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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.17.20

June 17, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 6-17-20 Orange Cassidy Chris Jericho
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.17.20  

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DID YEW MISS ME?!!? Thanks to Jeremy Thomas for covering the first match of the night! Let’s get to it!

We start immediately with a title match! Let’s go!

Match 1: The Natural Nightmares vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Dustin and Omega start it off and they lock up. Dustin off the ropes, some counter flipping and ducking until Omega hits a chop and then goes for the One Winged Angel but Dustin counters. A bit more counter-wrestling until Omega hits a rana and Dustin fires back with one of his own. Omega tags Page in, Marshall in as well and they circle. Page with a waistlock into a headlock on the ground, they’re up and go off the ropes, then trade strikes and Page takes control with chops and slaps. Page off the ropes, right into a dropkick by QT. He comes off the ropes, Page ducks and kicks QT in the head. Omega in for a springboard shot to the ribs, followed by a chop. Omega in control, sends Marshall off the ropes, he floats over and hits a suplex on Kenny! Dustin tagged in, he takes over and sends Omega into the turnbuckle hard. Rhodes with a couple of elbow drops and he pins for two. QT tagged in, double-team side Russian legsweep, QT gets a two-count. Backbreaker on Omega gets another two.

Britt Baker is at the announcers’ side sending notes, she doesn’t like Tony’s green tie.

QT slows it down and tags in Dustin, rake across the back and snapmare into a chinlock. Omega fights back, gets a big right hand, Omega goes off the ropes right into a back body drop. Omega counters a charge with a back elbow, Kintaro Clutch and he rolls over to tag in Page, QT in as wel. Page is on fire, he comes out of the corner and turns Marshall inside out with a clothesline. Springboard clothesline knocks Dustin off the apron! He tages out QT and then dives to take Dustin out on the floor. Sliding lariat on Marshall gets two. Omega now in, he picks QT on his shoulders, rolling drop into a spingboard splash for two. Hangman tagged back in, he chops QT and then runs over and kicks Dustin off the apron. QT fires back with right hands but Page comes off the ropes with a big boot. Marshall fires back with a handflip kick off the ropes and both men are down. Tags made, Omega sends Dustin off the ropes but Dustin counters with an uppercut, atomic drop and bulldog! Dustin sends Omega into the turnbuckle, powerslam out of it and powerslam to a charging Page! Dustin up top, goes for a dive onto both champions! Omega charges, Dustin sends him outside and Page is out as wel. Dustin with a cannonball senton off the apron and Marshall hits the QT Special out of the ring! Omega is back in, Marshall diving uppercut off the top and he calls for the Diamond Cutter! Omega blocks, snapdragon suplex but Dustin hits a Canadian Destroyer. Feed went out briefly but QT hit a Diamond Cutter and all four men are down. Brandi and Allie are encouraging QT, he goes up top, moonsault misses the mark. Page tags in Omega, Omega whips Page into Marshall and Omega follows in. Assisted German suplex, Dustin breaks it up. Dustin is out again, Page tags in Omega. Powerbomb by Page, Omega with a hard knee to the back of the head, Dustin taken out on the outside and QT kicks out right before three! Omega preps as QT gets up, Page with a lariat, and the pinfall is counted!

Winner: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega
Great starting match, both teams looked great and the champions get the win as would be expected with another match coming up at Fyter Fest.
Total Rating: *** 1/2

A cute lil video package for Anna Jay. She’s here for some action against Abadon. Abadon looks nuts.

Match 2: Anna Jay vs Abadon

Jay seems concerned. Abadon shots the legs and beats down on Anna. Jay is able to escape and get to the corner. She sends Abadon to the corner and attacks the chest. Abadon no sells it and hits a knee.

