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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 7.22.20

July 22, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 7.22.20  

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Daddy’s home! Well, sort of. Currently creeped up in the back office of my bar. We are open for patio dining only, and this shit is wild. People really think I’m over-extending my power by asking them to wear a mask. Well, time for me to ignore them and let my staff handle it while I watch wrestling! haha

Tony, JR, and Excalibur welcome us, and we get straight to action with Cody!

His opponent is Eddie Kingston! He comes out to call Arn a “used to be legend” and that he grew up around alcoholics and junkies. He had to surivvie and grind. Cody couldn’t last a day in his shoes, so don’t tell him anything about grinding. The “sport” of pro-wrestling is a joke. Everyone that he has faced has been a child. Eddie is a grown ass man and he will put cody in the ground and smile. Here’s the best part; Tony paid Eddie to show up and now he’s going to pay him to kick Cody’s ass. He then tells Arn that if he doesn’t shut up, he’s gouging Arn’s eye out.

This is his time now. Khan said to him if he wants a NO DQ, that’s fine, but cody’s gotta accept. Cody takes the bait

Match 1: TNT Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs Eddie Kingston

Eddie attacks before the bell rings. Cody takes him to the outside and Eddie rakes the eyes then rips the shirt and hits some chops. Cody with a chop. Right hand to the forehead. Chop to the chest. Eddie pokes the eye. Cody attacks the back. He rips the eyes then sends Eddie into the apron. Right hands to the face and he sends Eddie into the ring. Eddie attacks with a chop into the corner over and over. Eddie backs up and turns towards Cody. Cody with a kick. He drops. Punches up. Goes for a Disaster Kick, gets it. Eddie rolls to the outside. He rolls back in and Cody hops to the top rope. Dropkick off the top. Eddie rolls back to the outside. Cody has his weight belt. Eddie kicks him on the outside, takes the belt, and slaps him across the back. Cody eats it. Chop to the chest. Another belt hit. Eddie lifts the mat to expose the cement, but Cody hits a back body drop to the cement. Cody is welting. Cody with a right hand. He locks the head and punches the forehead hard. Eddie rakes the eye again. He heads back in, favoring the knee. Eddie with a clothesline. Eddie with a Saito Suplex. Rights and lefts to Cody. A hard slap to Cody. Cody retaliates. That word has too many letters. I won’t be using it again. Kick from Eddie. Another, this time to the head. A kick to the face. Cravat from behind and Cody turns into it, so Eddie attacks the back with hard blows. Cody hits the ropes. Eddie with a huge clothesline! Eddie works from behind, so Cody pokes the eye from behind, then hits a right. Chop to the chest of Cody. Cody fires back. See, that’s much shorter than retaliate. Snapmare from Eddie. Kick to the back. Eddie locks the head, Cody slips out, turns and attacks the kidneys. Eddie pokes the eye. AGAIN! Cody clips the knee! Cody sends Eddie into the corner head first. Whip to the middle, Kingston buckles, lands on his knee. Cody runs up to him. LOW BLOW TO THE LITTLE RHODES!!! DDT to Cody. Eddie rolls out of the ring and grabs a bag, it’s probably full of glitter.

He rolls into the ring and empties the bag. It’s thumbtacks! Eddie grabs Cody, yells at him to fight him, chops him in the corner. He lifts Cody, looks to send him into the tacks. Dropkick to the knee from Cody, though! Cody locks the arm, lifts for a move, Eddie lands on his feet. Chop to Cody. He locks up for a powerbomb. POWERBOMB TO THE THUMBTACKS!!!! Cody is a pin-cushion!

