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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 2.8.21

February 8, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 2.8.21  

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Hi everyone! Will Scott Steiner please e mail me you t-shirt choices and PO Boxes so I can get those out!

Today, we find out who gave the best promo! Today we find out who gets a shirt!!!!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We start RAW with a slideshow of some pics of Sheamus and Drew throughout the years to really exemplify just how much they are friends, followed by the Brogue Kick heard round the world. It’s interesting; were we so unjaded that moments like Marty going through the window, Andre ripping Hogan’s chain, or even more recent “heel turns” were so much more emotional? Or is it simply the lack of substance?

Adam Pearce welcomes us to RAW, then welcomes someone who no one asked for, and Shane is here! Shane is excited for Mania, then brings up Elimination Chamber. He is here to make an announcement for Elimination Chamber.

Drew is defending his title in the Chamber, and here’s who we got:

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs The Miz vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

Shane says it’s a pleasure, and Adam is doing an amazing job.

That’s it. Shane heads out.

But AJ Styles is here! He stares Shane down as he leaves. Shane looks over at Omos, salutes him, then walks to the back. No mention of Omos’ former employer.

AJ wants one second of Pearce’s time. Shane was right, he’s doing an amazing job. AJ says he’s always thought of Pearce as kind of a dumb ass. But that’s here nor there. Omos and the future champ are going to give a snippet of what’s going to happen in the Elimination Chamber tonight, so please leave.

Before the opening match, Shane is about to hop into a limo, and Drew comes up to him to tell him that he was under the impression that Drew vs Sheamus was booked. Shane says, no, nothing is bigger than Drew being in the Elimination Chamber. If he wants to prove he’s a fighting champ, this is the place to do it.

Drew laughs it off.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

Lock up and a side headlock from Jeff. He takes AJ down, tries for a pin, AJ sends Jeff into the ropes. Jeff with a shoulder tackle. Hardy tries to start a Hardy chant – which is a little weird. Kick from AJ. Right hand from AJ into the corner. AJ with a hard right, another, kick to the leg. Jeff sends AJ into the corner, hits some shoulders, snapmare and a splash with a cover for 1…2..NO!!! Jeff works the left arm, AJ backs him into the corner. Shoulder into the corner. Whip to the corner, AJ hits another. Jeff back body drops AJ and does another lazy splash, then covers for 1..2…NO!!! Jeff sends AJ into the corner. Head first. One more. Jeff kicks AJ against the ropes. Whip, AJ kicks, Jeff swings his foot, sending AJ into the mat face first. Jeff tweaks his leg and is unable to stand. He rolls to the outside. AJ runs out and kicks the leg out from under Jeff. AJ grabs the leg and drops the knee on top of his knee, then grabs Jeff and just swings Jeff into it. Lol. Nice.

We are back, and AJ is taking full advantage by attacking it in the middle of the ring. Jeff kicks with the other leg, backing AJ into the corner. Jeff hobbles over to the corner and AJ rolls through with a calf-crusher. He locks it in! Jeff gets to the ropes! AJ is on the apron. Looks to springboard for the Forearm, but Jeff falls on the ropes to stop him, and AJ falls on his belly. AJ flips into the ring the hard way, as Jeff continues to writhe on the floor. AJ is up first, but Jeff hits a jawbreaker. Manhattan Drop. Leg Drop. Low dropkick. Another lazy splash. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jeff kicks, AJ catches, Jeff kicks out, another kick, locks the head, front suplex. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jeff is up! Twist of Fate! Jeff CRAWLS to the corner. He climbs it slowly.

He, the foolish painted man, dives with a Swanton, but AJ rolls out of the way!!!! Calf Crusher one more time!!!! Jeff elbows backwards, but AJ pulls harder! Jeff taps!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
A little too paint-by-numbers for my liking. AJ has the skills to add a little color to what was otherwise a very formulaic match, but Jeff has been doin the same thing for so long that really, if you’ve seen one, you’ve damned near seen em all.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 14:29

Recap of last week when Bobby Lashley treated Matt Riddle like he wanted his lunch money and to cheat on his homework.

