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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 10.12.20

October 12, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Lana WWE Raw
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 10.12.20  

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Welcome to D.A.D. Day 2!

Hey all! It’s Dumb Ass Draft Day 2, and we start hot and heavy with commentary using hell as a pun while not intending to. Orton’s music hits as they express how hot a commodity Orton is.

Orton claims that regardless of whether he gets drafted or stays put, he will be taking the WWE Championship from Drew. Orton says 2020 was The Year of Drew McIntyre, and until last Monday when he pinned Drew, he hadn’t lost via pinfall in almost one entire year. He is talking to Drew right now, and he wants to tell him that in two weeks, he will pin Drew yet again. He will end his legacy and take the WWE Championship from Drew, all by hitting him with an RKO

Drew cuts him off at O and comes out to congratulate Orton for being the first in almost a year. There’s a part Orton didn’t expect; he was lying there, prone for a kick to the skull, when Orton decided to gloat. Drew got back up, and kicked Orton for everyone Orton screwed over, but at Hell in a Cell, it will be all for Drew. The biggest thing that caught his attention was that Orton might be drafted tonight; but Drew promised that every single time they’re in the same building, Drew would kick the crap out of him, and he wouldn’t want to break a promise.

Drew rips his shirt and heads to the ring. He hits some rights, then kicks Orton into the corner. Again, right hands and another kick. Orton kicks Drew and runs out of the ring. Drew chses, and Orton sends Drew into the apron, then hits an uppercut. Another. Whip is reversed and Orton is sent into the barricade, then into the ringpost. Chop to Orton onto the announce table. Drew grabs the head of Orton and drops him onto his back, onto the table. Drew rips the sweater vest off of Orton and rolls him into the ring, giving Orton the opportunity to roll right back out and up the ramp. Drew hits the barrier that prevents wrestlers from leaving the ring as Orton crawls up the ramp backwards.

BACKSTAGE, Weird Al’s son hands Stephanie some Draft pickins.

Stephanie McMahon is here after the commercial break, saying there have been twist and turns, like the fact that most people didn’t go anywhere.

Stephanie McMahon announces The Fiend to RAW and Bayley to Smackdown.

Randy Orton stays on RAW.

Charlotte Flair stays on RAW.

The Street Profits move to Smackdown.

What a twist.

Match 1: No Disqualification Match
Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

Bell rings and they collide! Owens sends Black outside, and Black kicks Owens on the ramp, then sends him into the apron. Back in the ring, Black goes for Black Mask, Owens goes for a Stunner. Both fail. Black shoots the legs. Owens sends Black out of the ring. Owens is wearing jeans, which is a nice touch. Black kicks Owens on the outside. Another kick to the chest of Owens. Owens whips Black into the barricade, then runs with a cannonball onto Black! Owens grabs a table and sets it up. He grabs Black and pulls him over to the table, setting up fower a powerbomb. Black, instead, punches the side of the left knee. Owens kicks him in the face then stands onto the barricade. Black there to grab him and slam him onto the announce table!

We are back to the show, and there’s a chair in the ring. Music hits and the guys circle it, hoping to be the first one to sit down.

Just kidding, Black trips Kevin and he hits the chair face first. Black leaves the ring and grabs some chairs from under the ring. He tosses them into the ring then heads back in. Black kicks, Owens uses the chair as a shield, Black runs for a knee strike but Owens holds the chair up then smacks Black over the head. DDT to Black! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Owens hits Black on time onto the hip. He sets up some chairs facing each other, favoring his leg a bit. He grabs Black and lifts him up onto the corner. Locks the head. Black is able to elbow Kevin down and flies with double knees ONTO OWENS!!! Perfect angle from the cameraman there, that shit looked siiiick.

Black rolls outside to grab the table that’s set up outside. He sends the table into the ring, hops in after, and sets up the wood in the center as Owens rolls to the outside. Black heads outside, Owens goes for a Stunner, Black shoves Owens, goes for Black Mass but Owens moves and Black kicks the ringpost!

Owens shoves Black into the ring. Powerbomb THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Winner: Kevin Owens
Owens took a brunt of the punishment there, and did it well. He earned the hell out of that win. This was fun, and Owens winning just felt right. The double knees onto the chairs was also a greatly filmed spot. Perfect angle for that.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:56

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke argue over teeth-whitening and spray tan.

