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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.18.20

November 18, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.18.20  

Ed. Note: Hey all, Jeremy here! Enjoy tonight’s episode of Dynamite, and remember to join us for our AEW Dynamite post-show Dissecting Dynamite with Andy Perez and guest host Jeffrey Harris, streaming immediately after Dynamite ends!

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WE start right away with some action! Top Flight makes their way out, and we get a video package highlighting the 19 and 21 year olds.

Match 1: Top Flight vs The Young Bucks

Darius and Nick to start. They do some rope work, with Darius showing his insticts by preventing any moves. Nick is able to arm drag him, but Darius cartwheels out of it. High kick to Nick. Tag to Matt. Tag to Daunte, who comes in with his brother and we get stereo kicks to the chest of Matt. Side headlock from Matt, ropes, matt hops over, Daunte hops over, drop kick. Whip to Matt. Running clothesline and a tag from Darius who flips Matt down, Tag, Daunte flips over the top rope to Matt on the outside, then sends Nick off the apron. Top Flight hit the ropes, back flip to the center of the ring, and The Bucks show frustration. Darius heads back to the apron as Matt re-enters the ring. Matt and Duante Lockup! Rope work and Matt hops over, holds on,Matt goes for a Superkick, Duante grabs the foot. Nick with a blind tag. Whip to Duante, SUPERKICK to Duante! Dropkick to Darius. Dropkick through the ropes from Matt, gets back in the ring, rising knee strike, bulldog from Nick into a dropkick from Matt. Matt sends Duante into the corner, tag to Matt. Snapmare. Sharpshooter! In comes Darius to stop the submission, Nick runs in, Superkicks him into the corner, then kicks the legs, and he’s seated in the corner, Matt sends his brother into his back! Catapult to Duante into a high kick, he falls back on the knees, Nick stomps again! Rolls through, backstabber to Darius! Headscissors to Matt from Duante, tag to Darius, shoulder to the gut, hits the ropes, clothesline, chop to the chest, Another chop. Whip is reversed, Darius with a waist lock, spin, Spanish Fly! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Nick stops the pin. Darius sends him outside. Darius with a suicide dive! Duante flies over the top rope onto The Bucks! All four men back to the ring. Tag to Duante. Whip to Matt from Top Flight, they grab Nick and Nick whips Daunte into a kick, waist lock from Nick to Darius. Darius grabs Duante from behind, tosses him over the head of Nick, to the back of him! Waist lock, tries to German! Yeesh!

Daunte to the top right, tries to stomp, Matt moves, sends Darius off the apron, tags in Nick, who kicks Darius’ head off. We get a double team of The Young Bucks and a Sliced Bread #2 with a powerbomb mixed in for 1..2….NO!!!! Darius stops the pin!

The Bucks send him outside, get Duante on the shoulders, looks for a rolling senton, but Duante rolls into a pin! 1..2…NO!!!! Nick sends Darius outside again. BTE Trigger! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: The Young Bucks
Nice of Matt to remember he hurt his ankle about midway through the match. A nice showing and a great debut for Top Flight. I hope thy don’t get lost in the shuffle.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time:8:56

After a replay, we get Jack Evans and Angelico running to the outside to attack Top Flight! The Young Bucks run up to send them running back into the crowd.

Ever wonder what it’d be like to see The Inner Circle go to Vegas? Well you will, now.

Our first glimpse is Santana, MJF, and Sammy playing Blackjack. Sammy claims he got 21, then they show them, and MJF is the one with Blackjack, while Sammy says his cards aren’t, in fact, his. We head to the craps tables and MJF is a winner. They had to Drais to watch non-strippers non-strip, then to the bar, where MJF and Jericho try and one-up each other by ordering progressively stronger drinks (even though one could argue that tequila, vodka, and rum are roughly the same in terms of alcoholic content). They end it with Everclear and take a shot.

Jericho and MJF cry of burnt insides, then head to the strip for a alcoholic-fueled walk. Santana and Ortiz wonder if they’re all ready for the next level. In comes Konnan who has “the best stuff,” and gets everyone high. They run into a man wearing a dragon costume.

More walking and they have run into a shirtless dude with long hair. In a bar, Sammy tells MJF he hates him, but laughs it off, then Hager and Wardlow take turns abusing random people.

This is to be continued…

I wish it wasn’t. Ok, I’m kidding. I can see the charm…for now.

