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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.19.24

June 19, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 6-19-24 WIll Ospreay MJF Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.19.24  

Michael Ornelas , the fourth greatest white rapper of all time, has himself a banger around the 1:02:22 mark.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

MJF vs Rush

They waste no time, meeting in the middle and hitting a bunch of right hands! Whip to the ropes, Rush misses a backfist, tries to trip, an MJF struts his stuff over Rush. He turns right into a big chop. Rush wants one of his own, so MJF hits him with one. Rush no sells, shoves MJF and asks for more. MJF sizes him up, asks for some crowd love, some more, and we get a thumb to the eye! Haha. Rush runs to the corner for a rope break. Headbutt to MJF while he talks his shit. Rush drops MJF with a right, then stomps MJF’s arm, and leg. Right hand from Rush. He pushes MJF to the ropes, waits, sunset flip from MJF. 1..2..NO!!! Rush with a right hand. Rush to the top rope to celebrate.

MJF crawls towards the corner. He’s bleeding a bit from the mouth. Rush with punches. Rush with a big kick to the jaw. He rolls out, then poses. MJF IS UP!!! He mounts and hits some punches then gets worked back down to his back. Rush with a stomp. Cravat from behind. He pulls back on the arms, knees in the back, and the crowd is behind MJF. He stands, turns into the hold, rights to the gut. MJF is forced into the ropes, GERMAN! Running knee! Cover! 1..2..NNO!!! Stomps in the corner from Rush. Rush hits the corner, running dropkick! BUT HE MISSES! MJF rolls out of the way! Both men down.

Inside cradle from MJF gets a 2. He tries for a backslide and that gets 2. Superkick to the face, MJF lifts Rush for a DDT with a hammerlock. HITS IT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! MJF grabs Rush for another suplex, but Rush blocks, MJF to the ropes, rakes the back. Piledriver attempt, Rush escapes, attacks the knee, but MJF hits it anyway! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! MJF is up, hobbles a bit on his “bad knee” and waits for Rush to stand. MJF runs….into a belly to belly into the buckle! MJF is up in the corner, Rush rushes him, MJF lifts up and kicks him then stumbles off the buckle INTO A RIGHT HAND! Rush with a straight jacket piledriver and a cover for 1.2…NO!!!! Rush with another right hand, and this one sends MJF outside. Rush follows and hits a chop. He sends MJF upside down into the barricade, one more time, and a third. Rush grabs MJF by the curls and sends him into the barricade again. He grabs the head and bashes it into the wall. A knee, some slaps, all to the face. Stomp. Rush breaks the count. He talks to the cam, asking us if this is our hero. He grabs MJF and sends him into the barricade head first again. MJF’s nose is leaking blood. Rush grabs a chair from under the ring. The ref tries to stop hi. Rush slides the chair into the ring and the ref follows. Rush grabs some electrical cable from under the ring and smacks MJF a few times with it. He then chokes MJF up with it. Rush slams MJF’s face into the mat a few times. The ref is finally there. Rush breaks the count.

Rush heads back outside, grabs a fan’s sign, and rips it up then kicks MJF in the chest. MJF is seated on a chair. Rush gets some distance, tries for a dive, but a drop toe hold sends Rush into the chair. MJF breaks the count, grabs Rush, sends him to the apron. MJF grabs Rush for a suplex, cant quite gete it, Rush with a right hand! MJF rushes him and Rush hits a belly to belly off the apron! Rush sends MJF back into the ring. He waits, hits the corner. MJF is up! HUGE Clothesline! Both men down.

Both men up, Rush misses a ight hand. Spinebuster from MJF! He mounts! Punches! MJF sends Rush to the corner head first as the crowd counts along. He spins Rush at 10 and climbs up for right hands to the head. After 9, he bites Rush’s forehead.

Rush to the apron. MJF grabs the head, Heatseeker! IN the middle of the ring. BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Cover! 1.2….3!!!

Winner: MJF
Rush don’t pull no punches, does he. Damn, that was a beating. Perfectly fine opener.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:18

On the screen, Brian Cage, Hechicero, Toa and Bishop get some quick promo time to challenge MJF at Forbidden Door. We’re getting MJF v Hechicero.