We come back from a break, and Stephanie is here for some more drafts

Braun Strowman to RAW
Daniel Bryan to Smackdown
Matt Riddle to RAW
Kevin Owens to Smackdown
Jeff Hardy to RAW

The Miz and Morrison are here to…entertain. Or something. They talk a bit bout the draft, and talk about Miz having some connects with the USA Network. They move on to their guests: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

Mandy and Dana have a seat. Mandy tells Miz that he ruins people’s lives. Miz says how? She’s winning. She should be thanking them. They offer their backs to Mandy to pat. Mandy says she’d rather slap them in the face. Miz wants to get serious, and asks Dana if Mandy is who she wants as a partner. Look at what happened to Sonya.

Dana says she is certain that her and Mandy are friends. There is no jealousy. Mandy says they’re good and they are making the most of it all.

Miz brings up going for the tag team championship, but tonight, they are in a Battle Royal to face Asuka. That’s gotta be awkward.

Mandy says the only thing awkward is Miz and her being on the same brand. As far as tonight is concerned, may the best woman win.

Nattie’s musc hits and Lana comes out and says why is Mandy and Dana being interviewed when she has Nattie here. Lana struggles with basic sentence structure as she explains how dramatic her life is and what kind of tea she enjoys.

Dana tells them to go do a TikTok dance. Mandy says maybe they should be training a bit and they could win a match.

Nattie punches Mandy, and we get a tussle. Mandy spears Lana down as Dana corners Nattie with some shoulders. Dana hits a short clothesline to Nattie and Mandy helps kick her out of the ring.

WE ARE BACK and Miz and Morrison get antoher segment, as they claim they have another guest – his Plan B – John Morrison.

Morrison says it’s an honor to talk about all the amazing things that he and Miz will bring to the table.

They are interrupted by…Lars Sullivan.

Out comes Bill Burr on steroids.

Morrison and Miz look ready to attack. Lars rushes, Miz leaves the ring, Morrison kicks Lars, Lars crushes Morrison with a tackle, then sends him into the corner and rushes with a clothesline. Miz pulls his partner out of the ring, but Lars stops him with an icy stare. Lars grabs Morrison and throws him across the ring. Lars hits Morrison with what Phillips calls The Freak Accident. Pretty much a lazy powerslam.

Backstage, Pearce explains to Street Profits and New Day that the most logical solution is a simple title exchange.

And that’s what happens…


In come Roode and Ziggler saying that Street Profits get to run to Smackdown before they get what they’re rightfully owed. They deserve a shot at the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Kofi and Woods offer a Shakespearean ass-kicking tonight.

WE COME BACK to Stephanie to announce some more drafts

Retribution to RAW
Lars Sullivan to Smackdown
Kieth Lee to RAW
King Corbin to Smackdown
Alexa Bliss to RAW

Why would anyone “draft” Retribution?

Seth Rollins is here, now. He wants to soak it all in for a minute. Tonight is the end of an era.

I, too, go to my same place of employment on Mondays and feel like I’m at a completely different place on Fridays. He understands how difficult this may be for the fans of Monday Night RAW. We are losing a lot. We’re losing a champion, a man who has slayed beasts, conquered monsters, a purveyor of the greater good. Most importantly, we are losing the greatest leader in the history of Monday Night RAW. He wonders if there is anyone that can feel the void. Unfortunately, no. Who will step up? He knows who it won’t be. It wont be Dominik or Rey, because they’re on the blue brand along with him. Seth doesn’t want to end his reign here as a –

Nope, he’s cut off by Jeff Hardy.

Seth tells him to get the hell out of his ring. Jeff tells Seth that he’s a Smackdown superstar now, so in a way, it’s kind of Jeff’s ring.

Seth understands Jeff wants to say by, but he should be focused on his match this Friday with Lars Sullivan. Good luck, pal.

Seth leaves the ring.

So yeah, Jeff, the dude that got drafted to RAW, will have a match this Friday.

AJ wonders how Jeff got to the ring, then tells Rollins this was never his show. AJ tells Jeff that he’s the footprint. He doesn’t fill anyone’s shoes.

Seth seems insulted .He comes to AJ to argue, and Jeff swings through the ropes to kick both of them. Jeff sends AJ into the steps then uses the prone AJ to hit Poetry in Motion onto Seth. Flying clothesline to AJ Styles.

