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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 12.14.20

December 14, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AJ Styles WWE Raw 12-14-20
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 12.14.20  

Hello all, and welcome to Biden’s America!

This report produced by Joseph Park.

We are informed that The Ascension has returned! Wait. No, that can’t be right. Ah, theyre having a ceremony of the title being risen.

We are also informed that Bray is taking a field trip to the Thunderdome, which would matter if they didn’t show us just a couple of months ago that Firefly Funhouse is filmed…in the Thunderdome. Idiots.

Miz is in the middle of the ring for some story time.

Miz wants to read us “The Nightmare Before TLC.”

AJ is in the ring, and asks for the spotlight to be placed on his friend, but Miz snaps and it goes off. Miz continues his horrible poetry and the spotlight shows Morrison dressed as Mel Gibson dressed as William Wallace

We get some THEATARRRRR with AJ stabbing Morrison in the middle of the ring. AJ and Morrison overact to all hell as Miz attempts to continue reading.

Miz ends his story with Miz cashing in and taking the title from AJ. The lights go on as Miz and Morrison and AJ argue about making the ending of the story better. Sheamus, thankfully, comes out to stop the pain. Sheamus says this community performance theater was slightly entertaining, but Sheamus wants to fight with his fists.

AJ says if Sheamus won’t be part of the solution, then he is part of the problem. Sheamus thinks about it, turns to AJ, and says he prefers to be part of the problem. AJ says they don’t have to do their match now, they have one later. AJ throws a tree at Sheamus. Sheamus throws a gift at him.

Match 1: Sheamus vs AJ Styles

Sheamus starts off with hard rights into the corner. He hits a body slam in the middle of the ring then drives a knee into the chest with a knee drop. Cover gets 1. Sheamus lifts AJ and backs him into the corner. He hits a right to the gut. AJ takes over and sends Sheamus into the corner. Shoulders to the midsection. He tries to whip, but Sheamus reverses and sends AJ into the corner chest first. Sheamus stares down Olmos. Snapmare to AJ. Kick to the back. Sheamus drops a knee onto the side of the face of AJ. Uppercut in the corner. Another. AJ kicks the hammy. Another. AJ with an uppercut! Whip and Sheamus reverses, Aj hops over his back, hits the ropes. BACK BODY DROP FROM SHEAMUS!! AJ is able to take over again, locking Sheamus up on the ropes and kicking him. Ref backs AJ up, so he runs with a knee, sending Sheaus to the outside. The ref starts the count. Ref gets to seven, but Sheamus hops on the apron. He enters the ring and reverses a suplex, tossing AJ across the ring. Sheamus lifts AJ. Another suplex toss. Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus clubs the back and sits AJ on his shoulders, ooking for a powerbomb, but Olmos grabs AJ and takes him off the shoulders of Sheamus. They stare each other down as we go to commercial.

WE RETURN AND AJ is working the leg, dropping a knee on it, weakening Sheamus’ leg. Sheamus reaches for the ropes. He decides to drive some elbows into the chest instead. Sheamus rolls to the apron, grabbing his leg. AJ scrapes the face, then grabs the entering Sheamus. Sheamus with a hard right hand. Kick from AJ. Sheamus kicks AJ away. AJ with a kick. Another to the knee. Another. Sheamus kicks AJ away. AJ is relentless. He pulls Sheamus up, whips to the corner, Sheamus reverses and we get an Irish Curse to AJ onto the bad knee. Axe to the head. Another from Sheamus. Fallaway Slam! Kick out of the corner. Running knee from Sheamus! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sheamus runs, AJ holds the ropes, Sheamus rolls to the outside, stares the big man down. Back on the apron, Sheamus blocks a right hand then beats AJ’s chest in, which is red as all hell. Sheamus to the top rope. Flying clothesline!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sheamus lifts AJ with a fireman’s. AJ elbows out, rolls behind Sheamus, locks the leg, tries for the Calf Crusher! HE GETS IT!!! Sheamus screams in agony, reaching for the ropes. He gets to the ropes, breaking the hold. AJ sets up for the Clash, but Sheamus lifts up! WHITE NOISE! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

