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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.22.21

September 22, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Kenny Omega Bryan Danielson
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.22.21  

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AEW ain’t playin, as Bryan’s music hits and we’re getting his match first!

The crowd is HOT. Bryan is all smiles.
Match 1: Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega
They slowly walk to the center of the ring and size one another up. Bryan smirks as Kenny acts his typical cocky self. They back into their respective corners, circle the ring slowly, LOCKKKKUPPPP!!!!! Omega backs Bryan into the ropes and hits a chop. Bryan with a huge kick to the chest. Lockup again, Bryan works the left arm, pushing on the back of it, Kenny flips up and out of it, works the arm, takes Bryan down by the head, Bryan escapes with a hammer lock from behind. Kenny uses the ropes to break the hold, so Bryan kicks him in the arm. Lockup again, and a side headlock from Omega. Bryan backs him into the ropes, shoots him off, shoulder tackle from Omega. He hits the ropes, hops over, under, hits the ropes, cartwheels away, then hits a hop to Bryan. Bryan wants a test of strength, locks fingers, they go shoulder to shoulder. Hands up, and Bryan drops down and kicks a hand away, holds onto wrist control, bending the fingers back, and dropping Kenny down to the mat then stomps the elbow. Bryan works the left arm again, sending Omega into the corner, not releasing the hold. Chop to Omega. A kick to the corner, chop, kick, chop, to the next corner, kick, hop, kick, chop. Omega reverses and gets some chops in the corner, hard. Bryan with kicks in the corner! Whip to Omega, kick from Omega! He gets sent over the top rope, flying to the outside! Bryan hits the ropes, his chest red as shit, and hits a suicide dive to Omega on the outside!!!!

Bryan grabs Omega on the outside and sends him int othe post shoulder first. Bryan sends Omega into the ring and heads to the top rope. Bryan flies with a knee to the left arm! Bryan pulls back on the nose of Omega, another stomp to Omega. Bryan grabs the left arm, drops it on his shoulder, tries to do so again, but Omega rakes the eyes. Chop to Bryan. Another chop! Omega with a chop in the corner, then a boot to the neck. Omega with a chop. Another. A third. Bryan is fuming. Another chop, but Bryan retaliates! Another chop! Whip. Reverse. High knee from Omega! Omega drives some knees to the back, then kicks Bryan a few times for good measure. Omega drops an elbow to the back of the head. An axe to the head. Stomp to the head. Omega gets Bryhan on his shoulders, rolling senton, up to the corner, flies off and lands on some knees! Bryan with some kicks in the corner, chops, alternating, whip to the corner, reversed, Bryan flips over, hit the ropes, again, clothesline!!!!! Bryan in the corner, he rushes the corner with a huge kick!!! High kick to the chest, another, another, Bryan sits Omega up in the corner, hops up, hurricanrana! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!!! Whip to the corner to Bryan, Omega misses a back elbow, Bryan rushes the corner, Omega hops over, hops up and hits a hurricanrana from out of nowher! Bryan is sent to the outside!!! Omega hits the ropes, again, dives with a front flip onto Bryan on the outside!!!

Back into the ring, Omega tries for a leg lariat across the back of the head, but Bryan rolls though for 1..2…NO!!!! Another reversal for 1..2..NO!!! CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!!! Omega gets to the ropes!!! Bryan releases the hold! Bryan to the top rope! He dives with a knee to Omega on the ramp!!! Bryan walks up the ramp, Omega struggles to get to his feet. He gets to his knees. Bryan with a kick to the chest. Again. Another! Another! A running start, and Omega spins the boot, turning Bryan! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX ON THE RAMP!!! Omega heads towards the top of the stage. He gets a running start, rushes down the ramp. V-TRIGGER TO BRYAN!!!!!! Omega kicks Bryan off the ramp as we go Picture in Picture.

We are back, and Omega hits a buckle bomb to Bryan! Omega to the top rope! Missile dropkick to Bryan’s back! Omega with a Full Nelson, but Bryan drops down and rolls up for 1..2..NO!!!! Full Nelson again, but Omega releases and hits a heel kick. Running knee to the head of Bryan. Omega grabs Bryan by the head, Omega gets Bryan to the top rope, seated, full nelson from behind, Bryan slips down and shoves Omega, crotching him on the top rope. Bryan grabs Omega and hits a back suplex off the top! Both men down. Bryan up first at 6. Kick to Omega. Another kick, Omega grabs the leg, hits huge punch to Bryan’s face! Bryan hits a jab of his own, another, another, kick to the back leg, hits the roeps, high knee from Omega, Omega hits the ropes, rolling elbow!!! Bryan with a sick ass Regalplex into a pin for 1..2…..NO!!!!!

