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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.2.20

November 2, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 11-2-20
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.2.20  

RAW hasn’t even started yet, and I’m exhausted by it.

I think RAW has a new opening song?

Orton is here to welcome us properly.

I have just been informed that the new intro song started last week. So there’s that.

Orton takes about 93 minutes to get to the ring and talk. He says eight days ago, he won the title for the 14th time. He proved that he is the best of the best, but no that doesn’t do him any justice. He’s not just the best. He proved that he is THEE Best. PERIODT POOH. He is better than Edge, The Undertaker, HBK, Cena, Flair, and most certainly, better than Drew. He is better than all of them that have been lying to themselves, saying the only reason Orton is where he is is because he was handed it. They say Triple H protected him, management chose him, but they are mistaken. He is where he is, is because he is The Best.

Eight days ago, he showed the entire world that he is no longer The Legend Killer. He is now, simply, a legend.

He welcomes the bullseye on his back and dares anyone to come and try to take this title away from him. He doesn’t care who it is. He will be right here – come and get it.

ALEXA BLISS’s music hits. She comes out with her lil double buns. The ones on her head. Bliss enters the ring, Alexa stands in the center of the ring, smiling big. She plays with her dress a bit as Orton wonders where he is. Alexa puts her hands under her chin and smiles. She’s hot. Her hands read “PLAY” and “PAIN.” She makes her choice and drops Play, leaving Pain up. She says he could be here, and holds her hands up in the air. The lights flicker red, and Fiend’s creepy music hits. Orton looks everywhere for him, then turns into a Claymore. Drew grabs the title that Orton drops and stares it down. He tells Orton that he wants his rematch or he will make Orton’s life hell.

The Miz and John Morrison run through the crowd and into the ring, calling for a ref. Miz hands the case over to the ref. But Drew enters the ring and Claymore’s Morrison, then sends Miz to the outside. He grabs Morrison and sends him flying over the top rope onto Miz on the outside.

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Miz says it was not official because the bell never rang. He was THIS close to being the champion. Drew is petty and selfish and a child. He is so jealous of The Miz. Just because Drew’s 19 year dream is over doesn’t mean you get to go around and ruin everyone else’s dream. Miz says it’s time for someone else to step in and be the star of Monday Night Raw. Morrison says Drew has no idea what he just did. They are challenging Drew to a 2 on 1 match tonight.

ELIAS is in the middle of the ring. He still thinks Jeff tried to run him over, and it’s because Elias’ spotlight has surpassed Jeff’s. Elias says his reaction to the Guitar on a Pole match is crazy. He is making hit after hit with this guitar. Are you crazy? Then he had a moment of clarity. Tonight, he could make beautiful art in a different way. He will climb the pole, retrieve one of his beautiful guitars and smash it across Jeff’s back; it may be his greatest hit ever. He wants to give us an acoustic version of it, but Jeff cuts him off after the first line.

Match 1: Guitar on a Pole Match
Jeff Hardy vs Elias

Elias rushes Jeff in the corner as soon as the bell hits, nearly running over the ref. He ends up sending Jeff to the outside, Elias follows as Jeff climbs up the corner to grab the guitar. Elias has a stool in his hand and tosses it at Jeff Hardy. Yes, everyone, Elias just threw his stool at Jeff Hardy.

WE RETURN and Elias is stomping the rainbow colored Jeff Hardy in the corner. He stands jeff up, whips him to the ropes, and hits a back elbow. Elias lifts Jeff for a suplex, Jeff floats over, runs to the corner, and Elias clubs the back. Jeff hits a mule kick to Elias, and struggles to stand in the corner. Elias runs with a knee to the back, then a right hand. Another. Chop to Jeff. Another chop to Jeff. Elias rubs Jeff’s head onto the top rope. Whip to Jeff. Jeff ducks under a clothesline, goes for a Twist of Fate, Elias whips. Knee to the face of Jeff. Elias tries for the guitar, but Jeff pulls him down. Jeff with a right, blocks a move, hits another right, some right hands to the face of Elias. Whip to Jeff, and he comes back with a clothesline. Inverted Atomic Drop, leg drop, then a dropkick to Elias. Elbow drop to Elias. Jeff up to the corner. He gets to the 2nd rope. Elias punches the butt and gets Jeff on his shoulders. Jeff with a hurricanrana. Twist of Fate to Elais! Jeff removes his shirt. He’s up to the top, grabs the guitar. Elias is up.