Cody is up! He mounts Eddie and smacks him like they have relationship problems!!! Figure Four from Cody!!!! He leverages the hold. Eddie taps!!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
I get the impression that Cody is really trying to prove himself here, and I’m not 100% sure that’s necessary. Then, there’s the other side of the coin where it’s nice to see some damned blood and Kingston is the guy to do that. I’m leaning more towards my initial thought where this seems a bit too pandering.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:21

BACKSTAGE, Moxley prides himself on keeping it real. When he tells us he’s going to do it; he’ll do it. Like when he told Tazz he was going to try and rip Cage’s arm off. He did. He gives Taz Manager of the Year, because Cage was this close to 6 months off due to injury. Tazzz made the right call. He tells Cage that next time, he won’t let go.

IN THE RING, is a jobber. MJF says he’s jacked and tan and ready to go. Fired up. He seems nervous, and he should be, because this jobber is in the ring with a prodigy. He will give this guy an opportunity of a lifetime, and calls hims “Jungle Man.” Garrison takes offense. MJF mocks him. MJF makes fun of his Ivy League MVP moniker and says he looks like he couldn’t graduate fingerpainting class. He asks how cool it is to share the ring with someone ho is undefeated, like him. Garrison brings up his loss at Fyter Fest.

MJF clocks him with the mic and the bell rings.

Match 2: MJF vs Griff Garrison

MJF whips Griff into the corner hard then chokes him up with the boot. Belly to belly to the jobber. MJF with a knee drop to the back of the head. MJF rakes the back. He kicks the arm away then steps on the ankle. Griff fights back with some hits to the stomach. MJF with a right hand to the face. MJF grabs the mouth from behind while mounting. He sends the kid to the outside. MJF with right hands on the outside. MJF sends the kid into the ringpost. MJF grabs the mic, says ok, to hold on, tells Griff they got off on the wrong foot. MJF says Griff upset him, and he didn’t lose. He’s never been pinned or submitted, so that would mean that he is undefeated. He wants Griff to tell everyone at home that he’s undefeated. Griff smacks him, says no. MJF stomps him, steps on his hand. He wants Griff to say it. Griff screams. MJF says no, then chokes him and screams at his face. He asks him to say it. Griff finally says it. MJF says that wasn’t hard, but Griff pokes him thn rolls him up for 1..2…NO!!!

Clothesline form MJF. Right hands over and over from MJF. He sends Griff to the outside apron, Heat Seeker. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: MJF
My immediate response was that the “jobber” got too much time, but I think that’s a preconceived notion caused by the WWE’s way of doing things. So I have to ask myself if that’s the only reason why I’m bothered by it, is it justifiable that the kid got 6 minutes, and I have to say…I’m ok with it. He’s a wrestler. He should know how to wrestle.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 6:01

BACKSTAGE, Britt Baker wants to talk about her surgery and being a role model. She is the face of this division. She talks about her fragile, fractured nose being taken advantage of. Reba flips it. Rule #4 Never Count Out a Role Model. She calls this temporary, and she is set for the biggest comeback of all time. Tony interrupts her but he gets shut down. Britt tells them both to shut the hell up and suck it up. She calls herself Michael Jordan, and says not to count her out – particularly at All Out.

Brian Cage’s music hits and out comes Tazz first. Cage follows,wearing his FTW title.

SHUT THE MUSIC! Says Tazz. He says he and Cage had a lot of heated discussions. Cage was pretty close to firing him. Cooler heads prevailed. He explained why he tossed the towel in and costing him the title. He realized that the longer Moxley had that legit arm bar on the surgically repaired bicep, the worse it was going to get. Tazz would be damned if that was torn a second time. Tazz has torn it once. He stands behind what he did as a business decision, because he can assure any other wrestler in this world that cage will never be in that position again. EVER. NEVER EVER! Cage would never tap, didn’t tap, he’s not wired to tap. That’s why this is the FTW champ; because he has an FTW mindset. No surrender, no quit.

Darby Allin is here! He wants him some Cage, but out comes Ricky Stark!!! He attacks Darby from behind!! Here comes Cage! He powerbombs Darby then does it again into the ring. Starks gets himself a move in with his sockless dress slippers then holds Darby up after grabbing the skateboard. Cage looks to attack, but out comes Moxley with a barbed wire wrapped bat.

