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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.11.20

November 11, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.11.20  

Ed. Note: Hey all, Jeremy here! Hope you all enjoy tonight’s episode of Dynamite! Don’t forget to join us for our AEW Dynamite post-show Dissecting Dynamite with Andy Perez and guest host Blake Lovell, streaming immediately after Dynamite ends!

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We start with a nice wish of happiness towards all vets then await the presence of Team Taz.

We are about to witness The Machine wrestle live. Taz is distracted though, because Darby, The Face of the Network, is in the crowd watching. Taz tells him to keep his narrow ass in his chair and don’t get near the ring. Taz also tells him to let Cody know the same thing. Cage is about to wrestle a man who respects the past, Darby doesn’t have that capability. Matt Sydal does. He and Darby have a lot in common.

Match 1: Brian Cage vs Matt Sydal

Cage lifts Matt, Matt ducks under a clothesline and kicks the back of the head, sending Cage into the corner. Dropkick to the face. Cage with a clothesline into the corner. Another in the middle of the ring. Chop to Matt in the corner. Cage locks up, belly to belly over the head! Backbreaker to Matt! Whip to Matt, hard, and Sydal falls to the mat. Cage with another backbreaker across the knee. Cover for 1..NO! Cage sents Matt into the corner. Lift up Cage. Whip to the corner. Matt flies off the corner, dropkick to cage, clothesline from Cage! Cage grabs Matt and curls his ass like nothing, then tosses him over the top of the head of Cage. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cage pulls the arm gfrom behind. Sydal drops to his back and kicks high to the head. Chop to the chest, kick to the side of the leg. Whip to Matt, tilt a whirl, Sydal lands on his feet, kick to the chest, Cage sends him to the corner. Uppercut to the corner, high kick and al ockup from behind. GERMAN! But Matt lands on his fet! Sydal fo ra Rana, Cage catches, Sydal drops, Cage hits the ropes, lifted up for a rana, but Matt hits a powerbomb!!! Cage rolls to the outside. Sydal to the top rope. He flies off the corner with some knees! Matt sends him to the ring. Cage up. Sydal kicks, Cage blocks, gutwrench, Sydal escapes, slides under the legs, kick to the hammy, kick to the side of the head, He hooks the legs, swings, neckbreker. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Crazy ass flip onto cage for 1..2..NO!!!! Kicks to the chest of Cage, one to the back, PUMPHANDLE, matt escapes, lands on his feet, discus lariat, but age misses, kick to Cage. Another! He tries for another swinging move, but Cage with a surprise clothesline! Cage calls for the end. He pulls up, Knee strike to the head REVERSAL TO A ROLL UP FOR 1…2…..NO!!!!

Matt to the top! He dives off the top headfirst, Cage catches him and hits the Drill Claw!!! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Brian Cage
I was midway to calling this a typical big man/little man match, then they went and allowed Cage to sell for Sydal. I much more enjoy a match where although the finish isn’t in question, the road to get there isn’t full of squash, and this is why – it gives us something to hold onto.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 7:41

After the match, Starks grabs a mic and says that what we feel now is what we felt at Full Gear. They are officially ranked, and they get things done. The next step is the TNT Championship. If you step in their way, they are putting you into a grave. He will make their presence felt tonight because the revolution will be televised.

WE RETURN and Cody is out and brings up the weather like he’s a 1990s comic in LA. He wants to congratulate the new champ, and says that he and Arn will not be seeking a rematch at this time. There is another match that he wants, another loss, that he’d like to remove from his match. He wants MJF.

Some buff blonde chick comes into the ring, wondering if Cody can help her. She then says how dare Cody sits here and lies to their audience. Her name is Jade, and she is the total package.

Cody claps for her, still a bit confused.

She says she’s been on the sideline for weeks, studying her competition, and Cody, The American Nightmare, The Prince of Pro Wrestling. She thinks one week, she heard him say he was The Giant Killer. What does he know about giants, though. There is nothing giant about Cody.

She knows a giant. A real giant, and statements like Cody is an echo loud enough to wake him. So the next time Cody feels the need to think out loud, she suggests he keeps that shit to himself. She is nothing to be played with.

She says congrats on his name, but he doesn’t have the balls to go on one name. The giant Cody was talking about is the real star, and his name is – Shaq.

Brandi is here to bring the energy, telling jade who the hell does she think she is? She will make this real easy for her. Don’t ever talk to Cody like that again, don’t even look at him. She can also take her ratchet, trifling ass off her stage and don’t come back unless she sends for her.

Jade laughs it off then taps the ass of Brandi lightly as Brandi walks away. Jerry Lynn comes up to stop the girls.

