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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.24.20

June 24, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.24.20  

WWE had a solid outing this past wrestling week for the first time in Lord Regal knows how long. Let’s see if AEW can keep up the consistency on an, otherwise, dark week in the wrasslin world.

Straight to the action with a Lumberjack Match! Let’s see if they can make one of my most loathed matches interesting.

Match 1: Lumberjack Match
Wardlow vs Luchasaurus

The big guys collide in the middle of the ring. They exchange then rights until Lucha hits some kicks, hits the ropes, and Wardlow with a clothesline! Lucha rolls to the outside. Jungle Boy and Marko check up on him. Wardlow exits and rolls Lucha back into the ring. Wardlow with a right in the corner Whip is reversed and Wardlow hops over and hits a shoulder into the corner. Uppercut to Lucha. Wardlow sends Lucha out and the heels attack, only for Luch to go big Dino and send them all flying away. Wardlow distracts, Lucha hits a right, MJF graps the leg as Lucha is on the apron, and Wardlow grabs him and sends him into the ring. Suplex from Wardlow, and he makes it look easy. Wardlow locks the head, Lucha floats over. Kick. Rght, high kick but Wardlow catches. Fishermans! Wardlow mounts and hits some right hands. Chops from Lucha into the corner. Whip is reversed by Wardlow, but Lucha hits a clothesline out of the corner. Spinning kick from Lucha, another kick, roundhouse, leg sweep, Kick to the chest. Standing Moonsault! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Lucha with the goozle! Wardlow grabs the wrist, sends it away, Lucha chops, kick to the chest. Wardlow sends him up and over. Headbutt from Lucha. Another GOOZLE! He tells everyone to move out of the way on the outside. Wardlow grabs the mask. Headbutt to Lucha. Another headbutt. Lucha fights back but Wardlow takes advantage. He looks for a suplerplex. Wardlow hits it! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!!

Both men up off the pin. Right hand from each. Wardlow off the ropes, gets blocked, kick from Lucha, another one. Wardlow hits the ropes. Hurricanrana from Wardlow! Wow. Fireman’s. Lucha floats off. Wardlow locks the arm, but Lucha hits a sloppy Spanish Fly. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Wardlow rolls to the outside on the ramp. Lucha leaves the ring, too. He grabs the head and lifts for a body slam. Wardlow floats off, locks the hips, and lifts Lucha! Powerslam to Luchasaurus! Jungle Boy checks on Lucha. Wardlow grabs him and sends him flying into Kip Sabian. The heels attack! Marko flies with a flip onto all of the baddies.

Lucha and Wardlow are exchanging right hands on the ramp. Wardlow fights him towards the entrance tube. They go back and forth until Cutler comes in to fight Wardlow for some reason. Wardlow sends him flying off the stage. He sends Lucha intoa. Barricade. Stunt comes up to attack and Wardlow just launches his ass onto all the Lumberjacks! Spinning roundhouse kick to the face of Wardlow! Lucha on the ramp. He hits a Shooting Star Press off the ramp onto everyone below!

Back in the ring, MJF is on the apron to distract. Jungle Boy comes flying!!!

Wardlow in the ring. He kicks the dino-nuggets of Lucha! LOW BLOW! Wardlow with an F-10! Pin for 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Wardlow
As far as Lumberjacks go, this was one of the better ones.They didn’t oversaturate the match with Lumberjacks, and they served their purpose for the high spots. I’m STILL not ok with pull apart brawls that have wrestlers caring about two splitting apart two people they, otherwise, simply wouldn’t care about, especially after the bell. As far as the match goes,
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 9:26

After the match,MJF attacks Jungle Boy and Stunt who are checking on Lucha. All the Lumberjacks enter the ring and try to hold back Wardlow while others hold back Luchasauraus. Some hold MJF back while Knox attempts to regain control. Tony is informed that they’ve signed Lucha and Jungle Boy to take on MJF and Wardlow.

