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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 2.15.21

February 15, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 2.15.21  

HEY EVERYONE! Sorry it’s taken so long, but tonight I’ll be purchasing the shirts for Scott Steiner and announcing who won the promo-off

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We start with the information that tonight, those in the Elimination Chamber will be in a Gauntlet match for the final entrant spot.

Miz starts the show proper and is quick to introduce his guest, Drew McIntyre.

Miz calls Drew “Andy,” and informs us that John Morrison is with a huge producer, recording a diss track against Bad Bunny. He then brings up the fact that statistically speaking, Drew’s road to Mania could end at Elimination Chamber. If it was Miz, he would be panicking. He doesn’t know how Drew remains so focused. Especially considering Sheamus, his former best friend, challenged him. The stage was set; Sheamus vs Drew, but WWE Management change that up on him. Miz continues to talk, cutting Drew off a few times before he can speak until Drew ha had enough.

He shouts for Miz to shut the hell up. He is going to speak, and if Miz interrupts him one time, he will regret it. Drew is sick and tired of

Miz interrupts him.

HEADBUTT to the chin of Miz! Drew tosses the briefcase yet again. He stares Miz down then leaves the ring.

Miz has the mic, says, we are seeing the cracks in the WWE Champion, but how could you blame him? He’s gotta beat five others to walk into Mania. You know who doesn’t have that pressure? Him. The Miz. He is bringing the pressure in the form of the MitB contract. Before he was so rudely interrupted, he was going to explain all of the variables that could go wrong, but he only needs on thing to go right, and he will cash in. He wants every superstar to hear his footsteps. He is in control. When it all settles, whether it’s the WWE or Universal, when he cashes in, he will be standing in this ring champion. Content being awesome. Edge wants to talk about high-stakes poker? Here’s the move – he is removing himself from the Elimination Chamber match.

RIDDLE is backstage with Lucha House Party and says today is one of his favorite holidays, then asks LHP who their favorite president is. He says Harrison Ford is his favorite. He then asks Metalik who his favorite is.

Lince says all the presidents Riddle listed are too lit to pick just one.

Match 1: The Hurt Business vs Lucha House Party and Riddle

Shelton and Line to start. Lince trips over his own foot, seemingly, then runs into a shoulder tackle. Lince gets stomped, then sent into the heel corner. Right hands to Lince. Kick to the shoulder .Tag to Cedric. Right hand from Cedric while Lashley watches backstage. Suplex to Lince and acover for 1…NO! Lince does some bad ass stuff while I comment about Wandavision, then tags in Gran Metalik, who steps on the shoulders of Lince to fly off into Cedric. Cedric hits the ropes, Gran sends him outside. Shelton tumbles outside next. Cedric takes out Riddle. Licne flies, Shelton stops him. Gran tries to dive, and Cedric stops him with a right hand.

We are back and Cedric has a pin on Metalik for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric with an abdominal stretch. He drops Metalik, tags in MVP. MVP covers for 1…NO! Antoher cover for 1…NO! Another cover. MVP sits on the arm of metalik. MVP backs into a tag from Cedric. Cedric attacks the mid section, then hits a snapmare into a cravat. Tag to Shelton who kicks the chest then lifts Metalik. Punches in the heel corner, tag to MVP, MVP with soup bones, tag to Cerdic and Cedric with a bunch of rights. Tag to Shelton, who sets up for a suplex, hits it, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Whip to Metalik, who kicks out of the corner. Shelton rushes the corner, misses a splash, catches Metalik as he tries to flip Shelton with a head scissors, and eats A DDT!! Tag to Riddle. Tag to cedric. Kick to the head, kip up, knee in the corner, one for Shelton, Exloder, broton, hits the ropes, running kick to Cedric. Kick from Cedric off the ropes. MVP get a tag, Riddle kicks Cedric, MVP trucks down Riddle. He hits a hard right. MVP calls for the ball, hits the ropes and gets an elbow drop! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Metalik and Lince break it up .LUMBAR CHECK FROM Cedric! Superkick from Dorado! Shelton grabs him, locks up, running kick from Riddle to Shelton! He grabs MVP in the corner.