Backstage, Keith Lee is chillin. Riddle comes up and says he went home, got toaste(d)y, and watched all the Air Bud films. Lee wonders if Riddle thinks it’s a good idea to continue to hunt for the title. Maybe it’s time for someone new to make the attempt. Riddle compares himself to Air Bud. Lee says he has what it takes to beat Lashley and beat Riddle tonight. Riddle says let the better man win.

BACKSTAGE, Pearce is stopped by Sheamus. What’s the story, huh? He was promised a One-on-One match, and now he’s in an Elimination match? Is Pearce saying Sheamus is not a draw? Pearce says they, collectively, are just trying to give the best main event. Sheamus says, no, this was solely Pearce’s idea. He knows what’s going on, he knows the suits. They’re just like Drew – broken promises. Drew is the new toy. Drew would be nothing without Sheamus. If he wants an Elimination Chamber match, fine. But remember that this was Pearce’s idea, and when Sheamus unleashes brutality on every single man in there, remember that this is Adam’s responsibility.

Match 2: T-Bar and Slapjack vs Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

Woods and Slapjack to start while Ali speaks on how Kofi and Woods’ lives are at stake. Woods gets sent into the ropes, hits a tackle, cover for 1…NO! Side headlock takedown to Jack. Jack works the wrist. He spins it, tugs it, Woods spins out of it, chop back and forth. Woods hits the ropes, blind tag. Side Russian leg sweep with a dropkick to Jack. Cover. 1..2..NO!!! Tag to T-Bar, Kofi hits the ropes, gets caught, and T-Bar puts him n the shoylders. Kofi floats off, shoves, runs underneath, T-Bar hops over, under, Kofi leaps up, T-Bar catches him, Kofi rolls down and T-Bar grabs him by the neck. Ali yells at T-Bar to hurt Kofi. Kofi holds the ropes, T-Bar rolls outside, Jack gets sent to the apron, Woods kicks his arm, Slpajack galls on T-Bar, Kofi hits the ropes and flies over with a splash. Kofi is all smiles all the way down. Lol.

Woods with some chops to T-Bar when we return to the show. T-Bar hits some back elbows to Woods head. T-Bar steps on the chest of Woods, tags in Slapjack, and he comes in with the kicks and a knee sends Woods down hard. From behind, Slapjack with a cravat. Jack pulls back on the hair but Woods hits a jawbreaker. He reaches for a tag, doen’t get it. T-Bar runs in and hits a Big Boot to Kofi! A clothesline to Woods. Cover. 1..2….NO!!! T-Bar with the GOOZLE!!! Tag to Jack. Chokeslam/back suplex combo and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! ALI shouts for T-Bar to eat, which is very good advice. Slapjack looks for a suplex, Woods rolls through for 1..2..NO!!! Kofi on the top rope, flies off with a fist, clocks T-Bar. Chop, another, dropkick, another right to T-Bar. Woods hits the ropes, high clothesline. Boom Drop. Trouble in Paradise to T-Bar!!!

Slapjack with a back suplex attempt, but Kofi lands on his feet, uppercut, tag to Woods. He hits the backbreaker, Kofi with the stomp! Daybreak! Pin for 1….2….3!!!

Winners: The New Day
There’s a small moment where Kofi laughs heartily, flying out of the ring, and landing on T-Bar. That’s about as seriously as I take Retribution.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:31

Woods: “Let me fight Reckoning!” hahaha

Ali screams his fucking heart out, slamming his fists onto the table. He yells at all of Retribution saying they failed him!

RIC FLAIR’s music hits, and he comes out to introduce Lacey. She has a face to face with Charlotte…NEXT.

BACKSTAGE, BAD BUNNY is chattin it up with Damien Priest.

IN THE RING, Lacey stands with her Sugar Granddaddy.