Bryan to the top rope, Omega stops him, Bryan is seated again, Omega heads up, hits a headbutt ot the back of the head, again, Both men standing. SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX OFF THE TOP FUCKING ROPE!! Cover for 1..2…….NO!!!!! V-Trigger!!!!! Omega goes for One-Winged, but Bryan with a fucking hurricanrana!!! Omega misses a V-Trigger! Bryan with a kick to the head!!! Bryan is hyping himself up! He stands, Omega is up, Bryan runs, goes for the knee, but Omega powerbombs Bryan!!! V-Trigger!!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!!! Omega to the top rope! PHEONIX SPLASH! BUT BRYAN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Kick to Omega! Again! Again! To the chest, the leg, right hand from Omega, from Bryan, from Omega! Back and forth! A kick drops Omega to his ass, huge kick to the side of the head!!! Bryan calls for the end. He grabs the arms and stomps the fuck out of Omega’s face!!!! LABELL LOCK!!!!!!!! He’s not quite there! Omega gets to the roeps! Bryan hits the corner. RUNNING DROPKICK IN THE CORNER! He hits the corner again. V-Trigger!!!! Ripcord, reversed, punch from Bryan, High knee from Bryan!!! Both men drop to their knees!!!! They go head to head, headbutt from Bryan!!! Headbutt from Omega! One from Bryan!

Right hand from each man, as Bryan stands!! Kick, another, Omega to his feet. The bell sounds! Time Limit Draw!

Winner: Draw
If there was ever a match that could go to a DRAW and not piss anyone else, it was most certainly this one. Holy shit, this was beautiful, and a perfect storm. As a stand alone match, sure, probably a solid 4 to 4.5 stars, but the emotion, the debut, the story telling, the commentary, just beautiful.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 30:00

The bell sounds, but the guys keep going at it! Bryan tries for the LaBell Lock, but the ref holds Bryan back!

Out come Young Bucks and Adam Cole to protect Omega!


Here comes Christian and Jungle Boy!!! Lucha is here, too! They send The Elite packing!

We are back from break, and CM Punk is here. The crowd sings along to “Cult of Personality.”

Punk is glad he’s not wrestling on Dynamite, how do you follow what he just saw? Punk tells those who wants the mad Punk to be careful what we wish for. Punk tried to walk out and mean mug, but he sees and hears everyone, and he cracks a smile. What does he have to be mad about? Then he thinks about it, he’s pissed about Hobbs and Team Taz, but the crowd makes the pissed off feeling go away. Yes, it’s a lovefest. Team Taz doesn’t want him to be happy. It’s been so long since he’s felt this, since he’s had this, since he’s needed this, and Team Taz is trying to take it all away. He gets pissed because nobody is going to take this away from him. This is his once again.

Team Taz made a mistake by letting them live, and slept on the legend of CM Punk, and it’s not his job to wake them up, it’s his job to tuck their ass in. Rampage. Grand Slam. Powerhouse Hobbs goes to sleep.

Punk goes and gives Stephen Amell, who is in the crowd, a hug.

Match 2: MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr.

MJF tries for a handshake, but Pillman shoots the legs. He backs MJF in the corner, and Knox tries to break them up. Pillman with an arm drag, again, hip toss, back body drop to MJF! Pillman drops MJF again, grabs the head, MJF with a hard slap to the face. Damn. Ouch. Pillman fires back with his own! He corners MJF. Drop toe hold to Pillman, and MJF stomps in the corner. He lifts Pillman, whip t othe corner, with a hard arm drag to boot. Sunset flip to MJF for 1..2..NO!! Backslide to MJF for 1…2..NO!!! MJF drops Pillman shoulder first to the mat.

We are back from a break, and Pillman hits a chop, another, tries to whip MJF, but MJF reverses, hops over Pillman, Pillman to the corner, dives off with a crossbody! MJF tries for a right, misses, Pillman with a clothesline, another, kick to MJF’s chin. Brian sends MJF into the corner face first a few times, kick from MJF, but runs right into a powerslam and a cover for 1..2….NO!!! MJF Rolls to the outside. He grabs Julia Hart!!! Pillman is distrcted, and MJF clotheslines him after releasing Hart. Hart ain’t havin it, though. She points at MJF and screams at him, then shoves MJF’s face. MJF grabs her wrist and screams at her, but here’s Pillman with a dropkick to the face. Pillman to the apron.

Brian springboards, dives, but MJF grabs the arm and gets Salt of the Earth!!! Pillman taps.