Jeff grabs a mic and challenges AJ and Seth to a “Triple Threat Tag Team Match” next.


Match 2: Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins

Jeff tries to take care of both men in each corner, and I just now realize how bad that sounds. We get Seth being sent to the outside as AJ and Jeff go at it. Jeff sends AJ into the corner headfirst then hits some shoulders. Seth is back in to stomp jeff alongside AJ. Seth hits a surprise rollup for 1..2.NO!!! AJ with a pele kick then a knee to the back of the neck off the fireman’s. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! AJ chokes Jeff up on the 2nd rope,then stomps him on the neck. He goes for a knee drop, hits it, covers for 1..2….NO!!! Jeff with shoulders in the corner. AJ reverses and hits some kicks and whips Jeff, eats an elbow, jeff up top, But Seth is on the apron! He shoves Jeff down off the corner. Sethdives off the top rope, side steps, slingblade, kick to AJ. Suicide dive to jeff hardy! He runs back in the ring, grabs AJ, lifts up and Aj lands on the feet. He his a flurry of hits, but Seth with an enziguri. Seth hits the ropes and dives onto both AJ and Jeff!

We come back to Seth dropping axes on Jeff’s back. He kicks AJ in the mouth, keeping him outside. Seth yells that he runs this hosue until he says different. Set sends Jeff into the corner, whips Jeff to the opposite corner, eats an elbo, so does AJ. Jeff to the top rope. Whisper in the Wind onto both AJ and Seth. Jeff appears to have hurt his knee. Jeff stands, turns, and AJ is up. Inverted Atomic Drop. Leg drop to AJ. Dropkick to AJ. Rollins is here and gets an atomic drop, escapes the rest, but Jeff hits a snapmare. AJ is there to grab his head for a suplex, but jeff reverses and slams AJ onto his face. Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Jeff with a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Rollins. Leg drop into a pin for Jeff, getting a 1..2..NO!!! AJ stops the pin. AJ with a reverse DDT to Jeff. He covers. 1..2…NO!!! Styles lookin for Styles clash, but Seth flies out of the sky to stop it. Right to Jeff. Falcon Arrow to AJ. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Seth in the corner, wants the stomp to AJ, but Jeff flies forward, steps onto AJ’s bck, and comes off with a surprise DDT to Seth! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Jeff to the top rope. AJ there to stop any offense. AJ locks the head. Seth is up. He sits AJ onto his shoulders, AJ drops down, picks the leg for the Calf Crusher. He’s got it! Jeff still on the top rope! SWANTON TO SETH!!! AJ steals the cover for 1…2…..NO!!!!! Seth rolls outside. AJ grabs Jeff. He goes for Styles clash. Jeff reverses. TWIST OF FATE!


AJ looks at Elias, unsure of what to do, and covers Jeff for 1…2….3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
While it wasn’t the Triple Threat Tag Team Match Jeff Hardy promised, the match was still high quality. Solid work from everyone, AJ winning is the right way to go, and the return of Elias is welcomed, and starts a somewhat fresh feud for people to get behind. Who knows, maybe Elias is mad about Jeff supposedly hitting him with a car?
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 14:18

Stephanie is backstage making faces as she previews the draft picks.


Elias to RAW
Sami Zayn to Smackdown
Lacey Evans to RAW
Shinsuke and Cesaro to Smackdown
Sheamus to RAW

Match 3: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs Lana and Natalya

Dana and Natalya to start. Dana does a spinning head scissors while screaming. Tag to Mandy, she hits a snapmare, tags in Dana, they cartwheel together then kick Dana. Coverfor 1..2..NO!!! Dana rolls Nattie up, gets pushed orward, misses a move on Lana, so Nattie drops her on her ass. Tag to Lana who hits a sliding kick then a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Lana locks the head and hits a snap suplexto Dana. Lana sends Dana into the corner and kicks a few times then tags in Nattie. Natalya comes in to kick Dana a bunch of times, then slap Dana hard. Tag to Lana. Lana hits the ropes. She hits knees to the back of the head. cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Lana sends Dana into the mat face first then stomps. Lana works the arm behind Dana, pullin on the chin. Dana turns into the hold. Lana sends her down hard. Lana heads over to Mandy to point at herself. Lana slaps Mandy, Dana rols her up for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Mandy. Mandy hits a clothesline, knocks Nattie off the corner, right andi n the corner, back elbow, kick to Lana, knee to Lana. Suplex and a kip up from Mandy! Mandy rolls forward and hits a clothesline. Mandy on the apron, hits a shoulder, rolls into the ring, tags in Dana.