Jon Moxley cuts himself a promo in a pink stairwell. If you ever wonder how he got here, the answer is his dad. 6’3” and would box your ear if you ever got outta line. One day, he picks up Moxley from a police station, and says, “Son, we’re the good guys.” They have tried to lie, cheat, steal his title. He’s fought monsters, technicians, his own friends. We’re the good guys. He’s got a pregnant wife at home, holding two titles on two different continents. What does he do? He knows what to do. We’re the good guys. Tonight, he will walk to the ring, sign the contract, look into Kenny’s eyes, and shake his hand and let ihm know that Jon is the best wrestler in the world. He is the champion, his father’s son, Jon God Damn Moxley.

BACK TO THE RING, and Miro is on commentary for the following match:

Match 2: Orange Cassidy vs Kip Sabian

Kip misses a right hand. Orange with a devastating slap to the face. He puts the elbow pad on, goes for the hands in the pockets, but Kip grabs the head and grabs a side headlock takedown. Orange shoves him to the ropes, grabs the pants, and locks in his own headlock. Kip reverses, Orange reveres, headlock takedown. Kip turns into it. Orange is backed to the ropes, Kip runs, Orange backs up, looks for the hands in the pocket, but Kip kicks then drops an elbow. He works the left arm. Orange looks to put one hand in his pocket, but Kip with an arm lock to the right arm. Rope work and Kip arm drags Orange down. Orange turns int othe hold, hops up and gets a leg scissors, but Kip drops him down with a slam. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Kip from behind with a snapmare then a drop toe hold attempt. Orange doesn’t drop, HANDS IN THE POCKETS!!! He hits the ropes, ducks under, then over, misses a dropkick, Kip misses a kick, kip up from Orange, dropkick to Kip, he then sends Kip over the top ropes. Suicide dive from Orange. He sends Kip into the ring. Penelope runs up and tries to stop him with her hands out. Orange high fives her then hops to the apron. Kick to Orange and a gut buster from Kip to Orange. Kip rushes the corner with a dropkick. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!Whip to Orange into. The corner, Kip runs with another dropkick to Orange. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Stomp to the right hand of Orange. Kip sends Orange to the outside. Kip grabs Orange from outside and drags him into the ring by the head. He chokes Orange up on the ropes till Aubrey stops him then covers for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to Orange’s head. Kip with a kick, a right elbow in the corner, again, over and over till the ref stops him. Orange drops down in the corner. Orange with a surprise rollup for 1..2..NO!!! clothesline from Kip! 1..2….NO!!! Crucifix pin from Orange. 1..2..NO!!! Clothesline from Kip. Kip up in the corner. Orange in the corner. Kip runs for another dropkick, but Orange walks away from it. Kick from Orange. Another kick from Orange. He hops to the top rope, right hand from Kip. Kip splits the legs, walks up to the top, Kip locks the head. Orange attacks the side. Punches over and over send Kip off the corner. Kip runs up with a high kick to the head. Orange shoves Kip away, drives off with a crossbody. Orange hits the ropes, tornado DDT. Cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Orange to the top rope again. He dives, locks the head for a DDT, reverese, whip to Kip, Kip holds the ropes, dives off the corner for a kick, but Orange ducks then sends Kip into the corner head first, again to the opposite corner. He blocks a third but Orange is able to hit one, to the top, DIVING DDT!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Orange removes the elbow pad, then thinks he’s not quite ready and puts it back on. Sabian hangs Orange up off the ropes, tries to bounce off the ropes, loses his footing, Orange grabs him and teies for a supelx, but Kip wins it over and hits one of his own. Kip runs with a kick to the chest! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Kip hooks the leg, hits a driver with a leg hook for 1..2…3!!! Kip tries for a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes, Orange escapes, rolls up for 1..2..NO!!!

Knee to Orange. Orange doesn’t fall, Kip goes for another! But Orange blocks. MOUSETRAP!!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Great work from both men. Kip for keeping it crisp with the exception of a slight mess up, and Orange for keeping his character interesting, hilarious, and still finding a way to be a safe ass wrestler, calling an audible in lightening speed and helping right the mistake of Kip. It was damn near seamless.
Total Rating: *********5/18
Match Time:10:57

Miro runs from the announce table to the ring and clotheslines Orange’s head off! Out come Best Friends to chase off Miro and Kip.

WE ARE BACK, and the contract signing is NEXT!

Tony is here to announce Kenny Omega first.

Omega is announced, directly comparing his accolades to Jon Moxley in a clever little way.

Moxley’s music hits, and he doesn’t come out. We head backstage, and Moxley is laid out with a bloody nose. Medical team is surrounding him with some refs, and Omega is confused. Schiavone asks Omega if he has anything to say. Omega says he isn’t one for the psychology type stuff. Last time, it was the elbow, and this time it looks like a bloody nose. Jon is not avoiding it this time. December 2, he’ll be there. Hopefully Jon will be there, too.

