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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.6.21

October 6, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
Hangman Page AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.6.21  

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Currently doing this at a table at my bar because the Dodgers are playing, and apparently everyone wants to drink with me, so I apologize in advance if beer spills on my keyboard and causes typos.

Big thanks to Jeremy for covering my ass for the first fifteen minutes.

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Match 1: Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Lucha Express vs The Elite

Jungle Boy and Nick start, some counter wrestling and leapfrogging, Jungle Boy with an agile springboard arm drag. Nick with a cheap shot though and he tags in Cole, who stomps Jungle Boy to the mat. That doesn’t last long before Jungle Boy hits some chops, he gets whipped into the corner but gets a boot up and Christian is in now for a second. A few shots, he tags in Jungle Boy for an axehandle off the top, Cage tagged in for one of his own. Cage out of the ring for an uppercut on Cole and then is back in to get him in the corner — elevated punches! Cage hits an inverted DDT to duck a clothesline by Matt, Jungle Boy is in now and comes off the ropes but eats an elbow to the back by Nick Jackson.

Adam Cole brings Jungle Boy over and tags in Omega for a springboard axehandle. Wristlock and Nick is tagged in to come off the top with a shot to Jungle Boy. Matt tagged in for an axehandle, Jungle Boy with a kick to the gut and he crotches Nick on the ropes, then hits an armdrag on Matt! Matt now tags in Danielson and the crowd pops. Chops and kicks from Bry-D, sending Matt down to the mat. Matt sent into the hostile corner and Luchasaurus is in to whop Bryan into a kick in the corner, and Matt comes out into an uppercut. They take the Super Elite off the apron and then everyone charges in on Matt, with Luchasaurus last. Superkick by Luchasaurus into a facebuster by Jungle Boy, the Elite break it up.

It’s chaos now as everyone comes in, Cage is battling Matt but Nakazawa hits him in the back. Cutler with the cold spray to the eyes, and assisted springboard spike piledriver onto the floor by the Bucks! Officials are checking on Cage while Matt superkicks Jungle Boy. Matt then superkicks Marko Stunt who was checking on Cage!

Jungle Boy is rolled in, and Matt starts the mounted punches on him. Jungle Boy in the hostile corner and Nick hits a nasty shot before Cole is tagged in for a camel clutch. The Bucks go back and forth on the ropes, give Cole kisses on the cheek. Omega tagged in and he lays into Jungle Boy before mocking him to the camera — Jungle Boy however counters a suplex with one of his own! Jungle Boy goes for an enzuigiri but Omega ducks. Omega goes for a snapdragon suplex but Jungle Boy breaks it and comes off the ropes with a clothesline.

Bry-D is fighting with Nakazawa on the outside, The Bucks are working Jungle Boy over on the inside but he counters with a double DDT! Jungle Boy tags in Danielson and Omega is in! They’re face to face, and start talking shit. Omega with a forearm, countered by Danielson. Traded shots until Omega with a kick to the gut, he whips Danielson into the corner but he spriongboards off and then comes off the ropes to take Omega out. Kicks in the corner, he gets Omega seated on the top — super-rana! Danielson up top, diving headbutt! Cover, and the Bucks break it up.

Luchasaurus is in and the Bucks send him into the ropes — double clothesline by Lucha! Cole takes him out, Jungle Boy takes Cole out, Omega tags Jungle Boy out — Tiger Suplex by Bry-D! Cover for two, Danielson locks in Cattle Mutilation and Nick comes off the top with a senton to break it up. Luchasaurus now in as the legal man, he chucks all the Elite around and hits avalanches on all of them except Cole, who hits a superkick. Cole comes off for Panama Sunrise, Lucha grabs Cole! He grabs Omega! He chokeslams Cole INTO Omega! Luchasaurus comes out onto the apron and dives onto the elite, and it’s devolved into chaos at this point as everyone is just diving onto everyone. Omega then with a tope suicida onto Team Babyface. Cole looks like he’s about to dive but then he doesn’t — and gets chokeslammed and moonsaulted by Luchasaurus! Cover for two. Jurassic go for the tag finisher but the Super Elite take him out, and then they try for a team powerbomb that — uh, doesn’t go well. So they turn to Jungle Boy who is fdighting back but he gets superkick, snapdragon suplexed, Panama Sunrise, and voer — but Danielson breaks it up!

Danielson is now fighting everyone. He starts the kicks into Omega with everyone else down, the roundhouse is caught through and Bryan gets triple superkicked! Four-way BTE Trigger, cover gets three.