Cody is perplexed. Brian Cage powerbombs him from behind, then holds Cody up for Ricky to spear that ass, but Darby’s music hits.

WE RETURN FROM BREAK to congratulate Kenny Omega with a video package.

Moxley is with Marvez in the back. He reminds us of the I QUIT match, then brings up Kenny Omega.

Jon says that something occurred to him this weekend. It wsnt that he didn’t want to say the words “I Quit,” it’s that he couldn’t. When he first got here, he didn’t really want the title, he just wanted to break bones and hear the crowd. Things change. This title represents everyone who cant pay their bills right now. Every kid for being made fun of for being a fan. He will never quit. No matter the challenge, and right now there is a big one. He’s beat him once, but beating him twice is someone really special. Guess what, he is special. He’s the greatest pro wrestler on the planet right now, and if anyone can beat Kenny Omega twice, it’s him. He’s just a man – one day someone will shut his lights off, might be Kenny, but dude…good luck.

Match 2: Bunkhouse Match
Butcher and The Blade vs Natural Nightmares

Before they get into the ring, QT and Goldust attack! The bell rings as QT flies over the top rope to attack Blade. Dustin takes Butcher to the outside. QT removes his belt but Blade grabs it and whips QT across the back. On the outside, Butcher looks to powerbomb Dustin on a gold chair, but Dustin escapes, locks the head, and hits The Final Reckoning onto the chair. Blade grabs Dustin from inside the ring, so Dustin pulls him to the outside and drops his ass, too. Dustin and QT set a table up ringside. GUITAR SHOT TO QT!!! Dustin grabs Blade and tosses him onto some hay. Yes, I said hay. Dustin punches Blade down, sends him to the inside, and Dustin has a bull rope under the ring! He tosses it into the ring, chokes up Blade, and helps him to ring the cowbell. Dustin turns and Butcher has a chair in his hand. CROSSBODY!! QT is busted open on the outside. Butcher attacks Dustin in the corner. Blade grabs a ladder. He shoves it into the ring. Bunny is by Dustin. She has handcuffs. She cuffs him up onto the top buckle. Butcher punches him in the back. Dustin stands up, takes a swipe at Bunny, then watches on as Butcher nad Blade set a ladder up in the corner. Butcher clotheslines QT in the corner then Blade chops him and drops QT onto the ladder set up in the corner. Kendo stick in play now, and Butcher attacks Dustin a few times, then stabs the forehead of QT with it.

We come back from PIP and BUNNY pulls back on the bloodied head of QT. Hot. Butcher tosses hay at him then stomps him a few times. Butcher and Blade roll into the ring. Dustin in. Punches to both men over and over, shake, rattle, and roll then an elbow to both. Dustin grabs the ladder, sends it into Butcher, then into Blade’s face. Butcher smacks the ladder into Dustin, and they both end up outisd.e Dustin with a kendo stick to the back of Butcher. Butcher with a right hand, another, he sends dustin into a stair rail. Butcher kicks the side of some stairs away. QT qith a fire extinguisher to Butcher!!! Dustin grabs the head. BULLDOG THROUGH THE PLYWOOD BELOW!!! Dustin continues to attack the hip, punching on him. Blade has Bladed! He’s bleeding from the forehead. He and QT meet in the middle of the ring. They meet in the middle of the ring. Right hands back and forth over and over .QT whips, Blade reverses, QT with a flying clothesline. Trash can lid into the face of Blade! QT gets the ladder and sets it up, then starts the climb. He’s at the top! ELBOW DROP FROM QT!!!! Cover for 1…2….NO!!!!!

Butcher is in the ring. He drops QT. Uppercut from Dustin to Butcher. Powerslam to Blade. Kick to Butcher, CODE RED, no cover, Blade has a chain, and he runs into Dustin. Bunny slides a chair into the ring. Antoher. Blade sets the chairs up facing one another. Blade locks the head, looks for Full Death, hits it onto the chairs! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! QT rolls in and slaps Blade hard with a trash can lid. HUGE clothesline out of the corner from Butcher! Diamond Cutter from QT! He goes for another one, but Blade low blows him!!

Blade runs with a chair, he nearly hits Bunny. Blade stops running. QT dropkicks Blade!!! BUNNY THROUGH THE TABLE! Cover for 1..2…..3!!!!

Winners: 13:04
I think I’m still getting used to color in wrestling making a comeback, because a bulk of this seemed like doing it for the sake of doing it. It’s purely my opinion, but this is a lower level feud, at best, which makes the crimson mask to be a bit of overkill for me. Even Bunny falling through a table was kind of lackluster. It wasn’t seen, and seemed tame, comparatively. It’s also weird to see Butcher and Blade lose this when they’ve been a bit more prominent throughout the year than Dustin and QT.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:03

We get a video package of the Matt vs Sammy match and feud.

