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Acero’s AEW Fight For The Fallen Review 7.28.21

July 28, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
Chris Jericho AEW Fight For the Fallen Image Credit: AEW/Twitter
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Acero’s AEW Fight For The Fallen Review 7.28.21  

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.


Sick ass intro for Page and Dark Order, asking what is it that makes a Cowboy. The video package leads to a sick intro live, with Adam Page in the center.

Not one to be outdone, The Elite comes out as if they are the ultimate basketball team, more over than SpaceJam, calling themselves EliteSquad, and coming out to “Y’all Ready for This?”

Match 1: The Dark Order and Hangman Adam Page vs The Young Bucks, The Good Brothers, and Kenny Omega

Page starts with Karl Anderson. They go face to face then LOCKUP! Side headlock from Page. They hit the ropes, tackle from Page takes down Anderson, more rope work, leap frog from Anderson, Page catches him midair and hits a Fallaway Slam. Omega with a cheap shot from behind, and we get all ten men into the ring!!! Nick and Matt lock the heads of Reynolds, Uno, Silver, and Grayson, but Dark Order reverses and sends The Elite out of the ring! Everyone is outside, Reynolds on the corner with Nick. He locks his head and REYNOLDS SUPERPLEXES NICK JACKSON ONTO THE MEN OUTSIDE!!!

Page tosses Anderson into the ring, and these are the legal men. Chop to Anderson. Right hand to the entering Reynolds. Bucks enter, they splash Reynolds in the corner, Omega follows with an elbow, Anderson with an uppercut, Gallows misses a shojulder, Page and Uno pull The Elite out. Clothesline from Uno, then Grayson, then Page, then Reynolds, then Silver!!! Anderson there to try and stop it, but Silver moves and he and Reynolds go at it with an Enziguri, Stunner, Jackknife, cover `…1.NO!! Gallows there to stop it. Reynolds sends him out, Anderson rolls Reynolds up for 1..2…3!!!!

Reynolds has been eliminated

Uno and Grayson are in the ring. Page and Silver enter as well, and they surround Karl Anderson. Uno is first, then we go in a circle to attack him! Grayson to the top rope! FATALITY!!! Cover from Uno for 1..2…3!!!!

Karl Anderson has been eliminated

Uno has Matt with a right, sends him into the corner, tag to Silver, right hand to the gut, whip to the corner. Silver grabs the head, lifts from the uppercut and tosses Matt across the ring!!! Another toss.

We are back from the PiP break, and Gallows escapes a backbreaker, but Grayson kips up out of a move and hits a neckbreaker, then he and Uno ith a comob move as Grayson flies off the top onto Gallows! 1..2…NO!!! Omega stops the pin. Silver in with a neckbreaker, Nick in to eat a cutter, Gallows with an uppercut to Uno, to Page, he tumbles outside as Grayson holds the ropes. Grayson on the apron. He springboards, fucking spins a thousand times and flies onto everyone outside!! Gallows grabs him,and takes Grayson into the crowd. Kick from Gallows sends Grayson into the crow, but Grayson sends Gallows into the barricade!!! Grayson in the crowd, surrounded by fans, stands on the edge of the barricade and dives over an entire new barricade onto Gallows!!!

Luke Gallows and Stu Grayson have been counted out!

Uno and Omega are in the ring. Kick from Oemga, right hand to the face, again, another, whip, and Uno ducks under, hurrrrrricanrana!!!!! Flatliner to Omega!!! Cover! 1….2……..NO!!!! SOOOO CLOSE!!! Uno to the apron. Heremoves his wrist tape. Uno to the top, dives with a senton! Knees from Omega!!! Uno is up, V-TRIGGER!!!! One-Winged Angel!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Evil Uno has been eliminated!

Tag to Matt, and Silver is on the apron. SPEAR FROM SILVER!! He attacks with right hands!!! Silver with a right to the face, another, another, Matt rakes the eyes after a thumb.


Matt stomps Silver in the corner. Tag to Nick. Running high knee to Silver into a bulldog. He goads Page to come into the ring. Silver fights back with rights, hits the ropes, leg lariat from Nick, and another break!

WE ARE BACK AND SILVER IS A HOWSE OF FIYYYAAHHHH!!!! He circles the ring, attacking everyone, enters the ring, airplane spins Nick into a slam and covers for 1..2…NO!!!! We missed The Bucks powerbombing Page on the apron. Silver gets backslid but rolls out, kicks, kick again, another kick, locks the head, deadlift, Nick laots out, V-Trigger to Silver!! Superkick to Silver! Omega with a German! Silver to the apron, and Cutler drags the basketball court over to the apron. We get a Indytaker, complete with Nick making a basket like a true douche. Nick lifts Silver, sends him into the ring, and tags in Matt. They hold the arms of Silver, BTE TRIGGER! Cover for 1..2….3!!!!