Winner: MJF
Love that JR kept, begrudgingly, giving MJF props for his wrestling IQ. A solid outing for Pillman, and a nice way to get him some practice and exposure, but it’s time to move on, now.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:05

Marvez is backstage with Jericho and Hager to talk about their upcoming match. Hager calls Men of the Year “Boys of the Week” then mocks Lambert. Jericho tells them that they made a mistake challenging The Inner Circle in NYC. They are the hardest hitting and toughest team. He is going to bite Lambert’s nose off and spit it into the front row. Jericho says he and Jake are feral, hungry, rabid, and ready to snack on some MMA meatheads.

To the ring, and we go black.

After Malakai makes his entrance, Cody does too, with his wife by his side.

Match 3: Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black

Black shoots for the leg, Cody rolls through, picks the ankle, Black releases Cody is fuming while Black hits a right, Cody hits his own, they go back and forth. Cody gets some boos. He hits the uppercut, hard elbow, Black with a leg sweep, rolls through, Cody kicks him away, goes for a kick to the head, but Cody ducks down and rolls outside. Black with cross-legged sit out and Cody is pissed.

Brandi enters the ring and sits down across Black, and flips him off, mouthing, “Fuck you.” Cody rushes in as Black laughs, trying to attack, but Black tries for an Octopus. Black rolls into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Cody up, sends Black to the outside. Cody hops off the corner with a Disaster Kick, sending Black to the ramp. Cody looks to the crowd, who starts to boo him, heaby. Cody to the top rope. He dives, but Black is there with a knee!

Back from a break, and Black hits a HUGE kick to Cody, sending him reeling to the outside. Black heads out fast and grabs Cody, but Cody is basically dead. Cody lifts by the head, rolls into the ring, tells the ref to start the count. Arn and Brandi try to wake Cody up. Cody rolls in at 8, Black covers for 1..2…NO!!! Foot on the ropes. Black hits the ropes, Cody hits them after him, clips the leg from behind. Cody rushes the orner, Black sends him into the corner. Black misses a knee, hits the corner, Cody grabs the leg, but Black punches him away. Cody to the ramp outside, he grabs the lewg. Dragon Screw in the roeps! Cody rushes the corner, drops the leg onto his shoulder, Right hand from cody! He grabs the head, Black spins, back elbow! Kick to Cody. It hurts Black. Cody loosk for Cross Rhodes, Black spins out, Cody kicks the back of the leg, runs, and Black just launches Cody across the ring! Damn. Cody tries for Cross Rhodes again, Black escapes, Cody hits the ropes nd comes off with a Cutter! Cross Rhodes!!! Cover for 1…2….NO!!! Crowd is very happy about that. Arn is on the apron. Arn then falls off the corner…why? Ugh… The ref tells Cody, distracting him a bit. The ref argues with Arn, Black whips Cody INTO Arn Anderson. Cody runs with a pump kick to Black, sending him to the outside. Cody goes to check on Arn. Arn yells at Cody to get his ass back in the ring.

Cody walks towards the ramp where Black is, pulls Black out from under the ring and sends him into the ring. Cody stomps Black then hits a right hand, another.

Body shots until the ref tries to stop him. Cody shoves the ref! Black spits black mist in the eyes of Cody. Rollup for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Malakai Black
What’s perhaps most interesting here is just how much the crowd was behind Black, cheering for nearly every offensive move he did. It will be interesting to see if they do anything with this. As for the match quality, Black’s definitely got “it” and showed it here. Dude’s great. Cody was an ok foil, but it’s obvious the crowd just ain’t having Cody’s energy anymore. From Arn falling off the apron to Brandi flipping Black off, it’s just not working.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:24

Match 4: FTR vs Sting and Darby Allin

Darby and Cash start, but Darby tags in Sting rather quickly. Lockup with cash, an Sting shoves Cash into the ropes. Dax pulls on the shirt of Sting, distracting him, and they double team Sting into the corner. Whip to Sting into the corner, but Sting fires back with clotheslnies to both men, back fist to Dax, punch to Cash, body lam to Dax, one for Cash next! Sting flies in the corner for a Stinger Splash, but Dax pulls Cash out of the way! FTR gangs up on Sting in the corner. Snapmare from Dax and a leg drop to Sting. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Sting off the ropes, hard shoulder tackle to Dax. Sting backs up then falls forward face first into the dick of Dax. Tag to Darby. Coffin splash, another, Darby to the top rope, he falls onto both of FTR but they catch him and slam him down hard onto the apron!