Abadon chokes Anna on the ropes up for the full five then sends her into the center of the ring. She hits the ropes and hits a hurricanrana into a cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Abadon
Weird to give Jay a video package before all this, yet against the norm is why I enjoyed it. Eliminated the predictability. Or am I becoming an AEW apologist?
Total Rating: NR

Ah, The Dark Order is here, which would explain the loss a bit.

Ya know, I asked myself why they would give the chick a vid package only to have her lose in less than 2 minutes, then I said it comes off as realistic because a video package doesn’t automatically make you a better wrestler or prepared for whatever the fuck Abadon was. THEN I saw The Dark Order, and shit yo…it’s like everything that happens has a reason here…

Match 2: MJF (w/ Wardlow) vs Billy Gunn

MJF leaves the ring immediately, checking on his knee. He slides back in, and we get a LOCKUP!!!! MJF tries to work the arm then fakes a handshake. Billy ain’t havin it. He pulls in and gets poked in the eye. MJF hits a knee, gets whipped, ducks a right, ducks a kick, hits the ropes, a Big Boot from Billy. Pin for 1…NO! Gunn lifts MJF and knocks him on his ass with a right to the face. MJF wants to quit. He heads up the ramp and down the poop shoot to the left. Billy follows and the ref hits five. Billy comes out of the pipe with MJF on his shoulder. He drops MJF into the ring, MJF drops Billy, hanging him up, then struts and gloats .Billy no sells the hang up and enters the ring. MJF backs up into him. Billy with a kick. Hits the ropes. Fameasser attempt, but MJF chops the lef, then hits another to the front. MJF drives knee into the lef over and over, then drops another.

MJF drops a boot to the ankle as we go PIP. MJF stomps the back of the leg. He grabs the leg and Billy kicks him, only for MJF to drop the leg hard. He pulls Billy’s leg out of the ring and looks to swing it into the post, but Billy kicks him away hard. Billy’s son makes sure Wardlow doesn’t attack, but the ref holds him back and Wardlow does so anyway, swinging Billy’s leg into the post like four times. MJF back in the ring. He works the leg of Billy Gunn in the corner. Billy hits some rights to the head. Billy is able to stand, but MJF locks the leg up and falls back. MJF talks some shit to Jungle Boy then drops a boot to the leg of Billy. Again, dropping his taint on the leg of Billy. MJF wants a third, but Billy moves and MJF falls right on the coccyx. MJF locks up the leg, but Billy kicks him away. Gunn misses a right, tilt-a-whirl slam. Billy kicks, Billy hits the ropes and misses a fameasser. Splash in the corner is missed by Billy. Actually a knee. MJF locks the knee and uses the ropes to hold it up. Aubrey kicks the ropes to break the hold! MJF yells at her, telling her she has one job. Billy grabs the neck, MJF goes for a fameasser. Billy blocks it and hits his own! Wardlow is on the apron to distract. Billy gives a right to Wardlow. Wardlow tosses the ring before he falls off. Billy drops down and sends Wardlow into the barricade after konkcing Billy’s son down.

Billy back in the ring. Hard right. Cover for 1….2….3!!!

I saw Billy wrestle at Bar Wrestling and the entire “match” was him joking around about being bigger than Ziggler’s brother. I feared that the first few moments of this match were just that, but it quickly got into actual action an worked out for the better. Solid outing and the right guy won in the cheapest of ways.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:54

MJF and Wardlow start talking shit to Luchasauraus and Jungle Boy until

Backstage, Jericho says he juiced Orange Cassidy because everyone loves him, he’s so cool, he doesn’t care about anything, but he had the audacity to interrupt The Inner Circle twice.

Sammy says nothing was funny about it, they beat the pulp out of him, and they will do the same thing to The Best Friends and be the new Number One Contenders. They are brothers, says Jericho, blood brothers. Like the blood streaming out of the head of Orange Cassidy. Blood is thicker than water, or in this case, orange juice.

