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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 9.13.21

September 13, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Big E. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Bray Wyatt
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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 9.13.21  

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It’s Monday…you know what that means.

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Orton vs Lashley is confirmed to start, but BIG E is here to start the show!!!

Crowd is loving him, and he is hyped. He smacks the briefcase, standing on the top of the announce table until the music of Randy Orton hits, and out comes him and his bro, Riddle.

Lashley is here shortly thereafter, lookin pretty damned good in his black on black.

Commentary argues about Big E cashing in, saying he simply said he was going to, we don’t know that he actually will.

BIG E is on the mic, and says just in case there is any confusion, he fully expects to cash in tonight. Riddle welcomes Big E back on RAW, but asks him not to cash in on his best bro.

MVP: “Man, shut yo dumb ass up.”


MVP says Big E won’t be cashing in on Randy, because he wont be winning the title. Of all the nights, Big E chose the wrong night. Normally, when he shows up, MVP is happy to see him, because E comes out, and MVP laughs. The are not in a laughing mood tonight, though. MVP then brings up that Orton was supposed to get the shot at Extreme Rules, but Orton says he went to who he needed to go to, told them what he wanted, and they did it because he is Randy Freakin Orton.

Big E: “Oh, we got two meaty men bumpin meat tonight!”

MVP has a message for Big E, of the New Day clowns, MVP believed that Big E had the most potential, and when he went to SD, he thought he’d level up – and Big E did do that. But then he promptly ran from SD to RAW, because he’s afraid of Reigns.

Orton interrupts, saying he’s going to RKO Lashley and win the title. Big E then says oooo, then he can cash in and become the new champion.

Lashley screams ENOUGH, saying Orton made the biggest mistake of his life. He will take pleasure beating Orton and pummeling him, and Big E, if he comes close to Lashley, he’ll shove the contract up his ass.


Flair is backstage, waiting for her chance to bore us with her words.

We go back to last week when Shayna doubted Nia, then Nia lost to Charlotte.

Sarah runs up on Charlotte, and asks about Shayna’s confidence. Charlotte say that Shayna and Nia get in each other’s way. She didn’t get to the top because of friends and partners, and Shayna will never get to her level. She is the best in every way possible, and after it’s all said and done, this title will be hers, the ring is her throne, and her reign will last forever. Long Live The Queen.

Match 1: Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler

LOCKUP! Knee from Charlotte, Whip to the corner, Charlotte hops over the ropes to the apron, Shayna hits a knee. Hits the roeps, goes for a slide, but Charlotte enters the ring and Shayna flies outside, lands on her feet. Charlotte with a dropkick through the ropes.

We are back, and Flair steps on the laying down Shayna. Charlotte to the top rope, looking for a moonsault, but Basler is up and hits the ropes, then gets a kick to the face. Facover for 1..2.NO!! Baszler misses a knee in the cover ,and Charlotte gets a rollup for 1..2.NO!!! Baszler with The Clutch, but Charlotte hits an elbow then a back suplex. Baszler grabs Charlotte, German suplex! Running kick to Charlotte. 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Shayna, Charltote wants it, Baszler hits another, another to the chest. They lock heads, punches from Shyna, hits the ropes, Charlotte follows, hits a clothesline. Chops from Charlotte. Again. Against the ropes. Whip to the ropes, reversed, Charlotte goes for a big boot, misses, but hits a back elbow ala Andrade. Boot in the corner from Charlotte. Backbreaker then an STO to the middle buckle. Charlotte leaves the ring to the apron, runs to the corner. MOONSAULT TO CHARLOTTE and, as per usual, she barely hits her opponent.

Nia Jax makes her way down the ramp just as Shayna shoves Charlotte into the ring steps.

BACK FROM The break, and Charlotte and Shayna are going at it in the middle of the ring with rights. Shayna hits a german suplex. Charlotte up, hits the back of the knee of Shayna. Charlotte wraps the lega around the ropes, on the apron, and locks a Figure Four til the ref counts. Charlotte gets in the face of Nia and…Wooos? Ok. Back in the ring, Charlotte tries to drop a knee to the leg, but Shayna dodges, hits a knee in the corner, and

Nia is on the apron! Shayna is distracted. Big Boot to Shayna . Cover. 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler
Pretty good match, even with the breaks killing some of the momentum, but that ending is just…more of the same, and really hurts Shayna. Not that she was high up on the food chain, just annoying to see.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:22

Alexa Bliss comes out with a gift for Charlotte. It’s wrapped in gold, with a red bow, and Bliss presents it to Charlotte as Lilly sits in the corner. Bliss says the gift is a thank you for accepting the title match.