Knee to Lana! Dana to the top of Mandy’s shoulders. Senton for 1..2….3!!!!

Winners: Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose
Still not buying it. Mandy is getting progressively better, but Dana and Lana just aren’t growing. Natalya was practically non-existent, so I have nothing bad or good to say to her.
Total Rating: * and it all belongs to Mandy.
Match Time: 3:45

Natalya goes to Lana in the ring and breaks up with her, saying this isn’t working out anymore, and she is done.

Lana is left in the middle of the ring to fake cry and ask why.

Backstage, The Hurt Business talks about Retribution knowing what was coming.

Ricochet comes up to them all by hisself. He wants one last match. MVP wonders if he is retiring. Ricochet says yeah, he’s retiring “this.” He says he might be on RAW alone. He says it does nothing for them to be coming for his head. He says if he wins one last match tonight then they squash this and go their separate ways. If they win, Ricochet will join The Hurt Business.


ZELINA VEGA is ringside for the next match.

Match 4: Andrade vs Angel Garza

Garza starts with the pants off, so you know it’s real. Side headlock to Andrade. Andrade with a back suplex to break the hold. Elbows to the face of Angel. Andrade kicks the back of the leg of Garza, which is wrapped. Andrade stomps the leg, continues to kick the left leg, and calls out to his Muneca. Lockup from behind. Andrade with a waistlock. Elbow from Angel. HUGE kick from Angel to the head. Cover doesn’t even get a 1. Double underhook from Garza, Andrade escapes.

They both end up outside. Andrade tells Zelina this is for him. He goes for the DDT, but Angel escapes, sending Andrade into the apron. He enters the ring. WING CLIPPER. Says it’s for Zelina. Cover for 1..2…….3!!!!!

Winner: Angel Garza
Seeing Andrade or Angel lose in less than three minutes doesn’t do anything for either of them, and having Zelina go back on what was supposed to be her moving on just makes her character inconsistent, which hurts it as a whole.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:39

Zelina goes to check on Andrade in the ring, but it appears that her shit talking about Alexa on commentary is ready to come back and biter her in the ass immediately, as the lights go out and flicker red. They come back on, and Alexa is hanging upside down in the corner ala Fiend. The Fiend pops up behind Andrade. Alexa grabs Zelina. The Fiend grabs Andrade. Double Sister Abigails.

We are back and Steph has some more picks

Nikki Cross to RAW
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to Smackdown
R-Truth to RAW
Apollo Crews to Smackdown
Double Keto to RAW

Match 5: RAW Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and woods to start. Woods shoots the legs, Ziggler rolls him up for 1..NO! Woods shoots the legs, tries to take Dolph down but he won’st stay on his back. He reverses and rolls Woods up for 1…NO!!! Woods drops ZIggler behind him, Ziggler has a waist lock, Woods turns into a pin for 1..NO! Woods works the wrist. Kick to the knee from Ziggler. Ziggler works the left arm, pends it back behinds Woods. Woods turns into the hold, reverses it and gets a side headlock. Tag to Kofi. Kofi to the top rope. He dives off with an axe. Woods covers but Ziggler rolls out and pulls Ziggler into the corner. Tag to Roode. Side headlock to Kofi. He wrenches it, Kofi sends him to the roeps, Roodes tackles Kofi down. Kofi leap frogs twice, hits a back elbow, covers for 1….NO! Roode gives Woods a cheap shot, Kofi rolls him up for 1..2..NO!!! Kofi tries for a Trouble in Paradise, Roode dodges it, Full Nelson Slam! Tag to Dolph. An assisted Fameasser is hit! 1..2…NO!!!!!