I missed the start, but what I did see was both fun and amazing in erms of skill. A few botches wasn’t enough to make it look bad. Then again, I wasn’t reporting it, Jeremy was, so maybe I’d think differently. Anyway, lets get on with it.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Ambrose is backstage, and he has lost patience. He says there is no man in AEW that can submit him or pin him. So they throw ladders at him? Wanna get weird? Wanna get some ladders? Let’s do it. He’s got a 3 month old at home, and she is insane! AEW is his company, and that’s his belt!

CM PUNK is here!!!

He is all smiles in a sleeveless shirt, gives Tony and the crew some love, then heads to the ring.

Punk asks if we are tired of this, yet. He shows up every week thinking we will tire of it, but he’s going to keep the lovefest going, he appreciates everyone. Y’all see the Jordans? Lol. He tells us he moved to Philly in 2002, and liveed there for a good three years. He wrestled daily, and slept and breathed pro wrestling. He loved Philly so much because it gave him so much, so thank you. Because of the money he made in Philly, he bought an iPod and a laptop, and holy shit was he rich. He was rich spiritually, though. He did all those things, all those days, immersing himself in a community, and said he is glad he’s back, immersed again in this community.

He wanted to give back to Philly, and outside of buying all of them cheesesteak. He is going to give them a choice; wrestle for them, or buy them all cheesesteaks. What’s it going to be?

WRESTLE chant.

He says to buy themselves a cheesesteak, because he is going to wrestle. A couple weeks ago, someone tried to end this before it started. He challenges Daniel Garcia to meet him in Philly on Rampage.

Video package of Arn Anderson on a podcast talking about Cody being too Hollywood. He cuts a promo burning a jacket downstairs from Cody’s house. Lol. Cody plays the role of Juliet, calling from the balcony. He walks downstairs, and Arn tells him that he’s eating very good right now. He asks for his tie, tells Cody to paint a star on his face, and everything will be cool. This is just more excess. Cody saves the tie, tells him not to throw it away, but Arn slaps him, saying he threw “US” away.

Cody tosses the tie into the fire.

This seems like a little bit of a try-hard moment…

Match 2: TNT Championship Match
Sammy Guevara vs Bobby Fish

LOCKUP!!!! Fish with some body shots, right, right from Sammy, chop, Fish with a right, another body shot, another, kick to the leg, and Sammy is backed up into the ropes. He whips, Fish misses a kick as Sammy holds onto the ropes. Rope work and Sammy hits a dropkick to Fish. He hits the corner, with a headbutt, apron, and an enziguri. Springboard into a moonsault attempt, but Fish kicks his leg and Sammy falls back on his head. Fish grabs the head, knee to the gut, antoher knee, right to the face, snapmare, Fish hops over the ropes then back over again with a senton. Cover for 1….NO!!! Fish with a kick to the back. Sammy is up, kicks, snapmare, kick to the back. They go at it in the middle of the ring with elbow/knee combos from Fish, and an elbo from Sammy. Back elbow off the ropes from Fish. He grabs the head, lifts up Sammy locks the head, and tries for a suplex, but Sammy reverses and sends him to the apron as we go to break.

We are back and Sammy hits a back elbow, a clothesline, a whip is reversed, but Sammy hits a back elbow, Sammy flies off, gets hit, but runs with a knee. He misses a right, Fish turns him, hits a right, high kick to the head, lock up with a Saito Suplex! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Knee from Fish. Kick to the chest. Sammy kicks back to the head, runs, hits a standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere! Sammy rolls to the outside. Sammy to the top rope. Fish kicks him down. Right hand to the elevated Sammy. Fish jumps up. Falcon Arrow off the top rope! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

They go at it some more, I blink and I frekain miss it, as Sammy hits the GTH. Cover for 1..2..3!!!


Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:18

As Sammy celebrates, Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and a bunch of MMA dudes I don’t know or care to know circle the ring. They hop on the apron with Lambert. Some chick enters the ring, allowing Sky to attack from behind. Dos Santos hops onto Sammy, hitting some rights, then some shirtless dude drops him. Dos Santon mounts again, attacking the head, and here comes FUEGO!!! He attacks Sky in the corner, but he gets taken down by MMA Guy 1. Sky stomps Sammy over and over, until finally, Jericho’s music hits. He rushes down with Hager, enters the ring, and they go at it with everyone!

Lambert and Co leave the ring. Lambert grabs the mic, says enough with this song. Of course, the crowd continues to sing it, which is great. Lol.

Lambert wants to clear up some confusion. Jericho has been the big man for a long time, and Khan has some power at Philly, but Rampage is in Miami, and South Florida is the home of America’s Top Team. He says they got the say come Miami. The crowd is booing the shit out of him. Love it.