NEXT is The Induction of MJF into The Inner Circle. They get some special announcing for it, and an entrance song.

Jericho comes out alone. He calls tonight a monumental one. He says that for the first time ever, they are adding two new members to their ranks. Before they do this, he wants to bring out the OG IC.

Hager, Ortiz, Santana come out, but Sammy, apparently, refuses to. Jericho says the show must go on. He then introduces the two men that will make The Inner Circle more dominant than ever before; MJF and Wardlow.

MJF is out and fake cries, saying he apologizes for being so emotional, but real men cry. He’s been in this industry for 5 years, and all he had was a small loan of $1,000,000. He made it work. There’s a lot of pressure at his young age, being a Ratings Ruler, but he is glad he had that pressure. He is the diamond we see before him, created by that pressure.

MJF has a poem. He feels his homies from P&P will dig it.

MJF quotes Drake’s song, “All Me.”

Ortiz calls him out, telling Jericho he doesn’t belong here and shouldn’t be in The Inner Circle. Jericho says he knows they don’t want him in, but it’s on Jericho. He made the challenge, beat Jericho, and is now in. Jericho will say this. He’s been doing this for thirty years. With MJF’s mind and Wardlow’s muscle, they will be stronger than ever. This is the new team, the new squad, and they WILL make it work.

MJF doesn’t want all this tension, he doesn’t even know who Drake is. Anyway, he started from the bottom and now he is here. Haha.

MJF wants to celebrate something else….it’s Jericho’s birthday!!! Out come a shower of balloons and confetti, but the wind of the night sends both of these collection of items to the right, effectively becoming a non-factor. Lastly, they’re going to Vegas. EVERYONE! And it’s on MJF! MJF starst the birthday song.

BACKSTAGE, Marvez knocks on the doors of The Bucks. He shows concern over the possibility of getting kicked and shows slight apprehension. Nick and Matt come out, Nick says this is the biggest accomplishment of their entire career, but it’s hard to say what’s next. He’s sure the world wants a rematch. Matt apologizes, and says they want some fresh opponents. They bring up an independent tag team called Top Flight. They remind Matt of The Bucks. So next week, Top Flight vs The New Top Guys.

Match 3: Scorpio Sky vs Shawn Spears

The guys meet in the middle of the ing, and lock up hard. Right hand from Sky to the throat. Another right to the jaw, rope work and a shoulder from Spears, then a throat check from Sky. Chop from Spears in the corner. Another chop to Sky. Sky fires back with one. Another. Running boot out of the corner. To the outside, and Sky gives Spear a quick nibble. Spears rolls into the ring then right back out, and Sky follows and hits a clothesline. Sky to the apron. He heads to the top rope. Spears runs up the corner and tosses Sky across the ring! Spear leaves the ring. He grabs Sky, who is outside as well, and sends him into the apron, then the barricade, then back to the apron, and finally back to the barricade. Spears hits a back suplex onto the apron!

BACK FROM THE BREAK and Tully is giving Spears some sage advice. He turns to Sky, gets a firemans, Sky floats off, arm drag, clothesline to the outside. Sky launches himself over the top onto Spears. Sky rolls him inside,Spears misses a clothesline, cutter off the apron to Spears! 1..2…NO!!!!! Sky pulls Spears out of the ring. Whip to Spears, reversed, Sky runs up some steps, they meet at the top of the steps and Sky hits a right hand! Sky flies. Spears with a Superkick, hitting the side of Sky’s head! Spears with a side slam ONTO the ring steps! Both men back in the ring. Spears up first. He lokcs the hea—no!! Sky wants TKO. Spears drops down ,Sky locks in the Sharpshooter!!!! Tully sneaks a black bag over in the corner. Tully distracts the ref. He tosses a slug into the ring. Spears sees that Tully left him a steel slug as well. He puts it into his wrapped hand.

Sky tosses the second slug into the crowd, not wanting to use it. Sky clocks ihm hard and covers for 1..2..3!!!!

Winner: Shawn Spears
oooo, they left just enough to want some more, and considering the finish, I think more is what we’re going to get.
Total Rating: 9:00
Match Time: ***1/2

Dasha says that Omega was here, but he ran off without giving her a word. Sorry.