John Silver has been eliminated.

We are down to Nick, Matt, and Omega vs Hangman Adam Page. Page whispers to Silver, checking on him, then helping him out of the ring. Page stands on the apron, upset, apprehensive, angry, as Omega and The Bucks stand in the middle of the ring. Page holds the ropes, and Omega tells The Bucks he wants in. They head to the corner and Omega tags himself in. Omega removes his jersey. Page is in. They go face to face. Head to head. Omega spits in the face of Page. They go at it!! Right hands back and forth!!1 Page with a right, hits the ropes, V-TRIGGER!!! Clothesline from page!!1 Bucks are in!! SUPERKICK TO PAGE!! SNAPDRAGON SUPLEX!!! TRIPLE SUPERKICK!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!!! Omega tags in Nick. Matt and Omega enter, they lift Page. Sit him on the 2nd rope and drape him. Nick flies, 450 splash to Page! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!! Omega rushes for a V-Trigger, Page escaspes, go behind, Getman, but Page on his feet!! Clotheslnie to Omega, in come Bucks!!1 They try to double team!! CLOTHESLINE TO THE BUCKS! NICK SENT TO THE OUTSIDE, MATT NEXT, PAGE TO THE CORNER. MOONSAULT TO THE ELITE!!!!!! Page sends Omega into the ring, lifts up, Omega drops his weight, locks the head, attacks the back, hits a right to the head, another, chop to Page. Omega hits the ropes and gets sent up high for a powerbomb and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Nick runs in to stop the pin! Tag to Matt. Matt grabs the head of Page, sends Page to the apron, kick to Matt, BUCK—NO!!!! Matt counters, grabs him, goes for a piledriver, Nick off the top rope, kick, Matt sends Page to the apron, clothesline to both men! Cover to Matt for 1..2…3!!!

Matt Jackson has been eliminated!

Omega has the title in hand. Knox finally does his fucking job, but Cutler sends the TNA title into the ring! Page ducks under, drops Omega on his head!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Page to the apron! Omega stands! Nick here to hold the leg of Page, Ref tells him to get bac. BUCK—NO!!!! BELT SHOT TO THE FACE!!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!!!!! Omega rushes Knox! He’s pissed!!!

Omega hits the ropes, V-Trigger to the back of the head, another to the side of the face!!! He sets up for the One-Winged! HITS IT! Cover for 1..2……..3!!!!!

Winners: The Elite
Whew! I’m pretty sure I didn’t coin the phrase, but considering I’ve been the sole AEW Coverage dude, I’m going to go ahead and pretend I did. This match was INDYRIFFIC in every sense of the word. Typically, this doesn’t fare well on TV because, as a viewing audience, we expect more. Case in point, the “dunk” that nick missed into the driver was just a dumb spot, and yet, this match in its entirety was tons of fun with a lot going for it. I enjoyed it as an opener.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 25:32

Backstage, Marvez is with Pac, saying this should be an interview with Death Triangle. Apparently, The Lucha Bros are here, but someone cancelled their car.

IN come Chavo and Andrade, saying he had their people book Rey and Penta in a limo. They are on their way, and they are arriving in style, Chavo promises.

Andrade tells Pac to learn to treat his people better, because if not, they will work for someone who will.

We return back to the ring, and Taz is in a Grand Marshall position, announcing his newest FTW champ, who comes out to the ring with a jazz band surrounding the ring. Awesome.

Starks thanks the band, Hook is in the ring. Hobbs is out recruiting, apparently. Two weeks ago, they made history when he became the new FTW Champ, and got rid of Cage. Starks tells Cage he has been the glue and anchor since day one, because he knows his part. He can let certain things slide, but while Cage was trying to be nice to online fans, Starks was covering up the problems he caused. Starks can forgive that, but what he cant forgive or forget, is when Starks broke his neck, Cage didn’t even check up on him. He realized Cage is a selfish guy. He doesn’t know what teamwork means, and he also knows what it means to be a star, something Cage tried to figure out for 17 years, and none of his charisma could rub off on Cage.

Cage has heard enough.

Out comes The Machine, ready to eat. He walks down the ramp fast, gives a clothesline to the trombone player, then slams a drum onto the head of the drummer. Cage grabs the trombone as commentary says, “There’s no place for trombones in wrestling.” Ok, JR….

Cage grabs said trombone and breaks it over his knee as Starks leaves the ring.