Lince with a springboard splash to the outside! Knee to MVP! Riddle to the top rope! Floating Bro! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Riddle and Lucha House Party
To be honest, a pretty boring affair, all things considered. MVP was particularly slow in the match, nothing before the break mattered, and not even Lince, Metalik, and Cedric could pick the energy up.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 10:05

Riddle and LHP celebrate up the ramp, but Lashley attacks from behind, clocking Riddle, then tossing Metalik into Lince Dorado. He heads back over to Riddle, grabs him by the head, and locks in the Full Nelson.

THE MIZ is backstage, telling Pearce that he wants to choose a young up and comer ready to take that brass ring. He wants Morrison. Pearce promises to take it into consideration.

Backstage, Bad Bunny is talking to Mandy Rose about his shirt. He will be on SNL this weekend. Mandy walks away as Damian Priest walks in. Here comes Sarah to ask how his last few weeks have been? Priest says he’s had a hell of a week hanging with the biggest star of the planet. Bad Bunny is happy and excited. We pan over to Akira Tozawa winning the 24/7 Title from Truth. Akira backs into Priest, who hits a knee to Akira. He tells Bad Bunny to cover for the title. He does, and Bad Bunny is your 24/7 Champion.

If Truth doesn’t dress up as Elmer Fudd to hunt down Bad Bunny, I don’t want it.

ADAM PEARCE is backstage on the phone. Kofi and Woods come up to question the consideration of Morrison taking the spot. Kofi says he is a former WWE Champion. Woods says Pearce has no idea what’s going on, because he won’t give Woods his best of 5 match that he’s been waiting for. Kofi says if Miz is out, Kofi is in.

The Miz walks up to Pearce, has a question, then wonders what Kofi was talking about. Kofi says Miz can keep walking. Miz says it is his place, and he and Pearce have an understanding. Pearce says no. Morrison has never had the title. Miz says Morrison is a former ECW Champion. Miz does not get to pick.

Pearce stops the shouting, says if there is an opening, then Miz face Kofi tonight. If Miz wins, Morrison is in. If Kofi wins, Kofi is in. Kofi is hyped.

Kofi says this could be Kofimania 2, The Miz says sequels suck, so Kofi and Woods bring up The Marine.

Charlotte and Asuka come out, then Lacey comes out to chat about her getting a title shot, while Peyton stands there for no reason. Lacey then mentions Asuka and says she should have brought a gift considering Asuka will be giving Lacey a gift of her own. Lacey has wanted this a long long long time.

Match 2: Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

Asuka and Peyton to start. They lockup, stalemate, circle the ring, another lockup, Peyton walks Asuka to the corner, Asuka shoves her, Peyton runs into an elbow, kick from Asuka, arm drag to Asuka. Asuka sends Peyton to the ropes, hits a shoulder tackle. Asuka works the arm, tugging it down hard. Tag from Charlotte, who comes in to work the same arm, sending Peyton into the corner hard. Charlotte wants Lacey, Lacey does’t want the tag. Peyton shoots the leg, Charlote spins out, rolls up, eats a right hand from peyton. Charlotte misses a clothesline, eats a punch, another, kick to the gut, crossbody attempt, but Charlote catches her and hits a Fallaway Slam, yelling she’s going to kick Lacey’s ass. Charlotte grabs Peeyton. Tag to Asuka. Kick to Peyton, chop from Charlotte. They go back and forth to Peyton a couple of times. Peyton tries for a drop toe hold but Asuka holds on and gets some rights. Whip to the ropes, Misses a kick ,Peyton hits one off the ropes. Jum and a kick from Peyton. She mounts and hits some right hands to Asuka. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Peyton with rights to the face. Peyton beats asuka down against the ropes.