Backstage, Renee interviews Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, and Mark Briscoe. They bring up last week as Jack Perry walks in frame, then out of frame. Mark hilariously tells him to get his ass out of here.

OC offers Renee a friendship bracelet then we go to break.

Will Ospreay is out next in promo gear.

Swerve Strickland is out next, and we’re gonna get a war of words next.

Will says here they are, same ring, same time. Last time they were there, he snatched Swerve’s title, and Swerve told him he couldn’t carry the weight of both worlds. Will says he is very capable. He held three different titles at three different continents at the same time. He is about to test Swerve. He is the best wreslter in the world today.

Swerve says he already messed up, because Swerve is the best wrestler in the world. Swerve has been watching him the whole time. He has eyes and ears everywhere, but they have taken two different paths, and it will culminate at Forbidden Door. Swerve has been holding up two worlds, too! AEW and the entertainment world, all by himself. But last year, Will v Kenny, he didn’t win by himself. Is he going to do the same this time? Willhe be on the phone with Don to try and take the title?

Will wonders if that’s what we think, that he needs Don Callis. He doesn’t need them or the family, he can do this by himself.

The Don Callis Family is shown watching backstage.

Why stop at Omega, because after him it was Okada, then Shiga, then Jericho.

What if that killshot that he promised everyone is just centimeters off? Is Swerve that confident? Whether it’s the Stormbreaker, Oscutter, or cave his head in with the Hidden Blade, the next morning he’ll wake up without the title. He’ll have to admit that Will Ospreay is on another level, but none of that pain will be compared to his usage of the Tiger Driver.

Swerve laughs at him and says Will keeps saying “If.” Swerve is on certainties. This is Will’s first PPV main event period, “bruv.” As for his list? What bout his friends? Him and Mercedes dancing on social media? His point is he doesn’t have any friends. They are bodies, numbers, in the grave. They mean nothing. What if he breaks Will’s leg at Forbidden Door? Who is he then? Or his arm, will we still love him the same way? Will could break his arm, his leg, shave him bald, and if he walks out of this business, he is still Swerve Strickland. None of that changes. This business will consume him, look what it did to Swerve. You gotta sacrifice that much more to be who he is. Will doesn’t get that. He’ll have to sacrifice the love of his wife, his son. He aint ready to do that.

Will grabs the mic, tells Swerve not to mention his son again. Don’t make this personal.

Nana cuts in between them, says this is neither the place or time. Save the fire, save all they’ve got for Will vs Swerve for the title.

The music hits, and Will walks out, but Swerve asks for the music to be cut. What if he does wanna make this personal. When it comes to this title, it’s always personal. So when Will goes home, send his regards to his wife and kid.

Will runs into the ring and shoulder checks Swerve then they go face to face talkin shit.

Backstage, Trent Baretta is upset. Don tells him and Fletcher and Takeshita that he knows Will better than his own mother. It’s all going to be fine.

Kyle Fletcher, Konosuke Takeshita, Zack Sabre Jr.and Roderick Strong vs Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, and Mark Briscoe

6 of the 8 men fight before the bell rings. Zack waits for Orange, who takes his time to remove his shirt and put on his elbow pad. Kyle has had enugh, and comes in to elbow OC out of the ring. Mark comes in to send Sabre out. Chops to Kyle, over and over, whip, then he gets sent over the top . He lands on the apron, high kick from Kyle. Suicide dive to Mark, but KOR fleis off the apron out of nowhere! Stron is in the ring and hits KOR with a right hand. KOR locks his leg up on the ropes though. Mark grabs a chair and he slides in the ring. He hits the ropes, but Takeshita is in! He gets sent out by OC, Sabre sends him over the top rope. Kick from OC, but Savbre locks in an octopus! Mark is in the ring! He launches himself off the chair set up and flies onto Kyle outside! Dante Martin hits the ropes, ducks under a takeshit, gets pushed up and hits a rana to Takeshita! Dante hops to the ropes! Dives forward onto everyone outside!