We are informed that AEW will be having a Women’s Tag Team Tournament this Summer. Wait…aren’t we in Summer? Shit…what day is it?

BACKSTAGE, Jericho is with his peeps, and he asks what color his jacket is. It’s Orange, but it’s supposed to be white. It cost him $7,000 and now it’s ruined because of Cassidy, so now he will ruin his career. He will embarrass him. Tonight, The Inner Circle will embarrass The Jurassic Express. Stunt called him an idiot. What makes Jericho laugh is Stunt’s bulbous head, and the fact that Lucha isn’t really a dinosaur. Tonight, they will make him extint.

Jericho still smells like orange juice.

Backstage, The Young Bucks are looking for the 24/7 Champion.

Oh, sorry, no they aren’t. They are looking for Butcher and The Blade. They are in the kitchen doin Butcherly things. Apparently, this Falls Count Anywhere match is going to start…now?

Match 3: Falls Count Anywhere
The Young Bucks vs The Butcher and The Blade

B&B make sure to wash their hands before their fight, and the bell rings! The attack goes down. Nick flies over the table with meat on it and kicks it into Blade, but utcher is there to catch him and toss Nick onto a knee. Powerbomb from Blade onto the table then a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Matt attacks both men, throws some expensive cuts at the guys, looking like a Porterhouse. Matt runs up a wall, flips over, gets stuffed and punched, and they suplex Matt onto a table. Cover again for 1..2…NO!!!! Butcher with a side headlock and takes him to the outside. Blade follows with Nick. Blade sends Matt into a big pillar in what looks like a parking lot. Same for Nick. They grab a dolly and Blade sends him into the boys, but they move. The Bucks double team Butcher to a table and grab a cookie sheet. Nick drives a knee into the sheet. We get a double team from B&B, tossing matt into a nearby truck. They then grab Nick and send him into a door of the semi. Matt flies onto Butcher and Blade!!! He’s favoring the ribs. The Bucks grab Blade and send him into an empty bar area’s plexiglass barrier. They turn to Blade and stomp him away then bring him towards the same bar area Blade is at. Butcher fights back, so Nick grabs a sheet and slaps Blade over the head with it. A table is nearby and they lay him down on it. Matt grabs a sheet and gets on top of the bar. He puts the sheet under his ass and flies off the bar with a senton!! Blade is up! SUPERKICK TO BLADE FROM THE BUCKS! He’s near an escalator, and up goes Blade!

We are back from a break, and The Bucks are taking Blade towards the ring. They double team him with a reverse DDT then a running knee strike, just outside the ring. Matt tries to lift Butcher, but he’s too heavy. Nick flies, Butcher moves to the side. He attacks Matt’s back as Nick collapses. In comes Blade with a chair to just smack the hell out of the back of Nick. Butcher grabs a table and he and Blade send Nick over the barricade. A table is set up against the barricade. Butcher and Blade try to powerbomb Matt into it, but Matt kicks away and backflips into a neckbreaker on Blade. Nick flies from out of the audience into Butcher!!! Nick with a table from under the ring! Matt is there to help. They take the table over to the barricade, set it up at an angle. The Bucks grab Butcher and look to suplex him into the table, but Butcher stops it and suplexes both men!!! He attacks them both, sending Nick into the barricade. Right hand to the face of Matt. Blade in the ring. He flies over the top rope! HE MISSES THE TABLE!!!