Flair says she doesn’t collect dolls, she collects championships. She then says there comes a time in every big girl’s life that they need to leave their dolls at home.

Bliss mocks her, saying they get it, but have some fun, let your hair down, and Lilly is right, everyone loves a good gift. So take it.

Charlotte: “No.”

Bliss: “Yes.”

Charlotte says no again, and Bliss returns with a Yes and a smile. Weak YES chant from the crowd. Charlote takes it, saying she does love gifts. Ok. It’s not ticking, so they’re good there. She opens the gift, as the crowd chants to OPEN IT. She does, just a little, and her smile is gone. Then, she opesn all the way, and it’s a Charlotte inspired Lily.

Her name is Charlie, and it looks exactly like Charlotte. The doll gets a Charlie chant. Alexa wanted to give her something to play with after she took the title, but she heard Charlotte earlier, how she doesn’t need anyone, but everyone deserves a friend, even a narcissistic, self-absorbed, bitch like Charlotte.

Charlotte says she loves that the doll has matching accessories, but Bliss is crazy if she thinks she’ taking the title. She’s crazier if she thinks Chalrotte wants this stupid doll. Actually, she’ll have Mattel send her the real Charlotte action figure. She then Long Lives The Queens Alexa and tosses the doll into her fac. Bliss hops onto Charlotte, then dodges a kick, and Kicks Charlotte off the apron. Bliss hops on Charlotte’s back and hits a Destroyer then sits in the middle of the ring. She stands, grabs Lily and the title, and holds it high in the air.

Charlie lays in the middle of the ring, no-selling everything.

DREW MCINTYRE makes his entrance before we go to break.

WE come back and Jinder and his homies attack Drew from behind. The Viking Raiders eventually come out to save Drew, and the heels leave the ring.

Match 2: Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky vs The Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre

Veer and Erik to strat. Veer gets a high Thesz Press then tags in Jinder. Jinder with right hands in the corner. He hits a short clothesline. Cheap shot to Drew. Body slam to Erik. Tag to Veer. Veer drops a fist, misses, and goes for an elbow drop, missing again. Tag to Jinder. Tag to Drew. Clothelsine, Drew attacks the other ddue off the apron. Clothesline to Jinder, he heads outside. Belly to belly to Veer! Drew heads back in, right hand to Jinder. Whip to the corner, gets sent over the ropes, right hand, to the top, Drew flies, rolls through, throat check from JInder, Spinebuster to Jinder, but he got the tag, and in comes the big dude. Michinoku Driver from Drew!

Kip up. Countdown to Claymore starts, Drew hits it! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: The Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:39

Big E is backstage, and here come the homies!!! Woods and Kofi are on either side of him. They tell E that they miss him. E deserves this. Tonight is the night. He brings up Kofi’s hometown, here in the B. E asks Kofi for advice. Kofi says E has everything it takes to be the face, so he don’t need advice. He knows what to do. Woods says E does look a little tense, so he’s gotta relax a little.

They dance a little.

Backstage, Reggie escapes losing his title. I was lucky enough to obtain some footage:

Before the match starts, Sheamus comes out to be ringside.

Match 3: United States Championship Match
Damian Priest vs Jeff Hardy

Lockup. Side headlock from Jeff, hits a shouylder tackle, but Priest flies off the ropes with a hard right hand. He rolls over the laid out Jeff, misses an arm drag, doddhes a dropkick, escapes a leg sweep, tries for a ear box, shoves Jeff away from a jawbreaker.

NICE exchange there.

Jeff kicks Priest, hits the back, whips, reverse, back elbow from Priest. Inverted atomic drop, leg drop, and a dropkick from Jeff. Jeff with an elbow drop. Jeff sends Priest ott he otusdie, Jeff kicks Priest away, Priest tries to sweep the leg with a leg, but Jeff hops over it and kicks Priest, then hits a flying clothesline. He sends Priest into the ring. Priest in the corner, Jeff rushes the corner, misses a splsh, gets sent oer the top rope, Priest kicks him in the face. Priest flips over the top rope onto Jeff. Sheamus removes the headset as Priest turns to talk some shit.