WE ARE BACK, and Kofi is trying to fight Roode away. Roode with a right hand. He stomps Kofi against the ropes. Boot to the neck. Roode to the top rope. He dives off with a knee! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Roode with a headlock from behind. Kofi turns into it. Right hand. Roode backs Kofi nito the corner. He hits some shoulders. Kofi comes out of the corner, goes for a stomp, but it’s a little sloppy. Kofi with a tag. Roode tags in ziggler. Woods sends Roode off the aporn, dodges a splash in the corner, hurricanrana to Ziggler, kick to Ziggler. ROode in to send Woods into the corner. Kick to Roode. Honor Roll. Woods sends Ziggler ot the outside. Drop toe hold to Roode. Woods hits the ropes and slides through the top ones with a kick to Ziggler. He sends Ziggler back in. DDT to Ziggler. Cover for 1…2..NO!!!!

Woods with a press to Ziggler, but ziggler drops safely and hits a DDT to Woods. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Roode. He whips ZIggler into the corner, Kofi saves Woods. Roode sends Kofi off the apron. Woods with a rollup for 1..2..NO!!!! Woods tries for an Honor Roll again, but Roode catches him and hits a Spinebuster! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Roode lifts Woods. Woods with a surprise kick to the head. Woods tries to tag Kofi, Ziggler pulls Kofi down, sends him into the steps, Kofi hops over the steps, runs back and hits a clothesline to Ziggler.

Tag to Woods, Kick to Roode, Kofi to the top rope. He flies off with a stomp to Roode with The Midnight Hour! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The New Day
This match had a little bit of everything, starting with some fun chain wrestling between Woods and Ziggler where Woods looked completely outmatched. We got some heelfuckery as expected, and some crisp wrestling. I didn’t like Roode’s initial run with the company, but his match with Drew, and now tonight’s match, he showed his worth.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 12:05

Backstage, Charley runs up on Elias and wonders wassupwitdat?

Elias says says this was payback. Everyone has forgiven Jeff Hardy, but not Elias. He won’t forget that Jeff hit him with a car. Charley brings up that Jeff wasn’t necessarily responsible, the suspect is still unknown. Elias says no, he won’t be forgiving Jeff. A car can’t stop him. Call him a legend, the Rock icon, he is Elias. Being the great musician that he is, he spent this down time searching his soul and wrote what might be his Magnum Opus. His new album “Universal Truth” will be available to the world. Next week, we will celebrate with a concert. It will be unforgettable, especially for Jeff Hardy.

Recap of last week when Ali was revealed as the possible leader of The Dark Order.


Match 6: Cedric Alexander vs Ricochet

The boys aren’t holding back. They hit hard and fast to start off, with Riccohet getting the first pin, which doesn’t even hit one. Cedric lifts Ricohet and slams him down hard on his stomach, then hits a dropkick. Cedrick beats down on Ricochet till he stands. Chop to Ricochet. Kick to the back of the head. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Headlock to Ricochet. Clothesline from Ricochet. Cedric locks the head and turns into a pin for 1..2.NO!! Ropebreak after a submission, but Cedric rolls to the middle of the ring. MVP barks an order to smack Ricochet for him one time. Cedric obliges. Cedric heads to Ric and gets rolled up. He misses a clothesline, Ric locks up with a half nelson into a suplex. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Ricochet to the top rope, tries for the 60, rols though, fireamna’s, Cedric drops, right hand, Riccohet runs up hm, hits a kick, another. Cedric with a Michinoku Driver! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! CEDRIC LANDS ON THE REF!!! MVP slides a chair into the ring. Ricochet stops the chair! He waits for the ref.

Ricochet slams the mat. Ricochet throws the chair to Cedric. Ref turns. He calls for the DQ!

Winner: Ricochet
AWww happy belated birthday, Eddie.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 5:00

After the win, the invisible barrier that prevents MVP, Shelton, Lashley, and Cedric from interacting with Ricochet appears and follows him to the back.

Next week, on the Season Premiere of Raw, we will get Keith Lee s Braun Strowman.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON is back for the final round of the draft

Titus O’Neil to RAW
Carmella to Smackdown
Peyton Royce to RAW
Aleister Black to Smackdown
Akira Tozawa to Raw

The Women’s Battle Royal is next.

Nia tells all the girls to just jump over the top rope so she doesn’t have to send them herself.

