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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.8.23

November 8, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite MJF Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.8.23  


It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Tony Schiavone is backstage. Here comes MJF to ask how this fat ol prick is doing. MJF tells Tony that three seconds is all it takes to lose a title. He tells Jay that it will NOT happen again.

MJF’s phone is vibrating, and we go to the TV nearby where Cole is to tell MJF that he needs to take Joe up on his offer for those tag team titles.

MJF says he got this, just like he’s got Daniel Garcia.

Daniel Garcia comes up at that mention, and he’s donned by Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.

MJF tells Garcia he chose him, so don’t get it twisted. Tonight, is he getting Daniel Garcia, The Sports Entertainer, or the professional wrestler. Garcia says wrestler.

They leave.

Here comes Roderick Strong to roll in to tell MJD that he is a wrestling legend. MJF calls him a joke then leaves. Strong call Adam out, telling him that this is exactly what the devil would do.

Cole hangs up on Strong. He turns towards the cam. He says it’s time to remind everyone exactly who the hell he is.

Cue the intro!

We are starting off hot with the World Title match.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Daniel Garcia vs MJF

Lockup! Side headlock from MJF. Garcia works the arm, MJF reverses then kicks Garcia aside and down. He locks up the arm, then gets aleg lock in it as well. MJF releases on the floor, they separate and lock up agaih. Garcia locks the head then spins over MJF’s back. MJF gets to the ropes. Garcia with a cheap shot to the head. Garcia hypes up the dance. Parker and Menard stop the dance. Parker corners MJF and MJF holds his hands up then applauds Garcia. He gets the crowd’s attention then extends his hand for a shake. He starts a Sportsmanship chant. Garcia, slowly, reaches out, then slaps MJF’s hand. He goes to dance, but MJF thumbs the eye and Garcia goes down.

MJF works the left arm, then body slams Garcia on top of it. Rope work and Garcia kicks MJF in the chest. MJF works the arm and pulls Garcia down face first. Garcia rolls out, MJF hooks the hips and drops Garcia while having the arm locked.

Back to the match and Garcia hits a release German. Garcia with double knees in the corner! Brainbuster to MJF! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Garcia tries a piledriver, turns it into a backslide, MJF escapes, slaps the arms a few teims. Garcia with a huge slap to th face. Saito Suplex to MJF! He rushes the corner, knees from MJF! Double stomp to the left arm of Garcia! Double underhook! Shoulder breaker! Big kick! Hammer Lock and a headlock, and MJF with a dastardly looking DDT! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Big kick from MJF! 2nd Rope for some Panama, but Garcia rolls out, kick to the knee, another kick and MJF falls to his back. Garcia hooks MJF and lifts for a piledriver, but Garcia’s arm is hurting. Garcia lifts for a piledriver, and he hits it with one arm! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!!

Garcia hooks the legs! DRAGONTAMER! Garcia dances back into the hold but MJF hooks the arm. SALT OF THE EARTH LOCKED IN!!! Garcia taps!

Winner: MJF
I don’t think anyone has doubted MJF as a wrestler, but over the past few weeks, he’s been really proving that not only can he go, he can grow. The boy is evolving before our very eyes and killing it. As for Garcia, we didn’t think even for a bit he was going to win, but he busted his ass to give a hell of a match with MJF. Great opener.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 10:40

MJF extends his hand. Garcia looks to shake it, but in come Matt and Angelo to stop Garcia. They talk Garcia out of it, but MJF is yelling at him. This could be him. This could be Garcia’s future, but he’s going to listen to Parker and Menard? The crowd hypes up Garcia, but he gets talked out of the ring.

Darby Allin and Sting vs The Outrunners

The jobbers get some offense on Darby, and truly look like throwbacks. Darby gets whipped into the corner shoulder-first. Darby gets some knes to the head then a tag to Sting. Sting and Darby with some chops back and forth. The Outrunners come in to double team Sting, but Sting beats his chest and hits some big clotheslines.

Splash from Sting, from Darby, they trade splashes in the corner, then finish the match with ease.

Winners: Sting and Darby Allin
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Shoot, I dunno

We are backstage, in black and white, with Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm. Tony asks Shida what her thoughts are. Shida asks Toni what happened to her. Toni says Shida happened. He took the title. Then she happened again. She couldn’t make history, so she became history. Shida may have the title, but she will never have the spotlight, because it belongs to her. so Hikaru, let’s make this simple and wrap it up in 5. Shida signs, tells her that what will happen is what will always happen – she will beat Toni at Full Gear.

