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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.8.23

March 8, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Powerhouse Hobbs QT Marshall Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.8.23  

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We are FRESH off the heels of Revolution and it’s time for some more AEW!!!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…


Lethal makes his entrance with his crew, but we get Pat Buck and refs to come out and take them all to the back except Lethal.

In an odd occurrence, we can hear Tazz over the house speakers. Lol.

All-Atlantic Championship Match
Jay Lethal vs Orange Cassidy

Side headlock from Orange, gets an arm drag from Lethal, Orange reverses, Lethal tries for a. hip toss but OC holds the wrist and gets a side headlock. Lethal stands but OC holds on, Lethal tosses him over his head, but Oc lands on a knee and grabs another side headlock. Takedown. Lethal tries for a crucifix pin, but OC escapes at 2. Both men stand. Lethal leaves the ring. OC waits for him in the corner. Ref starts the count and Lethal takes his time. OC leaves the ring at 4 to chase Lethal into the ring, and Lethal tries for Lethal Injection. OC follows him to the ropes, flies off for a DDT attempt, but Lethal drops him, tries for A Figure Four, OC kicks him off, tries for Beach Break, Lethal reverses, hits the ropes for Lethal Injection again, but OC with a kick to the upside down Lethal! OC corenrs him, pulls the arm around the ropes.Lethal to the outside, OC hits the ropes, dives through, Lethal catches him on his shoulders, Lethal floats off and sends him shoulder first into the post. TO the ste-no! Lethal reverses and sends OC knee-first into the steps! Lethal rolls into the ring. OC to the apron. Lethal with a dragon screw with the ropes in between.

Lethal stands OC in the corner, whip to the corner. Reversed. OC gets lifted and lands dick first onto the ropes. Lethal with a clothesline to the back of the leg as OC hangs on the top rope. OC falls to the outside. Lethal struts his stuff. He heads outside and kicks OC hard. Lethal breaks the count, sends OC back first into the apron. Lethal grabs the leg, drops an elbow on it, hurts his arm a bit in the process. The ref is outside. Lethal grabs OC, lifts him up and sends OC into the post knee first!

WE ARE BACK and OC has the head of Lethal locked up for some Stundog, but Lethal counters, tries for a DDT, OC blocks. Beach Break! Lethal rushes a knee in the corner and OC moves out the way. He hops up on the top rope and Lethal stops him! OC attacks the mid, lethal drops. OC FLIES OFF WITH A DDT!!! Another sick ass DDT! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! OC wants Orange Punch but his knee gives out! FIGURE FOUR FROM LETHAL! OC reaches for the ropes, he nearly gets it, but cant so he spins, gets himself to the ropes, puls himself out of the hold! OC is on the apron now, holding his knee. Lethal is up favoring the elbow. Lethal joins OC on the apron. Chop to OC. Soft chop from OC. Punches to the head. OC gears up for a hit, then surprises Jay with a huge chop! Hops to the shoulders, Lethal presses him up then lands OC on his feet, extending the knee. Cradle! 1..2..NO!!!! Lethal Combination! Lethal to the top rope. MACHO MAN EL-NO!!!!! Knees up!!!! OC is up! Bad knee. Tries for the Orange Punch! CUTTER FROM LETHAL!!! 1…2….NO!!!

Lethal with a huge kick to the back of the leg. Lethal In-NO!!!!! Jay collapses!!! Orange Punch! Cover! 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
This. Was. Amazing. I know, I know, I’m Orange Biased, but this was a nice and tight ten minute bout that did everything right. Orange is amazing. Period. Point. Blank.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: Stopwatch Issues, but like 12 mins.

After the match, Jay Lethal goes for his Golden Globe, and the ref is there to take him to the back. While this is happening, Jeff Jarrett attacks Orange Cassidy from behind. He hits him with a slam then smacks his knee with the guitar.

Out come The Best Friends to chase JJ out of the ring.

Apparently, someone broke into Wardlow’s car and stole his bag and title.

Backstage, Powerhouse Hobbs feels sorry for Wardlow, saying that it would never happen to him. There is one thing Wardlow has left, being valled a champion, and tonight he is taking that.

