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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 1.25.21

January 25, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
Alexa Bliss Randy Orton Raw 1-25-21 WWE Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 1.25.21  

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It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We start the show with OUR Champion! Drew is here, and he feels good. He wants to say thanks to all of us for our get well wishes. He saw them all. It was incredible. It meant the world to him. He got lucky. He’ll be 100% this Sunday. This is dedicated to everyone who is dealing with Covid. Awww. What a champ.

He brings up Goldberg, saying he beat everyone, then just disappeared. He’s gonna beat that ass come Sunday.

Out come Miz and Morrison. Miz talks about how Drew and Goldberg could possibly end up injured. Then, what could happen? Well, whoever is left standing will be a sitting duck, and they will come out and beat the hell out of that person, then Miz will cash-in, and all you will hear is him being crowned the new champion.

Before Drew can say anything, Goldberg’s music hits.

Drew is ready. Here comes the real Goldberg. His forehead is not bloodied, so that’s good.

Goldberg: “You. Me. Sunday. You’re Next.”


Miz and Morrison, on the apron, talk some shit until Goldberg and Drew toss them into the ring. Goldberg with a spear to Miz. Claymore to Morrison. They turn and go face to face. Drew holds his title up. Goldberg looks at it for a bit, then back at Drew. He obviously doesn’t want it.

WE ARE BACK and Charlotte hopes Shayna brought her crown, because it’s one thing to be called a Queen, and another to actually be a Queen. She says she will be in the Rumble, and says we call her Mrs. Wrestlemania. We don’t. Charlotte is asked about her dad. She says this may be his darkest days ever. She says she is focused on Shayna.

Gotta admit, Charlotte’s promo delivery has gotten significantly better since her return.

Match 1: Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler

Charlotte backs Shayna into the corner, then dropkicks Nia on the outside. Shayna tries fo The Clutch from behind, but Charlotte snapmares her forward, then hits a big boot. Charlotte locks in the Figure Four immediately, but in comes Nia Jax to dropa a leg on Charlotte.

Winner: Charlotte via DQ
That’s one way to get to a six person tag match…
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :47

Nia holds Charlotte’s arms, Charlotte kicks Shayna away. They double team Charlotte until Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose come out to even the odds? Or is it odd the evens? Who knows. They attack until Lacey Evans comes out to attack Charlotte. Charlotte shoots her down and we go to commercial.

Match 2: Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Mandy Rose vs Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Lacey Evans

I miss the first three minutes due to computer issues, but it was mostly Dana Brooke doin a cartwheel for no reason, and Mandy just wearin the hell out of those pants. Charlotte and Shayna go at it in the middle of the ring, with Shayna whipping Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte rolls over he top rope, lands on the apron, hits a knee to Shayna then drags her out of the ring. Charlotte follows her towards Nia and Lacey as the ref counts.

Shayna shoves Charlotte into the ring at 9, but doesn’t make it, and that is enough to give the win to Charlotte.

Winners: Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Mandy Rose
What in the hell was that…?
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:27

Shayna questions the ref as Dana, Charlotte, and Mandy stand tall.

So, apparently, Nia, Shayna, nd Lacey complained to Adam Pearce on the ramp, and restarts the match.

Match 3: Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Mandy Rose vs Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Lacey Evans

Nia trucks down Dana Brooke and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Lacey gets a tag, drops with a splash, and covers for 1.2…NO!!! Kicks to Dana. Lacey stomps the fingers of Dana and smashes her face against the ropes with her knee. Tag to Shayna. She comes in and punches Dana in the corner a few times. Shayna stomps the elbow of Dana after tagging Nia in. Nia comes in and locks the head of Dana from behind. Nia rag dolls her a bit. Dana tries to fight out with elbows, turns, gets shoved to the ropes, runs right into a powerbomb attempt, but she floats over, tries for a rollup, Nia sits down, Dana moves. She reaches for a tag, gets Mandy. Tag to Lacey. Mandy knocks her down, one for Shayna, clorhesline to Lacey. Flapjack to Lacey. Kip up and Mandy lifts the legs and drops Lacey into the corner. Right hands. Mandy hits the ropes, running knee strike to Lacey. Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Shayna there to stop it. SPEAR from Charlotte! Nia sends Charlotte to the outside. Lacey pulls her leg, Charlotte chases her through the crowd. Nia turns, tag to Dana. Nia hits a shoulder, misses, Dana with a neckbreaker. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Dana to the top rope. Nia is up! She grabs Dana off the corner and sets up for a powerbomb. She turns it into a HARD chokeslam, and a leg drop for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Lacey Evans
Lol. Crap. The chokeslam looked horribly brutal, and not in a good way. No protection, no slowing down, nothing resembling a wrestler protecting their opponent.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:21