We geta segment with Tazz who takes Cage’s match and analyzes it complete with circled pinpoints of moments and bends in hips amplifying the perfection that is Cage. Awesome.

Britt is here in her sick Rolls Royce, this time it’s surrounded with plexiglass, and it looks like she has some added security.

Shida makes her entrance after the break, and gets in the face of a shouting Penelope Ford. Ford finally shoves her, and Shida grabs her kendo stick.

Match 2: Hikaru Shida vs Red Velvet

Falcon Arrow and a pin! 1…2..3!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
lol. She’s a beast.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 0:02

Shida goes right on the attack of Ford! She hops over the barricade and sends Ford into the barricade. Refs and Ricky Starks hold the girls back. Kip also is there to stop them two. The Librarian is in between them two. Sabian lost a lens of his eyeglasses while Starks holds his mouth. Kip is bothered.

We head to a press conference where Cody, Arn, and his wifey are seated on one side while Hager is running late.

We have a question from PWI who asks if Arn is surprised by Hager’s absence.

Anderson says he took the opportunity to come and take a crack at Cody. He went to the back, Arn has been around a while, he’s not some moron. He said the timing ain’t right. He’s a big and tough bad ass, but it’s just not time. 30 seconds later, Cody runs in, sweaty and red and says “You don’t think I can beat that son of a bitch?” That’s when Arn knew he accomplished what he wanted to. He challenged Cody. Does Hager believe what Arn said? Is he that stupid? Not showing up here today, disrespecting all these people, and Cody, has only shown

Rhodes on the mic, and talks about believing in the American Dream. He doesn’t have the best reputation. He’s a bit of a Boy Scout. He takes wrestling very seriously but it’s because it’s fed him as long as he’s been alive. He likes to fight and real wrestling. He likes to taste blood. It’s a selfish feeling, but it pales in comparison to what we, as viewers feel at home. This is the hope he’s talking about. Another aspect is the title. It’s not even complete; this isn’t the finished belt, but this is the title that led us through the fog, losing our fan. It’s an incomplete but beautiful situation.

In comes Hager. Late. Cody is bothered. Hager checks himself out on a nearby poster. He asks Cody if he’s ready. They stand face to face, belt held high in between them. Hager holds his fists up. Cody looks to pose, Hager puts his fist bear the face of Cody. Cody slaps it away, and holds Dustin and friends back. Cody turns, and Hager’s wife tosses a glass of water in the face of Cody. Cody backs them all up, says that they are done, and Hager leaves.

Colt is here, ready to tag with Mr. Brodie Lee.

Match 3: Colt Cabana and Mr. Brodie Lee vs Sonny and Joey Janela

Lee and Sonny to start. Hurricanrana from Sonny and springboards into a slap from Lee. He hits a right hand. Lee sends Sonny into the ropes, misses a clothesline, goes for a wheelbarrow, but Lee just shoves him aside. Joey in. Tag to Colt. Lee gives him direction. Colt hits the ropes, dives up and under then gets hit with a clothesline. Janela with a tag to Sonny. Sonny hits the ropes, Joey bounces off, we get a double team into a boston crab/leg drop. Lee in to Big Boot Janela down! He grabs Sonny off the back of Colt. Sonny gets tossed over the apron and lands in the splits. Cheap shot from members of the Dark Order! Colt hits a right. He drops with a splash. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Colt sends Sonny into the post hard face first.