Ricky Starks is here in the ring to say wow. He says for the past ten days, he’s spent his time in Cali and he thinks he’s having a hell of a week, not to mention he beat Jericho. For weeks, he has taken down JAS, Jericho, and really done it all from TV to PPV. He gets asked what’s next a lot. The answer is he is not sure, but the question isn’t what he’ll do next but where will he go?

The music of Bullet Club hits!!!

Ricky stares the ramp down, and Juice Robinson attacks from behind! He stands over the laid out Ricky Starks with TOO SWEET being held up.

Wardlow is backstage in jeans and an FTR tank top. He tells Schiavone that since he has no gear, and can’t wrestle a traditional match, how bout we have a No DQ match tonight?

It’s on.

Ruby Soho comes out to the stage with Saraya and Toni. They leave as Ruby heads to the ring to talk to Renee.

Renee, of course, asks why.

Ruby says it shouldn’t be a surprise. We created this monster. Her first title match was against Britt Baker, and when she won, we were thrilled. Fast Forward to the semi-finals of the Owen Hart tournament when she faced Statlander. We all love her, don’t we? Do you recall the response Ruby got when she won? We booed her out of the damned building. We get to Revolution, when the favorite, Jamie, pinned her in the middle of the ring, and she realized then that no one was ever going to come to her defense or be mad when she lost, and on one here in AEW would ever appreciate her. But she ain’t the only one. Storm came here, and was called an interim. We all begged Saraya to come out of retirement. She does. And we all, we fat neck bearded trolls came at her. They have been outcast since day one, and we came here to help rebiuild, but you cant rebuild on broken foundation, you can only demolish and start new, and the broken foundation are the entitled little shits in the back, the rookies that think they deserve the world because Khan and we give them to all of em. So let’s bring out Skye Blue.

Skye doesn’t seem too happy. She makes her way to the ring and slides in, but Ruby stomps her out. After some action on the outside, Ruby sends Skye back in and we get it going.

Ruby Soho vs Skye Blue

An STO drops Skye Blue hard and Ruby covers for 1..2.NO!!!

We are BACK from a break and Ruby is slapping Skye around, talking some shit. Ruby grabs her by the side and hits a Saito Suplex. Blue stands herself up, calling for more. Ruby blocks a right, hits another Saito Suplex. Ruby runs around the ring for a kick, misses as Skye moves, tries to stomp, and Skye moves again. Ruby with a right. Another. Skye with a right. Hits the ropes, hard right. Wghip to Ruby, high knee to Ruby. Snapmare, tries for a kick, Ruby spins her, and Skye hits a spinning kick to the side of the face. She rushes the corner, Ruby moves, Skye hits a boot to the face, to the top rope, Skye flies with a crossbody. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!!

Skye hits the ropes, tries for a Cod Blue, Ruby stands up to drop her, tries for a kick, Destination Unknown. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Ruby Soho
A great attempt to fix the shitty storyline Saraya started with the promo. The match itself was a solid sprint, as Skye continues to grow and Ruby got a win that mattered.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:46

Saraya and Toni Storm come out to talk to Ruby. They hand her some spray paint. Ruby sprays Skye’s chest but out comes Willow Nightengale to try and talk some sense into Ruby. Saraya and Toni leave the ring as Willow tries to embrace Ruby.

Toni and Saraya come back in to attack! They outnumber her. Eat Defeat from Ruby. Saraya sprays an L onto both girls.

Renne is backstage with Hangman Adam Page saying she knows how Jon feels, how is Page feeling? He says physically, better, but his mind, heart, soul all is well. He blackened his soul to take Jon over, so let that serve as a warning. He will take you to hell if you want to try him and he wil ride back out.

Renee asks if things are done with Jon. Page owes Renee an apology for Sunday. He is sorry for what she had to see, but don’t blame Page. As far as Mox, for him, he is done.

MJF cut a bloodied promo after his match at Revolution. He is the devil, he has horns growing out his forehead, a silver tongue, and the grandest prize of em all. His back is no longer against the wall, daddy is single in San Fran. He’s not done. March 15 just happens to be his birthday. He will be celebrating. He is the most complete wrestler in the world. His reign of terror has just begun.

FTR is back!!! Schiavone is in the middle of the ring as they make their entrance.

HUGE Chants! Tony cant even speak.