Lambert wants a 6-man tag team match, Men of the Year and Dos Santos vs Jericho, Hager, and Sammy. Lambert will be ringside, and so will some other guys. If you are wondering if I’m interested in any of these guys that are NOT wrestlers, I am not.

Jericho says he didn’t hear a damned thing Lambert said, but he does know this – they are going to beat the living shit out of them.

Backstage, The Acclaim freestyle about getting the tag titles. Friday, Rampage, The Acclaimed vs Lucha Bros. Sick.

WE are back, and the announcement is essentially a TBS Championship title, with the tbs logo in the center. Not a fan of the lowercase, but I get it. It’s for the ladies, by the way.

We head to Darby and JR. JR says he was uncomfortable with what he saw last week with him and MJF, but he’s also looking forward to his match tonight with a large man. The meat of the matter is the face paint.

Darby says last week he made everything very public, but he wants to elaborate on why his face is painted. Darby brings up his uncle and the car accident when he was five. He was drinking and driving, and that is what shaped him He paints half of his face because 50% of him feels dead inside. It’s the reason behind his tattoo. He faced death that day, but he is still here. MJF will not win this war. He’s never met a Darby Allin; he guarantees it.

Before the match even starts, Darby flips over the top rope to The Factory outside.

Match 3: Darby Allin (w/ Sting) vs Nick Comoroto

Darby posts Nick then enters the ring and the bell sounds. Dropkick in the corner, another dropkick, Darby punches a few times, go behind flips over for a stunner, Nick lifts him up and hits a powerslam, though.

We come back, and the match is short lived as Darby makes short work of Nick. Not sure what happens, though, because an Indian man decided to yell at me.


Total Rating:
Match Time:

After the match, Sting hits the Death Drop on QT Marshall.

Backstage, Evil Uno says from here on, it is up to Dark Order to make the decisions. Reynolds says it should be up to all of them. They should start voting as a family.

First thing to vote on is that Alex needs to put the mask back on. They then compare him, Stu, and Silver. Lol.

We head back to the middle of the ring. Dante Martin is with Tony. He cuts a promo, proving that he is a problem to everyone in the locker room. He’s been in the ring with the likes of Kenny, and he’s given him a run for his money. So this goes out to the entire locker room. He will fight anyone right now.

Lights go out.

Uh oh…

Spotlight is on. Malakai is behind Dante Martin. Martin turns. Black mist! Huge kick to the face. Lights out.

They come back on, and Black is alone in the ring. He grabs a mic and sits, saying The House of Black accepts.

We head to the ring to get ready for the next match, and Aubrey is holding a trophy for “The First Female to win 50 Matches” which kind of gives away the ending to this one, don’t it?

Match 4: Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb

They start slow, with each girl feeling each other out. Lockup from behind, Deeb escapes, arm work from both girls, Shida gets Deeb down, but she stands, breaks the hold, locks the fingers, Deeb brings her down, head scissors from Shida. Escape, and we get a stalemate.

Shida wants a hand shake, but Deeb slaps her. Lockup again, and a side headlock from Shida. Rope work, Deeb misses a clothesline, kick from Shida, sends Deeb into the corner, mounts, and hits some right hands. Shida rolls out, mounts again, hits a headbutt, then flies with a dropkick into the corner. Nice. Shfida drags Deeb over the apron, runs with a knee lift. Hits it hard and is happy about it. Shida grabs a chair, sets it up, bu Deeb grabs it and closes it, sending it into the ring. She slides into the ring, wanting to wrestle. Shida hops on the apron, tries for a shoulder, headlock from Deeb. Neckbreaker over the ropes.

WE come back, but I don’t know what the hell happens.


Total Rating:
Match Time:

We head to Marvez, who is backstage with Darby. He congrats him on the big win. He informs us that MJF wants a match next week, and Darby says of course. In comes a limo. Darby removes his jacket, waits for it, but here’s a dudge with a chair, smacking Darby from behind. The same guy grabs a camera, then two guys come out of the limo to attack. One man lookin like Wardlow stands by. They lawn dart Darby into the stop sign. The guys move some barricades and stand them up, then hit an F10 onto the pile of steel.

Another man comes out of the limo, grabs the skateboard, skates over to Darby, and chokes Darby with it. Tony is not fooled at all. MJF says wrap it up. Darby is left slain.

We are backstage with Lio Rush, and he wants to talk to Dante. He is a big fan. He is the man of the hour, and we can call him LBO Lio, because he is a business man. Let’s talk business. Dante is hurting, and not just physically. He sees an undervalued commodity, and he wants to take him to new heights. He has a proposal. If he takes the challenge from Black, maybe he needs some help. So how bout Lio have his people call Dante, and they’ll talk soon.