Lee grabs the head of Sonny and hits an uppercut in the corner. Boot to the chest. Tag to Colt. Colt grabs the head, hits an elbow to the crown. Snapmare and a rest hold. He pulls the arm across the neck. Sonny elbows out. Hits. The ropes, Sunset Flip. Colt drops his knees for a 1..2..NO!!! Kick to Sonny. Colt tags in Lee. Lee with a snapmare. He grabs the head of Sonny. Locks up for a suplex. Suplex. Tag to Colt. Colt covers for 1..2…NO!!! Colt grabs the head, sends it into the boot of Lee. Lee with the tag. Tag back to Colt. Lee grabs the leg and orders stomps from Colt. Ref holds back Joey as Colt whips Sonny to the corner. Colt runs with a splash, and misses. Sonny with a right hand. Tag to Joey. Joey to the top rope. He puts on the glasses. Joey with a crossbody.He hits a jawbreaker. Joey hits the ropes, right hand from Colt. Fireman’s. Driver! Joey with a right hand to Lee. Joey on the top rope. Joey with a moonsault to Lee. Moonsault from Sonny to Colt! Both on the outside! Sonny sends Colt int othe ring. Joey in too. He rushes the corner, hits an uppercut. Sonny in. Joey lays him across the ropes, Sonny with an X kick. Splash from Joey. 450 Splash from Sonny! Cover from Joey! 1…2..NO!!!! Lee sends Joey int othe ropes, he sends Lee over the top rope. Sonny flips over the ropes, gets flipped back, dives through the ropes. Double team to Colt. Sonny dives, Colt with a roll up for 1..2….NO!!!!! Enziguri from Sonny to Lee. Colt up. He hits an elbow to the head. Sonny on the 2nd rope. She dives onto The Dark Order outside. Lee with a Superkick to Sonny! Joey with a suicide dive, but Lee sends him into the barricade.

Lee sends Joey back in. Lee with a spinning discus to Joey! Colt in. Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Colt Cabana and Brodie Lee
I enjoy the Lee and Cabana mix, because it’s somewhat random, but not so random that it doesn’t work. The match wasn’t the best, but one could argue that they don’t have tag team chemistry, causing some missteps. I’m not that one.
Total Rating: **

Lance Archer is here to destroy the lives of many! Archer attacks Sonny. Joey tosses a chair at him, but he no sells it then kicks Joey’s face off. Jake holds him back.

Match 4: FTR vs SCU

We start with Kaz and Cash doin some wrasslin. Tag and FTR looks to double team, but Kaz backs up and the ref holds FTR back. Lockup. Side headlock into a wrist lock. Kaz gets sent down. Leg drop to the arm. Tag and a kick to Kaz. Cash drives the knee to the back and the arm. Cash lokcs the fingers of Kaz. He drops a knee onto the arm, sending Kaz down slowly. Kaz with a rope break. Kaz flips out of the hold, reverses, gets whipped to the ropes, tag from Daniels and he hits a dropkick! He sends Cash into the corner. Chop from Cash. Knee from Daniels. Headbutt. All four men in the ring. They go back and forth, rights and lefts over and over. Cash sends Daniels over th top rope with a clothesline. Kazarian suplexes Dax over the top rope as well.

Uppercut from Cash to Daniels on the outside. Daniels hits a chop. Chop from Cash. He scrapes the face. Meanwhile, Kaz is puling the arm of Dax into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Cash hits a clothesline and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Cash has no one to tag. He runs into a kick out of the corner. Daniels with a snapmare then a tag to Kaz. Springboard elbow from Daniels. Springboard leg drop from Kaz. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Daniels. They double team with a kick and a blow to the back of the neck. Daniels covers. 1…2…NO!!! Daniels sends Cash into the boot of Kaz. Daniels locks the head. Suplex into a cover. 1..2…NO!!!! Daniels with a cravat from behind. Tag to Kaz. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Body slam to Cash. Sprinboard leg drop, but Cash rolls out of the way. Tag to Daniels. He runs in, misses a swing on the apron, head scissors and a tag to Dax. Jabs and a cross to Daniels. One to Kaz. Suplex to Daniels. Kick to Kaz. Suplex to Kax ONTO Daniels! Clothesline to Frankie, sending him outside. Uppercut from Daniels, Dax with a slingshot suplex and a cover with four fingers up! 1…2…NO!!!! Daz goes for a piledriver, Daniels escapes, Cash flips for a sunset flip, Kaz tries to hold onto Daniels legs. In comes Cash to sends Kaz off the apron. Inside cradle inside the ring but the ref is distracted. Cash comes in to change the momentum, giving Dax the pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Daniels with an STO! Both men down. Tag to Kaz. Tag to Cash. Right hands over and over. Chop from Cash. Chop from Kaz. Another form Cash. Right hand misses by Cash. Knee lift and a clothesline from Kaz.