Cash says he missed that. They said over and over how great 2022 was but the last few months have been pretty bad. They lost to The Acclaimed, to The Gunns, lost three sets of titles in a month, then we lost one of their best friends in wrestling. They knew they needed to take a breath and recharge, but he cant sit at home and watch The Gunns call themselves the best tag team. Yes, they are good. They are the current champs, and they are the future. But they are also spoiled, entitled, disrespectful assholes. Their father gave them everytnig they could ask for. Cash’s dad couldn’t give him a private education, a job with the best company, but he taught him how to fight and be respectful, and he’s going to teach them what his father taught him.

Dax Hardwood has come out talking about his wife and daughter, but he wants to bring up someone else he cares about – all of us. A time he felt incapable of being love, we never left. Wrestling never left. This aint a rah rah babyface speech, but he loves us. December, they closed the book on the greatest trilogy of matches they have ever had, and even though they didn’t win, they knew they did something special. That feeling was taken away by Gunns. The last memory he has with one of his best friends was taken away by The Gunns. Now its’ time to get even. It would be easy to fight and beat The Gunns ass, but they have to hit where it hurts. They gotta beat them and take the titles. They gotta do it for them, for The Briscoes, and for all of us.

Jade Cargill is backstage with Renee and Leila.

Jade says there are no challenges. She has ran through every woman here. Seeing how they will be in Canada, Renee is from there, right? How bout we bring out the best Canada has. Since she is so big on charity, let one of those wack ass Canadians step up and get stepped on.

Jericho Appreciation Society vs Top Flight and AR Fox

Jericho and AR to start. AR gets the upperhand quickly, hits an enziguri, clothesline through the ropes, skins the cat and dropkicks Jericho to the outside. AR Fox dives off the ropes over the top to Jericho. He sends Jericho into the ring, Jericho crawls over to his corner and hugs Sammy. In comes Sammy off the tag. AR waits for him. Sammy kicks! Body slam! Sammy calls Jericho in to get his licks in. We get a sexy pose, this time with the hlpe of Garcia and the rest of JAS. Lol. Sammy whips AR into the ropes, tag from Darius. Sammy gets kicked away, enziguri from Darius. Sammy runs to Garcia and gets a tag. Arm drag to Garcia, Darius sends him outside and Dante hits a moonsault off the ropes to the outside! He sends Garcia back into the ring, and it looks like Dante got a tag. Parker distracts, springboard from Dante, and Garcia hits a right hand.

We are back and Sammy has a chin lock on Dante. Monkey flip sends Sammy flying. Dante tags in AR. Tag to Garcia. Clotheslines. A back elbow in the corner. Rll through into a cutter ot Garcia. Jericho comes in, chop and there’s Sammy to kick. AR sends Jericho out, tgrips Sammy up, slides over Sammy’s head and kicks Jericho away. AR to the top rope. He flies with a 450, lands on his feet, ducks under Garcia, springbords into a cutter to both men! Cover to Garcia for 1..2..NO!!! AR springs Garcia into a cutter, in comes Darius to German into a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Lockup from behind. Garcia grabs the head, bites the ear, tag to Jericho. Jericho in…SPANISH FLY TO JERICHO!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jericho misses a clothesline, back elbow from Darius, backflip kicks Jericho. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! AR and Dante come in to remove Garcia and Sammy. Dante hits the ropes, suicide dive to Garcia, jumping knee from Sammy. Kick from AR. AR springboards and lands on Sammy and Parker with a senton!

In the ring, Jericho hits the corner, Darius hops over, rolls out, gets kicked, spinebuster from Jericho into a possible walls but Darius rolls Jericho up for 1..2..NO!!!

Superkick to the chest. Darius hits the ropes, bat from Hager to the back! Judas Effect from Jericho! Cover for 1..2..34!!!

Winners: The Jericho Appreciation Society
AR and Top Flight are just…great. Just great.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:43

Angelo Parker grabs a mic and says this was the single greatest trios match in history.

Matt Menard wonders if we knew that tonight marks the one year anniversary of the JAS. Daniel Garcia says after this great victory, it’s only fair that they are the number one contenders for the trios titles. Sammy Guevara says they are also the sexiest group alive. Chris Jericho says they deem themselves the new Number One Contenders, so House of Black…turn out your lights and get your asses in this ring now.