Jeff kicks him away. Jeff grabs the guitar. He turns and flies off with a hard smack to the back of Elias. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy
This was uninspired and clunky. Let’s move on.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 8:08

Mandy and Dana play with resistance bands backstage.

WHEN WE RETURN, the girls make their entrance, but before the match starts, Lana’s music hits and she comes out to watch.

Match 2: WWE RAW Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Nia and Dana to start. Dana hops on the back of Nia with a choke hold but Nia backs her into the corner. Jawbreaker and a tag to Mandy, who tries to drop Nia but can’t. She tries to whip her, gets whipped herself, hops up with a leg scissors and turns it into an octopus. Mandy drops, hits some right hands, get shoved to the ropes, but Dana gets a blind tag. Nia tries to press Mandy. Dana clips the leg. Knee strike from Mandy. Dana flips with a splash and covers for 1..2.NO!!! Shayna stops it. She gets a tag, and Dana kicks her in the stomach. Tag to Mandy. They double suplex Shayna down and Mandy ocvers for 1..2.NO!!! Waist lock but Shayna works the left arm and sends Mandy flying onto her back. Shayna yells at Lana, asking her why she is out here. Right hand from Mandy. Tag to Dana. Clothesline, again. Enziguri. Dana beats Shayna down in the corner, rushes with a cartwheel and a back elbow. Bulldog and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Mandy with a dropkick to the incoming Nia! Nia clothelines Mandy on e the outside. Dana is distracted, Baszler goes for a clutch, but Dana counters and rolls up for 1…2….NO!!! Kick from Dana. Whip to Shayna who slides out of the ring and grabs Lana. Baseball slide from Dana. She slides back in with Shayna, Shayna in th corner, Dana goes for another springboard, but Shayna locks in The Clutch. Lana hops on the apron to distract. Shayna grabs Lana, Dana rolls Shayna up. Lana distracts the ref on accident. 1..2..NO!!!

Shayna kicks Dana into Lana. Baszler with The Clutch. Dana taps.

Winner: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler
Not a lot to critique here in the negative, I simply don’t care about anyone of the five girls involved.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:33

Nia stares a hole through Lana.

BACKSTAGE, Charley asks Orton if he thinks it’ll be hard to hold onto his title.

Orton says he is amused at how people forget how easy it is for the hunters to become the hunted. He needs to give Drew a reminder, and it’ll happen sooner rather than letter. That reminder? RKO.

R-Truth makes his entrance, and he is asked why he accepted a match with Bobby Lashley. Truth says this is a mistake. He came out here to meet his favorite water boy, Bobby Boucher. He even brought a water bottle to be signed.

Out comes Bobby Lashley.

Match 3: Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

Truth tries to talk himself out of this non-title match. No need for anyone to get hurt. Truth lays down for Bobby, offering a pin. Lashley says he wants the Full Nelson. Truth says there is no need. Just pin him.

Lashley goes to lift Truth, but Truth kicks him! He hits the ropes, kicks again, Lashley dodges. Spear to Truth! FULL NELSON! Truth is out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :56

Lashley locks the hold in one more time, and apparently this is a message for Sami Zayn.

DREW GULAK comes running down the ramp and covers Truth, but Lashley is there to prevent the pin much in the same way Drew did earlier for Orton. Lashley locks in the Full Nelson to Drew, then drags him over to Truth, and lays him atop Truth. Ref counts and Drew is the champion…

Lashley leaves, but turns back towards the ring and re-enters. He looks down on both Drew and Truth as his music plays.


Backstage, Metalik and Lince chat up about the 24/7 title, and are about to go get Drew, but run into AJ’s big friend. They wave at him and say they’re leaving the other way.

AJ asks his big friend if they’re ready to do this.