BACK and Jeff is up on the top rope. Priest is behind him, boxes the ears, goes for a back suplex, but Jeff turns mid air and hits a modified crossbody. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Both men fight their way up, Priest tries for a back elbow, but Jeff drops Priest then stacks him for a pin. 1..2…NO!!!! Priest gets up in the corner, turns, and kicks Jeff away. Kick from Priest, another kick, spin, right punch, Jeff with a slingblade off the ropes! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jeff sends Priest ot the corner, hit sa shoulder, whips Priest to the corner, rushes and gets kicked down. Jeff to the 2nd rope, dives with a splash, cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Jeff with a kick, grabs the head, Priet is up, hits a right hand. Another forearm. Jeff hits the ropes, Priest hits a right, he gets some body shots. Jeff kicks away, hits the ropes, Priest with a spinning leg lariat. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Priest to the top rope. Jeff rushes the corner, hits a right hand. Jeff climbs to the top, locks the head. Priest elbows out, hops down to the apron, kicks Jeff in the chest, dropping him down hard. Priest flips from outside dives in with a leg lariat across the chest. Cover for 1..2….NO!!! GOOZLE! Jeff rolls Priest up! 1…2…NO!!!!

Sheamus says this was 3! Jeff goes for Twist of Fate, Priest reverses. Reckoning! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Damian Priest
This was the best match Jeff Hardy has had in forever. Good shit. Priest is leaning more on those “off the rope” moves, and of the two tonight, one looked good while the other looked…not so good.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:18

Sheamus attacks immediately! He even gives a Brogue to Jeff! Sheamus celebrates. Priest is up! Brogue Kick to Sheamus! Sheamus scurries up the ramp on his ass, pissed off.

Nikki is backstage telling Rhea they should come up with a celebration. Rhea says to focus on the bigger picture; the tag team titles.

In come Natalya and Tamina to show Rhea and Nikki just how good they are at acting.

They brawl a bit until a ref and Sonya come out to scream STOP! She says before Natalya vs Rhea, it’ll be Tamina vs Nikki “A.H.S.”


Match 4: Nikki A.S.H. vs Tamina

Tamina murders Nikki, then tosses her dead body into the corner, kicking the corpse over and over. She tosses Nikki in the corner, hits a few right hands, whips to the corner, but Nikki retruns to life and dropkicks the knee, then attacking the back. Tamina shoves, Nikki hits the ropes, and Tamina hits a clothesline. Right hands to Tamina. Right hand to the mid section. Snapmare and a cover for 1….NO!!!! Cravat from behind, she takes it down to the mat, Nikki stomps the foot, kiks at the leg, Tamina with a HARD right slap to the face. Tamina shoves Nikki against the ropes as Natalya calls her a piece of crap. Tamina with a body slam. Tamina misses an elbow drop. Nikki with an elbow, another, kicks to the legs again. Tamina sends Nikki into the corner. Tamina rushes, Nikki kicks away out of the corner, hits the ropes, sells the mid sections, hits asplash in the corner, hits the ropes, runs into a head scissor and a shove. Tamina up in the corner. Nikki spins, hits the corner, right hands for a 10-count. Whip attempt, but Tamina hits a weird ass right hand to the face. Tamina whips to the corner, waits, runs into a kick, Nikki to the top rope, she sits there for a minute, Tamina stands, Nikki locks her head.

Tornado DDT! Cover for 1..2……3!!!! Tamina kicks out immediately after 3. Oop.

Winner: Nikki
Lol. Trash.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:45

Tamina is announced as the winner, and her music hits. Lol.

Tamina is pissed. She attacks Nikki. Natalya attacks Rhea. Nattie whips Nikki into the arms of Tamina, and Tamina sends Nikki into the barricade.