Butcher with a flying crossbody into matt and the TABLE!!!!! Butcher grabs Matt and sends him into the ring. He lifts Matt and goes for a Pumphandle but Matt floats over, drop toe hold, and Nick sends a chair into the face of Butcher!!! Jesus. Matt with a spear into the corner, Knee strike from Nick. Another. Bulldog into a dropkick from The Bucks! !Cover for 1…2….NO!!! Matt with a sharpshooter!! Nick with a crosface! In comes Blade with a kick to the face. He smacks Matt then sends Nick into the corner. Blade suplexes Nick onto the top rope then clotheslines Matt to the outside. Blade Butcher and Blade grab Matt on the outside. They set him up and hit a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker onto Matt on the outside ramp! They take the steps up towards the entrance circles and each grab a table. B&B look to set the tables up but Nick heads stage right and hits a jawbreaker to Butcher. Matt is attacking Blade. He drops an axe to the back. Nick locks the head of Butcher as Blade chops Matt away. They lock heads and look to suplex The Bucks, but they land on their feet and send B&B into each other. Superkick to Butch.er One to Blade. Butcher misses a clothesline. Two to Butcher! Blade is up, and he goes right back down after the double team! They set Blade up on the table. Butcher is slow to stand. SUPERKICK from both Bucks!!!

Both Blade and Butcher are on tables. Both members of The Bucks are climbing. Thy stare each other down then fly off the top of the entrance circles with elbow drops! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
Even though the match was made a week ago, I get the feeling that this was booked for the sole reason of comparison to what was supposed to have been a PPV of “extreme” proportions ala WWE. The problem with that is the fact that we got a pretty fun match with a lot going on with it, yet it falls somewhat empty because there wasn’t really a reason for it. From a purely match quality, it was fun. I can’t take that away from them. But I get the same impression I got from the opening match; that this was to answer a question that no one really asked…then again, who says they have to be asked!
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:42

Backstage, Archer grabs Mr. AEW interview guy for a question. Archer grabs him and takes him to the locker room where Archer destroys some jobbers, sending one into the roof as Jake cuts a promo about Archer just being sick and tired and that sooner or later somebody will step up. They are tired of it. Archer comes up after amply destroying the kids to reiterate Jake’s message.

Match 4: Diamante vs Ivelisse

Ivelisse with a hard right. She attacks in the corner. Ive misses a righ and gets one to the face. Diamante with.a barrage of hits in the corner. Arm drag from Diamante. Kick from Ivelisse. Arm drag from Ive. Lockup from behind but Ivelisse reverses and sends Diamante into the corner.

Swole cuts a promo during this match; which I kinda dislike.

Ivelisse with some elbows to the face of Diamante in the corner. She kicks Ive out of the corner then dropkicks her away. Ivelisse backs up into the corner, then rolls to the outside to avoid a rushed kick. Diamante sees her, Ive ducks down, stops the dive, pulls her to the outside and chops Diamante in the chest. Ivelisse eats a chop from Diamante, and we go CUBA VS PUERTO RICO. Diamante sends Ivelisse into the apron and chops. Ive gets one of her own, another to the chest. Diamante rolls in then out, and attacks the back. She sends Ivelisse into the ring. Diamante on the apron, Ivelisse joins her, kick from Ive, then a kick to the side of the head. Ivelisse enters the ring and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to the spine from Ivelisse then a cravat and some forearm scraping. Diamante turns into the hold, goes for a snapmare. Actually, looks like just a cravat. She pulls Ivelisse down as she reaches for a rope break. She punches over and over to the gut then chops Diamante away. Chop from Diamante after some shit talk. They go back and forth with chops till Ivelissse is as red as her outfit. They go for the face. Ivelisse kicks the side of the head. Diamante with a kick of her own. Clothesline from Diamante. Another. Ivelisse misses one and gets German’d. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Diamante looks for something like a Cross Rhodes, but Ivelisse with a powerbomb into a pin for 1…2..NO!!!!