Match 7: WWE Women’s Battle Royal Match

Nia and Tamina try to have them a moment, but end up abusing Lana together instead. They go for a hug, but Nia sends Tamina out of the ring. Billie Kay tries to lift Nia, Nia lifts her instead and sends her to the apron. She goes for a shoulder, Nia headbutts Billie down as Asuka cheers for Mandy Rose. Rose and Dana get eliminated, so the rest of the girls try and eliminate Nia. Shayna is the one to help send Nia over the top rope. Nia is pissed. She clears the announce tables of tvs and table tops. Lana is ringside, so Nia grabs her and BAM! Samoan Drop onto the table.

Just to show you how little this matters, the boys are in the back doing something more important. Drew and Orton are going at it, with Orton raking the eyes and beating him down on the chest

We come back and Lacey and Nikki are going at it in the corner. Lacey hits Nikki with the Woman’s Right, sending Nikki out of the ring. Shayna has Ruby Riott in The Clutch as Lacey goes after Liv. Bianca and Natalya are goin at it, too, until Bianca drops Liv onto Ruby. Bianca grabs Baszler and eliminates her! Nattie corners Bianca. Belair is seated onto the top buckle. Right hand from Bianca. She punches Nattie down. Ruby helps Liv to kick Bianca off the top rope, eliminating her.

The Final Four are Natalya, Lacey, Liv, and Ruby.

They do the whole “Final Four” moment and it just..doesn’t have the energy it should.

Lacey and Liv, Nattie and Ruby. Whip is reversed, Ruby hops over Liv, they both land on the apron. Lacey and Nattie eliminate Liv and Ruby respectively. Lacey corners Natalya, gets lifted to the apron. Nattie with some right hands. Lacey slings herself over the back of Nattie. Nattie tries for a suplex but Lacey kicks off the ropes. Right hand from Nattie. Another. Slap to the face. Another slap. Asuka left commentary for some reason, and is watching backstage. Nattie gets Lacey to the apron. Both girls on the apron now. Nattie shoves Lacey into the ringpost. Lacey’s foot flirts with the floor. Nattie runs, Lacey kicks her, Nattie hangs from the 2nd rope. She pulls herself up. Lacey with a headscissors, Nattie holds on and swings Lacey into the ringpost. Nattie is all smiles, but the bell doesn’t ring. Commentary thinks it’s Natalya.

Lana comes into the ring and shoves Nattie off of the ring apron! Lana wins!

Winner: Lana
Dude, I can’t even…ok. I guess.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 11:21

Drew and Orton fight from the crowd to ringside, beating each other down. Orton sends Drew into the barricade. Refs and agents, who apparently have been too busy the entire show, finally come out to break them apart. Drew screams SEE YOU NEXT MONDAY, and although he’s talking to Orton, I gravely feel like he’s warning me, too.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Tonight's episode was the tale of two Raws. On one hand, you had some really good matches that took time and held their own against one another. Owens vs Black was hard-hitting and didn't stop. Owens wearing jeans was a nice touch. The angle of the camera work for the double knees off the top rope was sick, and the match as a whole was great. Owens took a bulk of the offense, but looked good in doing it, and he continues to prove that he's one of the best right now in terms of trying what he can to make whatever the WWE hands him work. The surprise triple threat (not a tag team) match was good, too, even if it was to be expected, given who was involved. This was followed up by an energetic Kofi and a "happy to be back" Woods who killed it with Roode and Ziggler, which is surprising considering I never really enjoyed Roode in his first run. Cedric vs Ricochet was incredibly short, but an ass-kicking of a match if there ever was one. These boys don't hold back for one another, and it shows. With all this being said, it's hard to rate RAW as low as I feel it deserves, because the quality in between the ropes was there, but it can't shake the horribleness that is RAW as a tv show. First of all, the draft is idiotic, keeping most people in place, and doing things namely for the sake of shock value. They then turn this limited approach into a necessity to write themselves out of a corner, and IN THE SAME WEEK, go against the idea of said draft by having people drafted to RAW scheduled for a match on Smackdown. We can't begin to care if the WWE doesn't, and since there are no established rules or guidelines or animosity, coupled with the reality that both shows are filmed in the Thunderdome, there is no reason for us to give any type of care to the idea of a brand extension as a whole, thereby making shows like Friday and tonight just...unimportant. Lana is still horrible, Miz and Morrison are funnier when they are apart, tag team champions should feel some type of way losing belts, even for a linear trade, and next week's "Season premiere's" mean jack shit. Oh, and what the hell happened to Ali?

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