Match 5: Rhea Ripley vs Natalya

This is already goin down when we come back from break, and Rhea has a side headlock takedown. Leg scisssors from Nattie, but Rhea escapes, only for Natalya to hit a side headlock takedown of her own. Leg scissors from Rhea, kip up, Nattie gets kicked, sends Rhea to the corner, Rhea hits the ropes, Nattaie too, rolls over, waits, says “Bitch” loudly, so we know she’s a heel. Natayla with a cover for 1…Rhea reverses and gets a 1..2..NO!!! Natalya hits the ropes, flips up Rhea’s body, head scissors Rhea down. Natalya attacks the back, shoves her into th corner, hits a knee, another. Natalya smacks her ass to the crowd. Rhea fights from her knees. Nattie hits the ropes, goes for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, Rhea hits a back elbow, big boot to Nattie. Natalya rolls outside. Tamina grabs her to help her out. Rhea leaves the ing, flies with a dropkick, but Nattie moves and she hits Tamina. Nattie with a spinning clothesline. She celebrates, then drops an elbow. Nattie rolls back in and locks the leg, looking for the end. Rhea punches her away. Nattie sends Rhea back to the outside. She locks the head, goes for a suplex on the outside. She hits it!

Back, and Nattie the girls collide. Rhea reinvigorates herself with a kick and some chest slaps Rhea spins and kicks, making sure to slap that thigh. She goes fo ra shoulder in the corner, Rhea misses, hits the corner, Natalya with an atomic drop, hits the ropes, low dropkick. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Nattie drops some elbows, goes for the spinning clothesine, Rhea kicks the arm away, hits a Northern Lights and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rhea stomps the abs hard, then goes for a Cloverleaf! She gets it, Nattie rolls into it, so Rhea sits for a pin. 1..2..NO!!! Nattie with a sick release German Suplex. She grabs the legs. Goes for The Sharpshooter. Rhea sets up for Rip Tide, Tamina on the apron.Nikki is back! She pulls Nattie down. Rhea turns, dropkicks Tamina on the outside, turns back to Nattie, grabs her, Nattie with a rollup. Feet on the ropes. 1..2.NO!!

Nikki shoves her feet off. Rhea with a headbutt. CLoverleaf to Nattie. Nattie taps!

Winner: Rhea Ripley
A match that took a little time to get to where it was going, but once there, we got some solid action. I enjoyed mostly everything, but seeing Nattie tap seemed odd to me.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:56

Mansoor and Ali are out next along with The New Day. They dance as Ali stares in annoyance.

Match 6: Mansoor and Ali and The New Day vs AJ Styles, Omos, T-Bar, and Mace

I miss the first half because Vanessa and I still cant decide on pillow type. Feather or Foam!?!? HELP!

We are back, and AJ grabs the boots of Mansoor. He ducks an enziguri, but Mansoor hits a whole ass other one. Tag to Woods. Tag from Kofi. Woods sets up for a Side Russian, holds, and Kofi flies with a dropkick! Another kick to AJ, Frogsplash to the back of Styles! In comes T-Bar, gets kicked by Woods. Woods dives in, tornado DDT. Mace runs in, Woods holds the ropes, and Mace tumbles outside. Kofi turns to AJ. High knee. Mansoor dives! Ali as well! Suicide Dives to T-Bar and Mace! Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but AJ reverses!!! Ali saves the pni! Mace in to send Ali away! Inverted DDT from Mansoor! He dives into the arms of T-Bar who spins and tosses Mansoor out of the ring. Woods with a superkick! PELE KICK FROM AJ!!!! Tag to ALi! AJ scurries to the corner. OMos tags himself in. Omos trucks Ali down hard. GOOZLE to Ali. Mansoor in and hops on the back of Omos with a sleeper! Kofi and Woods each grab a leg.

Omos sends them all flying. Omos turns, grabs Ali for the Khali Chokeslam. Cover for 1..2..3!!

Winners: AJ Styles, Omos, Mace, and T-Bar
Well, the little fun that Mace and T-Bar had last week kind of dissipated with this one, even if they won.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Match 7: Eva Marie vs Piper Nivens

Side headlock from Eva, but Piper hits a shoulder tackle. She misses a splash on the floor, and Eva covers for 1..NO! Eva with a right elbow, tries to whip. Piper sends her into the corner hard. Piper misses a splash, Eva sends her face into the corner a few times. Kick from Eva. She locks the head, Piper escapes, headbutt, chop to the chest. Piper grabs Eva’s head, whip to the corner. Splash to Eva. Piper lifts Eva, Eva rakes the eyes and pulls the hair, goes for a rollup, but she cant pull Piper down.