Asuka locks up from behind, Peyton elbows out, both girls hit the ropes. They clash in the midle of the ring. Asuka reaches fo ra tag, Peyton crawls, Charlotte stops Peyton, slams her down, as Lacey shows no effort to tag herself in. Charlotte with a sloppy suplex to Peyton. She follows her out, slams Peyton into the announce table. Charlotte sends Peyton into the ring, Peyton reaches to Lacey, gets a tag. Charlotte enters the ring. Lacey hesitates to enter, telling Charlotte to get back. Lacey steps down and opts to head towards the ramp. Charlotte tries to leave the ring, while Lacey asks fo ra mic. She says Charlotte is not putting her hands on Lacey because…she is pregnant.

Ric Flair celebrates like a mad man, strutting and dancing, giving Lacey a thumbs up. He screams to call him daddy.

Winners: Nobody. Not a single soul.
Poor Asuka. I mean, when the WWE goes all in with their horrible writing, they go ALLL INNN. The implication that Lacey is, or has at least once, slept with Ric Flair is a road they didn’t need to go down.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 6:07

Charley is backstage with Sheamus, asking him how a victory tonight would help him. Sheamus says he shouldn’t have to fight for the odds. Two weeks ago, Drew accepted his match, a fellas word is his bond, but somehow this one-on-one has become a one-on-six, so he will win this Gauntlet Match and will chill in his pod come Sunday.

WE COME BACK and they replay the pregnancy announcement, which bleeds into Kofi dancing and smiling in the ring. Lol.

Match 3: The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

Lockup, go behind from Miz, Kofi works the arm, taking Miz down to the mat. They both stand, and Miz escapes the hold and breaks the waist lock, getting a side headlock of his own. Kofi backs him into the ropes, they bounce off the ropes, Miz hits a tackle, Kofi leaps over twice, but gets caught in a Full nelson, Kofi drags Miz away, goes for a Trouble in Paradise, and Kofi nearly gets it. Miz sends Kofi into the corner. Kofi shoves him. Miz uses the ref to stop the offense. Kofi works the arm. Kick from Miz. Whip to the corner, kick from Kofi. Cover from Kofi for 1..NO! Flair leaves the ring. Kofi chases him into the ring, dodges a slide though the ropes, kick to Miz, another kick to the back of the head. Kofi to the top rope. He dives with an axe. Kofi sends Miz into the ring. Kofi covers for 1..2.NO!! Miz drops Kofi with a right then hits the ropes and swings with a kick. Kofi ducks, grabs the leg, rollup for 1..2.NO!!! Kick to the gut from Kofi. Whip to Miz. Miz reverses, Kofi with a dropkick off the 2nd rope! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! We get some action outside as we go to break.

WE ARE BACK, and Miz attacks the head of Kofi with a right hand He runs with a kick, but Kofi catches it and trips Miz down, then gets a cover for 1..2.NO!! Miz up, kicks, DDT to Kofi! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Miz mounts and hits some hard lefts. Miz takes Kofi and sends him into the announce table on the outside, then drops him on the barricade gut first. Miz rolls Kofi not the ring, then hops on the apron. He’s to the top rope. He dives with an axe handle and covers for 1..2.NO!!! Miz is feelin himself. He grabs the mouth of Miz, then the head with a cravat. Knee to the head. Another. Another. Kofi rolls Miz forward, hits a right hand in the corner, back elbow, right hand, Kofi misses a splash. Miz with aboot. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to Kofi. Right hand is blocked. Kofi with a kick, right hand, another, hits the ropes, Miz kicks, hits the ropes, but Kofi with a stomp! Chop to Miz. Another. Dropkick to the face. Kofi hits the ropes. Leaping clothesline. Boom drop! Kofi in the corner. He waits. Calls for it. Spins for Trouble in Paradise, Miz rolls out of the way. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! SOS for a 1..2…NO!!!Kofi to the corner. He leaps off with a crossbody! Miz rolls through! 1….2..NO!!! Miz rushes the corner, Kofi goes for a swinging kick, Miz holds the leg and drapes it over the rope and tugs hard. Miz pulls Kofi to the center of the ring, locks up for a Figure Four, and gets it!