FURTHER BACKSTAGE, Nia is asked about Lana. Nia says not to think about her name in her presence. Lana makes her way onto her team then interfere in her match? Why because she’s butt hurt? Sara says she put her through six tables, to be fair. Nia says that tonight, let’s see if she can pick herself up again. By the end of the night, she will either not be on Team RAW, or…no, Nia wants to end her career.

AJ STYLES is in the ring. He says that this past Friday, we learned that SD is not playing at Survivor Series. They got Jey and Owens. But RAW already has the advantage. He says Smackdown lacks someone with the intangibles to be a leader; someone with the IT factor. Someone who can take a team, mold them together, and dominate. Someone like AJ. He introduces his team, starting with Sheamus, then Lee.

AJ Says there’s a reason he brought them both out here. They are the best of the best and their success is his success. He doesn’t care who they have to go through.

Lee stops AJ, says on the contrary, he doesn’t’ believe that he or Sheamus has agreed to him being a leader. Lee says he is not intimidated by the big guy, and AJ should think twice if he thinks this to be true.

AJ tells Sheamus to show Lee the way. Sheamus says he agrees with Lee. Before Lee decided to step up into the big leagues, he has been doin this for years. As for AJ, Shemaus will never take orders from him.

AJsays it’s Captain AJ. Lee says no it’s not. AJ says that if they, as a team, beat SD, his legacy will be great.

Out comes Braun, and I had forgotten about him as a wrestler and as a human being. Then he starts talking and I wish I could continue to forget…

Braun talks about hands, but Lee says he needs to qualify to be on the team. Braun says he beat Lee clean in the middle of the ring. He is qualified and should be team captain.

AJ takes offense to this.

Out comes Adam Pearce. He says he’d love to have Braun on Team RAW, but he’s having a hard time finding anyone willing to be in the ring with Braun.

Lee wonders who in the bluest of blue hells does Braun think he is lying to? He doesn’t know about AJ or Sheamus, but if Braun gets in the ring with Lee —

Sheamus takes offense, says Lee has been here for only 5 minutes. There is an order of things, and Sheamus is a senior member; Lee can step behind him. Sheamus has made a career taking down monsters like Braun.

AJ has an idea. Triple Threat Match. If Braun wins, he qualifies and is on Team Raw.

Pearce thinks this is a hell of an idea.

Match 4: Sheamus vs Braun Strowman vs Kieth Lee

Sheamus and Lee to start, but Braun sends Sheamus out of the ring to solidify the two in, one out formula. Braun tries for a running powerslam, but Lee escapes, hits the ropes, and shoulder tackles Braun to the outside just as Sheamus is entering. He and Lee go for whips, with Lee hitting a back elbow to Sheamus. Lee whips Sheamus, bends over, and gets kicked by Sheamus. Braun pulls Sheamus to the outside and starts clubbing the back. Lee flies over the top rope, flips, and his head lands on the edge of the apron while his legs land on Sheamus and Braun. Jesus. Sheamus fights Lee over to the apron. Sheamus drives his elbow into the head of Lee then pulls him into the corner. Sheamus with a right Lee with a right hand. Braun runs out of nowhereto truck both men down. Braun clears the table on the outside. GOOZLE to Sheamus. One to Lee. Lee and Sheamus break the hold, then whip Braun into the ring steps.

Sheamus lifts the stairs, Lee helps him, and they drive them into Braun, sending him flying over the announce table. Sheamus sneakily drives Lee into the ringpost hard. Sheamus sends Lee into the ring then hops onto the apron. He enters, grabs Lee, who is on the apron, and tries for the beat down on the chest. Sheamus hits ten as the camera man zooms in and out maniacally. Lee blocks a final punch, drags Sheamus to the outside and sends him into the barricade with a press. Nice. Lee clubs the back of Sheamus. Sheamus with a surprise sleeper on the back of Lee. In comes Braun to crossbody and break the barricade as we go to break.