WE ARE BACK IN VEGAS where Jericho welcomes the new member of The Inner Circle: Elvis.

MJF has to get something off his chest. He says that he has always considered himself a lone wolf, and he was on ahunt for a wolfpack, and he has. He loves them like blood brother. Sammy has a knife, says he’s down. Elvis tells him not to be cruel and get all shook up.

MJF tells Sammy they’re The Inner Circle, and it’s a full moon. MJF wants to howl at the moon…and we fade out,

Then in to Jericho and Elvis in bed. Jericho drops an empty bottle of Gin, disgusted. MJF wakes up in a bathtub and walks over to the main room. Sammy is asleep in a fountain. MJF has writing all over his face, and it looks like Sammy was there. Sammy sees a wedding ring. Ortiz is lifting weights. Sammy sees that he has three wives. Santana is feeding chickens in a nearby room, sitting next to a toaster. Jericho and Elvis run into them and take them over to closed doors where someone is crying behind them.

It’s HORNSWOGGLE IN A DIAPER!!! He’s crying! Jericho screams, “Guys, we’ve got a problem!”

WE COME BACK TO LIVE and Jericho is on commentary, saying his head is still pounding.

EDDIE KINGSTON is on commentary, and we get Blade vs Pac next.

Match 3: PAC vs The Blade

PAC OUT THE GATE WITH A DROPKICK TO BLADE!!! Pac stomps Blade in the corner. Pac with a boot to the face. He chokes Blade up on the bottom rope with his booth. Pac tosses Blade outside, then grabs him and sends him into the barricade. Pac with another toss into the barricade. Pac sends Blade back into the ring. He heads to the top rope. Dropkick off the top rope from Pac. Pac rolls outside and goes face to face with The Butcher! Blade blindsides him with a dropkick then sends Pac into the barricade. Another toss into the barricade. Chop to Pac. Blade lifts Pac up for a suplex, then just tosses him into the ropes. Blade sends Pac to the apron, Pac lands on the apron, flies over the ropes again and drops Blade with a modified DDT. Whip to Blade into the corner, hard. Kick to the gut, another, Pac hits the ropes, Bunny tries to grab the foot. Pac heads to the outside and goes to Bunny’s face, but Butcher is there to club Pac and send him back into the ring. Gutwrench powerbomb from Blade! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Pac and Blade are going back and forth with hard right forearms. Pac wins the exchange, backing Blade into the corner, he misses an elbow, so Blade hits one, runs to the corner, and Pac is there to hit a huge kick to the face. Blade tries to kick, Pac reverses, hits the ropes, powerslam from Blade into a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Blade on the top rope, pulls Pac up by his hair, but Pac turns and kicks high, dropping Blade down to the apron. Pac to the top rope. SUPERPLEX FROM PAC! Pac rolls into a cover. 1..2…NO!!! Pac with an uppercut! Pac runs to the top rope. Bunny to the apron!! Butcher into the ring.

SUPERKICK TO BUTCHER!!! ROLLUP from Blade!!! 1…2…..NO!!!!! Hard kick to Blade in the jaw! Pac back to the top rope. SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE BRUTALIZER!!!! BLADE TAPS!!

Winner: Pac
Eddie on commentary just added so much. This was one of them hard hitting ones with a few issues that stemmed from it, namely a near-fall on the neck of Pac due to some miscalculation. Anyway, this seems like an eventual fight with Kingston and dude…that’s gonna be fun.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:17

Pac grabs a mic. He stares right at Eddie, is about to cut in on him, but Blade attacks from behind! Butcher joins in on the fun, and Eddie comes down to the ring with the mic. He plays the world’s smallest violin for Pac, telling Pac he’ll put him through the storm, through the gauntlet.

From out of nowhere, REY FENIX attacks Butcher, Blade, and Kingston!!! Butcher and Blade attack him, dropping him to the mat while Eddie goes after Pac.

Penta comes out slowly. He’s got a chair. WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!?!??!!

Penta enters the ring. He stands in front of Rey. Penta looks like he may attack Rey. BUT HE GOES AFTER EDDIE!!! EDDIE ROLLS OUTSIDE! PENTA tries to attack Butcher and Blade! They run out of the ring as well, leaving Pac, Rey, and Penta in the middle of the ring.

WE HEAD BACKSTAGE again, and Nyla and Vickie are holding refs back while Jade from last week is standing over Brandi Rhodes with her arm in a chair, asking if she should do it. She stomps it hard and in comes in some face females, including Big Swole, to chase them away.