Ali has some promo time, saying the greatest moment in Kofi’s life happened because of the worst moment of his. Kofi took Ali’s spot, his moment, took everything away from him.

Match 4: Slapjack vs Xavier Woods

Woods starts off strong with a beat down and some back body dropping. Woods on the apron, gets hit with a knee, Slapjack hits a right hand then hops on th apron and flies with a clothesline to the back of the head back into the ring. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jack with a knee to the back of Woods. He steps on the back of the head of Woods then stomps again. Another to the face. He goes for another stomp to the back of the head. Jack flies off the 2nd rope with another stomp, but Woods moves. Shoves Jack, hits some right hands, blocks another, hits a chop. Another chop to Slapjack. Right hands and chops back and forth. Woods backs Jack up, whips, reverse, tilt a whirl, then gets a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Leg lariat to the head. Woods whips Jack, reversed and Jack hits an uppercut. Kick out of the corner by Woods, then he hits an Honor Roll and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ali whispers in T-Bar’s ear, and T-Bar distracts from below.

It works, and Slapjack rolls up, but Woods rolls through. Shining Wizard and a cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Xavier Woods
What credibility do we have here for any of the members of Retribution?
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:40

T-Bar attacks Woods on the outside. He sends Woods back into the ring. He and Mace hit a delayed chokeslam to Woods that took far too long for them to hit. Ali yells for Slapjack to go get a chair.

Ali goes to bash Wood’s head in, but stops mid-air, and sits on the chair instead, then asks for a mic. Woods chills in the arms of Mace and T-Bar, probably wondering why he is where he currently is.

Ali calls him a peasant. Like a real king, he will show mercy upon Woods. For that, Woods will do exactly what Ali says. He will deliver a message to Kingston. Tell Kofi that he heard the sad, unfortunate news that he will not compete in the Rumble match, but don’t fear – Ali will replace him.

Backstage, Riddle runs into Truth, who calls him The Riddler. Truth tells Riddle that The Hurt Business is throwing him a surprise party tonight. It was his birthday last week, and they have a surprise gift for the VIP Lounge. They bought him 24 gold carrots. Riddle says yes, it makes sense, they’re capricorns – sign of the goat. Truth tells Riddle that if he doesn’t tell anyone about the gold carrots, he will share with Riddle.

Bad Bunny and Booker T have a music video together. That’s a thing.

BACK TO THE SHOW, and The Hurt Business is here.

MVP on the mic. He tells us to enjoy the view. Bobby called this VIP Lounge, but first, MVP brings up the gauntlet match. Riddle may be a brain dead moron, but luck is on his side, and he can be crafty. Focus on the task at hand. He repeats this for Cedric, specifically.

Lashley brings up his favorite quote, and says they’ve only just begun.

That’s what he had to say?

Shelton says it’ only a year ago, but Cedric cuts him off, and says that they’ve been on a roll, and it’s all because of MVP. Lashley says they took it upon themselves to collect some debts. They have a symbol of their appreciation. In comes a dude to bring a box that has some gold in it. It’s a chain with THB stacked atop of one another. MVP puts it on, and is all smiles. He says this is outstanding. It’s not often that he’s at a loss for words. He doesn’t have any. Cedric says he’s so glad he liked it, because when Cedric was working with the designer.

Shelton says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Out comes R-Truth.