Ivelisse hits the ropes, Diamante is right behind her. Inside Cradle for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Diamante
They came out like they had something to prove to us, acting like they had something to prove to each other. Nothing was held back, and I gotta hand it to them that even though there wasn’t a lot of energy from the jump, they put it all out there. Credit where it’s due. The biggest problem will likely come from those who don’t know who they are and won’t really care because of it. They come off as angry for no reason, and hating each other for no reason, which I think can’t be done to the AEW audience, because they expect more. Adding the Swole promo mid-match didn’t help.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 6:36

Match 5: Alan “5” Angels vs “Hangman” Adam Page

Angels misses a kick to the head, and Page grins at him. Kick is blocked. Page with a hard forearm to the face. Page with a chop. A right hand to the face. He misses a chop, and Angels gets one for himself. Page with a chop again, dropping Angel to the mat. Page with a back su—no. ope work, Page trips Angels, he kips up and hits a big boot to Angels. Page locks up and hits a suplex then a cover for 1…..NO! Page whips, reversed, Angels rushes the corner with a knee – I think. Whip to the corner to Page. Angels rushes, Page sets him up on the apron, flies for a clothelsin e, misses, misses another one, Angels with a kick. Page turns. Running boot to the face, sending Angels flying. Page leaves the ring. He grabs Angels and sends him into the barricade. Page sends Angels into the ring.

Out comes the rest of The Dark Order to the top of the stage. Page asks if they’d like some.

We go PIP as Angels kicks the entering Page. He swings Page into a seated position and kicks him, leaving him hanging on the middle rope. Angels heads to the top rope and flies off with an elbow drop. He sends Page into the ring and rolls in. Page up in the corner. Angels with some rights, beating him down, then stomping away. Angels with a swinging neckbreaker. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! He works the arm until the ref backs him up. Page is up! He presses Angels up then drops him on his belly and takes a breather. Page pumphandles, and we get a fallaway slam into a pin! 1….2…NO!!! Page sends Angels to the apron. He hits a shoulder to Page. He flies into the ring with a dropkick to the face! Angels mounts with right hands! He beats down Page until Page sends him away. Angels runs, hops on the back, then hits a senton. Moonsault but Page has the knees up! Angels bounces off the corner, Page mises a clothesline, Angels with a kick, enziguri, hits the ropes. CLOTHESLINE FROM PAGE!!!! Page rushes the corner, stops a boot, hits a hard clothesline, then drags Angel out of the corner and hits another Fallaway Slam! Kip up from Page. He waits, HARD ROLLING ELBOW! PIN FOR 1…2…..NO!!!!

Page is shocked. He stares down The Dark Order then grabs Angels by the face and sends him into the ropes, stalls, POWERBOMB! Stacks him up for 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
LOVED that the length of time shocked Page as if this was a surprise, but he still has enough arrogance/skill to take the challenge on. It builds up someone who can be seen as a jobber, and helps him way more than could hurt Page. It also is a very good Chapter 1 to what can be the catalyst of either a break in between Page and Omega OR a new tag team combatant.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 8:29

After the match, Page asks for The Dark Order to go ahead and enter the ring. Brodie Lee and Colt come out. Lee gets in the ring, says he is impressed by Page, but what he is not impressed by is his lack of friends and tag partner when he is clearly in immediate danger. Lee says he is not here to hit him, but he wants to offer him The Dark Order’s protection. They would never once leave him alone. That’s what they are there to offer Page.

Page grabs the mic. He says he appreciates the compliments and all, and the offer, but to be honest, Page isn’t ready to join a cult right now.

Lee tells Cowboy that he made his bed, and Lee hopes he enjoys his sleepin.

Lee grabs Colt and walks him to the backstage area as the rest of The Dark Order enter the ring.

Page with a 4 on 1! He attacks first, trying to get his licks in before The Dark Order stomp him away.

FTR is here with a beer cooler! They toss it into the ring, attacking Dark Order. FTR makes short work of TDO. Omega comes out a little on the late side, and FTR has already handled things. They shake the hand of Page and offer him a beer, somewhat ignoring Kenny.