Flair says there seems to be some people that want an explanation. Flair says he doesn’t take orders from any woman, check his history, especially from his daughter. He’s tired of hearing how great Charlotte is. We know she’s the Queen, we know she doesn’t need Ric. But Ric needs a little of him, and he has met someone that has all the physical qualifications, looks, and drive to be a star. All she needs is motivation, knowledge, and wisdom. Charlotte may be the best, but she will still train Lacey. They’re on a mission, and this relationship is just casual. If Lacey is overwhelmed with his charm, that’s to be expected. He is serving notice to Asuka, though. Lacey will be the next champion.

Lacey says she respects Flair, gives him the respect he deserves, and treats him like the legend he is. Charlotte is a fool for turning him away. He’s the greatest Sports-Entertainer of all time. She would never speak to her daddy like Charlotte does, and somehow Lacey is the bad guy?

Charlotte says that if Lacey really wanted to learn, she’d take her ass down to the PC and train. Charlotte has seen this a million times. What does Flair need? Validation? Charlotte never told him she didn’t want his help, but she’s been trying to protect this legacy. Does Ric know how he looks to these people? Charlotte is telling him how he really looks. He doesn’t care who Ric manages, just don’t bring her down with him.

Lacey calls her “Char-char,” and wonders why they gotta be enemies? She’d be a way better partner than Asuka. Ric says that’s it, they can be a tag team.

Charlotte says she has been trying to prove that she can do this all on her own. She calls Lacey Charlotte 2.0. Lacey says her sights are on the RAW Women’s Championship. He hopes her father takes her there, and Lacey says that if she were to beat Charlotte in a match, she’s next in line for a title shot.

Charlotte says she’s been listening, so how about now? Let’s go now.

Lacey cheap shots Charlotte, rolls outside, then sends Charlotte into the steps. Here comes the match.

BACKSTAGE, Miz and Morrison are telling Angel Garza that they’ll have his back.

Match 3: Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans

Lcey works the left arm immediately. She drops it on her shoulders, then twists it to focus on the shoulder. Charlotte escapes, reverses, and pulls on the arm from behind. Lacey breaks the hold with the ropes, kicks Charlotte away. Lacey works the arm, whips Charlotte into the corner, Charlotte rolls up, hits a shoulder, dives theough the ropes for a rollup, kick to the head. Charlotte splashes in the corner, misses, Lacey with an arm drag, Charlotte dropkicks lacey to the apron. Ric helps her up on the apron Charlotte grabs her hair, Lacey pulls her head and drops her then sweeps the legs. Lacey flies over the top rope and lands with an elbow. Lacey drops the arm on her shoulder, then kicks the arm. Lacey locks the arm, Charlotte hits a short clothesline. She grabs the boot, Lacey rolls to her stomach and grabs the rope. Charlotte grabs the head, twists the arm, works it behind but Lacey reverses and slams Charlotte down. Charlotte kips up, Lacey sends her back down, Charlotte with another kip up. Whip to the ropes, Lacey holds on. Charlotte waits. She then struts ala Flair. Charlotte with a right hand, locks up. Exploder. Lacey lands outside. Charlotte turns, does the strut like daddy taught her. Charlotte looks to fly, Ric stands in the way, Lacey pulls the leg out from underneath Charlotte, and we go to break.

WE RETURN and Lacey eats an elbow out of the corner. She goes for a drop toe hold, but Charlotte stops it with her hands and hits a right. Nice. Lacey works the arm, boots Charlotte in the face, looking for an armbar. Charlotte turns to block the hold. Charlotte stomps Lacey. Lacey works the arm, Charlotte rolls out, but Lacey drops a knee onto the arm. Whip to the corner, Charlotte stops it, sends an elbow back, clothesline from lacey. Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Neckbreaker from Lacey. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Lacey grabs the head of Charlotte and heads to the top rope. She dives with a moonsault, but Charlotte has the knees up! Charlotte with a chop. Another. Another. Charlotte runs up to Lacey, stands there awkwardly, Lacey slaps her, Charlotte big boots her. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Charlotte leaves the ring. Lacey is already out there. Ric Flair stands in front of Charlotte screaming no over and over. Charlotte is distracted, and Lacey grabs her arm and slams it down to the mat. Lacey rolls Charlotte into the ring. She tries for the Figure Four, but

Charlotte escapes and hits a sick spear. She looks over to Ric, says to humiliate her on his own time. She then turns to Lacey and beats down on her in the corner, then shoves the ref as he calls for the stop. That’s enough for a DQ.