Sheamus hobbles over to AJ in the corner, hits a hard right, then lifts again with a Fireman’s. Sheamus climbs the corner. He struggles, but makes it to the 2nd rope. AJ flies off! Clips the leg!!! AJ stacks! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
Amazing. Just amazing. Truly, the only issue I had was the finish, as it came off a bit anticlimactic. Everything else though, man. Little things like AJ not being able to get a whip in once, Sheamus being his own worst enemy, and AJ seeing blood and going for the kill. Sheamus has been killing it since he came to RAW, and AJ should have won considering he’s got the title match coming. That was 15 minutes that did not feel like it.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 15:50


AJ talks some shit from outside. Sheamus reaches through the ropes and pulls on AJ’s hair. His big friend pulls Sheamus down, locking his leg in the ropes. AJ kicks the chest in of Shemaus over and over. Big guy grabs a chair and hands it to AJ, who attacks Sheamus over and over with it, then caps it off with a chair shot to the knee, and finally one more, right on the dick.

A ref runs down to stop AJ. AJ’s music hits. AJ grabs the chair and gives Sheamus a few more chair shots to the dick for good measure.

Drew is as good a friend as Roman Reigns.

BACKSTAGE, The Hurt Business walks by catering, where a crew member with an Original Bro hat is eating a Bronutt. He says he found the hat, next to the box of Bronutts. They shove him around, then Lashley grabs him and says milk goes good with Donuts. He pours milk over the head of the crewmember, and himself. Sarah comes up to interview, tries to run away. She wanted to ask MVP about his match with Riddle. MVP says Riddle can’t even form a single coherent sentence. Riddle is a tremendous athlete, but he’s dumb. MVP says what she should be asking is about the unstoppable team The Hurt Business, who will send New Day limping into New Day.

FURTHER BACKSTAGE, Riddle walks up to New Day and Hardy. He has an idea. They all miss Big E, so he’s thinking Jeff teams with New Day with Bro E in their corner.

Kofi is ok. Jeff and Riddle talk about being high and offer Riddle the chance to come out with him. They do, it’s exactly what you would expect.

Match 2: IndiKofi, Xavier Backwoods, and Spliff Hardy vs The Hurt Business

Woods and Lashley to start. Lockup and Lashley tries for the Full Nelson immediately. Woods escapes, goes for a side headlock, hits the ropes, and Lashley hits a shoulder tackle to Woods. Tag to Kofi. Lashley lifts Kofi. Cedric tags himself in and locks up with Kofi ni the middle of the ring. Backed up against the ropes, until Cedric whips and Kofi gets a monkey toss. Tag to Jeff. He works the left arm, Cedric spins, kicks Jeff then tags in Shelton. Shelton attacks Jeff in the corner, with rights to the forehead. Whip and Jeff holds the ropes. Slingblade to Shelton. Jeff tries for Twist of Fate, Shelton blocks, runs, and jeff sends him to the outside. Jeff sends Lashley off the apron. Cedric enters and Kofi hits a dropkick! Riddle hops to the apron and Woods grabs his trombone to give us a little diddy.