Kofi reaches for the ropes. He gets the break! Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, Kofi rolls through. 1..2..NO!!!! TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! 1….2……3!!!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston
One cannot deny that the quality of the match here was good. They were given time, stayed focus, broke the formulaic approach that we’re familiar with, and gave Kofi a clean win after a solid 12 minutes. Yet there was a definite lack of energy in the emotion behind the match, as Kofimania was organic, and Miz winning did nothing for him, meaning the stakes weren’t really all that high, and the story lacking.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:10

Recap of Nia being an idiot then we go to Lana backstage with Naomi. They make hole jokes.

Ya know, regarding the whole “hole” issue; while it had some laughs as a result, I think what bothers me the most is that it appears Nia has taken this as a badge of honor, as if she is some comedic genius, and this moment was one for the ages when, in all honesty, it came off as out-of-character, asinine, and completely removed anyone who was even the least bit interested in the segment out. I feel any other person in any other production would be lambasted for this as a performer, and as a director/producer of a LIVE television product, I’d be incredibly upset by it. This is just another in a long line of problematic issues that this woman has shown me while reviewing RAW on a weekly basis. She is the drizzling shits…on the hole.

ORTON is backstage to talk about unfinished business. Tonight, he will win the gauntlet match and become the final entrant. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Winning the match tonight is a daunting task for anyone not named Orton. Look what he did to The Fiend. He is no more. He wants something else now. He wants the title. He wants to main event Mania. He will not be in the ring with five opponents, he will be in the ring with five victims. Victims of the most deadly letters R…K…


We head to Alexa Bliss with her eyes closed, flickering with shots of Bray Wyatt on fire in the ring. She opens her eyes, drops some dirt and says ashes to ashes and dust to dust and grabs a thick candle. She says He was destroyed in the fire, but in the future, He will be reborn.

We zoom out to see Alexa in the middle of a pentagram. She cackles and claps and…that’s that.

Match 4: Lana vs Shayna Baszler

Shayna is quick to work the fingers of Lana, then bending her arm back hard. She drives a knee to the head, and lifts up the leg, pulling back on it. Shayna stomps the back of the head hard. Lana surprise slaps Shayna. Shayna clotheslines hard and covers for 1. Shayna drops elbows to the shoulders, then cinches the head in her hands. Lana turns into the hold, Bazler kicks lana, Lana with a surprise rollup. High kick. Another. Shayna misses a knee in the corner. Lana tries to roll up. Shayna wont have it, Lana sends her int othe buckle. Kick to the head. Shayna sits Lana o the corner, gutwrenches, Lana breaks the hold, right hand to Shayna. Again. Lana to the top rope, all smiles. She dives with a crossbody. 1..2..NO!!!! Kick from Baszler. Nia has had enough of Naomi, attacks her, sends her into the barricade. She grabs Noami then gets shoved into the ring post. Dropkick from Naomi, sending Nia into the post hard.

Shayna grabs her from the ring, Lana rolls her up for 1..2..NO!!! Knee to Lana. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! The Clutch from Shayna. Lana taps.

Winner: Shayna Baszler
I have been over this since Rusev Day.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:12

BACKSTAGE, Braun Strowman breathes heavily. Pearce is with him, and Braun wants to know why he isn’t in the EC match. Braun wonders if Adam remembers the last time he pissed Braun off. Adam says Braun isn’t a former WWE Champ. Wait…but..Morrison? ugh..

Braun wants to let Shane know something. Shane needs to make this right, because if he doesn’t, Braun promises it won’t be pretty.

AJ is in the ring with the homie, saying that Kofi somehow fought himself into the EC match. AJ says this Gauntlet match is going to be a nice little warmup. He will mow through everyone in this match, and ride the momentum all the way to the title. His attorney crunched the numbers, and statistically, he cannot lose. He will be the champion. It’s a fact.

Kofi is number two, and he’s got another match tonight.

