cody! Cody sends Orange to the outside. Cody, too. Dustin and QT send Orange in, while Best Friends send in Cody. Cody grabs the leg. Cody tries to split it, but Orange is up. He heads to the corner. Cody with a hip toss. He grabs the head and sends Orange into the corner, then into the ropes, back elbow and a cover for 1..2…NO! Cody grabs the leg and pulls on it, looking for a half Boston Crab. He sits on the back of Orange. Orange turns, drops his weight into the hold, and tries to grab at the face. Orange gets to the ropes and breaks the hold.

Cody up first. He goes over to Orange and sits on the 2nd rope. He flies off with an axe handle. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Cody from behind. He squeezes the body. Back elbow to Cody. Whip and Orange holds on. He back body drops Cody to the otusid, where The Dark Order stomps him out. Orange slides out of the eing and fights them off!!! He back body drops Uno onto The Dark Order. Angelico and his partner attack Orange Cassidy. In come Best Friends and a few others, and all the Lumberjacks are attacking one another. Cody enters the ring as Cody stands in it already. Orange to the top rope. Cody with a right hand. He hosp on top as well, locks the head of Orange. Cody with a SUPERPLEC ONTO ALL OF THE LUMBERJACKS!!!!

Cody back into the ring with Orange. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Springboard Cutter from Cody! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Orange tries for a soft chop, Cody catches his wrist, hits the ropes, Orange with a right hand! Cody with a clothesline! Cody grabs the head, locks up for a suplex, CUTTER FROM ORANGE! He’s on the top rope! He dives! DDT!!! Orange lifts up. BEACH BREAK! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! DARK ORDER RUNS INTO THE RING TO DISTRACT!!!

Silver with a pump kick! Arn with a shot from his clipboard!!! Cody with Cross Rhodes! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
Total Rating: ****15/16ths
Match Time: 12:05

All the lumberjacks go buck wild on each other until Billy and Austin Gunn clear the ring of Dark Order.

Backstage, Best Friends go up to Miro and Kip to apologize. They feel bad. Miro forgives them and offers a gift. Then, they attack The Best Friends in a locker room. Miro tosses Trent into wall. He locks his head up from behind, saying he will never forgive him. Kip laughs it off in the back, then unwraps their little gaming joystick platfrom thang.

To the ring, and Serena Deeb is making her entrance. She is the new NWA Women’s Champion. Oooh, this could be good.

Match 4: NWA Women’s Championship Match
Serena Deeb vs Leyla Hirsch

Lockup to start. Stalemate, and both women break it up. Another lockup. Go behind from Deeb. Leyla sits out of it, wrist lock attempt, Deeb spins, Leyla spins as well, facelock to Deeb. Serena with an arm drag. Another. Deeb rolls up Leyla for 1..2..NO!!! Both women up. Another lockup, go behind from Leyla, side headlock takedown from Deeb, roll into a pin for 1.Deeb cinches the hold. Whip to the ropes, shoulder tackle from Deeb. Clothesline from Leyla! Deeb is up in the corner. Hirsch with an elbow in the conrer, then running knees and a swinging dropkick! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Whip from Deeb. Deeb escapes a corner splash, grabs the head on the apron, spins a bit, then hangs Hirsch up for a hanging neckbreaker. Deeb rolls back in, hops on the back of Hirsh, shoots forward with. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Deeb locks the leg, but Hirsch with some vicious kicks to the arm of Deeb. She pushes Deeb down and goes for an arm breaker! Deeb has the fingers lcoked. She turns into the hold and pins for 1..2..NO!!!! Divorce Court to Deeb! She sends Deeb into the corner shoulder first! Leyla locks the head, then the arm behind Deeb’s back, and sends her into the corner. Cocky pin gets a 1. Leyla locks the arm up on the 2nd rope then pulls back and puts. Her feet into the back of the arm. Hirsch locks the arm u again on the bottom rope. Another arm breaker attempt on Deeb! Hirsch locks the head of Deeb, then the arm again, locking it up behind the prone Deeb. Arm drag to Hirsch creates separation, but Hirsch is right back on it, only for Deeb to hit a neckbreaker!

Back from a break, and Hirsch hits some palm strikes then a knee to the face. German to Deeb! Hirsch walks over Deeb then heads to the top rope. MOONSAULT but Deeb moves!

Deeb locks the head, spinning neckbreaker, then another one! Deeb captures the arm and hooks the leg. Hirsch taps!

Winner: Serena Deeb
Deeb can go! And I, admittedly, have never seen Hirsch, but she showed up and showed out. Nice.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time:8:39

Marvez is backstage with Shida. He brings up Nyla, who refuses to wrestle unless it’s for the title.

Shida grabs the mic, says she wants Nyla at Full Gear.

So there’s that.

Match 5: Shawn Spears vs VSK

Spears lifts VSK onto his shoulders. Death Valley Driver. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Shawn Spears
Squishy Squish Squish
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :04

There’s a bull in the crowd that throws something at Spears. Spears goues out to grab him and drag him into the ring. He goes to Tully to grab something, and the bull reveals himself to be Scorpio Sky. Shawn turns around and Sky attacks! He goes over to Tully to stare him down.