WE ARE BACK and Shelton is giving Kofi some shoulders in the corner. Whip to Kofi, Kofi hops over, hits the ropes, hard clothesline off the ropes. BOOM DROP! Kofi calls for Trouble in Paradise, but Lashley grabs him from the apron and brings him to the outside. Ref distracted. Shelton rolls out and tosses Kofi back into the ring. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric with a tag. Cedric pulls back on the chin of Kofi. Chin lock from above. Kofi turns into it. Cedric drops him with a right. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!Tag to Shelton. Shleton is in with a hard drop. Cover for 1.2…O!!! Tag to Lashley. He drives shoulders into the corner then tosses Kofi into the opposite corner and hits some elbows to the head. Stomps from Lashley. Lashley rakes the face of Kofi. He grabs the head and tosses Kofi into the heel corner. Tag to Shelton. Cedric mauls Kofi off the tag. He tags Shelton back in, who rushes the corner and knocks Wood off the apron. Shleton whips Kofi hard. Shelton runs into a single leg stomp to the head! Tag to Jeff! He is in to whip Shelton, hits a right to the head. Leg drop to the dick, Dropkick to the face, splash and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jeff whips Shelton. Tag from Cedric, whip reversed, and Cedric hits a knee to the face! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Another cover as directed by MVP for 1..2…NO!!!! Cedric stands jeff up, Jeff with a side Russian Leg Sweep. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Shelton in to stop the pin Kick from Woods Lashley in with a Flatliner. Kofi kicks Lashley to the outside. Kofi hits theropes. He flies!!! Woods is next, but Lashley catches him and drives him into the barricade, then clotheslines Kofi’s head off! Jeff with a baseball slide to Lashley. Rollup from Cedric for 1..2..NO!!! Rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! Backslide pin from Cedric for 1..2..NO!!!! Waist lock from Cedric. Reversed. Tag from Lashley. Twist of Fate to Cedric. Lashley in. Lifts Jeff. Tries for Full nelson. Jeff escapes into the corner.

Lashley rushes the corner, Jeff moves, Shoulder to the post!! Jeff to the top!!! Cedric trips Jeff up! Lashley cathes Jeff. FULL NELSON! Jeff taps!

Winners: The Hurt Business
Kofi played the face in peril for a biiiiit too long, but other than that, another solid match for RAW, making the first hour fly by. Not that it was a clinic by any means, but I didn’t mind it.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:47

Lana is backstage with Asuka, by Gorilla. She says she is feeling confident and strong for TLC, but she’s scared to death about tonight. Asuka says Nia is scary, but even though Lana is scared, she will still go out and face Nia, right? That makes her the bravest person Asuka knows. She is proud to be Lana’s partner. Now go and beat Nia Jax.

Match 3: Lana vs Nia Jax

Lockup and Nia sends Lana down hard. Nia sends Lana into the corner and just squashes her in the corner with a splash. Nia shoves Lana down to the mat as Asuka cheers her on from backstage. Lana punches and Nia pushes. Nia grabs Lana, lifts up, and presses Lana into the air. Lana hops up and lands on the shoulders, then hurricanranas Nia into the corner. Swinging kick to the head. Lana to the top rope. Headbutt from Nia. Nia climbs the corner and gets Lana to her shoulders.

Nia nearly falls, Lana slides down and tries for a powerbomb. Nia won’t let go so Lana kicks the leg then stomps Nia down and stacks her up for 1….2…….3!!!

Winner: Lana
Nobody cares, and in less than two minutes, Nia still finds room to damn near hurt both her and Lana.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:42

BACKSTAGE, Shayna attacks Asuka from behind. In the ring, Nia does the same, attacking Lana, then rolling her into the middle of the ring and hitting a leg drop. Shayna runs down to join her partner. Nia steps on her arm, then slaps Lana around as Shayna stomps Lana’s leg. Shayna removes the shin guard of Lana then the boot and pulls her foot back. Shayna holds the foot. Nia hits the ropes. Leg drop onto the foot of Lana. Another leg drop from Nia. Asuka is here to save the day! She pulls Shayna out of the ring, hits a Code breaker to Nia, Hip attack to Shayna, Knee to Nia, and the heels leave up the ramp as Asuka checks on Lana, who is crying like her dog got hit by a car.

WE RETURN to Elias in the middle of the ring. He introduces Ryker, who is standing next to him. Elias talks of his match with Jeff, where all he saw was a blinding light. He says voltage of that level would have ended an ordinary man, but he is not that. He was baptized in lightening. He had visions of his purpose and of this man. A man that knows the universal truth.

Ryker says Elias’ music has changed him. He has been reborn. This man is a visionary and he’s been interrupted, disrespected, and attacked for far too long. He is here to stop that.

R-Truth is here to interrupt. He doesn’t wanna interrupt, he just wants to apologize for interrupting on Main Event. Elias tries to inform Truth that he is currently interrupting him. Truth is silent, saying he doesn’t want to interrupt.