Match 5: Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles vs

Styles and Kofi start. Styles shoots for the knee immediately, but Kofi hits him with some rights. AJ attacks the back. Sends Kofi into the corner. Right hand to Kofi. Another. Whip to Kofi. Kofi kicks in the corner. Right hand to AJ. Kofi with a headbutt. Kofi runs with a boot to the face. Snapmare and a cover for 1..NO!! Quick kickout. AJ with a throat thrust. He punches the head, AJ locks up behind, hits a back suplex. AJ grabs the head, sends Kofi int othe ropes. No, over the ropes! AJ kicks the back of the leg of Kofi, who is on the apron. AJ runs, Kofi holds the ropes. Styles tumbles outside Kofi with a springboard, falls back onto Styles on the outside! Woods plays.a little tune but Omos with the GOOZLE! He chokeslams Woods over the barricade. Kofi gets in the face of Omos. Ref calls for Omos to head to the back. Kofi looks to check on Woods. AJ takes advantage and clips the back of the leg hard!

WE RETURN and Kofi tries to head scissors AJ, but AJ escaes and locks in a single leg boston crab. Kofi reaches for the ropes, turns into a pin instead for 1..2.NO!! AJ kicks the back of the leg. SOS to AJ! Kofi can’t cover. Favors the knee. AJ clips the knee again, this time from the front. AJ kicks Kofi in the knee. AJ sits Kofi up on the buckle. AJ climbs. Kofi drops him off. Kofi flies off the buckle, landing on the back of AJ. He covers for 1..2..NO!! Chop to AJ. Another chop to AJ. He leaps up, but AJ catches him by the legs, DDTs the leg. AJ rolls to the apron. Phenomenal Forearm! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Kofi Kingston eliminated at 11:04

Drew McIntyre is next, and he’s got a hell of a scowl on his face. Hard clothesline from Drew. He sends AJ int othe corner. Chop to AJ. Belly to belly from Drew. He deadlift AJ and drops him on the top rope! AJ stumbles down, standing on the apron. Kick from Drew to the face! Drew runs with a big boot to AJ!

WE COME BACK from a break and Drew is kicking AJ around. AJ pulls Drew into the 2nd buckle. Kick to Drew. Chop to the chest. Another. Whip to Drew. Drew reverses. Cover for 1..2NO!!! Stomp to the hand of AJ. Another stomp to AJ. Drew leaves the ring to follow Aj. AJ with a right hand. Whip to Drew is reversed again, and Drew sends AJ into the steps. Drew sends Aj back into the ring. Drew lifts AJ and hits a backbreaker then a Falcon Arrow type drop and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Drew pulls on the arm from behind, pressing on the chin. AJ with a rope break. Stomp from Drew. Throat thrust from AJ. Chop to Drew. Drew grabs AJ and goes for an Alabama Slam! He hits it! Drew goes for a Claymore! Styles with a dropkick outta nowhere! AJ hits the ropes, another ick sends Drew to the outside! Styles springboard and flies with a forearm to Drew on the outside! Knee strike to Drew. AJ runs off the apron with a forearm to Drew!!!

WE ARE BACK and AJ has a cravat from behind. Chop from Drew. A clothesline. Whip to the corner hard, Drew locks up. Belly to belly. Drew to the apron. He heads to the top rope. He dives and AJ hits a high kick. AJ covers for 1..2….NO!!! AJ favors the back. He grabs the head. AJ locks the head, lifts up for. Stlyes Clash, but Drew back body drops him. He chops AJ in the corner. AJ rolls out of the corner. Looks for the calf Crusher. He locks it in!!! Drew headbutts AJ to break the hold! AJ on the apron! Springboard, roll through, Drew sends AJ into the ropes, and he chokes himself up on the 2nd rope!!! CLAYMORE! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

AJ Styles is eliminated at 29:18

Jeff Hardy rushes in, Whisper in the Wind, cover. 1..2…NO!!! WE come back and Drew hits Jeff with a belly to belly. Drew with another belly to belly out of the corner. Neckbreaker from Drew. He kips up. Jeff is down. Drew Double underhook, but Jeff shoots him down, hits a leg drop to the crotch, low dropkick. Splash and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Twist of Fate attempt, Drew escapes. Future Shock! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jeff rolls to the outside. Drew follows and hits a suplex on the outside! Drew favors his ribs. Drew sends Jeff into the ring. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Drew sends Jeff into the corner face first, then sits Jeff up on the corner. Chop to Jeff. Drew to the top rope. Drew with right hands over and over. Headbutts from Drew. Right hands. SUPERPLEX! Cover for 1…2..NO!!!! Drew up in the corner. CLAYMO—NO!! Jef side steps. Kick to Drew. Twist of Fate! He hits it! Jeff to the top rope! Swanton Bomb! KNEES UP! CLAYMORE! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Jeff Hardy is eliminated at 40:06

Orton is out next, and he is taking his time to get to the ring.