We are BACK and OC and Sabre each get tags. OC locks the arm, Zack revereses,, works the arm, OC kips up, works the arm some, Sabre with the same, OC rolls into a knee bar, but Sabre locks ihm up and spins him into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Sabre with a cravat, OC tries to dorp, but Sabre holds on. Takeshita with a tag. He comes in and just ROCKS OC with a punch. OC struggles to stand. Strong with a tag, but Takeshita didn’t want it. They shove each other. Tag to KOR, he comes in and kicks Roddy then Takeshita, then spins Roddy into Takeshita! Outside, Bennett holds the boot while Taven distracts. Roddy is able to hit a uranage. He mounts KOR and punches down. Dante leaps out, gets a tag, to Dante. Dante flies over everyone, kicks them twice, then hits a springboard onto Kyle with a crossbody. He sees Takeshita in the corner, big boot out the conrer. Dante flies up top,Kyle pulls ihm down, Klye suplexes Dante up onto Takeshita’s shoulders for him to hit a powerbomb. Pin for 1..2NO!! Mark and OC stops the pin! Strong in, sends Mark out. Takeshita and Strong are there. He demands Takeshita get a tag.

We back and everysingle one of the face team splashes Takeshita! We get a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Kyle stops the pin. Kyle gets setn out. OC is left alone with Takeshita. He stands, but Zack has the boot. BIG BOOT FROM TAKESHITA! He sends OC into the center and tags in Zack, who comes in to stand on the hand of Cassidy. In comes Mark to shove his face. Crane kick form Mark! Zack catches it, spins Mark, high collar thro from Mark! Kyle in! BRAINBUSTTAAHHHHHH!!!!! KOR in , tries to sweep, eats an elbow, KOR with a guillotine, but Strong grabs KOR and hits back breaker. Dante in, sends Strong out with a knee, Takeshita in with a high knee to Dnate. OC flies! Takeshita catches him! STUNDOG!!! KOR in with an elbow! Dante in to cannonball himself into Takeshita then flies outside onto The Kingdom! Mark on the apron! Runs with a blockbuster to Takeshit!!

In the ring, zack drops the elbow onto his shoulder. He’s with KOR, OC in, tries for Stundog, Zack counters, tries for a sleeper, OC spins into a pin, but Zack with a clutch and a bridge for 1.2..NO!!!

KOR stops the pin! OVER UNDER OVER FROM OC AND KOR!!!!! Tag from Strong, kick to OC. Spin and a drop to OC. Strong in the corner, rushes for a knee, KOR eats it. ORANGE PUNCH TO RODERICK!!! COVER!!! 1….2…3!!!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, and Mark Briscoe
I need a cigarette
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 16:41

After the match, we see Jack Perry who attacks Dante Martin. Mark and Takeshita fight up the ramp.

We are left with Zack Sabre Jr and OC in the middle of the ring. Sabre shoves once, but Oc just puts his hands in the pockets.

Mercedes Mone cuts a promo saying she has a taste for the lucha style she loves so much. She has been training her ass off to get that title. She isn’t arrogance, she’s confident. She is making history all over the globe. At Forbidden Door, the titles are her to claim.

The Acclaimed try to rap their way down the ramp for their match against The Young Bucks, but we see Kazuchika Okada is shown on the screen and apologizes, then says bitch, officially making him the only time I have ever enjoyed a wrestler using the word bitch. Perfection.

The Young Bucks vs The Acclaimed

After some fighting on the outside, we restore order and Matt and Max are the legal men. Bowens comes in to double team. Tag to Nick, splash I nthe corner, elbow, then a right, with alternating dudes. Max with a body slam. Bowens to the top rope! He dives off with a leg drop! Bowens has his leg wrapped, tags in Max, holds Nick and Max kicks. Jawbreaker from Nick. Tag to Matt. Hip toss from Max, antoher to Matt. Whip, Nick hits a knee, Max turns wit a right hand, kick to Matt, whip to the corner and matt dropkicks the knee of Bowens!!! Max misses a splash in the corner and flies outside.