Tony is with Britt. She is all smiles. Tony announces that Ford gets a title shot at Fyre Fest. Britt seems bothered by this. Britt says her leg is broken and Tony is in a lot of shit, and TNT is going to be mad because just lost an interview. She says her and Tony are on a Friendship Time Out. She yells to get her out of here,

But Big Swole pulls an Undertaker and asks “Where to, Doctor?!” as she hijacks the golfcart Britt is sitting on the back of.

Cody says that the air is getting a bit thin, and that it is getting a bit lonely. He has no Dustin, no Matt, no Nick, no Kenny, no Hangman. Is he even in The Elite? He would hope so. Is the Nightmare Family even family? Makes you wonder.

But alas, he wants to hand it off to the head coach, Arn Anderson. Here’s the thing, Cody, says Arn. With age comes maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. He knows Cody believes he can beat Hager, and Arn knows he can beat Hager, but timing is everyting, and the timing isn’t right.

Hager is shown walking in the backstage area. Arn says let’s move on and past it. Tonight, he’s got a very talented opponent, a guy that Cody can take it to and hone his skills.


Video package shows RICKY FUCKING STARKS!!!!!


Come on, Ricky! Make daddy proud!

Match 4: TNT Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs Ricky Starks

Starks plays hot hands, Cody tries for the leg, Ricky tries for the lef, too. Cody with a go behind. Hammerlock to Ricky. Ricky goes under and tries for one of his own. Cody goes for the legs, can’t get them. Rope work and Cody hits a shoulder tackle. Rick with a kip up. Cody claps, then kicks, drops and hits a right, only for Ricky to slap the shit out of him. Cody sends him into the corner. Right from Cody, but Ricky gets one of his own. They go back and forth, Ricky getting the upperhand, hits the ropes, eats a dropkick. Cody sends Ricky to the outside. Suicide dive! He sends Ricky back in the ring. Ricky on one knee. Cody grabs the leg, Ricky attacks the back, whip, Ricky reveres, Cody kicks him in the face, hits the ropes, and Ricky sends Cody into the ropes rib-first! Ricky leaves the ring, goes to Cody and hits a few right hands. Huge leg drop to Cody. Cover for 1…NO! Ricky drives the knee to the back of Cody on the ropes, then swipes at Arn. Ricky hits the ropes, but Arn drops Cody off the ropes to save him. Kick from Cody. Right hand to the face. Elbow from Starks, he bounces off the ropes with a tornado DDT. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Ricky drops an elbow to the back of the head. Right hand to Cody. Cody punches him square in the head. Chop from Ricky. Chop from Cody. Kick to Cody. Chinlock from behind. Cody breaks the grip, so Ricky drops an elbow to the top of the head.

Ricky whips to the corner and rushes the corner, but Cody bounces off and they bounce off one another! Ricky grabs the leg, spins, locks the head, goes for a tornado, losees the grip, Cody hits a kick! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Cody removes the weight belt. He locks up for Cross Rhodes, Ricky kicks out of it, shoves, Cody grabs the headand hits a front suplex then a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Cody grabs the leg and drags Ricky to the corner. Cody to the top rope. Ricky grabs the leg, hits some rights as Cody turns. Ricky heads to the top. Cody grabs the trunks, Cody to the very top. SUPERPLEX TO CODY RHODES!!!! Both men up. Ricky runs and hits a crossbody, sending both he and Cody to the outside!!!

Cody slinks back nito the ring at 6. Ricky is close to follow. Right hands back and forth. They go left and right until Cody hits a knee. He hits the ropes, goes for Disaster Kick, but Ricky hits the ropes. SPEAR TO CODY!!! 1…2…..NO!!! Ricky grabs the head. He underhooks. Double underhook. He tries to lift, but Cody with a surprise pin for 1..2.NO!!!