MVP cuts his music, and asks Truth why he is here. Truth says it’s weird that he ain’t on the list for his surprise party, but it happens. Truth says it’s rude to eavesdrop, but he overheard about them throwing him a party. Better late than never, says he.

Cedric says this has nothing to do with him. Truth says really? THB? Truth Happy Birthday? Come on.

He wonders where the carrots are at. Shelton says now is not the time.

R-Truth wonders if it’s a dance break. Lashley says Truth is right. He’s been so busy training for the Rumble that he forgot bout Truth’s birthday and would like to make it up to Truth. He got him a gift. It’s in the ring, come on and get it.

Out comes Gulak, Tucker, Carrillo, and ah, you don’t care.

Shelton and Lashley leave the ring to kill the jobbers. They toss around everyone as MVP watches in the ring.

RIDDLE IS IN THE RING! He hits a knee to MVP then runs away.

BACKSTAGE, Truth is hiding by pretending to be a statue. Pearce comes in, and Truth wants to prove that he’s capable of winning the MitB ladder match. Pearce is confused. AJ comes up, and says Truth wants to prove his worth with hopes of getting into the Rumble, and being the benevolent man that he is, he wants to help Truth. Truth points at him, says he’s a Capricorn! Lol. Pearce books it. AJ vs Truth.

Truth calls Omos a Taurus, then says he had a Taurus but it broke down on him and Road Dogg once.

Match 5: Sheamus vs John Morrison

Lockup to start! Sheamus backs up Morrison against the ropes. Sheamus with an arm drag then locks the arm, Morrison escapes. Sheamus gets the hammer lock from behind, then a front hold with the arm behind Morrison. Sheamus takes him down, gets a leg scissors, Morrsion kicks out, Morrison rolls him into a pin attempt, but Sheamus is up and gets some great kicks in. Morrison is able to get a high kick to the throat. Miz distracts! Morrison with a knee! He drapes the knee over the ropes and drops a knee on it. Sheamus to the outside. Morrison follows, sends him into the ring, hits a Dragon Screw. Cover for 1…NO!! Morriso turns, grabs the leg, Sheamus rips at his face. Elbow drop to the knee. Sheamus reaches for the ropes. Morrison drops an elbow. He drops another elbow. Knee bar. Sheamus drops a bunch of hard legs on the face of Morrison. Morrison breaks the hold. Sheamus is slow to rise, but he’s up. Huge axe handle to Morrison. A clothesline in the corner. Sheamus with a toss across the ring. Sheamus grabs the head, lifts, elbow from Morrison! He clips the back of the knee!!! Springboard, Sheamus catches him! He slams Morrison hard on the mat, covers for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to the mid section. Sheamus tries for the Cloverleaf, Morrison stops him, so Sheamus kicks him a few times and gets the hold in. Morrison to the bottom rope. The hold is broken.

Morrison to the apron. Sheamus grabs his head, Morrison hangs him up. John in, HUGE KNEE from Sheamus! White Noise to John! Cover for 1..2….3!!

Winner: Sheamus
It’s really the little things, and we saw a it of these in the less than ten minutes they had. The kicks to lock in the Cloverleaf, the attack on the knee, the brutality of the calf to the face, the escape from the apron 10-hit beatdown. Good job guys.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:20

Miz grabs the mic, says if Sheamus wants to get ready for the Rumble, then how about Sheamus vs Miz and Morrison, 2 on 1. Right now. Sheamus says he’s on.


Match 6: Sheamus vs Miz and Morrison

Sheamus sends Morrison to the outside and focuses on Miz with a fireman’s only for John to clip the leg and Miz hits a DDT. Stomps to Morrison. He hits a snapmare. Miz with a running kick, Morrison hits one as well, standing shooting star and a double pin for 1..2…NO!! Stomp from Miz. Morrison grabs Sheamus by the head. Sheamus and Miz on the outside. Morrison flies and hits a crossbody from in the ring to the outside!!! Miz and Morrison send Sheamus into the barricade. Spinning kick to Sheamus. Running kick to Sheamus. Apparently, there is no countout or DQ. Miz and Morrison to the top rope after rollin Sheamus in the ring. Miz with an axe handle to the arm. Miz sends Sheamus into the corner but Sheamsu blocks. Hard right to the gut. Kick from Morrison, another, another to the gut. Kick to the head in the corner. Miz with a kick as well, stomping Sheamus in the corner. Morrison chokes him up with the knee. Miz with a kick to Sheamus. Right hand to Sheamus from Morrison. Again. Whip to Morrison, but Sheamus sends him flying. Clothesline to Miz.