Kazarian goes for a suplex. Kaz hits an elbow. Cash misses a right, Kaz flips over. Backstabber. Daniels with a kick before cash can fall! Unprettier from Kaz. Cover for 1…2…NO!!!! Tag to Daniels, Kaz tries to flip Cash onto Daniels, but Cash lands softly and sends Kaz to the outside. Tag to Dax. Cash holds Daniels. Leg drop from Dax! Cover for 1…2..NO!!!! Cash on the apron. Dax sits Daniels on the corner. Suplex to Daniels, but he reverses in mid air and lands into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Kazarian grabs Dash off the apron! Tag to Kaz. Double team attempt, and we get a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Pin for 1…2….NO!!!! Tag to Daniels. Daniels in to double underhook. Angel’s Wings! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! In comes Cash! He stops the pin.

Cash off the ropes, catches a leaping Kaz and scoop slamming the shit out of him!!!! Daniels sends Cash away, roll up for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Cash. GOODNIGHT EXPRESS!!! Pin for 1…2….3!!!

Holy shit that was nice. Not just because it was different, with a distinct lack of “frequent tags” and “hot tags” or the sake of buildup. No, this was a tag team wrestling match. The trope of finisher kick outs weren’t here, the no sell of big spot moves wasn’t here. An amazing match all around, and of course it’s one where I didn’t start the fucking timer. .
Total Rating: ****1/2
Match Time: Tony F’d Up

Cash and Dax on the mic. This may be a shock, but they weren’t exactly a welcomed edition. There are good guys in this world, and there are bad guys. Maybe they don’t have the background that JR likes, but they are the absolute baddest. Now he speaks straight to Jungle Boy and his dumb ass dinosaur, to Santana and Ortiz, to the AEW champs, and even to The Young Bucks. Congrats on graduating from the kiddie table, but now they’re eating with the big boys, and the FTR are a bit more than they can chew. They are the best tag team on this planet.

We head to Blade and Butcher in the truck of FTR. Blade says this is a great truck, and this fits the bill. Just a heads up, if they take one more step, he will take this pipe he has and destroy the truck.

In the ring, Pentagon and Fenix are in the ring.

Blade says that they are challenging FTR to an eight-man tag. FTR, Young Bucks, Butcher, Blade, and their partners, who have NO FEAR!

Lucha Bros and FTR attack!!! They send Dax outside. Huge foot stomp assisted pile driver.

Out come the Bucks to make the save.

We get The Best Friends and Omega and Page video package that is pretty funny, comparing milk to Jack Daniels.

Moxley and Cage video package.

Match 5: Brian Cage vs Jon Cruz

Cage misses a clothesline, another, catches and does some bicep curls before tossing the jobber away. Cage grabs the head and whips hard into the corner then locks up for a belly to belly. Cruz to the outside. Cage catches him on the ramp, locks up for a powerbomb.

Cage hits a flying powerbomb INTO the ring from the outside! Cage calls for the end. Drill Claw. Pin for 1…2…..3!!!

Winner: Brian Cage
For a slight second I felt hypocritical by loving this match and hating every single time WWE does a squash match until I realize that this isn’t without direction considering Cage has a match and had one immediately upon arrival. So, squash it up, baby.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:18

Tazz grabs the mic. He wonders where the badass is, where the tough guy is. Does Cage see him? Ah, Tazz found him. He points to the cam, says to look right beyond the lens. There’s Mox, sittin on his ass. Look at Cage, this is the man that put Mox’s body through an automobile. Cage came to work. Moxley is sitting at home with some bullshit excuse. Moxley is afraid, and he better be afraid of cage. It’s coming, and Moxley’s title is in grave danger. He will take the title and Moxley is done. Cage is unsafe, it would hurt him more than he’s been hurt. At FF, ask yourself this question: Can you stop the path of Cage?