Elias starts playing his song. Truth sees that a bunch of jobbers are coming for his title, so Truth runs. We get some wrasslin from those involved, but Ryker is there to toss Tozawa onto everyone. Powerbomb to Gran Metalik.

MIZ AND MORRISON are backstage talking strategy. Lee comes over and says he has an idea. He has a coin. Miz calls heads. Lee exposes a head. Lee says congratulations, they both won – but that’s the only thing they’re going to win.

Match 4: Keith Lee vs The Miz and John Morrison

Morrison and Lee start. Morrison tries to kill Lee, but Lee decides to jump and spin kick. Because he fucking can. Miz comes in but Lee hits a belly to belly and sends him outside. Morrison hits a knee strike, dropping Lee hard. Elbow strikes to the face. Lee shoves Morrison and lifts then presses Morrison down on the mat. We go to commercial. Accordin to the comments, I missed a HUGE pounce before the break. A Shame.

BACK and Lee is kickin ass. He send Morrison into the corner then knees Miz. He sends Miz into Morrison, into the corner. Morrison hits some rights, Miz hits a clothesline, high kick from Morrison. Cover for 1…..NO!!!! Kick from Miz. Running knee strike from Morrison. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Morrison locks up from behind, Miz helps him, they lift Lee and drop him on their knees. DDT from Miz. Standing shooting star from Morrison. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! The boys send Lee into the ropes, Lee holds on. He sends Miz over the top, then Morrison. John lands on his feet. Kick to Lee. Antoher kick. DOUBLE CHOP from Lee. He grabs the head, and suplexes Morrison back into the ring, but Miz pulls the legs out and Morrison turns this into a pin. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Cravat from behind by Morrison. Miz grabs the leg and pulls back with a submission. Lee sends miz away. Morrison stomps. Lee is able tostand and suplex both men! Lee hits a clothesline to Miz. One for Morrison. Splash in the corner, another, he tosses Morrison INTO Miz.

Lee lifts Morrison, swings him into Miz, goes for the Spirit Bomb, but Morrison hops off the ropes, kick to Lee, kick from Miz, Another from Morrison! They mount Lee. Both men cover Lee. 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison
I fail to see the point of this match. Win or lose, Lee suffers.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 9:44

Recap of Orton speaking slowly from last week.

WE RETURN FROM BREAK, and the Firefly Funhouse jingle plays. Out comes Bray in a Christmas sweater. His friends are ringside, behind the barricade, laughing it up for no reason.

Wyatt grabs a mic. He says hello to us all, saying it’s nice to see our smiling faces. Wyatt goes full Goldthwait with his promo, then apologizes to Orton. He says he thinks it’s all some giant misunderstanding. He says sometime “HE” has a sick, and twisted mind of his own. He wants to finish what was starte. This Sunday, after Orton takes on “HIM” at TLC, he’s not sure what will be left of Orton. There will be no fun and games come TLC. Just sadness. Pain.

Wyatt has some jokes. He says them to the joy of his puppets, and only his puppets.

ORTON is on the tron. He’s had enough. The Fiend gave him a chance to stare him face to face. After Orton RKO’d Wyatt, something changed, and HE appeared. For the first time in a long time, Orton was outmanuevered. Not by Bray, but by HIM. Orton knows how much Wyatt loves to play game, and he cn’t help himself to do so. He thinks Wyatt should extend his field trip and pay Orton a visit. Tonight, they play a game. Tonight, they play Hide and Seek.

Bray laughs heartily in the ring. Says he can’t resist a game. He accepts. Orton tells him to come find him. Bray says he will find Orton. Sings it, even. Says let the games begin.

Ali on commentary for the following match.

Match 5: Ricochet vs Mace

Ricochet tries to kick, Mace catches the kick, Ricochet slaps him, so Mace sends him into the corner and splashes, then hits a huge leg lariat. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Ali calls Byron a corporate puppet and asks him to talk about the wins. I can’t think of any. Ricochet with a springboard dropkick off the top. Ricochet ducks under a clothesline and kicks the legs. Ali gets a nice little dig into Joe, saying he’s sitting in Mace’s chair. Ricochet with a standing shooting star and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!