WE RETURN and Sheamus has his knee to the head of Lee. Sheamus is workin the left arm. Lee is able to get to his knee. He stands. Right hand to Sheamus. Another right. Lee breaks the hold. Chop to the chest. Braun is in to shoulder tackle Lee, sending him to the outside. A tackl to Sheamus. Splash in the corner. He tosses Sheamus across the ring. Another splash. Another toss. Braun goes for a third, but Sheamus dodges, WHITE NOISE TO BRAUN!!! 1…2…NO!!!! Sheamus kicks Lee off the apron. Sheamus to the top rope. Lee is up. GOOZLE! He grabs Sheamus by the hip. Sheamus with a right hand. Lee chokes again. Sheamus grabs the nose. Hits a right, dropping Lee to the apron. Braun with a right hand to Sheamus. Braun to the top. He sets up for a suplex. Lee in underneath Strowman. Superplex to Sheamus, Lee drops Strowman! Strowman tries for a low blow, but Lee escapes, hits the ropes, crossbody and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!!

Sheamus and Lee together now. Lee hits a belly to belly off the ropes to Sheamus. He locks up for another, but Sheamus blocks and hits a knee to Lee. 1..2…NO!!!! Sheamus wants a Brogue Kick >Lee up in the corner. Braun hops up on the apron and sends Sheamus to the outside! Lee with a kick out of the corner. Clothesline to Braun. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

Lee grabs Braun, looks for a powerbomb. BROGUE KICK TO LEE!!! POWERSLAM TO SHEAMUS!!! Pin for 1..2……3!!!

Winner: Braun Strowman
Even though they used the tiresome trend of two out one in for a majority of the match, there was still a lot of meat left on this bone. Great match, with hats off going to Sheamus who really held it all together, and Lee for being a solid player. AJ trying to cheer them all up after the match was pretty funny, too.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:30

Braun tells Lee that he doesn’t like Lee, and he knows Lee doesn’t like him, but they need to put that aside because Braun is trying to win at Survivor Series. Why? Well because this month, they care about brand loyalty. AJ wants Sheamus and Braun to shake hands, too. Sheamus doesn’t like the way the match ended. Braun says this is what he’s willing to do for this team and tells Sheamus to shake his hand like a man.

Shemaus one ups him and hugs Braun.



Lee sends Sheamus to the outside! AJ with a dropkick to Lee, and he is mad. He screams why cant they just get along. Come on!

Garza cuts a promo backstage. I’m Mexican, and I don’t understand a single word.

DREW gets some more time to talk backstage. He says that Orton has a guardian angel watching out for Orton. The only person that will defeat Orton for the title will be Drew. He is going to get the rematch. The Fiend can back off, and if he gets his way, it’ll be Reigns vs McIntyre. Charley asks about Miz and Morrison. Drew says it’s fun to beat up Miz, so tonight he will Claymore everyone.

Firefly Funhouse is next!

Bray and Alexa are in the funhouse! They welcome us to the FireFly Funhouse, and tonight is dedicated to the three most important letters in WWE today.


Sister Abigail says Orton can go fuck himself. Or something like it. Alexa says there is no foul language in the Funhouse, and Abbie must now put money into the swear jar. She tells Alexa she can go fuck herself, too. Abby does have a point. Once upon a time, Orton was a very very bad man.

But the past is the past, and with those ashes, Bray was able to create a brnad new world where the fun never — unfortunately, it can’t be that simple. HE never forgets.

Alexa has a trick to show before we go. Bray grabs her forehead as music plays loudly, and her eyes change color. She then spits out a fruit roll-up.

While Nia makes her entrance, Lacey and Peyton cut a promo that involves more awkward body movements than actual words…

Lana cuts a promo about turning tables. She is no Adele.

Match 5: Nia Jax vs Lana

Nia whips Lana into the corner hard and calls her a pathetic piece of crap. Nia tosses Lana across the ring, definitely giving her rugburn. Nia smashes Lana in the corner, continuing to berate her. Lana hits some rights and smacks Nia in the head a few times. Whip to Lana into the corner. Nia misses a splash. Nia grabs Lana, Lana hits a righ hand. Nia shoves Lana. Lana kicks. Another kick to the head. Another to the face. Lana runs and gets dropped with a right hand. Pin for 1..2..NO! Nia stops the pin. She lifts Lana, yelling at her to give up. Right hand from Lana. Another to the stomach. Headbutt from Nia. Nia with another headbutt to Lana. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Nia stops the pin again. She slaps Lana around. She lifts Lana up by her ponytail then hits a body slam to Lana. Nia kicks Lana, demanding her to quit. Lana says no, struggles to get up. Nia says it ends now.