Backstage, Colt is telling Lee that winning felt good. Lee says yes, this feels good. We all suffer loss, but it’s how WE react, how Colt reacts, and tonight he showed the world on dynamite in the middle of the ring, with his hand raised. Now please allow one more opportunity when they take on SCU.

Colt shows worry. Lee says it’s fine. SCU, says Lee, they were non-believers. They fixed that. Now, he will bring his best men, and he wants SCU to bring their. They are in Lee’s sight.

While they run down the Fyter Fest card, Britt hands Tony a note. He reads it, as it is To Big Swoll: “I might have been in a dumpster for nine and a half to ten hours, but you’re still the biggest piece of trash on this roster. I’ll have my revenge.”

Big Swoll comes up to the plexi-glass Brittmobile. Britt says there’s nothing she can do. The plexi is sound proof. She then cheers Swole. Swole says ok, walks away. She hops onto the top of the golf cart with a trash can. She then dumps all the trash onto Britt. Britt drops her appletini and starts yelling.

Match 6: Santana (w/ Ortiz) vs Matt Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy V1, Neo 1, Matthew Hardy, and Broken Matt Hardy)

Santana gets Matt in the corner, waits for the ref to break it, then backs up with a smile. Matt tries for a lockup Gets one, backs Santana in the corner. Right hand to Matt. Hop to Matt Hardy in the corner. Right hand from Santana. Right hand in the corner, again, and again. Right to the face. Britt throws trash at Tony and JR. Santana runs and Matt sends him up and over t othe outside. Matt hops out of the ring. He hits a right hand. Matt tries to send Santana into the post. He forces open the eye of Santana then hits a headbutt. Matt sends Santana to the barricade. Matt sends Santana in the ring. He tries to enter as well, but Ortiz is there to stop him. Dropkick from Santana. He steps on the neck of Matt, and the ref counts for the break. Santana with a forearm to the small fo the back. Another. Back suplex. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Santana gets Matt in the corner and chokes him up with a boot. Knee to the face. Stomps to Matt in the corner. Matt kicks out of the corner. Right hand to the face. Matt with another right. Whip is reversed and Santana whips Matt HARD into the ground. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Chops to Matt in the corner. Santana sends Matt to the outside, right at the feet of Ortiz. Whip to Matt, sending him back in the ing, by Ortiz. Santana gets sent over to the apron, he hits a shoulder. He grabs Matt, flips over and lands on his feet, misses an Enziguri. Waist lock but Santana elbows out. Side Effect attempt, but Santana flips out of it and hits a modified Rock Bottom by Santanta. Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Springboard moonsault and a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Santana clubs the chest. Whip to Matt. Matt stops. He kicks, sends Santana head first, right hand to Santana. Back elbow from Santana. Matt hits a right. Santana on the top rope. Matt locks up. Blocked. Headbutt to Matt. He flies to the mat. Santana dives with a frog splash, but Matt rolls out of the way. Right from Matt. One from Santana. They go back and forth. Matt gets the upperhand, dropping Santana. Whip t othe ropes, Matt hits a back elbow. A clothesline from Matt. Matt is noticeably limping. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Matt with the Delete head bashing in the corner. Matt runs with an elbow, gets sent away, Matt stops. Side Effect! Pin for 1….NO!!!! He kicks out at 1!!!! Matt with another Side Effect. Cover for 1…2…NO!!!!Matt lifts, goes for a third Side Effect. Hits it. 1…2…..NO!!!!! LOVE commentary at this moment, explaining why this may not be the best way to get a pin. Santana flies of the top rope, Kick from Matt, goes fo a Twist of Fate, Santana escapes, Matt kicks and face plants Santana. Pin for….nothing! Ortiz distracts.