Match 6: Kenny Omega vs Penta

Fenix has a towel, that I hope doesn’t come into play. Lockup and Omega wrenches a side headlock to Penta. Ropes and Omega stops on the back of Penta. Penta shoves Omega, Omega shoves back. Omega pretends to be afraid, then lifts his shirt. HE IS WEARING THE AAA MEGA CHAMPIONSHIP! Deeeeyum. Omega grabs the title and holds it up to Fenix and Penta. He lays it down on the ground and calls Penta to give it to him. Petna shoves Omega. Omega with a chop. Omega wants one. Penta hits him right across the chest with a hard ass chop! Penta wants one! Omega with one of his own. Penta removes the gloce. Tosses his glove to the ref, Omega catches it and slaps Penta with it! Penta winds up for a chop, but Omega kicks the knee and stomps the hell out of Penta. He slaps Penta a few more times with his glove. Omega with a right hand. Whip to the corner, reversed, Omega kicks Penta up, Omega flies over the back. Penta with a chop as Omega turns! Kick from Penta to the thigh! Whip to the ropes, Penta flies over and backstabber!!! Nice. Page rolls to the outside. Penta hits the ropes, dives over the top and lands on Omega!!!

Penta and Omega outside. Penta chases Kenny then gets kicked and dropped. Club to the back. Kick to the thigh. Penta sends Keney into the ring an pulls back on his arms, with the boot to the back. Penta locks up the head on the ropes. Back to the outside, and Penta clotheslines Kenny over the barricade. Omega sends an ice chest into the shins of Penta then sends his head into the ice chest. Kenny sends Penta back over the barricade then hops onto and over. IN the ring, goes Kenny, and Penta rocks him wit a right. Chop to Penta. Right hand to the back, one to the face, kick to the back of the leg. Penta hits the ropes, Kenny hops up and hits a head scissors. Penta to the outside. Kenny up, hits the ropes, dives up and over onto Penta!!! Penta on the apron. Kick to Kenny. Top rope. Crossbody to Omega on the outside! Penta send Kenny into the ring. Penta to the top rope. Penta dives off with a stomp, Omega up to dodge it, goes for a knee, knee strike from Penta! Slingblade and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Penta to the top rope. Omega up. Right hand to Penta. Another. Another. Omega gets dropped, kick to the back of the leg, Penta to the top rope, stomp to Omega! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Penta gets Omega on his shoulders, Kenny drops down to his feet. Snap Dragon suplex. Omega turns Penta for another Snap Dragon Suplex! They trade chops, knee ot the face, powerbomb! Running knee all from Omega! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Penta is still in! V-Trigger! Omega locks up from behind. Elbow to the face of Omega! Leg Lariat to the back of the head from Omega! Running knee to the back of the head of Penta! Omega sits Penta up, looking for a Dragon Suplex. Back elbow from Penta. Omega to the apron. Chop to Penta. Omega turns. PENTA WITH A DESTROYER OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Penta rolls Omega to the ring. He locks the head up, underhooks, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Cover for 1..2…….NO!!!!! Penta with a pumphandle attempt in the middle of the ring. Kenny locks the arm, back elbow, another, another, Penta attacks the back, underhook, pumphandle, arm drag from Kenny! ENZIGURI FROM PENTA!!! Penta hits the ropes. HIGH KNEE FROM KENNY OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! Kenny lifts Penta, gets him on the sholders, Kenny looks to grab the head, Penta fights it off, pulls the arm back. Penta wants a submission! PENTA SNAPS THE ARM OF OMEGA!!!! Penta calls for the end. Penta with a single underhook. Pumphandle.

Omega escapes again!!! Back elbow, favors the arm, chop to Penta! Another, another. He hits the right, SUPERKICK TO KENNY!!!! Penta hits the ropes, springboard, turns, KNEE TO THE FUCKING FACE!!! One-Winged Angel! Pin for 1….2…3!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega
Holy hell, what a main event. The bad news is, we knew exactly who was winning, and no matter how many back and forths and near falls they had, I didn’t once think Penta was going to win. The good news is that this didn’t take away from a bad ass match that had a lot going for it. Solid main. Wow.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 17:16

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
AEW Dynamite tonight was a show that started off average, dipped in quality near the middle, and came back strong near the end. Wardlow continues to grow, and Page is a good person for him to learn from, but the win was never in question. Last week, we saw Jericho and MJF attempt to steal the show, and to some - they did. This week, no Bischoff cameo was goin to make me enjoy this as much as they think I did. It appears my suspension of belief only stretches so long as there is some type of musical number involved because I couldn't wrap my head around why Luchasaurus would care about the well being of The Inner Circle, or why Britt Baker would care at all about Jericho or MJF. Bischoff cameos, while cute and a little tug on the nostalgia tip, also kind of didn't mean much to me here. They could have done without this entire segment save for the promo challenge from Jericho, the promo from Ortiz and the follow up. My boy Orange Cassidy got screwed by The Dark Order, and although I'm all for Silver getting some love, it did seem kind of shoe-horned. Thankfully, though, there was a banger of a main event that, let's face it, we knew was going to be good, yet I had an even better time enjoying it. A middle of the road show with a bit of added love for the main event and for Serena Deep being a bad ass.

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