Tanahashi gets a promo for the US title, saying he wants it because he’s never had it. He will challenge the winner of tonight’s match, and will take the title in a snap.

Match 2: FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs Santana and Ortiz (w/ Konnan)

Ortiz and Cash to start. Lockup and Cashe gets Ortiz down on the mat. Forearm scrape and they break it up. Ortiz locks up, works behind, escapes a headlock, gets a takedown, Cash escapes with an elbow, locks the head, snapmare , rope work and a tackle, Ortiz leaps over, sends cash flying with a kick! Nice. Cash to the apron. He enters the ring. Tag to Dax. Tag to Santana.

Lockup. Dax with a side headlock. Rope work and they smash against each other in the center of the ring. Again. Forearms, elbows, backa and forth. Chops to the chest going at it!!! Dax gets the lead, Santana blocks an axe, locks a head, suplex! ANOTHER!!! Tag from Ortiz, and they share the third suplex!!! Wheeler in, assisted Slicebr—NO POWERBOMB INSTEAD!!! Dax in, attacks Ortiz, covers for 1..2..NO!!!

WE ARE BACK, and Ortiz hits a huge clothesline to Dax. Tag to Santana, hits another clothesline, kicks Cash of the apron, right attack, locks the head, whip to the corner, Dodges a hit, hits a nice back suplex to Dax. Catapult Dax into the post!!! Santana hits the ropes, tope con giro to Cash!!!! He hops to the top rope, dives for a stomp, no one there, tag from Ortiz, lcosk up from Dax, roll up, Dax kicks Ortiz away off the pin attempt so Ortiz just launches himself onto Cash on the outside!!!! He rolls back in with a Sunset Flip to Dax, 1..2…NO!!! Dax kicks out but gets kicked by Santana! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Powerbomb from Ortiz! Tag to Santana! Frog Splash! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Santana up ,chops Dax in the corner. Another chop. GERMAN!!! Dax is on his feet still!! Clotheslnie!! Ortiz in with a powerbomb!!! Cassh here for a tornado DDT!! Tries for one on Santana, but Santana escapes, kicks, kicks Dax. POWERBOMB! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag from Ortiz. Dax with a cradle!! Cover for 1..2..N)!!!! Right jab to the fucking face!!!! Ortiz drops ! Dax locks t he head, sits Ortiz on the apron. Tag to Cash. Dax locks the head, Santana in! Chops Cash off the corner! Grabs Dax, misses a right, Dax fakes a right, DDT TO SANTANA!!!! Dax goes back to Orti, hits a right, locks the head, SUPERPLEX!!!! ORTIZ LOCKS THE LEG! 1..2…NO!!!!

Ref stops the count as neither shoulder is down!!! Whip to the ropes, reversed and Dax kicks Santana on the way out! He rolls back in. BRAINBUSTER!!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: FTR
Here’s hoping Cash is ok, because this was a slow start, but on purpose. The story was attempting to prove that S&O could match, and even surpass FTR, which I would assume would lead into a “we almost had you” moment to get to the inevitable rematch. Alas, the injury happened, and they had to cut it short.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 11:09

Wheeler seems to have hurt himself on the ringpost, as medical is checking on him, which may have caused the quick finish. Santana and Konnan check
on Ortiz.

Britt Baker is backstage, and says th at Nyla Rose has proven twice that she does, in fact, break bitches, yet Britt was still able to tap her ass out with a broken freakin wrist. Britt wants someone here to always have her back, because Rebel is too busy. Britt says we are jealous, sitting here, waiting for her to fail. Be prepared to suffocate.

Tony has an announcement on behalf of Tony Khan.

It is for Rampage. August, the 20th, they will be airing “The First Dance” in Chicago.

CM PUNK chant, and we head to Marvez, backstage with Darby and Sting.

Darby says he’ll be in Chicago. He’s been around a lot of men that have laid claim to how they are the greatest, and there’s only one place to really prove that, right here in AEW. Even if you think you are the best in the world.

Match 3: IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match
Hikuleo (w/ Haku) vs Lance Archer

Archer in with the rights, then a few back elbows in the corner. Mounts the corner and hits some hard rights, until Hiku lifts Archer and hits a sitout powerbomb! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Hiku gets Archer on the shoulders, Archer drops off, hits a right hand, Archer with another, sending Hiku to the ropes, POWERSLAM FROM HIKU! Hiku sends Archer to the outside!

BACK From the break, and Archer walks the ropes then moonsaults onto Hiku. Archer is all smiles, grabs at Hiku, sends him int othe corner and sits him on the top. He’s looking to end it, but Hiku drops some elbows on the shoulder. Archer kicks high. Walks to the top rope, locks the head, Archer lifts Hiku. These dudes are freakin huge.