Ricky for a pin, Cody for one, Ricky gets one, Cody escapes, grabs the head. CROSS RHODES!!! 1….2…3!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
I saw this man for the first time in Arizona, and he blew me the fuck away. He has an aura. He IS a star! Then again at Bar Wrestling, and yet again, he showed his range. He was in a comedic match with Joey, but still had skill to show. Y’all, I can’t say enough good bout this guy. If my years of writing about wrestling means anything, just know that Tony cosigns this muthafucker BIG TIME. Cody, also, continues to kill it in his weekly role as chmpion.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: Shoot, I didn’t start the timer.

Match 5: The Young Bucks vs The Superbad Squad

Jimmy is first to start by attacking Matt from behind. He shoots straight for the damaged ribs. Jimmy sends him into the corner then drives his knuckles into the ribs. Whip to Matt. Tag from Nick. Whip from Matt. Tag from Sabian. Leg drop from Nick. Kick to Sabian. Young Bucks whip then chop then whip and hit back elbows and a splash/fist drop into the face. Both heels to the outside and the Bucks fly!

Sabian slides back in the ring where Nick is waiting. Sabian tries to attack but Nick saw it coming and hits a right. Tag to Jimmy who wants some action. Nicki kicks him. Boots out of the corner, but Nick swings him onto the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Tag from Matt. He sends Kip off the apron then hits a flipping neckbreaker to Havoc. Butcher and Blade hop over the barricade and onto the apron! Havoc, from behind, hits Matt across the back with some hard surface. Knox was distracted during all of this. Tag to Kip who kicks Matt in the corner. Tag to Jimmy who comes in and attacks the shoulder. Whip to Matt, then a double time inverted into a kick to the shoulder. Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Havoc uses the bandage wrapped around Matt to choke him out. Jimmy wild, yall. Tag to Sabian. He hits some shoulders in the corner. Like six. He talks to the ref as Havoc pulls on the bandage again, then hits a right hand to the head. Come on, Knox. Kip with a cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Sabian works the arm from behind. More of Knox talking to Sabian only for Havoc to come in and break the fingers of Matt. Cover from Kip for 1..2..NO!!! Kip grabs the head. Tag to Jimmy. He hits a snapmare then sends Matt back into the corner .Tag to Kip who stomps in the corner. Tag to Jimmy who sends Matt to the outside on the ramp. Butcher and Blade head over to Matt, but out come Wheeler and Hartwood. They make B&B back up as Kip tags in. Sabian kicks, snapmare, kick between the shoulder blades. Jimmy sets up. Sabian with a punt! It’s wide left! Tag to Jimmy. Uppercut. Tag to Kip who comes in with a swinging dropkick. More kicks from Jimmy. Tag to Jimmy. Kip catapults Matt…right into an eye poke! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!!! Jimmy chokes Matt with his hair. Haha. Kick out of the corner. Right hand from Kip. Jimmy hops int othe corner backwards, and Matt locks in a Sleeper. Kip attacks the ribs. Tag to Kip. Springboard, locks the head with his leg, but Matt holds on!!! HE FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A POWERBOMB!!!! Tag to Nick. Kick to Jimmy. Kick to Kip. Kick in the corner. Bulldog/Clothesline combo! Jimmy on the apron. Springboard into an X-Factor form Nick!! Nick walks the ropes! Splash on the outside. Sharpshooter in the ring to Kip!!! They’re in the middle of the ring! Sabian reaches for the ropes. ELBOW DROP FROM MATT to the back!!! Sabian looks to tap!!! Havoc enters the ring with a mallet!!! In comes Ford! She has a WET FLOOR sign! That musta been used earlier. She smacks Nick in the back. Tag to Jimmy who hits a Fisherman’s DDT!!! Cover for 1…2..NO!!!! Matt is in to stop the pin!!! Tag to Sabian. Jimmy locks up from behin.d Kip flies off. DDT!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Sabian to the top rope. He dives off the top rope, misses a stomp, eats a Superkick!!!!! Tag to Matt! Tag to Jimmy!! Lockup and Northern from Matt!!! Another! Catapult into a kick from Nick! Tag and Nick springboards into a stomp! He flies over the top and kicks Kip! Springboard aain and we get RISKY BUSINESS!!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! They set up with Jimmy on the shoulders. FTR and B&B are outside the ring and distract! Havoc with a rollup for 1..2..NO!!!!! Butterfly suplex from Jimmy! Tag to Kip who flies off with a stomp to the ribs!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! The pin is broken up!!! Jimmy lifts Matt, but he sends Jimmy into Kip. Matt locks up both of them and hits a suplex to BOTH MEN!!! Tag to Nick.