Ali demands Slapjack go attack. Ricohet bounces off and kicks him, then T-Bar gets sent to the apron, and Ricochet sends him flying. Mace is waiting, hits a sit out powerbomb. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

Ali yells at Mace, telling him to shut him down. Mace with a sidewalk slam type of move and a cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Mace
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:51

Retribution enters the ring and they circle Ricochet. Ali says this ends when Ricochet joins Retribution. T-Bar sends Ric into the mat face first and screams at him.

WYATT is backstage, sees Riddle. Says hey, Riddle calls him bro, and Wyatt says “it’s Bray.” Riddle says the future is Bro-Nouns, and has a white board to expose it. He thinks a lesson on Bro-nouns on The Firefly Funhouse would be a great addition. Bray says he’s busy, but good luck. Riddle says alright. Ramblin Rabbit is here. Riddle says he reminds him of Baby Yoda. He will now call Ramblin “Baby Broda.” Riddle wants an autograph on a carrot for his baby rabbit at home…

WE ARE INFORMED that Lana will not be able to compete this Sunday, and now Asuka will be teaming with a mystery partner.

Match 6: Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler

Shayna with a backbreaker to Dana. Running knee from Dana. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Shayna pulls the left arm, twisting the fingers, bending at the elbow, and finally placing the fingers down on the mat. She goes for a stomp, Brooke escapes, Shayna rushes the corner with a knee, but Dana moves. Springboard elbow into The Clutch!! Back eblow from Dana. She rolls out, turns, enziguri to Shayna. Clothesline.

Dana to to the top rope. Nia shoves her off the corner for the DQ.

Winner: Dana Brooke via DQ
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:26

Nia and Shayna are on the attack, but Mandy Rose is back with a kendo stick! She smacks Nia over and over until Shayna comes in to kick her and takes the stick. Asuka is here! Kick from Asuka, kick from Mandy. Running knee to Nia in the corner. Asuka and Mandy help Dana up.

BACKSTAGE, R-Truth says he was able to get a PS6. I don’t know who he is talking to. He says his nephew got detention for excessive loitering. He wants to make his nephew happy. What do you think?

Truth is talking to Huskus. In comes Bray, tells the pig not to talk to strangers. Truth asks Bray if the pig is Bray’s son. He says what a beautiful family. Jesus…someone wrote this.

BACK TO THE SHOW, and Bray is looking for Orton. He finds an open door and looks inside to see a rocking chair….rocking. He enters the room, and stares at the chair, then takes a seat. Bray starts breathing heavily. Orton is behind him. He attacks. I mean, duh, right? Orton beats down on Wyatt over and over then sends him crashing into a nearby box. Orton with an uppercut. He opesn the box. Bray hits him with a right. Orton sends Bray into a door, then puts him in the box. Orton stomps Bray over and over then slams it shut. Orton grabs a cas can nearby and pours it on the box. Orton lights the box on fire as commentary leaves us with this riveting conversation:


The Fiend is here, though. Mandible Claw to Orton, slamming him into a door. The Fiend chokes Orton out as we go to commercial.

Match 7: MVP vs Matt Riddle

Riddle goes for a knee strike as soon as the bell rings, but MVP evades and clubs the back. Right hand to Riddle. Another to the guyt. Knee to the mid section from MVP. He hits a right forearm to the face, another, uppercut to Riddle.

MVP rushes the corner for a kick, but Riddle side steps. Running knee to the face. Riddle to the top rope. FLOATING BRO!!! Cover for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Riddle
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :48

BACK FROM BREAK, and Todd or Tom or Ted is in the middle of the ring. He introduces AJ and Drew.