Matt turns into a sit out driver, holds the leg for a pin. Gets 1..2..NO!!! Matt counters into a roll up of his own. 1….2…3!!!

Winner: Matt Hardy
A little bit of a slow and uninteresting start, with some drama behind the Side Effect move. Other than that, an average affair.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:53

Ortiz runs into the ring and attacks! What is that, a freaking sock full of quarters? Lol. Ortiz gets Matt on the shoulders. Street Sweeper!

Out come Private Party!

They make the save as Santana and Ortiz bounce.

After a break, we get the entrance of the best wrestler in the world. He’s all thumbs up as Chris Jericho makes his entrance.

Jericho is all smiles as Cassidy leans in the corner, nonchalant.

Jericho has a question. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Jericho repeats. It’s a joke everyone knows, its’ a bit amusing when you first hear it, even if it’s a little stupid. Then the more you hear it, the more you realize how dumb it really is. This is OC. Orange is the chicken cross the road joke because the more Jericho sees it, the more annoying he becomes, and it pisses Jericho off. When he first heard his name, he thought it was stupid, when he saw the matches, he thought it was an embarrassment. And when he signed his contract, he called the higher ups asking why. They all said the same thing: people love him.

Jericho watched some stuff, he kind of got it. Unique presentation, dresses his own way, done things differently. He does something that no one has ever done before. Orange did the unthinkable thing and got over on his own by being himself. Right? That’s why people love him because part of his appeal is he’s a lot like us. He’s lazy, a slacker, and made a mistake when he broke out of his lane. He’s Jericho man, and Orange better be the best he can be at Fyter Fest, because if he tries that bullshit shin kicking, Jericho is going to kick his ass and beat him in thirty seconds. At Fyter Fest, the Orange Cassidy phenomenon is over, because he will make sure Orange runs out of juice.

Cassidy grabs the mic from Jericho.

He slowly lifts it to his mouth, reconsiders, and puts the mic on the floor.


Jericho grabs the Ray-bans from the fae of Orange and breaks them in front of Cassidy.

Cassidy rushes the legs with. Takedown. He backs Jericho into the corner. He flies off the apron as Jericho tries to escape. Orange attacks Jericho into the barricade, then through them. He beats Jericho down with right hands. Another right, andinto the hard guard rail. Jericho grabs a barricade and sends Orange into it. Jericho uses the jacket to cover Orange’s face and beat him down with some right hands. Jericho sends Cassidy into the post, but he blocks! He sends Jericho face first into the guard then sends Jericho into the stands!! Jericho grabs a water bottle and smacks Orange with it. Jericho drags him up the steps, Orange blocks a right. Right hand to Jericho. Jericho tumbles across some seats. Back elbow to Jericho. Orange fights back. He attacks the back. Jericho with a right. He sends him into a box of equipment. Jericho has the big camera jib and swings it into Orange Cassidy! He sends it right into the face of Orange Cassidy. Jericho stands atop a box, brings Orange up with him. Orange floats off, send Jericho into the railing. Orange’s ear is bleeding. Orange walks up the steps slowly. Orange runs down the steps and hits. Superman Punch to Jericho! Orange has another pair of sunglasses!!!!

Segment Rating: *****

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another episode of AEW that just did things right. The only issues I had were in the ring, but that is mostly a style thing, as I saw nothing great in the Matt Hardy match, and the stiltedness and errors of the Dark Order v Janella/Kiss match weren't up to the standard set by the rest of the show. But even with that there's just so much good that it's hard to complain about anything else. I've never been one to rate things with a finite opinion, but kiss my ass if you didn't think that tag match was one of the best of the year. Orange Cassidy is Orange Cassidy, and if one ever wondered how they'd make his gimmick work in an actual storyline, Jericho just did it. Let's not sneeze at the agility that Wardlow showed, either. Good lord, that guy can move. Another solid outing by AEW, solidifying one of the most high-quality weeks of wrestling in years.

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