Samoan Drop to Lana. Cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Nia Jax
They tried so desperately to make a face out of Lana, but did absolutely nothing previous to this match to make that happen, and that includes the six times going through a table. I simply do not care.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 3:08

Nia orders Shayna to go get Nia, which is weird considering there’s no reason for Shayna to wait to take orders from Nia.

She sends Lana to the outside. Nia yells at her that she is pathetic, tries to kick Nia, but Nia just sends her into the barricade hard. Nia grabs Lana.

Samoan Drop to Lana through the announce table.

Truth is backstage in a neckbrace. He runs into The Hurt Business. MVP asks how his neck is. Truth says he came the wrong way, and walks away.

THE HURT BUSINESS is the guest of The MVP Lounge, and Lashley has a message for Sami. He thinks he’s better than Lashley for representing so many countries, but he represents a single one. Which is fitting, because Lashley has one thing to say – no more playing at SS, it’s him and Sami, and he is going to put Sami’s ass to sleep.

MVP says this brings us to tonight’s business. The Hurt Business has lived up to the arrangement. They took care of Retribution, and it’s now time to collect payment. They’ve decided that they will collect it in the form of the RAW Tag Team Championships. They will bring the hurt to The New Day, and show why they are the best of the best.

Lashley says New Day had their time but now…

NEW DAY is here! Woods says that he’s a big fan of Lashley. In fact, he’s such a big fan that he’s got in trouble before for staying up too late to watch Lashley’s matches. Kofi wonders why, oh it’s because Woods was so young. Kofi says MVP has been doin it well, and Shelton, one of the greatest athletes this business has ever seen. And Cedric….he’ll be here for a while, sure. He’ll do some great things. But who else has been doin this for a long time?

It’s ya boys, THE NEW DAY!

Look at them. They stand before them as the most decorated WWE World Tag Team Champions of all time. Kofi doesn’t wanna toot his own horn, but he’s won more titles than all of them combined. Tag team titles, US titles, IC Titles, and of course, the one title that even the almighty couldn’t get his hands on – the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

MVP says that historic win; MVP was proud, but how did that work out? Didn’t he lose to Brock in eight seconds? He bets Lashley could do it less than that.

Kofi didn’t know The Hurt Business was out to hurt his feelings. But according to Lana, eight seconds is about all the time Lashley can last.

MVP says there are fundamental differences between them. They talk about footwork, dancing for the sake of comedy. They stomp teeth out for combat. MVP wants to assure them that they do not want to dance with us. MVP says, for a fact, that Cedric and Shelton look forward to dancing with Kofi and Woods while they take the titles away.

Woods questions what they think and know. Woods says The New Day is a global conglomerate, and when people talk about The Hurt Business, it’s yet another failing 2020 internet start up. Woods says the only profits they’re worried about is The Street Profits, because they will be facing them at Survivor Series, because NEW DAY ROCKS.

Match 6: New Day vs Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

Woods and Cedric to start. Head scissors sends Cedric flying. Woods locks up for a suplex, Woods stalls, hits it then covers for 1..2.NO! Tag to Kofi and a double team then a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Tag to Shelton. Waist lock from Kofi .Back elbow from Shelton. Whip to the ropes, Shelton with a shoulder. Hard whip to Kofi. Kofi with right hands. Kofi hits the ropes, kick from Shelton. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Tag to Cedric. Cedric clubs the back, whip to the corner. Cedric with a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on his knees, twerks, sends Cedric into the corner and monkey flips Cedric. Cedric cannot land it, and hits his head to the mat. Cedric sends Kofi into the corner. Right hands. Cedric kicks the right arm. Cedric with a chop. Whip to Kofi. Kfoi with a rollup for 1…Cedric rolls through. Dropkick from Kofi. Tag to Woods. Tag to Shelton. Dropkick to Cedric on the apron, Woods with a leg lariat to Shelton. Woods with a right hand. Another. Whip and Shelton is on the arpon. Elbo to Shelton. Cedric in, Woods sends him to the ropes. Woods hits the ropes and flies onto Cedric and into Shelton! He sends Shelton back into the ring. Woods to the top. Cedric hits the ropes. Woods crotches. Shelton with a knee, sends Woods off the apron to the barricade.