Match 1: Casino Ladder Match
Pac vs Orange Cassidy vs Andrade vs

I come to with Orange and Pac in the middle of the ring! Pac blocks a DDT with a brainbuster just as El Idolo comes out!!! Andrade walks straight to a ladder, grabs it, and Pac dropkicks it into him! Pac leaves the ring, gets back in with his own ladder, and gets ready to climb. Andrade with a springboard onto the ladder, and he and Pac fight at the top. Andrade slams Pac onto the top of the ladder. SUNSET BOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! Andrade grabs Pac, corners him, and grabs the ladder. He lays it onto Pac in the corner. Andrade hit the corner, but Orange is here!! He puts his hands in his pocket! Kick to Andrade! Another! Andrade mocks Orange, pretends to put his hands in the pockets, hit sa chop, misses a right, hurricanrana from Orange, dropkick to Pac.

HERE COMES BIG MONEY MATT! He rushes down, staring straight at Orange, and hobbles up the steps. Orange goes for an Orange Punch, but matt with a Side Effect! He grabs a ladder! Clocks Pac, then Orange, then Andrade! Matt sets the ladder up. He climbs up the ladder, but Orange is there to grab the leg! Orange pulls him down, lockup from behind.

We are back from PIP and Moxley is making his entrance! Looks like Archer already made his entrance, and these two fight in the middle of the crowd! Jon kicks Archer away, and grabs a chair. He tosses it into Archer, Moley runs and knees Archer in the back, lol. They head towards the ring, and we hit a side Russian leg sweep to Archer. Moxley with a chair, he clocks Archer by tossing the chair into his head, so Archer grabs the chair and tosses it into the head of Moxley.

We are updated that Darby won’t be able to compete next week.

Archer in the ring, Orange with an Orange Punch!!! Ladder around Archer’s neck! Another Orange Punch! Arche bends over at the hips. Orange tries to climb up him! Moxley is in! He hits a suplex! Dropkick to the ladder INTO Archer! Moxley drags the ladder to the corner. The countdown is at 5!!!

Here is The Joker!!!


Out comes Page! He’s ready!!!! COWBOY SHIT!!!!

Page rushes the ring, goes straight for Moxley. They meet in the middle of the ring! Right hands! Back and forth! Page clocks him, rushes with a clothesline!!!! Archer runs, gets sent over the top! Orange jumps, gets caught! FALLAWAY SLAM ONTO A LADER!!!!! Springboard off the ladder to take out Andrade! Crossbody to the outside to Matt!! Pac ha sa chair! He clocks Page as he celebrates! Pac stomps Page over and over again. He grabs the ladder. Pac sets it up in the corner. He tosses another one outside. Pac wants a table!! He grabs one on the outside and sends it into the ring! Pac enters the ring and stomps Page a few times again. He sets the table up near the ladder! Pac wants to kill Page! He drags Page onto the table. Pac t othe apron, then to the top rope, then to the ladder!!!! Pac to the top of the ladder! ANDRADE IS UP!!!! He climbs, attacks the quads! Right to the face, right from Pac. Rights back and forth. Pac sends Andrade flying off the top onto a ladder below!!!! Page with rights on the top of the ladder! He’s there with Pac!!! He gets Pac on his shoulders for a DEAD EYE ONTO THE TABLE!!!!

Hangman hit his knee! He’s seething!!!! Moxley is up! Kick! PARADIGM SHIFT!!!! He grabs the ladder. He sets it up in the center. Moxley climbs. Orange is in!!!!! He climbs!!! FAST!!! He beats Moxley at the top! Moxley bites him! Matt pushes the ladder!!! Matt grabs Orange and drags him to the outside onto a table! Moxley rabs the ladder. Matt to the top of his own ladder!!! He hits a Leg Drop ONTO ORANGE CASSIDY!!!!

Moxley climbs, Archer enters the ring! Hard right sends Moxley off the ladder!!!! He kicks the table away! Archer grabs the ladder, sets it up near the ropes, BUCKSHOT TO ARCHER!!!!!

Page grabs the ladder! He climbs! Moxley with a chair! He smacks Page a good one! Moxley climbs the opposite side! They meet at the top! Punch from Jon, he grazes the chip!

Page with a right, over and over and over and over, Moxley fights back, Page drops Moxley!!! He heads to the top!!! PAGE GRABS THE CHIP!!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Total Rating: ****
Match Time:

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
A solid show with a great return! Opener was a banger, closer was a banger, enough in between to love! See you next week!

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