Piper turns, huge splash. Hits the ropes, and hits another crossbody. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Piper Nivens
I’m hoping this ends it because I don’t think many people care. I know I don’t.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:51

Backstage, Kross is here to introduce himself. He says deep down, we don’t knw who we really are. However, we have ideas of who we’d like to be. Their true nature is in the suffering. This suffering has become insatiable. His list of casualties continue to grow (ah yes, so many people). Do we want to know his motives, his desires, his ultimate plan? He might not know the answers. He will pulverize everyone around him like clockwork until everyone learns to fall and pray.

Match 7: WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley

Orton starts with the mindgames, entering and exiting the ring a bunch of times. Lashley then gets distracted by Riddle, and Orton attacks from behind, sending him into steps and barricades. Uppercuts and right hands. Orton sends Lashley to the announce table, then back in the ring. Cover for 1..NO!!!! Lashley corners Orton with some shoulders, then a right to the head. Another. Lashley with a shoulder in the corner. Orton with a clothesline over the timekeepers area on the outside. He rolsl in the ring as the ref counts.

We are back, and Lashley has Orton on his shoulders. He swings him into the ringpost on the outside. Lashley brings Orton up to the apron, hits a right hand, then hits the ropes, and finalizes it by sending Orton flying off the apron onto the barricade hard. Lashley sends Orton back in, hits a running shoulder to Orton, folding him in half. Lashley with a neckbreaker. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cravat from behind. Elbows from Orton. Breaks the hold. Orton goes for a clothelnie, Lashley locks up, elbows to the back of the head, Lashley shoves, goes for a spinebuster, but Orton hits a clothesline, another. Orton turns to the corner, hits another clothesline. Mounts. Orton with the punches. Powerslam out the corner and a cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Rope-assisted DDT from Orton! MVP Tries to wake Lashley! Orton turns! RK-NO!!!! Shoves to the ropes. SPEAR TO ORTON!!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!!!! Lashley tries for the Full Nelson. He gets one arm. Orton prevents the second. RKO FROM ORTON!!!! MVP pulls Lashley under the ropes! Riddle is there to threaten MVP. MVP has his cane, Orton exits the ring. RKO TO MVP!!!

Orton rolls back into the ring. SPEAR FROM LASHLEY!!! Cover for 1…2…..3!!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Well damn. Lashley beat DAT ASS! This was a great match. Orton did his part, being just as hard hitting as Lashley, and really setting up the fact that someone could properly cash it in immediately after the match. I loved this.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:20

Lashley grabs Riddle. He sends him into the post! He grabs Riddle by the announce table and chokeslams onto the table. Lashley looks to have hurt his leg. He climbs the steps, looks to get back into the ring.

Big E’s music hits!

He rolls into the ring! It’s Official!!!!

We go to break.

Match 8: WWE Championship Match
Big E vs Bobby Lashley

We are back and Lashley is pummeling Big E into the corner. He escapes. Chop block. He goes for The Big Ending! SPEAR FROM LASHLEY! Cover for 1..2…….NO!!!! Big E locks the head, lifts up, Big E drops to his feet. BIG ENDING!!!! COVER!!! 1….2…….3!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Big E
Well, they pulled the trigger, and although Big E is the guy that deserves it, it reeks of desperation. The hope is that,unlike many other MitB winners, he doesn’t get pushed into a secondary storyline that makes him seem unworthy of the big win.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time:

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
The first thing to notice here was that, for the most part, the wrestling was good to great. Sure, we had a stinker or two, but the focus on the in-ring product being exciting was very apparent. From Priest pulling out a few newer moves (really only one of them worked well), to Jeff Hardy actively trying to have a good match. There was still some of the old issues showing up, like the Charlotte doll (although that was rectified by Charlotte throwing it in the trash), or like anything to do with the 24/7 title (but Drake being around means there's some focus on the future). So all in all, not a BAD RAW. The opener was solid, the main event was good, and we had the moment that many have been waiting for at the end. I will admit, as I said in the review of the match, that this reeks of desperation, but if the follow-up is good, and Big E truly does become The Next Big Thing, then maybe - just maybe - this is the restart that the WWE needed. I, however, do not hold out much hope.

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