Sheamus with an axe handle to Miz. Another. Powerslam to Morrison. Firemans into a rolling senton to Miz ONTO Morrison! Miz on th apron. Sheamus grabs him and beats his chest in. Morrison runs with a right, accidentally hits Miz, Sheamus grabs him and beats his chest in, then shoves him off the apron. Sheamus to the top rope. He flies with a clothesline to both men. Sheamus grabs Miz and sends him into the ring. He follows. Morrison tries a springboard crossbody, but Sheamus moves, hits.

Brogue Kick! Skull Crushing Finale from The Miz.

Winner: The Miz and John Morrison
Sheamus is a joy to watch, even if what we are watching doesn’t seem logical.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 6:45

Backstage, Flair is showing Lacey how to break some submissions. Good tips, to be fair. Charlotte walks in on them bein all close. She tells Lacey to get out, now. Lacey obliges, which is kind of unlike her character, I’d say.

Ric says there is a place for him in this dressing room, and if someone wants to get some wisdom from him, he’s gonna give it to them. Charlotte says oh, the man who spent money on everyone but his family wants to give her some lecture? Charlotte says she is the only one that is protecting him. He is going from legend to old man. She is not the bad guy here. She backs away from her father, turns, and Lacey is there to hit her with the Woman’s Right. Lacey kicks her into the wall. Flair goes to check on Charlotte, and Lacey drags him out of the room – which also makes no sense.

Match 7: AJ Styles vs R-Truh

Styles attacks in the corner, then whips Truth into it hard. Kick from AJ. He drops an elbow to the leg. Truth out of the corner with a right hand. Truth runs right into a backbreaker. AJ grabs Truth, drags him to the center, tells Omos he’s going to toss 29 other men in the match, but Truth reverses and sends AJ out of the ring. AJ runs in, hits a drop toe hold. Truth stares up and sees Omos. Truth rolls back into the ring, sends AJ over the top rope, AJ with the Phenom—noooo, Truth dodges, hits a protobomb!

Five Knuckle Shuffle! He goes for the scissors kick, AJ dodges, Truth tries for an Attitude Adjustment, but AJ rolls it into a Calf Crusher.

Winner: AJ Styles
I like the idea of AJ crushing dreams of would-be Rumble entries, but there was little to really hold onto here.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:30

We get a replay of Orton’s promo from last week in his cute lil mask.

Alexa is set up in the half ring backstage where interviews are done. Alexa sings a little diddy about gardens. She says last week was so much fun. She speaks again to her imaginary friend, asking if he/she saw Orton’s face. We then get a recap of the fireball, which was JUST shown in the recap of Orton’s promo from last week, as well as the match where Alexa flipped went into the upside down.

Alexa watches in glee on her swing. She wonders if we saw her trick, and says He taught it to her. She can’t wait to see him again. Tonight, she has the chance to win a shiny new toy. She says she does not want to play nice tonight.

Ok, so now Alexa is watching her transformation, calling it a trick, meaning it was, in no way, a possession- which was already a stretch to begin with – causing this acknowledgement that the switch in hair, eyes, moveset was a choice that she opted to do within the flick of a light switch? Being “possessed” by The Fiend, even in its ridculousness, could have been bought as somewhat real. Her seeing herself “change” just killed what little surrealism this story could have possibly be had.