AJ cuts a little promo saying he will tell the world that he and Drew have never faced each other. Never in a one-on-one, so he did a little studying. He found that it took Drew 19 years to get to the top and be the champ. How is this possible?! How did it take 29 years? Well, we saw it when he lost to Orton at Hell in a Cell. AJ doesn’t think Drew can handle the pressure. That’s what’s got to him. Yes, Drew beat Orton and got his title back, but it changed Drew. He’s making mistakes, taking risks. He’s the champion, why would he risk it? When is the last time Drew volunteered for a TLC match? AJ doesn’t think Drew has been in one. AJ, on the other hand, defended that title at a TLC match and won. He knows what it takes to be a champion. If he’s gotta take every table, ladder, and chair, and break them all across Drew’s back, he will do just that. Kiss the title goodbye. It’s gonna look phenomenal around AJ’s waist.

Drew says this was quite the compelling speech. He’d like to present some facts. They have never wrestled, and this is a match that he has always wanted. Fans ask him for years, wondering when this match would go down, and the answer is this Sunday. Their match is a TLC match, and Drew’s never been in one. Drew has thought his goal was just to become champion, but he understands now that his goal is to remain champion. One thing to get to the top, but a whole other thing to stay at the top. Who is Drew? AJ did the research, he should know. Drew will tell AJ. He is the champion that lead WWE through uncharted waters throughout 2020. He does not crack under pressure. He thrives. He is a diamond, and that journey that AJ talks about, that made Drew this way. He will tear AJ apart this Sunday. Every man dies, but not every man truly lives. This Sunday, he will do whatever it takes to remain WWE Champion.

Drew hands over his title.

AJ says it sounds like Drew’s got it all together. Good for him. Music plays and AJ wonders if it’s not just AJ Drew has to face….

In come Miz and Morrison to attack Drew. They smack Drew with a ladder then attack Drew. Miz and Morrison corner Drew with stomps and right hands. AJ backs them up, barking orders. AJ kicks Drew a bit. Miz continues the onslaught. Drew sends AJ outside of the ring. CLAYMORE TO MIZ!!! CLAYMORE TO THE LADDER!! Right hand to AJ. Drew grabs the ladder and tosses it out of the ring. Damn, he tryin to break shit again?

DREW is about to Claymore AJ, but AJ’s big guy tosses ring steps into the ring. AJ clips the distracted Drew on the back of the leg. Phenomenal Forearm to Drew! AJ stomps Drew then calls for a ladder. His bodyguard send the ladder into the ring. Drew up in the corner. AJ attacks Drew with the ladder, hitting him in the stomach, then the head. AJ drops the ladder on the back of Drew. He asks for a chair. Big guy sends it in. AJ smacks Drew over the back a few times. AJ sets the ladder up in the corner and sends Drew into it. Bodyguard sets up a table on the outside as AJ slides a ladder into the ring. AJs friend sends the table into the ring. AJ sends Drew through the table!!! He climbs the ladder and grabs the title.

End Show.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Man, I really wanted to enjoy tonight's episode of RAW. The start was horribly unfunny, but Sheamus vs AJ Styles was so good. I, foolishly, thought this set the tone the evening, and was looking forward to a wrestling heavy show. This was followed by a six man that, although didn't set the world on fire, wasn't bad either. Unfortunately, it all went downhill very very fast from here. The Lana show won't quit, and there was zero sympathy garnered for her tonight. As I have said before, having her get zero comeuppance is one of the many reasons this storyline won't work, and don't tell me that a surprise win over Nia is a success, because she was "injured" and removed from a high-profile match for the titles. Also, nice of Nia to damn near slip and fall off the corner and cause harm in a match that was less than 2 minutes. Lee vs Miz and Morrison allowed Lee to show more of what we love about him, but the match had zero point and helped no one. Neither a win or a loss would have helped Lee here, and we have now come to look at Miz and Morrison as jobbers, which doesn't help the end of RAW go over that well either. Speaking of the end of RAW, we had two great promos, but they were surrounded by overdramatic music and the "ascension" of the title. AJ getting the upper hand was a nice way to end the show, but by this point, there was far too much garbage to even fully enjoy it. Let's not even get started on the 24/7 title or Retribution, as the less energy spent on them, the better. A RAW that had one GREAT match and practically NOTHING outside of a Mandy Rose return going for it.

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