The lights go out.

They come back on and…The Elite’s music hits.

Kenny and The Young Bucks are at the top of the ramp. Kenny says hello to Jericho. For the better part of three years, they’ve stayed out of jericho’s lane. They haven’t really gotten involved. He thinks this comes out of a place of mutual respect, but when Jericho talks about the trio’s cha—

Don Callis comes out to grab the mic and says everyone knows that it was The Elite that established the Trios championships, and after Revolution, it’s obvious that they are the number one contenders, not JAS. On a personal note, they’ve been friends for over thirty years, and he agrees that Jericho is one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time. Unfortunately, he’s only the second best wrestler from Winnipeg.

Jericho tells Don to get his wormy ass down here and bring his stupid friends.


MALAKAI is on the screen with his peeps! He says no noeed to fight, they are equally deserving of an ass-kicking in their home town. So next week if they want the titles…


Black: “Come get em!”

Lights are out again. When they come back on, House of Black is gone.

Tony Khan is backstage! He says that Orange Cassidy has requested an open challenge to face Jeff Jarrett for the title. Tony says next week will be the fifth and final defense on international soil. Next week, in partnership with Warner Bros, the title will be rechristened The AEW International Championship. Apparently, this is leveling up the championship.

Last Sunday, Bryan Danielson sits broken in the back to cut an impassioned promo. He says this whoel time, his whole career, has been never giving up. That’s always what he thought was best, to just fight and fight and fught. When he woke up from being knocked out, his first instinct was to fight, then he realized he couldn’t feel his arms, his left leg had no strength, and when MJF said after the match, he’d be unable to play with his kids, it dawned on him…he’s right. He was putting himself before his family. This made him more ashamed than anything else. It’s time for him to go home.

The Blackpool Combat Club is here!

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) vs The Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli)

BCC attacks the second the bell rings. They send Reynolds outside. Claudio locks up John, Jon attacks him. Right hand. Chops from Silver. Uppercut from Claudio off the tag. Silver fights back with some rights, whip, Claudio hits a right clothesline. Claudio locks the head, tries for a suplex, Johnny blocks wit a knee, they trade lifts, but it’s Silver that gets the move. Tag to Jon. He comes in, locks the face up, spins with a roll into a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Jon grabs the legs, stomps Silver a few times across the chest then just stomps his heart in. Tag to Claudio. Claudio with a body slam. Big leg drop. Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Uppercut! Whip to the corner. John finally gets a tag. Reynolds in, hits some stuff, kick from the outside, back in the ring, back elbow from Claudio, kick from Reynolds. He hops to the top rope! Claudio just shoves his ass off. Lol. Damn.

We are BACK and Reynolds hits Claudio with a stomp off a Sunset Flip attempt. Reynlodls tries to tag, kicks Claudio away, tag to Sliver! Tag to Jon. Dropkick to Jon! Kicks over and over in the conrer! Deeeyum. Silver hits the ropes, Jon with a back elbow, Sivler ducks under, locks the hips, elbow from Jon, kick from Silver! He hits another knee to the back of the head! GERMAN TO JON!!! Jon kicks the back of the leg! Kicks to the chest! Silver with a trip! He beats down with some elbows! Moxley tries for a triangle! He locks it! Silver ROLLS OUT OF THE FUCKING HOLD! SICK!!! He brings Jons rm around the had to choke him. Knees to Jon!!! In comes Claudio to stomp Johnny away. Uppercuts to Silver! Claudio with another uppercut! He kicks Johnny away, asking if that’s all he’s got. Claudio hits the ropes, Reynolds in! He lifts Claudio up! UPPERCUT FROM SILVER!!! Jon in!

They try some moves but Jon locks in a sleeper then a half and half to Reynolds as Claudio handles Silver! Jon locks a front face lock! Reynolds taps!

Winners: Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli
Yo, that small exchange with Silver and Moxley made me want so so much more. A great match.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:26

After the match, Moxley locks in the submission one more time. Claudio holds te ref back as Yuta stares down the hold. In comes Silver to help Jon, but Claudio gutwrenches Silver and tosses him over the top rope! Bulldog choke from Jon to Reynolds.