Match 8: Matt Riddle vs Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and MVP

Riddle with a knee to start against Shelton. He runs with an elbow. Another. Shelton locks the waist, goes for a German, Riddle lands on his feet. Pele kick. Riddle hits the ropes, runs for a kick, Shelton dodges, Riddle goes for a knee, Shelton catches it and hits a spinebuster. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Shelton with an Angle Slam attempt, but sits Riddle on the buckle instead. He runs with a knee lift. Riddle to the outside. He gets back in at the count of 5. Shelton hits a body slam and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Shelton with a chinlock. Shelton with a beat down, followed by a kick to the side. Running knee from Riddle to the head of Riddle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Riddle screams NO. Shelton with another chin lock. He switches to a waist lock. Riddle breaks the hold, turns into it, looks for an arm lock, gets a body scissors! He turns it into a guillotine choke, still with the body scissors. Shelton reverses with a suplex attempt, but Riddle hits a knee. Cedric distracts, Shelton with a waist lock, Riddle reveres, Shelton rolls up for a pin but the ref is busy with Cedric. Shelton is pissed. He goes over to Cedric to yell. MVP yells at Cedric to “DO NOTHING!”

Matt Riddle beats Shelton Benjamin in 4:45

MVP is yelling at Cedric and Shelton to chill. Riddle rolls MVP up into a submission. MVP taps.

Matt Riddle beats MVP in 0:04

We are back to the match already going down. Riddle is hit hard with a knee from Cedric. Cedric tries for the Lumbar Check, gets a gutbuster instead, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric drives a knee into the back and pulls back on the arm of Riddle. Riddle escapes, and sends Cedric into the corner. Forearm. Riddle hits the ropes. Dropkick to Riddle! Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Cedric locks the leg, pulls back the arm, and gets an abdominal stretch. Elbow to the side. Cedric breaks the hold and drives some knees to the face of Riddle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Another for 1…2..NO!!! Waist lock from behind by Cedric. Elbows from Riddle directly to the face, breaking the hold. Cedric with a DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric locks the chin from behind. Riddle breaks it, hits a pele kick, kips up, Cedric in the corner, Riddle rushes with a forearm to the face, another one from out the corner. Riddle goes for a kick, tries for a moonsault, switches up with a broton, but Cedric has his knees up. Cedric attacks the mid section, Riddle fights back, misses a kick, Cedric hits a spinning kick, Riddle with gutwrench! German! Riddle lifts with the head, but Cedric is able to reverse, hits a brainbuster!! MVP continues to berate Cedric with notes, telling him he should have cradled the head!!! Cedric with right hands to the head of Riddle. Stomps over and over. Cedric to the top rope. He flies, Riddle rolls, Cedric lands on his feet, Riddle runs up on him. Triangle Choke to Cedric.

Cedric lifts Riddle up! Riddle is able to get the pin for 1..2..3!!!


Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: About 11 minutes, total.

Riddle walks up the ramp, saying it’s just a matter of time, all proud of his win. Lashley runs out and attacks Riddle. He locks in the Full Nelson until Riddle dies.

HEY! It’s EDGE!!!

He says if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t sleep on tomorrow. You gotta dream and fight for it every day. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Sometimes you gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep walking. He says 10 years ago, he had won the title. Within a week, he had to give it up. He gave up his title and his career – the only one he’s ever wanted. He says these words were the jet fuel that lit the fire in his gut to make him fight for nine years to get his career back. His dream back. Then at Backlash, Orton tore his tricep and gave him another reminder that everything you hold dear can be taken away just like that. Ya gotta fight. And he knows what his mom would say – she would tell him that he’s gotta just go do it. So…

He is entering the Royal Rumble. He knows it wont be like last year. The stakes are higher. He knows the window closes for him more and more every day. He needs to take back what he never lost – what is his. At some point, you have to fight for his dreams, and at the Rumble, he will fight with every breath left to make this maybe, far-fetched dream, come true.

Now, if you have been with him from The Brood till now, you know he’s gotta try. A world without dreamers and fighters is a much less magical place. Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can, you’re right.” Well he thinks he can.