Shelton to the outside. He grabs Woods and sends him into the barricade. Ref is at 8 and Shelton heads back out to send Woods into the ring. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Cedric. Cedric tries to attack, but Woods with some chops. Woods tries for a tag, Cedric sends him into the ropes, Woods slides under the legs, but Cedric hits a superkick to the chin!

WE RETURN from a break and Kofi gets a tag, rushes in, and drops Cedric with a dropkick then a clothesline. He kicks Shelton for good measure then hits a boom drop. Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise, Cedric dodges it, Kofi kics out of the corner, Whip from Cedric, kofi to the top rope. He flies off with a hurricanrana then a stomp to the chest. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Michinoku Driver from Cedric for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric rolls into a tag and in comes Shelton. Cedric looks to kick, Kofi escapes, Cedric ith a springboard, Kofi sends him outside, tag from Woods. High kick to Shelton. Woods dives through the ropes with a DDT. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! SPINEBUSTER from Seth! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Shelton sits Woods on the corner, Woods kicks him away and flies off the top rope with a DDT!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cedric in to stop the pin. Kofi in to send Cedric to the outside. Kofi hits the ropes. SHELTON stands in front of him and stops the dive! Woods with a rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Shelton tries for a roll up. Gets 1..2..NO!!!

Kick to the gut, Shelton drops Woods onto the top rope, Cedric with a springboard kick off the ropes. Paydirt by Shelton! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: The Hurt Business

Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:52

Backstage, Nikki Cross is walking, and she is stressed. She sees Alexa. She has been calling and texting and has heard nothing. Nikki has seen her with The Fiend. He must be the one making her shut her out. She knows Alexa is tough, smart, and independent and wouldn’t let anyone do this to her. Alexa is stronger than this and stronger than him. Could she just look at Nikki? Alexa turns, and she has contacts, and this is apparently crazy enough to scare Nikki.

We come back to Ricochet making his entrance for a match with Tucker.

Ali appears out of nowhere and heads down to the announce table as the match starts.

Match 7: Ricochet vs Tucker

Ricochet tries to get the upperhand, but Tucker trucks him then sends Ricochet across the ring. Superkick then a high kick to the back of Tucker’s head. Recoil and a cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Ricochet
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :33

As soon as the bell rings, Retribution comes out and sends Ricochet out of the ring the hard way. Retribution circles Tucker, then they all attack the big guy.

Ali tells Flapjack to grab Ricochet. He sends Ric into the ring, and they circle him. Ali screams that Ricochet will pay for what he has done. Ricochet tries to fight back but it’s short lived. They attack him in the corner, beating down on Ricochet while Ali watches and Mia Yim yells. They hold Ricochet up, and Ali says that no sin is forgiven until it is punished. Double chokeslam to Ricochet.

Well, they couldn’t even scathe The Hurt Business, so why not go for the smallest man on the roster?

BACKSTAGE, Sheamus runs into Drew. They are happy to see each other. Sheamus tells Drew that he has a favor to ask. He wants Drew to join the Survivor Series team to take them to the win. Think about it; The Celtic Connection. Drew says he would be so happy to fight side by side with him, but his mind is on Orton. He will only be happy if he’s champ. Sheamus says if Drew changes his mind, let him know. Drew will let him know.