Winner: Lacey Evans via DQ
Man, so much to unpack. First, Charlotte is far too good a wrestler, making every mistake Lacey makes a glaringly obvious one as opposed to just a small back and forth. Secondly, this “story,” has so many plotholes, no clear motivation for any one real character, and is insuting to the players just as much as it is to the audience. Just yuck.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: Stopwatch issues

In comes Ric Flair to stop her. Charlotte stands tall and stands proud, asking what he’s going to do. She says the ring is hers.

WE ARE BACK, and so is EDGE!!!!

EDGE has had an amazing week, and now has a massive decision to make. Simple on the surface, sure, but ya gotta dig deeper. That’s why he came to RAW last week – he had some business to finish. He went to NXT, then Smackdown, and he was this close to making his decision, but now the entire landscape has changed. Drew has to face 5 former champs in the Chamber. She knows as of now, Reigns is SD champ, Finn Balor is NXT Champ, but what he doesn’t know is who will walk out WWE Champion. Kudos to everyone who steps foot in the chamber, but he likes his odds against all of them. He wants to be a realist – he doesn’t like Drew’ odds. He respects him and likes him, but understands how hard it is to do. It doesn’t make sense. He will wait for the dust to settle from the Chamber, and then he’ll make—-

The Miz is here to interrupt him, and he’s not alone. Morrison and Garza are on either side of him. He says Edge had an epic speech. Edge has so many decisions to make – but he’s always been the ultimate opportunist, and Miz knows that he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Miz is more of a strategist. Even if he wins a title come Mania, The Miz will be there with the briefcase, and he will cash in on Edge and leave Mania as Champion. Welcome back, Edge.

Edge laughs Miz off a bit, then wonders if Miz knows who he is talking to. He put the briefcase on the map, he knows that as soon as he raises the title at Mania, he is targeted, but in case he forgot – The Miz just reminded him. Idiot.

He tells Edge to worry about the Chamber, Damian Priest, and Bad Bunny. Miz is playing Old Maid. Edge thinks at a different level than Miz. He’s not content with Awesome. He did that 20 years ago. He needs to be champion. Notice the difference? Think about it.

Match 4: Damien Priest vs Angel Garza

HUGE kick from Priest sends Garza into the corner hard. Stomps and kicks in the corner. Right hand to the chin. Priest whips Garza, Garza off the ropes, kick from Priest. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Priest grabs Garza, Miz gets on the apron to distract, and it works. Shouylder tackle from Garza, a clothesline drops him. Dropkick to Damien. Cover doesn’t even get a 1. Dropkick to the head. He chokes Priest up on the bottom rope. Miz clocks Priest while the ref is distracted. Bunny on the apron, Garza tosses his pants at Bunny. Garza works the legs from behind, then slaps Priest in the back of the head a few times. Priest is pissed. He reaches back, breaks the hold, and blocks a right hand with a punch!

Priest with a hard right. He kicks the midsection, another, another. Spinning punch, then a clothesline off the ropes. Priest in the corner, stomps then pulls the imaginary arrow and shoots. Huge back elbow in the corner. Miz and Morrison on the apron. Priest is distracted, again, and Garza hits a clothesline, sending Priest outside. The ref backs up Garza. Miz and Morrisno stomp Priest out. Bad Bunny grabs the briefcase, then tosses it into the ring. Morrison follows, grabs the case, and the ref sees him grab it. The ref sends Miz and Morrison to the back, and Bad Bunny is all smiles.