SUPERKICK PARTY!!! Young Bucks lock up Jimmy, set him up with Kip. Kip holds on. Kick sends Kip into piledriving Havoc! Double knees to either side of the head! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
On the surface, the action was stellar, and everyone got time to do their thing. A deeper look sees The Young Bucks booking themselves a little too well for my liking. Havoc and Kip have been building themselves up for a while and although this wasn’t a squash, they seemed unmatched versus The Young Bucks, and I don’t think it would hurt them if the Bucks lost. Also, don’t come out with taped up ribs then suplex the shit out of people the whole match…
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:38

Tazz wants to talk about last week when they were just watching Dynamite in their trailer when Tazz hears some noise and sees this crazy ass banshee, Jon Moxley. He takes umbrage to this. He says Moxley wants to call himself a miserable SOB, but that gimmick was taken years ago BY TAZZ! Cage says he wishes Fyre Fest was right now. The mood he’s in, he’d destroy Jon. He’s not sure what he wants to do, get the title or murder Moxley.

Tony and JR ponder on the location of Britt Baker. We get her homie following her location via iPhone app, and Britt is in a trash can. Apparently, she’s been there for five hours. Britt fires ____ then rehires. Apparently, there was a bathroom break that was needed. She then asks where Tony is. She wonders why there is camera and lighting. Reba says she needed to show them being rescued.

Britt says that since the camera is here, she has a message for Big Swole. She will pay for this, she will pay fines, and she will rue the day! RUE IT!!

Britt yells for help.

Matt is on commentary to watch the upcoming match.

Match 6: Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevera vs The Best Friends

I’m not sure if this is before or after the bell, but The Best Friends go buvk wild on Jericho and Sammmy, attacking them on the outside very aggressively. Trent attacks Sammy while Chuck drives a water bottle into the face of Jericho. Trent hits a sick spear on the outside to Sammy. He sends Sammy into the ring where Trent is waiting and Trent hits a neckbreaker type move and covers for 1…2…NO!!! OK, this was all after the bell, so it’s part of the match.

Tag to Jericho who comes in and gets kicked then sent face first into the top buckle. Chuck stomps Jericho in the chest a bunch of times. Whip to Jericho. Chuck runs into a back elbow. Missile Dropkick and a cover for 1..2…NO!! Tag to Sammy. He comes in and fuckin kills it. Bounces off the ropes, hits a dropkick, kips up in the most miraculous way I’ve ever seen. Sammy with a cravat from behind. Tag to Jericho. Kick from Jericho. Suplex to Chuck. Knee drop from Jericho. Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Chuck moves, and Jericho favors his knee. Tag to Sammy. Tag to Trent. Trent with a chop. Back elbow and another chop to Sammy. Another chop another. Whip and right sends Sammy down hard. Elbow to Jericho, sending him off the apron. Sammy tries for a splash, Trent moves and chops Sammy. Sammy with a bicycle kick off of the run! He goes for the ropes, but Trent holds the trunks, reels him in and hits a German!! Dropkick to Jericho through the ropes!!! Trent flings himself off the ropes onto Jericho, but JERICHO HAS HIS BAT!!!! He drives it into the flying Trent!

SHIT!!! It’s Picture in Picture!!!