Match 4: Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deeb

I join this match a little late, so no match time. Come back just in time to see Thunder Rosa body slam Deeb hard to the mat. She hits the ropes, hops over, running senton, and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! We are informed this is a title match just as Rosa hits a drop toe hold then a splash to the back of Deeb. She calls for the title. Rosa tries to enter the ring, but Deeb hits a Dragon Screw. Another. Whip to the corner, and Rosa hits the corner head first. Deeb sits Rosa up on the corner. Rosa punches Deeb away, Deeb attacks the back. Deeb locks up the arms and the legs on the corner for a submission. The ref counts to four and Deeb drops it. Rosa from the knees gives a few rights but Deeb sends her reeling with a kick. Forearm and a snapmare to Rosa. Stomp on the face as Deeb walks aross Rosa. Deeb hits the ropes, dives with a shoulder tackle and a cover for 1…NO! Deeb locks the head up from behind, but Rosa drops down and hits a jawbreaker, and we lose PIP.

BACK and Rosa with a drop toe hold to Deeb into the corner. She hits a few clotheslines then some swinging knees. Rosa hits the ropes. Dropkick to Deeb! Double underhook suplex into a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Deeb hits the corner. Rosa is favoring her leg. Deeb grabs that very leg and looks fo ra dragon screw again, but Rosa fights out, goes for a shoulder, Serena grabs the head, neckbreaker over the rope! DEEB WITH A SPEAR ON THE APRON!!! She rolls Rosa in and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Deeb lifts Rosa, Rosa drops to her feet, kick to the mid, kick to the head. GERMAN!!!! Oh shit. Rosa up in the corner. Rosa to the top rope, she dives. DROPKICK TO DEEB!

REBA is outside, screaming shit to the ref. Out comes Britt Baker to hit Rosa with a hard DDT!!! She rolls Rosa back into the ring. Deeblifts up and powerbombs Rosa hard. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!!! Deeb sets up again, Rosa revereses, jacknife, Rosa drops into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Deeb reveres for 1..2…NO!!!! Rosa tries to push forward, but Deeb locks in a submission!!! Rosa escapes, rolls through, stomp to the chest of Deeb! Deeb grabs the leg, turns, Rosa with a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Deeb turns into a right, right from Rosa, back fit, Rosa sets Deeb up behind her and drops Deeb. Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!!

Reversing pins back and forth a few times until Deeb foes for a backslide, flips Rosa forward, Pedigree like move and a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Serena Deeb
I enjoyed their first match much much better, as there was some minor miscommunications here. My biggest critique was kinda addressed, however. I was all ready to mention how even though these matches from NWA are great, the more they continue to keep them separate from the other women on the show as exclusives, the more glaring the divide is. Thankfully, they had Britt come out and do her thing. So, worry quelled.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: Timing Issues

Britt Baker is ringside for some reason. Lol. Rosa sees her and attacks!!! She pulls Britt over the barricade and mounts Britt, attacking over and over.

BACKSTAGE, or some other place, Silver and Anna are talkin about how she was a rookie, and now she is a Queen Slayer. She is ranked in the top five, and now she gets a title shot next week. Anna says last time her and Shida wrestled, Hikaru took advantage of a rookie. This is the new Anna Jay, #99. Silver is hyped. Too hyped.

Darby, apparently, sent in a video before the next match.

He’s sitting on the top of a church. Then skateboards inside. Candles are lit all around, and stainglassed windows don’t matter, because it’s in black and white. He lights something on fire near the TNT Title and that’s….it.

Match 5: Ricky Starks and Brian Cage vs Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes

Darby and Ricky to start. Lockup. Headlock from Darby. Ricky outwrestles into a hammerlock, Darby gabs the head from behind, sits out, reverses, turns with a front face, and Ricky grabs the shorts and lifts Darby. Darby of the ropes, Ricky shoves him, dives for a spear, misses, Darby with a go behind, hammerlock again and Ricky gets the ropes. Slap battle from both! Ref holds Darby back, Ricky tags in Cage. Cody wants in. Side headlock form Cage, Shoulder tackle and Cody no sells. Yeah, Cody does. Weird. Cage wants a powerslam, Cody holds on, leap frog, dropkick from Rhodes. Cody with a whip to Cage, Cage misses a splash, Cody to the top rope, moonsault into a cover but doesn’t even get a 1!!! Taz leaves commentary and heads ringside. Cody kicks the back of the leg of Cage. Tag to Darby. Disaster Kick to Cage, Springboard Coffin by Darby. Darby tags in Cody. Cody works the arm, whips Cage, Taz holds the leg of Cody, Cage clotheslines him over the top to the outside. Arn tries to return the favor by tossing a chair into the ring, and the ref sends him to the outside!!! Cage grabs Cody on the outside, sticks a fork in him, and hits a powerbomb on the outside! He sends Cody inside, hits a back suplex, covers for 1..2..NO!!! Cage with a kick to Cody. Cage tries for another back suplex, but Cody lands on his feet. Cage grabs him, does some curls, Cody lands on his feet, goes for a tag, but Ricky Starks is there to pull Darby off the apron. Clothesline from cage into the corner, GERMAN! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Starks who stomps the chest of Cody. Ricky with rights and lefts in the corner. Stomps to Cody. Snapmare into a hold. Cody turns into it. Back body drop from Cody. Another back body drop and we get a tag to Darby. He ducks under a running Ricky, drops Cage off the apron, uppercut in the corner, another, arm drag to Ricky, shoots the legs, jackknife pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Darby with a go behind, Ricky switches, Darby switches, Cage is in off a pin. He hooks up from behind. GERMAN TO DARBY AND RICKY!! Cody in, slides to the outside, Cage follows, Cody in, Disaster Kick from Cody to Cage! Ricky rushes the corner, Cody rolls through, SPEAR FROM RICKY STARKS!!! Darby dropkicks him into the corner, Cage is up, POWERB—-no!!!! DESTROYER FROM DARBY TO CAGE!! 1…2……NO!!!! Ricky stops it! Ricky looks to finish it with Cross Rhodes, but in comes Rhodes to hit it right! Cage with a clothesline to Darby! He misses one to Cody, sets him up on the shoulders and drops Cody on his head! Cage grabs Darby, sits him on the top rope. Cage climbs up, waistlock. Darby with elbows. Clubs from behind. Headbutt from Darby. Cage drops to the mat. Ricky holds the boot of Darby.

HIGH KICK FROM CAGE TO DARBY! Cage grabs Darby onto his shoulders on the top rope. Cage with a avalanche drill claw from the top rope! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Brian Cage and Ricky Starks
I loved nearly everything about this match. It’s odd because Darby v Cage in the ring shouldn’t be believable, yet Cage makes it look like he’s hurt, and Darby looks scrappy. Then you head over to Cody v Cage where, in NO WORLD, should Cody and he go toe to toe with a shoulder tackle, I don’t care how much more muscle Cody has gained. Maybe this left a sour taste in my mouth, but this match really just came off as three man show. Starks is a star, Darby looks fun to murder, and Cage is truly one of the better big men in all of the business when he is motivated. Great main event.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:13

Cage and Ricky attack Cody and Darby! They double team each man as the ref calls for the bell over and over. Ricky stomps out Darby while Cage chokes out Cody.

HOBBS makes the save again! He comes out with a chair and Ricky and Cage run out. Hobbs grabs the FTW title that is on the ground. He holds it up high in the air with a smile. Cody is up to stand with Hobbs


Cage and Ricky enter the ring with Taz and stand over Cody with Hobbs by their side!!!!

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Being a wrestling fan means you understand and expect certain tropes. Being a recapped of wrestling means the same for wrestling moves, specifically. Often times, you can telegraph what's coming. I once wrote a mock John Cena match against Dolph Ziggler, as they were scheduled to fight, and I'd say I got roughly more than half right, with most of the correct moves being in the finishing sequence. AEW has, time and time again, turned that on its head, and 95% of the time, it benefits me as a viewer and them as wrestlers. Tonight, we had a Young Bucks match with two very young but not green at all wrestlers, we had Rosa and Deeb going at it, and Cage and Starks teaming up against Cody and Darby. I couldn't call any of these matches with any accuracy outside of signature moves. The in-ring product is just better. Now, of course, there are some issues. For instance, Matt Jackson only just remembered his leg was hurt about 3 minutes into the match, and Cody going shoulder to shoulder to Cage should never happen. I also have to admit that Rosa vs Deeb II wasn't nearly as good as what we saw a few weeks ago. THAT was a banger. The good news is, they tied AEW in with it in Britt Baker, which is important as explained above. The other big chunk of AEW was spent in Vegas, and although I enjoyed the little nods to wrestling's past, I didn't find it funny. Entertaining, in some moments, yes, but not altogether funny, and relatively pointless. I love you Swoggle, but have no interest in seeing you in a diaper. Still, this was a nice way to give a spotlight to some while not forgetting about others, and give us good wrestling to boot.

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