Swerve Strickland vs Penta El Zero M

Swerve tries to rip the mask off immediately. Penta moves. Swerve with a go behind and tries for the mask again. Penta and him do some rope work, flipping over one another. Swerve with a head scissors to stop the momentum. Swerve back elbows in the corner, he flies off the 2nd buckle with an uppercut. Swerve stomps Penta. He locks the fingers. Swerve t oth corner. He wraps Penta up on the ropes. Chop to Penta. Kick to the back of the leg trips penta up. Knee to the face from Swerve. Swerve locks the fingers and pulls back on them while Penta screams. Big chop from Penta. One from Swerve. From Penta. Swerve. Penta! Kick from Swerve, stomp to thre fingers. Swerve pulls back on the mask of Penta. He then grabs Penta’s tongue and pulls! WTF lol.

IN the corner, Penta hits a backstabber! Swerve rolls to the outside. Penta hits the ropes, dives, uppercut from Swerve! Big lift to Penta then he gets dropped onto the steps. Swwerve enters the ring and hits the reops. Swerve looks to dive, flips over, hands on the apron, Swerve lands on his feet. Penta with a kick. Another kick! Penta enters the ring. Penta dives over the top rope onto Swerve!

We are BACK and both men ar trading kicks until they hit big lariats in the middle of the ring, knocking both men down. They’re up and Penta drops Swerve on his head, then covers for 1..2..NO!!! Swerve gets sent to the outside! Penta waits for Swerve to hit the apron. Penta dives over the top rope, onto the apron, DESTROYER TO SWERVE ON THE APRON!!!! Deeeeeyum. Back in the ring, and Penta hits a stomp to the mid section! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Penta locks the head with the legs, but Swerve spins ihm and Penta’s neck lands on the buckle! DEEEEEEEYUMMM!!! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! STOMP FROM SWERVE! He hits the top rope! 450 sp—-NO!!!! Penta side steps, locks the arm, pulls it back hard! Made in Japan! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Punt kick to the arm! He tries for Fear Factor, Swerve slinks behind, elbow to the back of the head.

Fireman’s into a Death Valley Driver! He goes tit for tat and snaps the arm of Penta! Swerve to the top rope! Penta is hurting! STOMP! Cover! 1…2…3!!!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland
Yo, I don’t care how sloppy that got at times, this shit was a certified BRISCOE!!! Seriously, what a fucking match.
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: 13:21

Swerve goes straight for the match, but here comes Hangman Adam Page with a chair! He attacks Swerve on the ramp! Security comes and Page slaps them with the chair one time. He grabs Swerve again, DEAD EYE OFF THE STAGE ONTO TABLES!!! Page grabs Swerve by the face and screams that he is a dead man.

A crazy video package for The Don Callis Family interspliced with some Yakuza video-game footage. It is, admittedly, pretty cool. We are getting what Kenny calls a “Like A Dragon Street Fight.”

ROH World Television Championship Match
Samoa Joe vs Keith Lee

A handshake to start! LOCKUP! Side headlock from Joe. Lee shoots him off. They collide in the middle, Joe rakes the eyes, then tackles Lee down. Joe hits the ropes, misses a lariat, Lee with a tackle of his own! Lee corners Joe. Rights and lefts send Joe reeling. Lee with a double chop to Joe as the crowd chants for us to bask in his glory. Joe with a chop! Another! He corners Lee. A jab. Another. A few more, body and jaw back and forth till he beats Lee down. Uppercut from Joe, hits the ropes, Lee hops over Joe! Dives through the elgs, hits a crossbody!!!!

We are BACK and Lee has Joe in the corner, giving him some body shots. Big knee to Joe drops him. Lee tries to whip, but Joe turns and lifts Lee into his arms. Knee breaker from Joe. Joe works the knee. Lee with left hands. Joe with a dragon screw! Lee pulls himself up. Joe hits a right, a chop to the chest. Lee tries to fight back with rights to the body, but Joe hits him with another chop. Joe lifts Lee, inverted atomic drop! Big boot to the face! Joe with a running senton but Lee rolls and locks the waist! GERMAN TO JOE!!!! Joe tries for a lariat, but Lee holds on. Elbow to Lee, Lee with a pop-up powerbomb to Joe! Both men down!!!! Lee up first. He hooks the head, lifts Joe up. To the should—no!