Bruh….that was NOT some type of Shakespearean story-telling, but it was so simple; so continuous, so in tuned with characters both individually, and as a group. It seamlessly intertwined on-going stories into a segment that will likely bleed into next week and I shouldn’t be impressed by any of this but holy shit…

The Inner Circle heads out as we are reminded about what Orang Cassidy did to Jericho’s jacket.

Match 6: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) vs The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and Jake Hager)

Jericho and Jungle Boy to start. Jericho sends him into the corner and stomps away then chops him. Another chop. Whip to the corenr and Jungle floats over then hits an arm drag, another, dropkick to Jericho. Jericho backs into the corner. Tag to Hager. Tag to Lucha. The big guys come in to the middle of the ring, then get ready. They go at it with hard right hands! Damn! He send Hager into the corner, Hager punches out of the corner, misses a clothesline, shoulder tackle to one another, and both men bounce off each other. Lucha ith a spinning kick, Hager kicks forward, another tackle from both men, another and they both stand still. High kick to Hager. Goozel, but Hager rolls through and tries for an ankle lock. Lucha kicks him off. He stands, goes to kick, but Hager grabs the ankle!!! He locks it up!!!! Lucha grabs the ropes. The ref stops him. Jericho tags in. He stomps the ankle. Jericho slaps Lucha hard. Lucha hits one from below. Jericho dropkicks the leg. Tag to Hager. Hager in with a right hand to the face. Hager grabs the head and cravats from behind. Hager sends Lucha in the corner. Right hand from out fo the corner. Elbow to Jericho. Hager rushes him, clipping the knee. Whip from Hager is reversed, Back elbow from Hager. Double clothesline in the middle of the ring! Tag to Jungle Boy. Tag to Jericho. Hurricanrana, dropkick to Hager. He hops up on the shoylders and rolls Jericho up for 1..2..NO!!!! Jungle attacks the back, kicks the leg, whip, revrsed, and Jungle Boy suicide dives into Santana and Ortiz. He bounces off the ropes with a springing Outside In according to Excaliur. Pin for 1..2..N!O!!! Stunt hurricabnranas Jericho int oa pin as the ref doesn’t see. Pin for 1…2…N!O!! Jericho presses Jungle Boy up and drops him. Jericho sends Stunt off the apron with a hard right hand.

We see Matt Hardy in the crowd watching the match from afar.

Jericho drags Jungle Boy to the ropes and hits a right, sending him into the corner. Tag to Hager who comes in and he and Jericho stomp Jungle Boy. They then send him outside and distract the ref as Santana and Ortiz stomp Jungle Boy. Hager heads outside and grabs him by the hair then hits the back. He sends Boy into the barricade then into the ring. Hager follows and kicks te back. Hager steps on the ahir and lifts Jungle Boy then drags him by the leg to the corner. Tag to Jericho who comes in to laugh off Jungle Boy. Boy kicks him in the leg. Again. Again. Jericho runs with a kick to Jungle Boy, sending him right back down. He kicks the back of the neck then stomps away at him. Jericho distracts the ref and Santana pulls on his face. Jericho lifts Jungle Boy and attacks the back again, then hits a suplex in the middle of the ring. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Jericho sits Jungle Boy up on the corner. Chop to Jungle Boy. Jericho attacks the back up top then looks to suplex him. Jungle Boy sends Jericho flying. Jungle Boy with a crossbody. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Jericho with a clothesline Tag to Hager who comes in to drop an elbow. Hager works the wrist, then drives a knee into the armpit and drops a hard right to the face of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy kicks from the ground, again, is up, goes for a Sunset Flip, but Hager grabs him by the throat and sends him into the corner. He flies into the corner, but Jungle Boy moves. Hager drops Lucha off the apron and drags Jungle Boy into the corner. Tag to Jericho, who has the bat. Jericho looks to swing the bat,but Aubrey is in his face. She takes the bat from him. Jericho rips it bck away from her. She isn’t backing down, shoves Jericho, then yells at him to get the bat out of the ring.