Here comes Evil Uno! He attacks Jon! He stomps Jon away, hittimng him over and over with some rights. PILEDRIVER ATTEMPT but Yuta with a chop block! Yuta holds Uno back but here comes…

Hangman Adam Page! He runs down, gets in the ring, tells Jon to get back, checks on Reynolds. He tells Jon to stay back. Claudio taps Page on his back, Right hand from Page to CLaudiO! Claudio with an uppercut to Page!! BCC ATTACKS HANGMAN!!! The beatdown begins! Refs come back to stop the fight. Yuta is still attacking Evil Uno! Jon leaves the ring.

Chaos is restored as we head to break.

Justin Roberts introduces Wardlow and his music hits, but he is nowhere to be found.

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TNT Championship
Wardlow vs Powerhouse Hobbs

We head to the backstage area and Hobbs and Wardlow are going at it near a car! Hobbs hits Wardlow with the ring that bounces away proving it’s plastic and pretty harmless. Hobbs whips Wardlow into an open car door. Damn. Hobbs grabs a nearby keg and throws it. Wardlow moves and it breaks the back passenger window!!! Wardlow takes Hobbs to ththe hood of the car. Back body drop to Hobbs and he breaks the window!!! LAWD! Wardlow attacks Hobbs with some plastic crates as we go to break.

WE are back and are in the crowd now, making our way to the ring. Wardlow dumps Hobbs over the barricade then sends him into the ring. Wardlow enters and waits for Hobbs to stand. He turns. Chokeslam from Wardlow! Hobbs is uP! HE SCREAMS! SPINEBUSTER TO WARDLOW! WARDLOW IS UP!!! They meet in the middle of the ring. Right hands from both men. Headbutt from Wardlow. Big lariat from Wardlow. Fireman’s! F10!!!! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!


Wardlow grabs Hobbs. Sets him up for a powerbomb. Hobbs escapes. Another spinebuster!!!! He flips Wardlow up, shoves him ot the ropes, ANOTHER SPINEBUSTER!!! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! Hobbs removes the rubber protection from the edge of th barricade, then whips Wardlow into it. Hobbs lifts the apron and grabs what the people want! He pulls a table out from under the ring as the ref counts for the fall. He’s up at 5. Hobbs sets up the table. Wardlow spits water at him! He lays Hobbs on the table. Wardlow to the top rope! Wardlow with a swanton onto Hobbs!!!! Cover! 1….2……NO!!!! Wardlow locks the head. He calls for a powerbomb. LIFTS HOBBS!! POWERBOMB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RAMP!!! Wardlow seemingly hurt himself! He’s holding his ribs. Wardlow grabs Hobbs by the hair. The ref is at the count of 7, and Wardlow seemingly breaks that. He takes Hobbs near the annonucers. Another powerbomb setup. Wardlow looks to attack but…

QT MARSHALL has a chair! He smacks Wardlow in the back! GOOZLE TO QT! Chairshot to the neck. Chairshot to the head of Wardlow! QT is all smiles. QT helps Hobbs up. He tells him to finish Wardlow. It’s Your time. He grabs Wardlow.

QT and Hobbs both lift Wardlow and powerbomb Wardlow onto a nearby box/stage. QT helps Hobbs to stand. Ref looks back at the count of 6. Ref hits 10. Hobbs wins the title.

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Powerhouse Hobbs
First, let me get the issues I have out of the way. QT being involved was just a tad bit deflating, regardless of history or the sense it makes. It’s just…it’s QT. Second, they gotta figure out a better way to make these off the stage moves more impactful because the imploding box of thin wood sometimes looks cheap. This was one of those times, especially after we saw someone go through a car windshield. With that out of the way, literally everything before the presence of QT was really really good. Like god damn, these guys put it all out there. A solid ten minutes of some hosses fighting.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:44

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Tonight's Dynamite was a great GREAT followup to a really great PPV, with no fluff and tons of action. I thoroughly enjoyed about 95% of it, with the only things sticking out as bothersome being either minimal in terms of affect or just barely passable. The main event had a bit of an issue with me, but let's hope the follow up makes it better. Often times after a big event, we get a lull in momentum, but AEW does really well with continuing the momentum from big events, and tonight was no different.

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