We are back and Bowens is in trying to take on both men, but his hammy aint helpin. He chops Matt in the center, then hits an elbow, then collapses. Matt waits, smells blood, and hits a Superkick! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Bowens is up, tries to climb the corner, Matt kicks him then hangs him on the ropes only for Nick to hit a senton off the top! Max stops the pin at 2. Tag to Matt. He comes in with Nick. They grab Bowens by the arms, thinkin EVP! But Bowens catches both legs! He drops Matt and hits a right, one to Nick, another to Matt, elbow to Nick, cchop, kick, but Nick catches and Matt kicks the hammy! Double superkick! They pump up their Reeboks and hit another double superkick! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Max stops it! He attacks nick but matt grabs him. Rights for Matt. Whip to the ropes, reversed, Matt gets tosses over! Kick from Nick! Running high knee from Nick to Bowens! TK DRI—-NO!! Bowens shoves Matt, lockup from bein,d switch, low blow from Matt and the ref doesn’t see it! Tag to NicK! EVP Trigger! Cover! 1..2….MAX IN TO STOP THE PIN!!!! Nick sends him out. Suicide dive from Nick! He sends Max into the crowd. Matt sends Bowens into the buckle face first. Nick sits Bowens up on the corner, sets up for a powerbomb, Matt in and locks the head up for a blockbuster, and this double team move gets a 1..2..NO!!!!

Bowens sends Nick out of the ring! The Arrival to Matt! MIC DROP! COVER! 1..2..3!!!

Winners: The Acclaimed
Works for me!
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:16

We head backstage, where Samoa Joe and Hook talk about gentrification and how to avoid it.

They look to bust into the locker room of Premier Athletes and attack, but they awlk into a note. The note says they expected this barbarism and challenge Joe and Hook and Okada to a match. Shibata’s translator says he will squash those bitches.

We head to the ring with Mariah May for the contract signing.

She introduces both Toni and Mina, calling them icons and friends. She knows what they’re both capable of, and wants them to know that she loves them both

Mina Shirakawa tells May to shut up. She tells Toni she was a star,but as champion, she got soft and weak. Everybody says we want Mina. Mina will take he title.

Mina signs.

Toni Storm yells at Mina, telling her that if she raises her voice like that to May again, she’ll slap her tits off. She says this buffet is wide open, so grab a bowl and line up, because she has some advice: Chin up, tits out, and watch for the shoe.

Toni signs.

May says it’s official. Mina grabs the mic, then tells May that she must choose. Mina or Toni.

From the top of the stage, it’s Saraya and Harley Cameron, and Saraya is so sick of this. She didn’t come alone, “bitch.”

Anna Jay pulls Mina out of the ring from outside and attacks. Saraya, Harley, and Anna come in to drop May, then set up the table in the corner. Saraya grabs Toni and sets her up for a powerbomb, but it’s Toni with a shoe!!! She attacks them all then hits a suplex to Saraya! Toni calls for the hip attack, rushes and collides into the table as Saraya moves out of the way!

Claudio Castagnoli cuts a promo on Pac, asking him to do this for wrestling.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament
Quarter Final Match
Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander

LOCKUP! Stalemate. Nyla gets lots of love. Another lockup, Kris with a knee. Right hand. She hits the ropes, goes for a tackle, but Rose stands tall. Nyla hits the ropes, and gets. Tackle, knocking Kris down. Kip up from Stat. Nyla sends her into the corner. Boots till the ref stops her. Nyla rushes the corner, misses, Kris runs into a boot, bi splash from Nyla! Kris hops up on the apron, Kris stomps her foot. Nyla drapes her over. Nyla to the apron, Krsi flips into the ring and sends Nyla flying with a right.

We are back! Nyla with a big move in the corner, then tosses Kris across the ring. Big splash in the corner. Nyla with a cannonball!!! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Nyla lifts up for a Beast Bomb, Kris flips out, kick to the face, to the knee, Axe Kick to the back! Kris to the top rope! 450!! Nyla moves!!! Nyla covers! 1..2…NO!!!! Nyla to the apron. Headbutt to Kris. Kris trips Nyla up.


Winner: Kris Statlander
Damn, Kris made that look easy!
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 7:45

Stokely grabs the mic to talk to Willow. He knows Willow wants to beat both their asses, but if she lays a hand on him or Kris, she’ll be in the same cell as Justin Timberlake.

Willow Nightingale is on the tron. She wishes us a happy Juneteenth and congrats Kris on the win. She has Serena Deeb this Friday. When she wins that, and moves on, there will be no more running. She’ll get to whoop Kris’ ass and move one step closer of going to Wembley. See ya Friday.