We are back from break and Sting is hitting a spinebuster to Dax. He covers for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Darby, and Dax is setting him up. Sting shoves Cash off the apron. STING DIVES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY! Sting is the legal man! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Cash distracts, Elbow to Dax, Cash hangs Sting up, Dax rolls him up for 1..2….NO!!!! Dax sets up or for a piledriver, but Sting counters, Darby to the top rope for a coffin drop, but Cash drops Darby. Sting whips Cash into Dax as Darby is in a Tree of Woe. Sting with. Splah to Cash in the corner, he hits a Scorpion Death Drop to Cash. Sting rushes for a splash in the corner, but Tully has a chair there! Sting stops himself! Dax runs into the orner and hits the chair! Right hand to Tully! Rollup to Dax for 1..2….NO!!! Sting grabs the legs! He goes for the Scorpion Death Lock! Darby is still hanging in the corner,

Cash pulls the hands of Dax. COFFIN DROP ONTO CASH ON THE APRON! DAX TAPS!!!

Winners: Sting and Darby Allin
All things considered, Sting didn’t look all that bad. I also appreciate FTR so much for being amazing. Truly, I would have had them win as I don’t think Sting and Darby really need a win, and FTR definitely didn’t need a loss, but the crowd seemed to have loved it.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:28

Match 5: AEW Women’s Championship Match
Britt Baker vs Ruby Soho

LOCKUP!!! Crowd is HOT for this. Ruby takes Britt down wih a trip and slams her head a few times. Britt won’t release the collar and elbow, but Ruby gets a side headlock. Britt gets some separation, drives an elbow to the back of the shoulder, cover from Britt for 1…NO!!! Britt works the arm, Ruby stomps the foot, locks up behind, Ruby with a side headlock, Britt shoots her off, and Ruby hits a shoulder tackle. Roll over, duks a right elbow, Britt whips, switches, hits the ropes, misses a clothesline, Ruby with a knee to the face. Britt drops and leaves the ring for some air. Ruby to the top rope. She dives with a crossbody to Rebel and Jamie! Britt evaded the attack, and is able to hit a superkick to Ruby! She drapes Ruby over the apron and spins with a neckbreaker onto the mat outside. Ouch. Britt rolls back into the ring as we go to break.

We are back and Ruby hits a running kik in the corner. Elbow strike from Britt. Britt goes for a neckbreaker, but Ruby counters, hits a side suplex. Ruby hits the ropes, Superkick from Britt! Both girls are down! Ruby with a right hand to Britt. Britt gets one of her own. They go back and forth. Heabutt from Ruby, back elbow, another, another headbutt into the ropes. Rbuy whips Britt, Brittpulls in with a Russian Leg Sweep into a Lockjaw attempt, but Ruby shifts and gets a waistlock. Britt ith right hands, they work the roeps, Rubt misses a right, Britt with a slingblade. Britt wants her glove. Rebel obliges. Britt flips the cam off then runs for a stomp, but Ruby picks the ankle. Half crab, but Britt turns and kicks Ruby in the fucking face. Right hand, Ruby shoots the legs, catapult to Britt into the corner. Ruby with a step up enziguri, Britt drops down, and Ruby heads to the top rope. She dives with a senton! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Britt kicks out of the corner, fisherman’s neckbreaker to Ruby!!! SUPERKICK TO THE FACE!! COVER! 1..2….NO!!! Ruby is on the apron, she tries to suplex Britt ot the outside, but Britt fights away. She hits some rights to Ruby, Ruby is on the 2nd rope, Britt climbs to it as well, Ruby looks for a possible Canadian Destroyer but we get a Britt version of White Noise off the top rope!!!! Cover from Britt for 1….2….NO!!!! Ruby is on the outside, crawling. Britt leaves the ring as well, to the steps, goes for a kick, Ruby catches it, so Britt captures her head and slams it into the steps. Kick to the jaw. Ruby rolls into the ring, Britt hits the ropes, STOMP TO RUBY!! Cover for 1….2…..NO!!!! Britt argues with Aubrey, so Ruby rolls her up for a 1..2..NO!!!

Britt grabs the hair, Ruby with a No Future out of nowhere! Rebel on the apron, and she gets kicked, too! Jamie is next! BRITT GRABS RUBY! LOCKJAW!!! Ruby taps!

Winner: Britt Baker
A great match from both women, who looked like they watched the opener and said, “HIT ME LIKE THAT.” There were minor missteps, but the right woman won, and now we get to see where Britt goes from here! Great main event.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:22

End Show

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Holy hell! One would think with an opener like that, the rest of the show would just fall flat, unable to stand on its own, and yet we saw AEW take the momentum from Omega and Danielson and let that carry throughout the show with pretty much balls to the wall action throughout. It's going to be hard to find anything wrong with tonight's episode simply because the energy going into it was a buzzing feeling not present in wrestling for quite some time. You really get the impression that you are a part of history at this moment in time, and nothing encapsulates that more than the opener. I have some minor gripes with FTR losing, but that could be my bias shining through, and the entire Brandi Rhodes thing with Black in the ring was pointless and cause for an eye roll, but tonight was amazing. Wednesdays are so damned fun!

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