We see Marvez chasing Omega. He’s on the phone. He hangs up with who he was talking to. He says the news is out, yes, but he’s had to live with it for a few days now. Jon holds something he wants and needs. It is the key to taking what Jon took from him. The face on all the magazines, the man most talked about. This is what people expected from him. Everyone, “Where’s The Cleaner?” Omega has proven that he never really left, he just is ready to reassume that role and his responsibility of being the best. The biggest Dynamite of all time will be him and Jon for the first time. He couln’t find any record of having a singles match in a regular ring with regular rules. Omega wishes us goodbye and goodnight. He’s got a flight to catch.

Brandi Rhodes comes out with Red Velvet, and she is not really in the mood. Which, I think, is a nice touch.

Match 4: Tay Conti vs Red Velvet

Lockup and Velvet backs Conti into the corner. Red Velvet fakes a punch, Tay reveres and does the same. Rollup from Red, into a leg takedown and aa pin with a bridge for 1..2..Tay tries a pin for 1..NO!!! Arm drag. Both girls up. Lockup and Conti with a side headlock. Shoulder tackle off the ropes. Rope work and Red Velvet hits a leg lariat then a standing moonsault. Cover for 1…..NO!!!! Boot to the throat of Tay in the corner. Tay shoves Red, Red shoves Tay, Tay with a throat thrust, a takedown toss, then an arm drag, another, Kick is missed by Tay, so she kicks the back instead. Cover for 1.2….NO!!! Tay drops some elbows to the shoulder of Velvet. She gets a Full Nelson but Red pushes herself out with the help of the crowd. Booty bump to Tay. Tay rolls her up for 1…lifts her up, Red locks the head but Tay is able to suplex her to break it up. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Tay with a knee lift. Another.

Back from the break, and Red with a clothesline, another, Bulldog from Red! Whip to the ropes with a drop toe hold added. Red runs with double knees to the back! Whip to Tay into the corner, Red runs with a knee! A running cutter. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Both girls up in the middle of the ring. High roundhouse kick to BOTH WOMEN!!! Ana Jay slides a chair into the ring. Tay looks conflicted. She kicks the chair out of the ring and runs right into a leg lariat. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Red hits the ropes, kick to the head by Red is missed. Tay rolls through, has the arm, pump kick to Red.

Tay lifts Red, gut wrench to the shoulders onto the back, Gory Special, but she spins it into a knee. Cover for 1….2….3!!!

Winner: Tay Conti
Good for them, both relatively new-ish and putting on a good ass match like that. Speaking of good ass…
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 7:58

The Inner Circle is backstage talking to Marvez. Jericho is excited about Vegas. It’s all on MJF, says MJF. Ortiz wonders where Sammy was.

In comes Sammy, saying he got MJF’s e mail saying go to the beach. Sammy says he got one e mail, to be at the beach, everyone else got the second e mail MJF sent. Don’t worry, it’s all cool, they’re goin to Vegas. Everyone leaves except MJF and Sammy. MJF says he really did send him that second e mail. He offers the ticket to Sammy, says it’s on MJF.

At Full Gear, Kip slapped Orange for a shitty apology. Orange held his Best Friends back and said cool like he was Abed from Community.

It’s time for some Eddie Kingston!!!


He comes out with a mic, says to hold on. He stops a cheer for EDDIE saying he knows his name. He doesn’t need us cheering for it.

At Full Gear, our champion made him say he quit. This is something he’s gotta deal with and live with it, but he will never stop, and he will be World’s Champion. Now, to some more pressing matters. He being the leader that he is, we will see two of the greatest Luchadors ever to do it, and he tells us “You’re Welcome.”