Renee asks Private Party about last week. Quen says Jericho learned that Private Party aint no joke.

Here comes Chris Jericho to say hello. They got the upperhand, but cheated to do so, didn’t they? He wants to give them a lesson, though. When you’re facing luchadors, he always avoided the piledriver. He says whenever someone tried to put that on him, he said no way buddy, doesn’t work for him brother.

Big Bill tells them that they’ll be watching them match on Friday.

Daniel Garcia vs Jobby Hill

Garcia hits a trio of suplexes then chokes out the ma and slams him with a DDT

Winner: Daniel Garcia
Squishy squish squish
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Like fo seconds or somn

Matt Menard is on commentary and suddenly gets attacked. It’s Cage of Agony. Down comes Brian Cage. Toa and Bishop toss Garcia into a powerbomb by Cage. Hechicero is stomping Menard out.

MJF is here!!!! He runs down and shoots the legs of Hechi! He hops onto Cage, bites his forehead, then turns to Toa and Kaun. DOUBLE LOW BLOW!!!! He goes back to Hechi to stomp. But Cage locks up from behind with a German! Hechi with a submission to MJF, working both arms behind him!

WILL FUCKIN OSPREAY! is here!!! He attacks Cage, then hechi, then Cage grabs him, whip, Ospreay with a springboard back flip kick to both men. Big clothesline from Will, MJF hits his own, they go back to back and turn for the staredown!

MJF turns to Garcia, then leaves the ring. Garcia stares at the title, not at Will. Will heads to the corner and pulls Garcia up then holds his hand in the air.

Renee stops Will backstage, and asks what that was all about MJF. Will says he doesn’t care about MJF, he saw Daniel being attacked.

As he explains, Brian Cage comes running in, being held back by security. He wants Will. Will says this Saturday, let’s do it. Cage wants the title on the line. Will is fine with it, then calls him a wanker. Lol.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament
Quarter Final Match
Claudio Castagnoli vs PAC

Dropkick from PAC!!! Another off the top! Claudio to the outside. Pac follows. Claudio with an uppercut, another, whip, reversed, and he sends Claudio hip first into the barricade. Another. Pac sends Claudio into the ring. To the top rope! He flies! Shotgun dropkick! Pac to the apron. To the top rope. Claudio rolls out of the ring. PAC follows. Claudio LAUNCHES him into the air! HOLY SHIT! UPPERCUT FROM CLAUDIO!!

We are back and PAC shoots Claudio to the outside! Pac to th arpno, and flies off with a rana. Pac back to the apron, kick to the chest, springboard, Asai moonsault! Pac gets him back in the ring and hits some rights. Claudio returns, they go back and forth with hard elbows. Claudio with an uppercut. Pac shoves him to the ropes, GERMAN! Claudio pops up!! Kick from Pac, another, a third, a big one to the chin! Pac to the top rope! Black Arrorw, lands on his feet, HUGE UPPERCUT FROM CLAUDIO! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! Claudio grabs th legs! Giant Swing! HUGE clothesline! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Claudio tries for a bomb, but PAC with a Brutalizer!!! Claudio is still standing but he drops to a knee. Claudio stands back up, reaches for the ropes, walking slow towards it. Pack counters and tries for a rollup but Claudio gets a Sharpshooter!!! Claudio walks to the center. Pac reaches. Claudio grabs his arm and gets a Crossface!!!! Rollup from Pac for 1..2.NO!!!! Another orllup for 1..2..NO!!!! Pac gets 2. Uppercut attempt and Pac tris for a backslide, but Pac gets a cradle for 1..2.NO!!!

Reversal! Another! They each get a near fall. Pac tries to a counter a big swing, but Claudio sits inot a pin instead. Only for Pac to roll into a crucifix! 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Pac
God damn, these guys can go.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 11:05

Pac stands tall after the match, stares at Claudio. Seemingly wanting a handshake? Claudio leaves the ring, and Bryan Danielson, who is on commentary, tells him it happens to all of us man.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Tonight’s episode of AEW was the most AEW that AEW has been in forever. Amazing from top to bottom, with the smallest amount of Jericho possible. I’m in awe.

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