WE ARE BACK and Orton is sending Drew into steps, but Drew sends him into the barricade and rolls back into the ring. As orton stands, the tvs go out, and Alexa Bliss shows up sall over them. A thousand Alexas surround the ring, laughing over and over. Ref is counting Orton out while he stares at all of the screens. Of course, the ref hits 10, so he’s eliminated.

Randy Orton is eliminated at 41:03

Drew Claymores Orton off the apron for good measure.

Sheamus attacks Drew from behind in the ring, then tosses Drew int othe barricade a few times on the outside. He follows Drew into the crowd. Beats him with some rights, sends him back over the barricade, and stomps him away. Sheamus sends Drew into the ringpost. Sheamus sends Drew into the ring. Sheamus follows. Stomps to Drew in the corner. Ref holds Sheamus back. Ref waits for Drew to stand. He asks if Drew wants to have the match. Lol. Drew is game. Sheamus attacks in the corner. Stomps to Drew. Short clothesline to Drew. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Right hands to the head. Sheamus drops a knee to the head. Another knee. Sheamus with a boot to the face of Drew. Sheamus with a body slam, covering for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Sheamus. Another to the back. Chop to Sheamus from below. Another. Drew stands. Sheamus attacks with a right, Drew with a headbutt! Sheamus misses a clothesline, Future Shock DDT to Sheamus. Drew sends Sheamus to the apron. Right hand sends Sheamus down. Drew sends Sheamus into the post. Again. Drew sends Sheamus into the ring. Drew gets to the apron at 5. Sheamus kicks the ropes into Drew’s nuts. Rope work, belly to belly from Drew! Drew sends Sheamus to the corner, trying for another belly to belly.

Elbow from Sheamus. Drew backs up. Sheamus runs. SPINEBUSTER! Claymore attempt, but Sheamus side-steps, BROGUE KICK TO DREW!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Sheamus
Gauntlet matches are tough to get going in any type of positive manner unless you have a workhorse that exemplifies the term “wrestler,” and I’m not saying that any of the guys who were in the match don’t have it, but there was a distinct lack of energy in the match as a whole. AJ Stlyes was the workhorse, and he was out before the first half, leaving a lot of wrestling that was just so-so. Sheamus winning was cool, but I feel they lost a bulk of the audience about ten minutes in.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 47:15

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Giving a single match, even with a gimmick, an entire third of your show is a risk that usually pays off. It typically serves as an easy way to tell a longer story without the bells and whistles of production and video packages. More often than not, I enjoy it. Take Seth Rollins' Gauntlet Match from almost two years to the day ago. Unfortunately, tonight lacked any urgency and energy that two years ago had. With the people involved in the match not really having a whole lot of momentum going in, I found myself not caring once AJ Styles was eliminated. I wish I could say the rest of the show was a mixed bag, but it had just about as much energy as the Gauntlet Match itself. From the Lacey Evans announcement of her pregnancy and Ric Flair asking us to call him daddy, to Pearce making little sense in his matchmaking rules and regulations throughout the night. We got a Braun sighting that no one asked for, and if his next match is with Shane McMahon, at least it'll keep him away from any other wrestler. Riddle teaming with Lucha House Party did nothing to move any story forward, and was just a holding pattern as we went from this week to Sunday. All in all, tonight was pretty much unnecessary, and when a show is unnecessary, it comes off as a chore to watch. So while nothing was actively bad, there was nothing that resembled any type of high quality to bring the show out of the doldrum of mediocrity.

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