Joe slips down and locks in the sleeper!!! Leg scissors around the body! Lee is fading! He wont tap! The ref calls it!

Winner: Samoa Joe
Good God Almighty that was good. Straight up Big Meaty Men Slappin Man Meat..
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 11:24

Joe gets a mic and says what stands before us is the greatest ROH TV Champ of all time. But he did not come here to be just TV champ. He said hunger is what defines the greats. Consider him hungry. As of tonight, he vacates the TV Championship. The next gold on his shoulder will be the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, whether MJF likes it or not.

Joe leaves the ring – and the title.

Orange Cassidy and HOOK are backstage. OC says Moxley must have lost his mind saying her doesn’t respect Jon. Jon is the only person OC has been thinking about since Chicago, when he took OC’s title. He is sorry that when the chance knocked, he didn’t pick up the pieces of Rey, he picked up the pieces of the title that Jon dropped. It doesn’t feel the same. He needs to beat Jon. He HAS TO beat him in order to be the champion that he knows he is. At Full Gear, he will beat Jon Moxley.

The Gunns vs The Bollywood Boys

The Gunns make short work of the boys, hitting Yuma in record time and ending the match in less than a minute.

Winner: The Gunns
I could have done without a second tag team squash match, but it was short.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :43

The Gunns call MJF a liar. He is not a generational talent. Do you think LeBron went to the NBA and said, eh, not yet. No, he ran that bitch since day one. They have never been told no, that they weren’t ready. They’ve been doing this for 3 years. They are about to be ROK tag champs. THEY are generational talents.

Oof that was rough.

The Gunns call MJF an embarrassment of a champion. The only friends MJF has left are the fans, and he hopes MJF picks one of these fat pieces of shit as his partner for Full Gear.

Backstage, MJF watches on. Samoa Joe walks up behind him. MJF walks away.

Jon Moxley is with Wheeler Yuta! Jon knew it! He knew it! He’s been getting calls all week, OC didn’t do anything wrong. But Orange knew exactly what he was doing. This isn’t about the belt, it’s about the laws of nature. This business is a jungle, and the BCC are the dominant pack of predators. What kind of example is he setting for Young Wheeler if he doesn’t beat the shit out of OC. What about Hook? Is OC teaching him that he can do and say whatever he wants? OC doesn’t deserve to get to Full Gear, so the minute they land at LAX, it’s on. Him and whoever vs Jon and Yuta. He then tells Hook to take notes, if his fingers still work.

Yuta tells Hook he’ll see him in Cali, pretty boy.

Red Velvet vs Julia Hart

LOCKUP! Hart sends her to the corner. Velvet with a surprise rolup. Another lockup. Red works the left arm. Red shoots Hart off of her. They sit out and pose. They each do the splits. Thanks or that. Whip to the ropes, both girls run, Hart trips Red up. Red attacks the mid section. They head to the corner red with rights and lefts. A body slam sends us to PIP.

We are back and Red has Hart hurting against the ropes. Red hits the ropes and dives with knees to the back of Hart. Red with a standing Moonsault! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Back elbow out of the corner from Hart. Red attacks the lower back as Julia climbs. Julia turns, Red grabs her arms and pulls her down hard onto her back! Pin for 1..2.NO!!!

Hart to the top rope after some kicks! HUGE MOONSAULT! Cover! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Julia Hart
Julia is killin it, and it’s nice to see Red back.
Total Rating: **
Match Time:

Julia Hart grabs Red and locks in Heartless after the match.

Here comes Sky Blue to stop her. She enters the ring, they go face to face. Hart looks into her mouth, making sure Blue does have mist. Hart stares her down. Sky is unblinking.

Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander come down to protect Sky and Red. Julia leaves the ring.

RJ City is backstage with a hot blonde.

Miriah May is the newest debut. What are her intentions She says she just came from Stardom and Japan, and is excited to be a part of the division. She is also a big fan of Toni Storm. She went to Japan because Toni went, and now she’s in AEW. She gets excited at the possibility of meeting Toni Strom.