Jericho is standing in the ring looking like I missed fifteen years instead of fifteen seconds. Trent is chopping away at him in the corner, but Jericho whips his ass upside down into the opposite corner then hits a hard clothesline. Jericho garners boos off the 2-count pin. He grabs the head and hits some knees to Trent. Jericho hooks the head and drops Trent onto the ropes. Jericho covers for 1…2..NO!!! Jericho tags in Sammy and they double team Trent then pose for the crowd. Sammy kicks away at Trent in the corner. Trent stands in the corner as Sammy continues to gloat. He rushes and eats a double stomp! TAG TO CHUCK! He enters, ducks a clothesline, sends Jericho off the apron, hops over Sammy, grabs him and hits a FALCON ARROW!!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Chuck to the top rope! He flies! Moonsault and he lands on his feet, pushes up and we get a powerbomb!!! Jericho in to stop the pin!!! Chuck sends him to the outside. Chuck grabs the hair, Jawbreaker from Sammy. Tag to Trent. Kick from Chuck, Trent setsu p, Soul Food into a single underhook suplex!!!

They’re going to do it!!

NO!! Jericho stops the hug! They double team him, Chuck hits a knee. Knee strike form Trent! Chuck to the apron. Kick from Trent. He rolls up for a tornado DDT but Jericho counters into…..SAMMY FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE CHUCK!! Walls of Jericho to Trent!!!! Trent crawls towards the reopes. He gets it! Jericho thinks he’s won. He yells at the ref and tells him he sucks. The ref tells Jericho he sucks. Lol. Clothesline to Jericho. Tag to Sammy. Sammy in with a kick to the face of Trent. Trent to the top rope with Sammy. Sammy hits a headbutt. Chuck is in, he gets Trent on his shoulders. Trent holds onto SAMMY. SUPERPLEX!!! Clotheslnie and a cover for 1…2…NO!!! Jericho is there to stop it. Jericho rakes the eyes of Trent and Sammy rolsl up with the trunks for 1..2…NO!!!! Chuck grabs Jericho and sends him into the barricade then the apron and back to the barricade!! Chuck grabs a chair. The ref is here to stop him. Jericho kicks Chuck and sends him flying over the barricade.

In the ring, Sammy hits Trent with the bat in the gut and hits a shooting star press and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!!!

Sammy grabs Trent, gets the Torture Rack, Trent drops down. Sammy hits the ropes. The camera man clips his leg!!! Sammy is distracted! Trent ends it! 1…2….3!!!

Winners: The Best Friends
There was the feeling that Jericho and Sammy would win, and they didn’t go that route – a welcome surprise. The match strated strong, fell into a small lull with Jericho, then popped right back up. That’s not a complaint, though, simply an observation. Matt sounded like he was recruiting more than trying to help, and I like that added fold. It’s creepy. All in all, a solid main event that ended with my man and his thumb up!
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 15:14

Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels. Ric Flair. Ricky Steamboat….Orange Cassidy.

The camera man hops on the ramp. It’s OC!! He removes his hat, mask, and shirt. He attacks Jericho!!! Punches over and over and over! SUPERMAN PUNCH!!!! Jericho rolls to the outside. Orange is PISSED!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!

The Best Friends hug it out with OC.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This episode did nearly everything right as not only did every action seemingly have a purpose, but I was also surprised on more than one occasion. Doing a video package for Anna then having her get squashed to smithereens was jarring, yet lead to a possible addition to The Dark Order. Can we talk about Ricky Starks, though?! My boy made it! See my comments in the report, but suffice to say, the guy can go and if this will be his new home, I'm all for it. If there is one complaint, it's that The Young Bucks match did come off a bit too "Young Buck" for my liking. I know this is a common criticism, so I hope this doesn't come off as a follower, but for my liking, it seemed like they didn't necessarily need a win against a team that has been doing really well establishing themselves. If they did need the win, then perhaps Kip and Jimmy could have come off a bit stronger. A small gripe, I suppose, about an episode that really covered all bases.

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