Jericho drops the bat to the outside. He grabs Jungle Boy and hits a back suplex. Jericho gets rolled up for 1..2…NO!!!! Clothesline from Jungle Boy! Enziguri from Jungle Boy! Tag to Hager. Hager in to prevent a tag. He hits some knee lifts against the ropes. Tag to Jericho. They take turns chopping Jungle Boy down. Whip to Jungle Boy. Back body dr—-NO!!! DDT to both men from Jungle Boy!!!!

Tag to Lucha!! Clotheslnie to Jericho. Pump Kick to Hager. Another. Chop to Jericho. Chop to Hager. Hager takes it. Lucha with a few more. Whip and Hager reverses. Clothesline out the corner from Lucha. GOOZLE to Jericho and Hager! Hager blocks, Jericho does too, he flips back and roundhouse to Jericho and another for Hager! Firemans to Jericho and a driver! Hager in to lift and drop Lucha on his back!!! Jungle Boy with a flying forearm, sends Hager to the outside!!! Stunt with a missile dropkick and Lucha hits a Superkick to the face. Santana and Ortiz on the apron to distract Cover for 1…2….NO!!!! Tackel from Lucha. Spinning kick to the side of the head. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Lucha calls for the end. Santana on the apron. Lucha sends Jungle Boy into Santana with a hurricanrana INTO Ortiz!!!

Lucha is backed into the ropes. SERPENTICO with the bat clocks Lucha hard across the back!!! CODEBREAKER!!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

The match had a dip in quality in the middle, but it was short lived. That initial matchup with Lucha and Hager was a thing of beauty! From the eye-to-eye contact, the fake out of a lockup, into a big ol battle of the Hosses. Holy shit, it was far too short. Sammy’s return will divide the crowd, I’m sure, but I give it a shrug. I’m on the fence with regards to them using Serpentico, but it’s better than “Random Masked Man #34” coming out and insulting our intelligence.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 17:28

Serpentico joins The Inner Circle to attack Lucha and Jungle Boy. In comes Stunt to get his ass handed to him as well. Serpentico is on the top rope. Lucha is laid out. Shooting Star Press onto Lucha. Damn, that shit looked gooooood.

Serpentico stands above Luchasaurus! He removes his mask.


They all attack Jurassic Express with stomps until….

ORANGE FREAKIN CASSIDY walks out slowly. Out come Best Friends to run into the ring, sending The Inner Circle running.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Although I love the open challenge that Cody has been having, and it's always a joy to see guys we've grown to love (or hate) on the indy scene get a chance to shine, this particular week felt like Cody was trying to continue and prove himself to no one, considering we aren't asking him to fall onto thumbtacks for no rhyme or reason. Although not nearly as critical, I felt similarly with The Young Bucks and Butcher and Blade - they had a fun, unique (who throws steak, right), and at times brutal match, but there wasn't a strong enough reason for it in my opinion. True, The Bucks have had some losses to the mustached Butcher and his friend, but this seemed a bit too much for no reason other than to say that they did it. Maybe I would have liked more build. Ivelisse's debut against Diamanté upset some because it was all but a foregone conclusion that Ivelisse was going to win. I kind of like that she didn't, but as I said in the report, this seemed like two girls that hated each other for no reason, and nearly fell flat (it didn't, just nearly did). And please, please, please do not allow someone to cut a promo during a match that's going on. It's rude and insulting. Still, with all that, there was a lot of good. Although short, Hager and Lucha left me wanting ten more minutes of just them two, The Dark Order's inclusion to the Page/Omega saga was great, made sense, and stood out to me as an amazing moment of story-telling and character self-awareness. AEW continues to do incredibly well, and I promise I'm not TRYING to find anything wrong with it; but this week had a few moments that were a bit too self-serving.

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