Mark Briscoe vs Jay White

LOCKUP! They circle the ring then break it up in the corner. Another lockup. Side headlock from Mark. To the ropes and Briscoe hits a shoulder tackle. Jay to the outside. Mark hypes himself up as Jay’s homies check on him. Jay re-enters and hits a knee to Mark. Tackle from Jay knocks Mark down. Side headlock and Mark backs Jay into the corner. Ref breaks it and Jay gets a side headlock takedown. Leg scissors. Another one from jay. Jay with a chop! Side headlock from Jay, but Briscoe hits him with a back suplex. Mark with a chop. He lifts and locks the head. Suplex to Jay! Mark covers for 1..2.NO!! Big slap from Mark sends Jay off the corner to the outside. Mark hits the ropes, dives through the ropes with a kick! Mark on the apron! He flies with an elbow drop off the apron!!! GAHTDAMN! Mark sends Jay into the ring. Mark to the top rope but The Gunns grab him as Jucie distracts the ref. Mark keeps climing, Divs, rolls through, DDT from Jay! Jay sends Briscoe to the outside.

We come back from break and the boys are fighting up top in the corner. Mark is able to send Jay flying then hit a missile dropkick! Jay with a right hand! Mark wants another! Jay hits another. Jay hits a forearm. They trade blows. They turn the rights into chops. Mark with a flurry. Elbows, hits the ropes, but Jay is there to hit an elbow, hits the ropes, Mark is right behind him with a chop. Mark flies with an elbow. Mark kicks, neckbreaker to Jay. Cover for 1..2NO!! Mark hooks the leg, Fisherman!!! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Briscoe grabs Jay on the shoulders, Jay floats off and lands on the apron. Jay grabs the left leg. Dragon Screw in the ropes. Death Valley Driver from Mark Briscoe! Briscoe to the top rope! FROGGY BOW! Cover! 1…2…NO!!!! Mark locks the head, double underhook, but Jay escsapes, hooks up, huge Uranage!

Bullet Club calling for Kiwi Crusher. Jay hooks, hits it! Nice little moment there. Jay covers. 1..2..NO!!! Tries for a sleeper, but Mark elbows back. Chop, another, Jay clips the legs from behind. Jay lifts for a Blade Runner, but Mark spins and hits a surprise Exploder! Jay in the corner! Back elbow from Jay! Big lariat from Briscoe! Double underhook from Briscoe, but Jay with a back body drop! Jay ruses the corner, catches a boot, tries to hyper extend the knee, SLEEPER SUPLEX TO MARK!!! BRAINBUSTA!!!!!! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!

Jay tries for the Blade Runner, but Mark with a big slap, another, some more. Jay with a surprise Sleeper Suplex! Big DDT to Mark! Blade Runner! Cover! 1…2….3!!!

Amazing main event. Mark did his thing, but Jay showed up. Another match where the ending was never in question, but getting there was a hell of a lot of fun.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:10

Jay White and his cohorts celebrate, but MJF’s music hits and the champ….

Slides into the ring from behind! Right to Juice, to The Gunns! He’s got the ring on, and all three men roll out of the ring, leaving Jay alone. Jay has the title. MJF chases Jay as he runs out of the ring. Juice meets him at the top of the ramp. MJF with the mic.

He tells Jay to look at him. He hopes he’s had fun playing dress up because playtime is over soon. He will have to get in the ring with the real champion. When he won the title, he promised himself he’d go down as the greatest champion of all time or die trying. That’s what Jay will be dealing with. He’llhave to kill MJF to beat him. He is not just fighting for him anymore. For the first time in his life, he is fighting for everyone who has been on this journey with him since day one. Adam Cole, us at home, them in the arena. He is not just a scumbag, he’s our scumbag. He’s got one question, when MJF is the only thing stnding between him and immortality, the man who always carries a fake gun, when it comes down to it, will Jay be able to pull the trigger…

The lights go out.

When they come back on, we see a bunch of masked people beating up The Acclaimed Bowens gets tossed into some glass. The black figures, three of them, stand by as Bowens is knocked out.

Screen flickers

It’s The Devil.

Flickers again.

We see MJF in the ring. He rushes out of the ring and to the back. MJF comes upon th scene where Billy and Max are down and Bowens is out. MJF is pissed.

Here comes Samoa Joe to tell MJF he’s running out of friends. He then laughs and walks away.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
What an episode! The wrestling was great,there was some intrigue, and everything mattered. Not much negative to say here, as everyone had their working shoes on and delivered like crazy.

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