SUPERPLEX!!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! BLACKOUT FROM ARCHER!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Lance Archer
Not that it was bad, as these two behemoths did alright with the time given, but it really didn’t feel all that important, and started off somewhat awkwardly.
Total Rating: 7:16
Match Time: *

We are backstage with Cody Rhodes, who is in the EVP position. He rmeoves his headphones and says there is so much happening in their

IN COMES A FREAKIN KICK FROM MALACHI!!! He attacks Cody, and again, we got a white vs black theme. They fight to the outside through the tunnel. Cody with a right hand, he drops to his back and hits the uppercut, which is just an odd move to hit at that moment. Black with a knee to Cody. Black welcomes us to The House of Black as Cody writhes in pain.

We have some wrestlers who really have no reason to care about Cody, even at this moment. Black gives a huge kick to Fuego Del Sol.

WE RETURN TO Matt and his family comin out.

QT will be apologizing to Tony next week, when his family is in attendance.

Match 4: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage vs Private Party and Angelico

Cage and Angelico to start. Kick from Angelico, go behind, works the arm of Cage, trips him down with a hip toss. Angelico works the arm, does some flippy shit, so Cage slaps him in the face. Again. Tag to JB,and they double team Angelico down with a pin for 1….NO!!! JB works the left arm, working it above. JB with an arm drag off the top rope, dropkick to Angelico! JB gets sent to the outside with help from Kassidy, so JB trips Kassidy up. Matt there to attack. Cage chases Matt up the ramp with Marko Stunt.

Back to the actino, and Angelico stomps JB. Tag to Kassidy who chokes JB with a durag. Lol. Tag to Quen. They send JB into the corner, goe for a Poetry in Motino, but JB escapes and tags in Lucha!! He tosses Quen, then Angelico and Kassidy! He sends Kassidy into the corner, Angelico to follow, hits a right, another, uppercut. Lokcup to Angelico, who locks in Kassidy, who grabs QUEN!!! TRIPLE GERMAN which sounds cooler than it looked. Lucha tries for a double chokeslam, but they flip out and hit superkicks to Lucha. Cage blocks a right from Kassidy, Quen flies with a kick, in comes JB who hits a clothesline to Kassidy.

Quen gets sent into a GOOZLE!!!! TOPE CON GIRO TO THE OUTSIDE! Tagto Cage. Chokeslam to Quen!! Frogsplash and a cover! 1…2…3!!!!

Winners: Lucha Express and Christian Cage
I might have waited to have this match. Not that it was so important that it needed more time, but having only about five minutes meant they rushed some shit and it came off as lacking importance.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 4:46

After the match, Blade, in a hoodie, with a mask, comes out of the crowd and busts Cage’s jaw with some knucks.

Nick Gage video package that reminds me of something you’d see on Jerry Springer.

Match 5: Julia Hart vs Thunder Rosa

Lockup to start and we get a side headlock takedown to Julia. Both girls up, another side headlock, Thunder gets a rollup for 1..sweep of the leg, cover, reversed and Julia gets a cover, neither one getting a count. Hart waves to the crowd and tries to get some love with applause, but Rosa picks the leg and gets an ankle lock. Rope break. Chop from Rosa. Another in the corner. Whip to Julia, then a clothesline from Rosa. She heads to the top rope and swings in with some knees. Rosa kicks Julia in the face, pushing her boot into the chin. Rosa with some forearms to the chest. Rosa dives into the corner with a dropkick, but Julia moves! She does a front flip into a clothesline!!! BULLDOG attempt, but Rosa shoves her, ankle pick, knee bar. Julia reaches for the ropes, gets them. Rosa holds the submission till the 3 count. Rosa up, ducks under a clothesline, eats an elbow, Rosa shoves Julia into the corner hard. Rosa flips out of the corner, runs and hits a running dropkick to the gut!!!! OUCH.

Rosa lifts up, grabs the head, Fire Thunder Driver! Pin for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa
A chayote. (Mexican squash…get it?)
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:59

Moxley is backstage with a flask. He takes a swig and says he is here to talk about last night, while he sat at an airport bar watching the Olympics. How did Croatia get into Japan, but he cant? He noticed the second that he is no longer IWGP champ, Tanahashi wants to show up? He’s been dodging Mox for months…people don’t know that, do they? He tells Tana to screw himself. He doesn’t get to wrestle Moxley. He sent a stack of contracts and see what comes through the Forbidden Door. He is the door. Maybe Tana is the only smart one here. Maybe he’s learned. The door might be open, but nothing good is waiting on the other side.