Match 8: The Miz and John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre

Morrison and Drew to start. Miz distracts and Morrison hangs up Drew on the rope from the outside. He attacks the back, but Drew no sells and hits a hard right hand. Chop to Morrison. Miz enters the ring and beats down Drew in the corner, but Drew grabs him by the neck and hits a chop into the corner. Drew with a right hand. Tag from Morrison. Drew tosses Miz then brings Morrison in over the top rope. Miz clips the leg. Morrison with a knee to the face. Cover for 1…NO!! Tag to Miz. Miz and Morrison lift Drew and drop him onto their knees. Miz hits the ropes, goes for a kick, Drew catches it, stands, drops the leg, and chops the chest of The Miz. Miz sends Drew to the outside. Drew lands on his feet. Tag to Morrison. Miz hits the ropes, slides through, gets a clothesline, Morrison tries to kick, but Drew trips him up then hits an Alabama Slam ONTO THE MIZ!

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Drew has John in the ring. Tag to Miz, Drew sends him over his head, Miz lands on his feet and runs into an elbow. High kick from Morrison off the apron. Kick from Miz to the head. Tag to Morrison. They kick Drew into the corner then send him into the post shoulder first. Tag to Miz. Morrison and Miz rush to the outside and grab Drew. They send him into the barricade back first. Miz sends Drew into the ring. He kicks Drew in the corner. Again. He hits the corner, flies back with a clothesline. Tag to Morrison. Morrison flies over the top rope and spins with a splash. Cover for 1…..NO!!!!! Cravat from behind. Knee to the head of Drew. Kick to the side. Right hand. One in the corner .Another. Kick. Miz chokes up as John distracts the ref. Morrison pulls the leg of Drew and covers for 1. Cravat again from Morrison. Drew rolls Morrison off his back then runs right into a kick in the corner. Morrison tries for Starship Pain but Drew shoves him face first into the post. Drew to the top. He grabs Morrison and beats on the chest of Morrison ala Sheamus. Drew gets crotched, falling onto the ropes. Morrison with a back elbow to Drew. Another elbow to Drew. Drew shoots himself up and hits a release German Suplex, sending Morrison to his corner. Tag to Miz. Miz in and eats a clothesline. Another. Drew whips Miz, hits a belly to belly. Splash in the corner and another belly to belly. Drew with a neckbreaker to Miz. Kip up! Drew looks for a Future Shock, Miz counters for the Skull Cru, no! Drew with a Spinebuster!!! Bridge for 1..2..NO!!! Morrison with a standing shooting star press! Miz tags in Morrison. He kicks Drew, then comes in with a swinging neckbreaker. Pin for 1…2.NO!!! Drew sends Morrison to the ropes, Miz tags himself in. Elbow from Morrison, he tries to springboard, Drew sends him off the apron. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale! Pin for 1..2…..NO!!!!

Miz with the IT Kicks. DREW WITH THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! Miz drags himself to the cortner. Drew calls for Miz to stand. Morrison pulls miz to the outside.

Drew hits the ropes. He dives over the top rope onto both men! Drew sends Miz into the corner. CLAYMORE! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
By no means do I feel that Miz and/or Morrison should be beating Drew in any type of match, but this continues the long trend of the Money in the Bank person losing nearly every match they have leading up to the inevitable cash in, which almost always hurts them in one way or another. The quality of the match was great after the commercial, but everything beforehand was relatively paint by numbers, especially when said paint is a 2-on-1 handicap match.
Total Rating: **3/4
Match Time: 15:23


Randy Orton stands tall until The Fiend’s laugh is heard and we


The final score: review Average
The 411
The past few weeks of RAW have been rough. Looking back, the ratings haven't been all that great. Tonight was a bit of a change of pace in that there was truly nothing offensive to the point that I was annoyed. The 24/7 stuff was kept to a minimal, and even though I feel Retribution is dead in the water, that was also not stretched out. The focus on Survivor Series, as unbelievable it may be that anyone Ould truly care which brand they are on two weeks after a draft, was front and center, and they're trying (and failing) with the Lana experiment. With that being said, one would readily assume that tonight's RAW was enjoyable, but it just wasn't. Outside of the big hoss fight between Braun, Lee, and Sheamus, there was nothing all that entertaining or intriguing tonight. To be blunt; it was pretty boring. Still, boring is a definite step up from the past few weeks, so they got that going for them.

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