Garza turns after talking some shit to Bad Bunny, Bell Clap from Priest as soon as he turns around. The Reckoning finishes Garza off, and a pin gets a 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Damian Priest
Priest has a presence, Bad Bunny has…mainstream appeal.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:52

Drew is backstage with Charley. He cuts a fiery promo about ripping faces off.

Bianca Belair stumbles through a promo about who she will face. She’s got it in her, I can sense it, but she gotta slow down and fine tune her character.

Asuka comes up and says yes, she won the Rumble, but it doesn’t mean she is ready for Asuka.

Bianca says no, she is definitely ready for Asuka, but Lacey sure ain’t. She then tells Asuka that if she handles her business at EC, she may see her at RAW the next night.

Match 5: Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee

Lee wants to dab. Or a dab. Hard to tell. Lee shoots for the flying arm bar, but Lee is too strong. He lifts Riddle with one hand, Riddle tries to extend the arm, Lee won’t let it happen. He flips Riddle up, Riddle lands on his feet. Riddle tries for a go behind, but Lee stuffs him and cinches the waist, tosses him into the corner with a gutwrench. Another lockup, this time with the fingers locking. Riddle shoots the leg, gets a go-behind, lock on a sleeper. Lee breaks the hold, grabs the head and flips Riddle onto the mat. Riddle rolls back into the ring, getting a little frustrated. They lock fingers, right hand from Lee is missed. Riddle with some body shots. Kick. Elbow to the face. Riddle hits the ropes, goes for a flying forearm, but Lee catches him! Kick to the chest!!! A barrage of kicks in the corner until 4. Riddle rushes, and Lee with a POUNCEEEEEEEE!!! Cover for 1.2…NO!!!! Lee saunters over to the corner, hits a right hand. Another right hand to the mid section. Lee with a whip, pushing his entire body into it. Pele kick from Riddle! Lee won’t go down! He’s in the corner. Riddle runs with a forearm. He locks the head and wants an Exploder. Fucking idiot. Lee chops the nipples off of Riddle. Riddle hops up, Lee catches him for a Spirit Bobm, but Riddle hops over the head, lands on the 2nd rope, and hits a knee to the face!! LEE IS DOWN!!! Cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Riddle with a running kick! He heads to the top rope! Floating Bro!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Riddle with a Broton, another, a third!!!! Riddle yells for Lee to get up!! He tries for a knee strike, but Lee blocks it!!! He lifts Riddle on the shoulders, Riddle with a triangle! He tries for the arm bar!!! Lee lifts Riddle up, Riddle pulls back, Lee down to his knees!!! Lee pulls Riddle up again, slams him down a bit, Riddle holds on! Lee stands again!!

Lee lifts all the way this time and drops Riddle in the corner! RIDDLE WITH THE KNEE!!! He goes for another, Lee lauches him up! SPIRIT BOMB!!!! Pin for 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Keith Lee
Y’all, I LOOOOOVEEEDD THIS!!! Holy hell, what a fight. Fuckin crisp. No pause. Balls to the wall.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 7:48

Lee goes to shake the hands of Riddle, but Lashley attacks from behind. Lee turns, shakes his head no, but Lashley grabs him and chokeslams his ass to hell. Here comes Riddle, and Lashley locks the Full Nelson on him like nothing. Lashley rag dolls him. Lee back to his feet, but MVP is there to attack. Lashley leaves the ring, and hits a clothesline!!! He sends Lee into the ringpost. Lashley grabs some steps. He clocks Lee in the face. Lashley stands atop the announce table with his title in his hand.