Match 9: Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

Alexa with a go behind but asuka elbows her then kicks her and tosses Alea across the ring. One more time. Stomps in the corner. Alexa is slow to stand. Asuka brings her to the center of the ring, pulling the arm from behind. Asuka kcisk the shoulder, and pulls back on the arm again. Alexa turns into the hold, hits a right hand. Knee to Asuka. Alexa attacks the back. Whip to Asuka, who rolls up the ropes and hits a dropkick. Asuka hits the ropes, hip attack is missed, Alexa kicks her in the mid section, sending Asuka to the outside.

Alexa is show in the center of the ring on a rocking horse, with some childlike music in the background.

WE COME BACK FROM BREAK and commentary says they blinked and the horse was gone. Alexa pulls on the hair of Asuka, then sends her into the corner. Stomps to Asuka in the corner. Alexa with a boot to the chin. Snapmare to Asuka. Chin lock from behind. Alexa is laughing while she has the hold in. Asuka cries in green. Asuka stands, hits an elbow, another, Alexa whips to the ropes, runs right into a kick! Bliss is all smiles, rushes the ropes, ounces off, Asuka hits a shoulder tackle then a knee to the afce. Hip attack in the corner. Back kick. GERMAN! Kick to the face! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Asuka grabs Alexa, sends her into the corner, and stomps her a few times. Asuka rushes the corner, but Alexa’s music hits and she is now in regular Alexa Bliss gear. Alexa is crying as commentary calls her “The Goddess.”

Asuka is super confused as Alexa stands up and wonders where she is, showing massive confusion. She looks around the Thunderdome, Asuka rushes her. Drop toe hold sends Asuka into the buckle. Bliss looks off into the crowd, grabs the 2nd rope. The lights go out in a purple and black blaze, and we’re back to Evil Bliss, hanging upside down. Asuka is freaked in the corner. Bliss turns, slowly saunters her way towards the center of the rng. Asuka with a strike, blocked, kick is blocked, back fist ducked, knee to Bliss’s face! Bliss rubs her lips. Asuka with an arm bar attempt, looking for Asuka Lock ,but Bliss escapes. Chinlock from Asuka, Bliss rips her hands off. MANDIBLE CLAW to Asuka!


Winner: Alexa Bliss via DQ
The Three Faces of Alexa isn’t Foley leels, but it was cute if you don’t think too hard about it. Thankfully, Asuka did not lose her title, and Orton got to RKO Alexa to hell.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:35

End Show

The final score: review Poor
The 411
What a rough start to an underwhelming show. First, we open with a singles match that turns into a tag match, which holds little to no value, and is stop-started due to miscommunication or injury or who knows what, causing an awkward befuddlement amongst everyone. This is rectified by a "match" in which Nia Jax, again, nearly concusses someone to the point where I seriously question her worth from multiple standpoints. Honestly, if this was a one-off accidental drop of a person, I'd be more forgiving, but how many times? This, after nearly forty minutes, is followed by Ali trying his damndest to make everything work, but the trouble is that Ali, as a standalone character, has a gripe, and we could really come to terms to his heelish ways as an audience - but the second Retribution gets brought into the moment, it's ruined. Retribution, the group that signed a contract to destroy the WWE from within can't even get a win over Xavier Woods. They've lost more than they've won, they hold zero value, are devalued more now than they ever were with their "slave names," and the only interesting person is feuding with an injured wrestler. This is followed by The Hurt Business, who really has NO business going through squabbles as they are (were) the strongest faction to come along in years, and yet here we are with the bickering amongst tag team champions - YET AGAIN. Riddle's win was obvious, but seeing it happen didn't make it feel any more right. Hell, even Sheamus vs Morrison, a match on its way to really good, had to be marred by turning it into a handicap match for no reason other than to stretch the show. Styles destroying Rumble dreams is great, but will mean nothing when we see these guys enter anyways - and we most likely will. Drew was a welcomed return, and yet I have no interest in Goldberg being anywhere near anything on a WWE show. The saving grace of RAW was Orton RKOing Alexa, and her Three Faces of Bliss, which really only works if you DONT think about it, and with two plus hours of drudge, it really isn't all that hard.

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