Match 6: Nick Gage vs The Painmaker

Gage jabs the air with the cutter. He swipes at Jericho’s arm, and Jericho pretty obviously blades it. Jericho hits the ropes, and Gage hits a spinebuster! Knee in the corner, and Jericho rolls to the outside. Gage follows, rushes over to Jericho, and hits a right to the face, headbutt to Jericho. Gage throws up the gang sign, and Jericho punches him in the face Whip to Gage into the barricade. Jericho sends him into the ring then heads to the top rope. Gage with a punch to the gut then the right hand. Gage heads up, Jericho locks the head. SUPERPLEX TO JERICHO! He holds the head, turns him, locks up again and hits a sloppy FALCON ARROW! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Gage tastes some of Jericho’s blood then shouts at the crowd. Gage hits the ropes and dives in the corner but Jericho shoots the legs and tries for the Walls!!! GAGE GRABS THE ROPE BUT THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Gage escapes through the bottom rope. Jericho follows, grabs the head, and hits some punhes to the bald head of Gage. Gage sends him into the ringpost. Gage grabs some lights from under the ropes, but Jericho has found his bat! Gage grabs more light tubes and puts them in the ring. There are five. Gage grabs one. Jericho has his bat, hits Gge in the gut, then the back, and another across the back. Jericho is bleeding from the forehead for no reason.

Jericho with a swinging bat, but Gage with a GOOZLE!! Chokeslam onto the back! Gage with the pizza cutter! He sits on Jericho’s back! PIZZA CUTTER ACROSS THE FOREHEAD!!!!

WE go PIP and the first commercial is for Dominos. Ha!

We are back, and Gage has a pane of glass in the ring, along with a few chairs. He sets the glass up on two facing chairs. Gage on the 2nd rope, but Jericho is up! He punches Gage, gets to the top rope, right hands to the head of Gage! Hurricanrana to Gage, ONTO THE GLASS!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jericho goes for a Codebreaker, but Gage stops it and powerbombs Jericho onto the glass!! He grabs a liht tube and smacks Jericho across the back!!! Gage grabs another tube. RIGHT ACROSS THE HEAD OF JERICHO!!! Jericho is shaking, Gage with a PILEDRIVER TO JERICHO! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Gage has a piece of broken light tube and stabs Jericho in the forehead repeatedly. Gage breaks a light tube over his knee and looks to stab Jericho with it.

Gage has tubes taped together under the ring. Four to a bundle. MIST TO GAGE!! LIGHT TUBE TO THE HEAD!! JUDAS EFFECT! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
While I can’t say that I’m NOT a fan of deathmatches, I can say that I’m not a fan of bladejobs without reason. First, we start with the most obvious one, as Jericho swipes his arm almost comically to start the match. Then the forehead job didn’t really havea point of reference. This, coupled with the sluggish movement of both men made for a somewhat plodding affair. Nothing BAD, exactly, just not particularly something I’d write home about. Then again, here I am…writing home about it.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: About 12 minutes

MJF is pissed. He screams for the music to be shut. He tells Jericho, as he sits there in more paint then he’s ever been in, he needs Jericho to listen to him. Jericho will not get to wrestle MJ; he’s a mess. He’s got Labor #3 ready.

Stipulation: Jericho must hit a maneuver off the top rope in order to win, and his opponent….Juventud Guerrera.

End Show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
AEW's episode tonight was a tale of two shows, in my opinion. As I mentioned before, I use the term Indyriffic sparingly, and the AEW typically knows what they are doing well enough to assure that I don't get that feeling that I'm in a sweaty American Legion building for one night only. They are very good at episodic television. We saw that tonight, but we also saw the other half of AEW that, when done too much, can hurt the show, even if for just one week. Tonight's opener and closer gave me the same feeling - that I was at an indy show where the ramifications for each match weren't nearly as important as simply what was going on for that moment. While this is not a bad observation, it does lend to a feeling like the show is more in a vacuum than as a moving piece in a flowing narrative. Because of this, it seems a bit disjointed. The opener did have story, did move things forward with Page, and did give us some fun John Silver moments, but it was mostly flash, from opener, to dunking, to eliminations that wouldn't happen in a normal match. Sprinkle in a few matches that seemed like filler, and we get a somewhat disjointed show. This is not to knock the episode, because I still had an amazing time, but even in moments that showed some seriousness, like the attack from Black onto Cody, we still saw him drop down to his back and hit the trademark uppercut. Like who does that in a fight? Odd. At any rate, there's still a lot of good stuff to latch onto, and if y'all didn't get a little excited during Darby's promo, then I don't know what to tell you.