Match 2: Rey Fenix vs El Penta Zero M

Penta starts with a clothesline, misses, Rey tries for a kick, misses, rollup, 1..2.NO!!! Kick to Penta, kick to Rey, Swinging kick to Penta, swinging kick to Rey! Both men struggle to stand. They are in opposite corners, meet in the middle of the ring, Rey shoves Penta off the shoulders, flies with a rollup, Penta reverses, elbows form Rey, shove to the corner, Penta hops off, rollup for Penta 1..2..NO!!! Rey hits the ropes, hurricanrana, and Penta is sent outside. Rey hits the ropes. Penta slides in and shoots Rey over the top rope! Penta hits the ropes this time, Rey onto the apron, dives in and dropkicks Penta! He hits the ropes, Penta spins him into a piledriver setup, but no, he squats down and pulls the legs back behind Rey! Damn, that looked sick. Penta grabs at the mask. OMG!!! Penta rips the mask of Rey!!! He rips the top of it! Penta punches the head. Penta grabs the head, chokes up Rey on the middle rope. Eddie talks of how this is all ok. Penta whips Rey. Superkick to Rey! Penta bites the mask, tearing it more. Cravat from behind. Rey reaches back, trying to break the hold. Penta turns Rey into the hold. A kick trips Rey down to the mat, then he rolls outside. Penta follows. Riht hand to Penta. Chop to Rey. Another chop to Rey. He goes down. Penta sends Rey back into the ring. He follows and grabs the head. Whip to Rey. TILT A WHIRL backbreaker to Rey! Penta pulls back on Rey, grabs the mask with his teeth, and pulls back on it some more! Penta with a clothesline, sending Rey back down hard. He garbs the left leg and drops n elbow onto the leg. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Penta with a right, Rey fires back, chop to Penta, Penta with a chop, Rey drops down. Penta with a chop. He wants. Pckage piledriver, Rey flips out, lands on his feet, rolls up Penta, 1..2…NO!!!! Penta with a pump kick, he rushes the corner, Rey kicks out of it, sends Penta into the corner, spins and kicks the head of Penta! Rey rushes the corner, Penta lifts him over the top rope, he lands on the ramp. Penta with a kick! Rey hops over the ropes and hurricanranas into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Penta misses a clothesline, Rey hops off the ropes and hits a cutter! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Rey grabs the mask of Penta. HE TEARS THE MASK OF PENTA!!!!!!!! Right hands to the forehead of Penta! TONY IS HEARTBROKEN! Both men grab each others’ masks and hit right hands. Hedbutt to each, chop to Penta. Penta locks the head, flips forward with a DDT! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Penta locks the head of Rey, calls for the end, flips him up, but Rey with a head scissors, He hits the ropes. Rey flies over the top rope, spinning like a mad man ON TOP OF PENTA!!! Sick. Rey to the top rope. Senton to Penta! 1..2….NO!!!! Fireamns to Penta. Penta to the outside. He locks the head. Kick to Rey. Rey shoves Penta, Penta with a superkick to the face. Double underhook. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER TO REY ON THE APRON!!!

Knox checks on Rey. Penta on the apron. Eddie claims this was a little too much. Rey up. Penta flies off the apron. DESTROYER TO REY!!!

Penta sends Rey into the ring. Penta lifts him, not done with the punishment. Double underhook and ANOTHER PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Penta Zero M
HOLY SHIT. Some could call the mask thing a bit over the top, but sweet baby jesus, I LOVED it. Schiavone really, really helped to drive that point home, in damn near tears that they, brothers of the Lucha persuasion, would go to these lengths to win this match that should be, as Eddie loved to put it, exhibitionary. There was so much weight in this main event, and shit, if I AM taking this too seriously, please tell me in the comments why, because this was damned near perfect.
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: 12:26

Eddie mocks the crowd a bit, tells us that what we just saw was two of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. Two brothers, fighting for competition, and you saw his best friend show his brother who is bost. You did it, Penta. He is the best. Eddie kicks Rey out of the ring. Eddie says he is proud, Penta doesn’t need anyone. He doesn’t need the deadweight.


Eddie sends Penta out of the ring.

Pac wonders if Eddie thought he’d be gone forever. The Bastard is back ,and Eddie has made a very big mistake. Eddie is down for the fight. Refs come out in spades, holding Pac and Eddie back from each other.

Next week, Pac will face The Blade.

We learn that Eddie isn’t cleared to compete, which is why the refs are here. They each try to break through the refs, with Eddie mostly playing with Pac.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
AEW was a bit of a mixed bag, with more good than bad in said bag. We started off hot with, what I thought, was a good back and forth between Cage and Sydal, as they opted to go for a good back and forth as opposed to a direct squash match. We have a hell of a dip in quality with the official debut of Jade Cargill, who struggled immensely both in body language and promo delivery. Truly, it was rough. I loved Brandi's response, although I have to question it slightly, only because from what I have seen, this was out of character. This isn't to say that it can't NOW be a part of her character, only that it's inconsistent with what we have seen up until now. The Bunkhouse Match, although an attempt to break from the mundane, seemed a bit too much effort for the weight of the match. With the basis being Bunny, and the match being made not all that long ago, it felt like an intense attempt at creating something special for a feud that hasn't really been all that. Then again, I can readily admit that I have been programmed from WWE television that nothing even remotely close to this could ever happen on a weekly show. MJF and Jericho was fun for what it was, but let's get to the main event before I wrap this up. Holy hell, THAT was a thing of beauty. Story, intrigue, a heel turn almost cemented, gravitas, immense emotion helped out by the near sobbing of Tony Schiavone, and amazing wrestling to boot! I can't wait to watch that again without having to type it all out. Amazing.

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