Match 6: Tables Match
Lana vs Nia Jax

Lana charges Nia, and it doesn’t work. Nia trucks her, then drops her with a right hand. She kicks lana away, saying she got lucky. She lifts Lana for a powerbomb, grabs the neck and hits it. Nia asks Naomi if she wants to see it again. Nia lifts Lana, goes for a second powerbomb, hits it. Stretch Muffler to Lana, as she screams to please stop. Does that constitute as giving up? Anyway, Nia swings Lana into the buckle hard. Nia lifts Lana on the shoulders, looking to shoot her towards a table, but Lana holds the ropes, so Nia drops her onto the ropes. Nia hits the ropes, goes for an elbow drop, Lana kicks out of the corner. High kick, dodges an elbow, high kick to the head. Lana, looking incredibly constipated, runs into a hard right hand. Nia yells some profanity then lifts Lana up for another powerbomb. Lana elbows out, looks to head scissors Nia over the ropes. She does. Nia lands on the apron. High kick to Nia. Another. A third. Nia is reeling. Lana tries to release the fingers. Nia headbutts Lana down. Nia drags her head to the apron and steps on the chin of Nia. Nia screams that this is what Lana wanted. She runs for a leg drop, misses it.

Nia screams in agony, grabbing the top of her ass. Nia flips the table, screams, “OH, MY BUTT! MY HOLE!” Lana shoves Nia into a table that’s set up by the barricade. That ends it.

Winner: Nobody…not a single soul
I hated every. Single. Second of this.
Total Rating: -**
Match Time: 4:48

Shayna tries to enter the ring to attack, but Naomi is here to bounce off the ropes and completely miss a kick.

This leads to a Naomi vs Shayna match that ends with Naomi getting the win. Do you care? Unlikely, and it’s a damned good thing because my nephew just deleted it in its entirety.

We are officially getting a triple threat at Elimination Chamber for the US Title.

Main Event: Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Lockup! Orton shoves Drew into the corner, not releasing the tie. RKO ATTEMPT! NO! Drew with a Claymore attempt! Another no! Orton to the outside. He smirks. He tries to re-enter, but Drew kicks him in the chest. He grabs the head of Orton and pulls him into the ring, draping him. DD—NO!!! Orton escapes, sends Drew into the corner, Drew fires out with a clothesline.

SHEAMUS’s music hits and he comes running out to distract Drew. Orton clubs from the back. Orton sends Drew into the post face first. Drew is pissed as Sheamus watches on.

Orton grabs Drew, takes him to the ropes, and sends him flying outside. Sheamus is still nearby, just watching. Orton sends Drew onto the table with a back suplex. Orton grabs Drew by the head, sends Drew into the ring, and covers for 1..2….NO!!! Orton grabs Drew, locks the head from behind. Drew with a kick. Right hand from Orton. One from Drew. They back and forth. Orton kicks out of the corner. Uppercut. Right hand from Drew. Kick from Orton. Whip to the ropes, reversed, kick from Orton, msises a clothesline. Big belly to belly from Drew. Orton turns, Drew sends him into the corner, grabs the waist, and hits another belly to belly. DREW kips up! He turns towards Orton. Kick to the gut, double underhook, but Orton escapes. Jackknife cover. 1..2..NO!!!! SPINEBUSTER FROM DREW! Jackknife cover! 1..2….NO!!!! Orton gets Drew to the corner. He punches Drew in the face. Orton locks the head. On the top rope. SUPERPLEX! DRAPING DDT AFTER!

Orton turns. He calls for the RKO. HE GOES FOR IT! Drew escsapes! FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! DREW looks to Claymore, but Sheamus enters the ring! Drew side steps, and Sheamus hits Orton with a Brogue Kick!!!!

Winner: Randy Orton via DQ
A run of the mill match that had some quality, was ultimately a means to an end.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:21

Drew quickly Claymores Sheamus and stands tall with his title.

End Show

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
On the hole, nothing was really all that bad with the exception for one segment in particular. I'm sure jokes are already everywhere, so it's unlikely I'll take a crack at it. Wholeheartedly, I feel this episode just didn't hit the mark, as per usual. If there was a summary of the episode, it would essentially be more of the same, even Drew vs Orton was pretty similar to what we've seen before, with the only addition was the presence of Sheamus. There was just far too much average or below average segments that bogged this episode down a lot. Lana vs Nia, just...no. Seriously, the only thing I actively enjoyed this evening was Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee, which was just so damned good. Everything else just very far from a hole in one.

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